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The last time Fredrick Töben met with Ernst and Ingrid Zündel was a few days before Ernst's arrest on 5 February 2003


Enforcing the Holocaust Belief:

The Third Zündel Trial begins on 8 November 2005 at Mannheim, Germany

As we prepare copy for our November newsletters the most important issue for world Revisionism is the pending Zündel trial at Mannheim, beginning on 8 November and set down for a further 4 days, on 9, 15-16 and 24 November [- extended to 2,9,16 December]. Enough has been written about the absurdity of Section 130 of the German Penal Code under which Ernst Zündel will be prosecuted. Any mounted defence by the Zündel legal team will be used as evidence and thereby, in the eyes of the judge, compound Zündel’s ‘guilt – something that is already established by the fact that he is before the court.

The presumption of innocence is not a legal principle operating here. The judge faces an easy task because guilt is an accepted fact, and the only matter he has to decide is whether the court should extend mercy to Zündel. This is because truth is not a defence in these proceedings. Though there will be much talk that the inquisitorial system – wherein the judge is fully involved in the legal process – is designed to elicit the truth of a matter, the principle of judicial notice will be applied and new evidence rejected, then used to prove that Zündel is full of ‘criminal energy’ who has not shown any remorse and thereby compounds his own inevitable guilt. The legal process is classical witch-trial procedure – if Zündel shows remorse and possibly recants (which he will not!), then he will receive a lighter sentence; if he remains firm in his refusal to believe in the ‘Holocaust’, then the judge will inevitably apply the full force of the law and sentence Zündel to a maximum of five years in prison.

That is, unless Horst Mahler’s plan, et al, is applied and the ‘Offenkundigkeit’ is challenged in such a way that the judge will feel compelled to open himself to the well-reasoned argument that the current ‘Holocaust’ death figure, in particular at Auschwitz, cannot be sustained any more – not since Fritjof Meyer reduced the 1-1.5 million to around 500 thousand, and that the alleged gassings did not occur within the Auschwitz camp but outside in two fictitious farm houses.

That the Zündel trial is significant for world politics is obvious because so much of world politics still depends on maintaining the myth of the ‘Holocaust’. The ‘Holocaust’ is used to discredit anything originating from a German mind – and that to this day still has global significance. If a German matter is publicly celebrated, then parasitic minds quickly pull out the ‘Holocaust’ card and claim that Germany may have been culturally highly productive but the darker side of the German mind-value system is represented in the ‘Holocaust’.

That the ‘Holocaust’ has developed into a religious category through a ruthless application of legal force leading to tragic/unjust legal persecution of dissenting individuals, such as Ernst Zündel, makes the ‘Holocaust’ a world phenomenon with clearly-defined dogmas. The six million Jewish deaths has become holy writ; the systematic extermination dogma has been enshrined within many nations’ legal system; the homicidal gas chambers as the weapon of choice is sacrosanct. Anyone who refuses to believe in these three pillars of the ‘Holocaust’ will be labeled a Holocaust denier, and that term has been equated with hate, antisemitism, racism, re-activation of Nazism and nationalism, xenophobia, among others. All such terms are employed for one purpose only – to stifle debate on issues in the national interest, in particular matters concerning the ‘Jewish problem’.

Now, a similar pattern of libel and defamation has been set up to discredit the Islamic world through the 911 scam and the various bombings that followed it – twice at Bali and twice in London, among other events. The obvious current introduction of ‘terrorism laws’ in so-called western democracies is a mere pretext to protect those that thrive on propagating the ‘Holocaust’ mythology – and that includes not only Jews but Gentiles as well.

In Australia the proposed new law on Terrorism has found vehement opposition from many respected quarters, including from the legal establishment, except from Australia’s powerful Jewish lobby – and one would expect them to be noisy about its impending implementation because basic civil liberties are ruthlessly curtailed by this law. But not a world from the Jewish lobby that is usually noisy when it comes to a curtailment of civil liberties. Why not now? They support the mindset that authored it because it is to their advantage legally to enslave non-Jewish minds.

Terrorism laws protect the mindset that wishes to impose a global Judeo-Christian system of politics where Jewish supremacism reigns without challenge. Success has been evident and we may well ask why this is so? The answer is simple: This is because Christians are letting themselves be pitted against Muslims, when in fact they ought to read the Babylonian Talmud and realize that Christ is holy for Muslims but not for Jews.

Enough of this because there are many fine books that illuminate this religious matter in far more detail than I have sketched here in mere outline. All this, and much more may come to the surface during the third Zündel ‘Holocaust’ trial.

Remember, the first two Zündel ‘Holocaust’ trials were held at Toronto, Canada in 1984 and 1988 when a number of leading Revisionists felt the breakthrough on the world stage had begun. The 1988 trial saw Zündel present the Leuchter Report to court on 20 April. In 1993 Dr Joel Hayward presented his MA thesis about Revisionism, Germar Rudolf wrote The Rudolf Report, David Irving advised the world that within five years he would sink the Auschwitz, and Ernst Zündel’s appeal to Canada’s Supreme Court succeeded, and the law under which the Jews had persecuted him in Canada was struck off the books.

In 1999 I was imprisoned for seven months at Mannheim, and on appeal my case generated the absurd situation that German law was deemed to be powerful enough to extend beyond German national borders, much like the Israeli-Jewish legal framework that takes it upon itself to kill or kidnap anyone, anywhere, for not believing in the ‘Holocaust’ and for criticizing the State of Israel. The biblical maxim: For fear of the Jews is for many a reality – if you let yourself become fearful.

In 2000 Dr Hayward re-canted the thrust of his MA thesis, Germar Rudolf had become a political refuge and had fled from Germany via England to the USA - and since 9 October 2005 has been imprisoned on the same allegation made against Zündel when US immigration claimed he had missed an appointment,  London’s Justice Gray officially labelled David Irving a ‘racist’, a ‘Holocaust denier’, a ‘neo-Nazi’, etc. – terms that Irving himself wished to use on those he didn’t like – and the trial Irving had initiated against Prof Deborah Lipstadt cost him his London home. On 5 February 2003 Ernst Zündel was arrested at his home in the USA, and since then has been imprisoned, and after deportation to Germany on 1 April 2005 where he will begin his trial on 8 November 2005. A number of other Revisionists – Wolfgang Fröhlich, Siegfried Verbeke, Günter Kögel, Rene Berclaz, among others, are currently refusing to re-cant and so must suffer imprisonment.

In Australia the government is attempting to embrace ‘mainstream’ Islam by establishing Muslim councils that exclude so-called ‘radical’ Muslim clerics’ groups. The sincerity of the Howard government in this endeavour will become evident how it treats the ‘Holocaust’ issue. If it insists that Muslims had better accept this dogma as undisputed historical fact, then that will prove how intertwined the government is with the Jews and has accepted their world-wide machinations to establish the ‘Holocaust’ as a new dictate-religion for all non-Jews. The Jewish moves in the UN to enshrine the ‘Holocaust’ as a world-wide commemoration day serves only one purpose – to guarantee that the Israeli-Jewish ethnic cleansing of Palestine will remain unchallenged, and to secure the current existence of the apartheid, Zionist, racist and European colonial entity in the Middle East that is the State of Israel.

It is clear that the Muslim world has the numbers to defeat this Jewish aim, and it is equally clear that to date the billion of Muslims have not done enough to defeat the Zionist aim, and have let it happen that in Palestine ethnic cleansing continues to this day. Perhaps I, as a non-Muslim, do not have the fatalistic mindset nor the patience to see and endure the Palestinian suffering for another decade or more. On 1 October, Dr Robert Fisk visited Adelaide and he informed me that the one-state solution would never get off the ground, and that a resolution of the Israel-Palestine ethnic cleansing would have to come from New York.

The global war on terrorism is purely designed to check-mate the world of Islam. My hope is that an impulse from the Middle East, which can draw on a few thousand of years of wisdom, will emerge and find a solution to the tragedy that is Palestine. It is a tragedy that Jews sustain this Palestinian suffering by drawing upon the myths of the ‘Holocaust’, thereby directly perpetrating a blood libel upon the German people. That a Teutonic liberation impulse could actually emerge out of the German idealistic thought structures, as suggested by Horst Mahler, well, that would be beautiful and would fit well within the German mindset desperately wishing to liberate itself from the blood libel called the ‘Holocaust’.

Meanwhile, Germans who still want to be Germans, are attempting to walk tall again, without ducking for cover, without fleeing into hedonistic materialism where the only freedom they enjoy is the freedom to go shopping and to fly off somewhere for a holiday and let the juices flow. Ernst Zündel has firmly borne this task for decades, and now history has accorded him the opportunity once again to proclaim German moral and intellectual values and integrity that are so distinctly more humane than those that peddle and run with the life-denying mindset that is embedded in the morally and intellectually bankrupt ‘Holocaust industry’.

Fredrick Töben
20 October 2005

To my friends in Australia

Ernst Zündel
JVA Mannheim
Herzogenrieder Str 111
D-68169 Mannheim

25 September 2005
A sign of life as well as proof that I have not yet given up the ghost – after 32 months of imprisonment in numerous prisons, jails, holding cells of three countries on two continents – as yet not convicted by a properly constituted and constitutionally empowered court! All that for thinking for myself and having the courage to state my opinions – peacefully without advocating violence.

That must be some kind of record? I am not aware of anyone in history, certainly not in modern history to whom that has happened!

I must tell you that I am labouring under severely restricted postal rules. All letters going out and coming in are opened and read by the presiding German judge who will sit in judgment over me – I believe with others.

I am allowed to write and receive two letters only each workday. Only in English and German. All other languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese are not forwarded to me. All inserts, newsletters, news cuttings, even from such main street papers as the New York Times, The Times of London, The Independent, even health and nutrition related publications are withheld from me!

So far Euros and Postage Stamps (German stamps) have been allowed me, and I have been able to write to my wife – but numerous letters from her to me have been confiscated and are being used as evidence in my case, which will start on 8-9th November 2005. I am not allowed to write about the case!

I want to thank you for your help and loyalty!

- Ernst Zündel

Dear friend Lila!

A short sign of life from Mannheim Prison, and another request to make a photocopy of the enclosed note to some of the Zündel friends in Australia, otherwise my friends “down under” may think I have given up the ghost - which is far from the truth! The facts are, Lila, I am re-building my shattered health – after that barbaric treatment in Canada, with its lousy medical care, and its lack of exercise and fresh air.
No one can survive North American imprisonment without major damage to their mental or physical health – because of the mineral-vitamin – and enzyme dead food they are given!

I saw two prisoners die in Canada, one was only 25. The guards told me that Canadian prison guards died “statistically documented” on average within two years after they retired! I am not surprised!

They are eating after the leftover food rations which are left over after prisoners are deported, transferred or were released! With the same results!

One very human guards, a white of 54, who knew my case from the 1980s and 1990s, died three days after being diagnosed with cancer. Another guard – advanced – Captain – died of cancer at age 48. Another was on chemo. One woman guard had her larynx surgically removed!

I read decades ago a book by a German scientist who was the last ‘Kommissar’ of the Development of Radar in the Third Reich.

He said that we would see a vast increase in mental and physical illnesses due to the fact that people lived and worked in steel re-enforced concrete apartment buildings and high rise – sky scraper, office buildings.

The reasons? The steel-wire, re-bar concrete construction method acted like a beneficial ray shield. Apparently we humans need an interchange between the photons we ingest in our food along with electrons and atoms.

It is in a bi-polar/symbiotic relationship with the sun’s rays that we re-charge our human energy batteries – without this energy recharge humans simply wilt away and literally die of a run-down battery.

If you think, Lila, that this is too much ‘Revisionism’ for you I recommend a very interesting little book of 64 pages by Dr Johanna Budwig, who had two doctorates, one in chemistry and one in medicine. The title of her little book is Flax Oil as a true aid against arthritis, heart Infarction, Cancer and other diseases, available from apple in 220 East 59th Ave, Vancouver, BC – V5X1X9, Canada. $9.95, +p.h.

I was one of her patients, she helped save my life! It may help save a fellow Revisionist’s life!

Thank you for your help, Lila. Give my regards to all. All the best to you.

Ernst Zündel

The frenzied international media build-up for the Zündel trial has begun.

Now the usual German hatred and lies is warmed up and presented to a younger audience.

Aribert Heim now 91 years old

Nazi hunters close in at last on the torturer they call El Banderillo

Times OnLine

After a 50-year search, Spanish police believe they have a sadistic war criminal within their grasp. Now the race is on to catch him before death can overtake justice

SPANISH police have adopted an appropriately grisly nickname for Aribert Heim, the 91-year-old former concentration camp doctor who has evaded capture for more than half a century. They call him “El Banderillo”, after the bullfighter whose task is to stick long, coloured spears into the back of the dying bull.

In Mauthausen camp, Heim injected Jewish prisoners with poisons and watched them die. He is the most wanted Nazi known to be alive. Over the years he has been reported to be living in Germany, Argentina, Denmark and, most credibly, in Spain, where he is thought to have vanished into the large population of elderly European expatriates. But in the past few days Spanish police have narrowed the search to the town of Palafrugell on the Costa Brava.

The sadistic El Banderillo, the police and Nazi-hunters say, may finally have been cornered.

In recent weeks, the reward for his capture has been increased to £100,000, police have issued a computer-enhanced photograph showing how he might look today and investigators have begun scouring old people’s homes on the east coast.

Spanish and German police have followed a trail of suspicious bank transactions and are investigating a pair of artists in Palafrugell suspected of having links to Heim or his family, El Mundo newspaper reported this week.

Stefan Klemm, of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the organisation founded by the Nazi-hunter who died last month, said: “We have concrete indications that Heim is still alive. He has a fortune of about €1 million (£685,000) in a Berlin bank and when he dies it should go to his heirs. The fact that it has not been claimed by heirs makes it clear that he is still alive.”

Even as the net closes around Heim, the case has raised questions. At what point does the world call off the hunt for a handful of evil old men? If he is captured, will the ageing Heim ever stand trial? And, above all, how does such a distinctive individual — more than 6ft (1.8m) tall, with size 12 shoes and a scar on his right cheek running from ear to mouth — evade capture for so long? Heim’s is a cautionary tale of brutality, incompetence and willful official amnesia.

He was born in Radkerburg, in southeast Austria, in June 1914, and was an early and enthusiastic recruit to Hitler’s Waffen SS. Although he never completed his medical studies at Vienna University, Heim became a doctor at concentration camps in Sachsenhausen, Buchenwald and Mauthausen, where he conducted “experiments” on Jewish prisoners that amounted to sustained torture.

Heim’s cruelty was imaginative, unrestrained and murderous: patients were operated on without anaesthetic to see how much pain they could endure, others were injected with lethal drugs or petrol, their deaths timed with a stopwatch by the implacable doctor. Hundreds died in indescribable pain in a campaign of sadism second only to that of Josef Mengele, the Auschwitz “Angel of Death”.

Efraim Zuroff, Wiesenthal’s successor, said: “Heim is a symbol of the perversion of medicine.”

At the end of the war, Heim was working as a battalion doctor. After being held briefly by US forces, he was released without charge. In 1949 he married another doctor, raised a family and settled in the spa town of Bad Neuheim, where he started a practice specialising in women’s ailments. If anyone suspected that the tall, scarred doctor and star of the local ice-hockey team had a dreadful past, no one cared to ask.

In the 1950s, however, as the fog of deliberate forgetting started to clear and witnesses came forward, investigators began to take a closer interest. State prosecutors in Germany were on the point of issuing an arrest warrant for Heim in 1962 when he vanished — tipped off, it seems, by Odessa, the shadowy organisation of Nazi sympathisers and former SS officers believed to provide fugitives with money and new identities.

There has been no confirmed sighting of Heim since. His wife divorced him in 1967, insisting that she had been entirely ignorant of his past. His family claimed that he had died in South America.

Yet a steady trickle of clues showed that Heim was alive, and thriving. As recently as 2001, a German lawyer applied for a capital gains tax rebate on Heim’s behalf, because he was living abroad. The lawyer, citing client confidentiality, has refused to divulge his whereabouts.

The breakthrough came when police started to follow the money. According to Der Spiegel, German police uncovered a savings account in Heim’s name in Berlin, where he was reported to own an apartment building. It was also discovered that regular money orders were being transferred to Spain, with more than 100 such payments between 2000 and 2003.

Investigators began to focus on the Costa Brava. Long a magnet for well-heeled, elderly expatriates, the area would have provided an ideal bolthole for an ageing fugitive: warm, private and anonymous.

Spain also had a reputation for tolerating dubious émigrés. General Franco provided shelter to Nazis and Nazi collaborators after the war. Auke Pattist, a Dutch collaborator, remains alive, and Léon Degrelle, a Belgian collaborator, died in March 1994. Other Nazis went on to South America from Spain, with the help of local bureaucrats.

El Mundo reported this week that German police had traced a transfer of ?300,000 from a German account to an Italian painter and his French wife living in Palafrugell. Police are also said to have established a Heim link in Denmark, where one of his sons installed a telephone line. The possible connection with the couple emerged when police spotted that a parking fine in Copenhagen had been incurred at the same time as a series of bank transfers in the name of Heim, according to El Mundo.

Soon after the money was wired from Berlin, the couple, who have not been charged, are said to have sent a package to an address in the nearby Costa Brava town of Roses. The special fugitive section of the Spanish police has since been combing the region around Roses and Palafrugell in search of an elderly, well-off German with private nursing care. Heim may already have fled, according to investigators, possibly by yacht to Marbella on the Costa del Sol, once home to SS colonels Wolfgang Juggler and Otto Bremer. Police are confident, however, that he cannot evade capture for long. A source close to the investigation said: "He's old, he's moving about, and he's going to need money? that makes him much easier to trace than one old man in an old folk's home."

Mr Zuroff recently described Spain's Nazi-hunting record as "pathetic". Trapping Heim would send a message to the world, he said, adding: "Now it is the time to make up for years of apathy and inaction."

The only Nazi of comparably monstrous status who may still be at large is Alois Brunner, the right-hand man of Adolf Eichmann, the architect of Hitler's "final solution". Brunner was thought to be living in Damascus under Syrian protection but investigators say that they have no firm evidence that he is still alive.

For the Wiesenthal Centre and other Nazi-hunters, the capture of Heim would be a huge symbolic breakthrough. Wiesenthal was working on the Heim case when he died on September 20 and, just as time ran out for the Nazi-hunter, so the centre that carries his name is operating with renewed urgency. Heim is the most wanted individual in a campaign entitled Operation Last Chance.

"The truth is we have maybe five or six years left to get these former Nazis before they are all dead," Mr Zuroff has said.

Spanish police remain convinced that El Banderillo, gored and possibly trapped, remains alive. Slowly, they say, they are moving in for the final act of a long and bloody drama.



Times OnLine
Dr Heinrich Berning: Conducted famine experiments on Soviet prisoners, observing loss of libido, swelling of the lower abdomen, dizziness and headaches

Dr Carl Clauberg: In charge of Block Ten at Auschwitz, he worked on techniques of castration and sterilisation, finding that X-rays were effective
Dr Arnold Dohmen: At Buchenwald concentration camp, he infected 11 Jewish children with hepatitis and punctured their livers
Dr Josef Mengele: The Auschwitz "Angel of Death" theorised that humans had pedigrees, like dogs. Performed vivisection, injected chemicals into eyeballs and studied twins
Dr Karl Gebhardt: Inflicted wounds on women at Ravensbrück and injected sulphanilamide into the wounds, with fatal results
Dr Sigmund Rascher: Examined the brains of Jews at high altitude, having split open the victims' skulls while they were conscious
Dr Carl Vaernet Experimented with ways to cure homosexuality by injecting synthetic hormones into men's groins
Dr Erich Wagner: Selected people with tattoos and made furniture out of human skin and bones


Letter to the Editor, Cairns Post

22 September 2005
Sir - One is left to wonder if all this multi-million dollar spending on airport security; draconian legislation on freedom of speech; and this allied massive expenditure in speculation on preventing possible Terrorism would have been necessary if we had NOT blindly followed Bush and Blair in this illegal invasion of Iraq. The money saved would have been a wonderful improvement on our inadequate medical facilities.
I could never travel by air these days. By the time my nail scissors and file were taken from me; and had my Japanese riding boots removed and examined closely and dropped my tweeds to have my implanted knee closely checked along with my aluminium walking stick for explosives; well, I would be so hostile I would be considered a security risk and possibly locked up for an hour or two; missing my flight.
New Zealand doesn’t seem to have all these terrorist expenditures; and paranoia. They are not into this war in Iraq. - John Bird, PO Box 96, Cooktown 4895.
In reply to Amnesty International’s appeal, John Bird replied thus:
AI, Broadway, Sydney, Australia
22 September 2005
Dear Sir - I would support you BUT you are a bit too selective in handling only cases that don’t have political undertones like fighting against Zionist miscarriages of justice.
Take Fredrick Töben, the Australian who was jailed in Germany for seven months in 1999 for doubting aspects of the new Religion of the Holocaust.
Or, Ernst Zündel currently in Mannheim Prison in Germany awaiting his trial after deportation from Canada and the United States. He spent about two years incarcerated in Canada, without trial awaiting his deportation.
Ernst is a Pacifist, but he also refuses to believe in the Holocaust. On trumped up charges, when a day late in an US Immigration hearing he was jailed in the US, deported back to Canada where he spent two years in solitary under harsh conditions until the Zionists finally got their way and had him deported back to his native Germany.
The whole business was a gross denial of human rights. That one can be tried and jailed for not believing wholly in what has now become a lucrative world religion is nothing but a denial of human rights.
I haven’t heard a word about Amnesty International trying to free David Hicks who has to date spent over three years in the US hell-hole of Guantanamo Bay!
You can also take the case of Martin Bryant now doing a life sentence3 in Risdon Prison, Tasmania, a crime for which he has never been properly charged; except by the media.
The authorities should be looking for a marksman who had a blond wig and pocked market face and was right handed; none of which fit Martin Bryant. Sorry!
From: B T
16 October 2005
Re: The frenzied international media build-up for the Zündel trial has begun
What a lot of bullshit. 91 years old, he probably carked years ago. I saw an image, a cartoon from the Nazi era, a white man was paying a fat Jew for a newspaper while the big jid is accepting the money he surreptitiously uses a huge syringe to squirt a substance on him named LIES.
How true. The pity of it is all the Germans I know today have been subjected to the German 'education' system and are sort of lobotomised. I can't discuss the shmolocause with them, they have been told since childhood that AH was the most wicked man who ever lived.
Thank Christ I escaped that. My memories of school in Rinteln is that our teacher was a ramrod straight old Prussian who wore knee length riding boots and made us do 'ein diener', bow our heads and click our heels when greeting an adult. This was between 1950 and 1954. My father liked him a lot always said he was 'ein feiner Kerl'. In hindsight I think he was trying to stop the occupation from 'de-germanising' us kids.
In Australia I recall doing a splendid heel click and bow meeting the parents of my friend Rob. They were owners of a large guest house, where old ducks would play croquet on the lawn. His father was a retired Air Commodore, a real grumpy old bugger who resented being called MISTER Summers. I called him 'Sir' and never had a problem.
From: PV
16 October 2005
Subject: bullshit
Hi, Dr F - “During the war, Heim earned his name of "doctor death" for performing surgery without anaesthesia and injecting prisoners with petrol, poison and lethal drugs to see how much their bodies could take before dying, Haaretz said.”
Strange, huh?
1) Orders were sent out in Dec 1944 from Berlin to ALL Camps that ALL Jews who required operations were to be operated on by Jewish Doctors ONLY.
2) The Camps had no anaesthesia because none was available even wounded German soldiers were operated on without it.
3) Petrol is WELL KNOWN and used a lot in EASTERN Europe against all matter of illnesses including cancer and other life threatening illnesses.
4) Can you remember when we were in Auschwitz they showed us photos of youths that had been allegedly used for medical experiments? When you asked WHAT PROOF they had for such allegations the guide answered NONE! Only testimonies.
Mannheimer Morgen
Mannheim, Germany
17 October 2005
Guten Tag - Ist es jetzt nicht bald Zeit, dass Sie ein Hetze campaign gegen Ernst Zündel starten, dessen Prozess in Mannheim am 8 November 2005 beginnt?
Die Welt wird jetz schon vom Dr Efraim Zuroff, SimonWiesenthal Zentrum, Jerusalem, angeheizt, der erste Kandidat soll ein Nazi in Spanien sein.
Sicherlich haben Sie auch solche noch in Mannheim. Ich denke an den verkapten Nazi Staatsanwalt, i.R. der hatte ja ein Hakenkreuz in sein Amtszimmer an der Wand hängen.
Schauen Sie an
Ihr - Dr Fredrick Töben
Good morning
Is not now time for you to begin the hate campaign against Ernst Zündel whose trial begins at Mannheim on 8 November 2005?
Dr Efraim Zuroff has already begun to incite the world, and the first candidate is supposed to be a Nazi in Spain.
Surely you still have such at Mannheim. I think of the screwed-up retired state prosecutor who had a swastika hanging on his office wall.
Have a look at -
Yours, Dr Fredrick Töben


From: John Weir- weirami@netscape.net16 October 2005
Re: The frenzied international media build-up for the Zündel trial has begun

Yes. I noticed the History Channel is in a Hitler frenzy right now. There will be a expose on "Auschwitz: The Forgotten Evidence" tonight. The promo for it says it will explain why the Allies "didn't dare" bomb Auschwitz despite the fact "they knew there were gas chambers." I figure I will waste some time and see what the latest spin is.

Back in '79, when the CIA released the air photos, the explanation was the photo analysts didn't have access to intelligence reports and therefore didn't know they were looking at a death camp. How stupid is that? I guess the photo analysts didn't read the New York Times either. Or they more likely knew the WRB report was rubbish from the beginning.

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

I watched "Auschwitz: The Forgotten Evidence" and all I can say is it conveniently forgot more evidence than it presented. The "forgotten" part was the set of 23 August 1944 British air reconnaissance photographs of Birkenau released about of year ago. The main photo displayed in the program is the one that has smoke coming from the area behind Krema V.

How this "forgotten" photo adds to the evidence is puzzling to me. Nevertheless, someone built an hour long program around it.

According to the program, the way the Allied governments "knew" there were gas chambers at Auschwitz was the fraudulent WRB report which was published in the NY TIMES in November 1944. That this "knowledge" came so late is not mentioned. It doesn't even mention the WRB report by name. It just shows a visual of the stupid "gas chamber" diagram from it. Earlier claims of the extermination by the World Jewish Congress going back to August 1942 were also now considered knowledge.

The program features a Professor David Cesarani of Royal Holloway assuring the audience by the summer of 1944 the British government knew Auschwitz was a killing center. Though the British couldn't tell from German intercepts that it was a killing center, they had the World Jewish Congress, the War Refugee Board, and the Jewish Agency to tell them all about it.

The program examines the question of why the British didn't bomb Auschwitz or the railways leading to Auschwitz in order to stop the killing of the Jews. In July 1944 the Jewish Agency approached the British government with five 'urgent suggestions' with the goal of stopping the deportation of Hungarian Jews. The fifth of the five was to bomb the railways leading to Auschwitz. British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden took three of the five suggestions to Churchill who endorsed the bombing of the railway lines and Auschwitz and similar camps themselves. The day after the Jewish Agency talked to Eden, the RAF was requested to report on the feasibility of bombing the railways leading to Auschwitz and the camp itself.

A week (August 18, 1944) before the above mentioned photo was taken, Ian Henderson of the British Foreign office wrote that the Air Ministry "says that this idea would cost British lives and aircraft to no purpose. I think it is fantastic, and should be dropped. But if the Air Ministry have strong objections they should say so and we can return a negative reply to the Jewish Agency."

It is interesting that seven weeks after the Jewish Agency asked that the RAF bomb Auschwitz, the RAF had clear air photos of Birkenau and - according to the program - never even examined them. They were simply filed.

The reasons the program came up with for the inaction of the Allied bombing forces were a) Railways when bombed can be quickly repaired b) Auschwitz was too far away for a precision bombing raid to hit only the crematories. c) A large, high altitude bombing raid would kill a large number of Auschwitz prisoners and probably fail to take out the gas chambers. The last reason is why they didn't "dare" bomb Auschwitz.

The reason that there was "no purpose" in bombing Auschwitz is not mentioned.

The difference between knowledge and belief is unintentionally illustrated by this program. The British "knew" Auschwitz was a killing center, but they didn't believe it was - as illustrated by the memo from Henderson. The Hungarian Jews interviewed in program who were deported to Auschwitz didn't believe the place they were going to was a killing center even though the Jewish Agency "knew" that it was. Now everyone is supposed to believe Auschwitz was a killing center even though we know that it wasn't. The belief in something known to be not true is Orwellian.

Other than the "forgotten" air photo, the program was a rehash of the same lies, half truths, and confused chronology that is the hallmark of the Holocaust story as related to Auschwitz. Some of the assertions made in the program were idiotic. For example: "The Nazis planted gardens at Birkenau to reassure the prisoners." The fact that these gardens could not be seen from the rail spur, but were visible from the air seems to indicate most of the prisoners were meant to be flown into the camp via Zeppelin.

As I thought, it was a waste of time. John

Scholar Christopher Browning talks on Holocaust Denial in the Courtroom for the Assembly Series. By Mary Kastens

Oct. 17, 2005 — Considered by many to be the preeminent scholar on the Holocaust, Christopher Browning will present the Holocaust Memorial Lecture titled "Holocaust Denial in the Courtroom: The Historian as Expert Witness" at 11 a.m., Nov. 9 in Graham Chapel as part of the Assembly Series. His talk will touch on his experience as an expert witness in recent famous court cases involving Holocaust deniers.

How ordinary Germans came to accept the wholesale massacre of Jews is a central theme in Browning's pioneering scholarship of the Holocaust. The exhaustive research he conducted is evident in his definitive account, The Origins of the Final Solution: September 1939 to March 1942. This research was sponsored by Israel's Holocaust Museum as part of a multi-volume series about the Nazi era and the development of the Final Solution.

Browning's approach sets him apart because he does not see the Final Solution as a master plan established by Hitler alone at the beginning of the Nazi era, but rather as a series of decisions made by many people that evolved over a period of time. In a February 2004 interview in The Atlantic Monthly, he said, "The various perpetrators who became involved in the Final Solution and their decision-making processes were not unique." He says the Holocaust was not a mystical event that we cannot understand. It was a coming together of common factors and ordinary people.

He is the Frank Porter Graham Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He earned a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He has been an expert witness at various trials of accused Nazi criminals in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as in the "Holocaust Denial" trials of Ernst Zundel in Toronto (1988) and Irving vs. Lipstadt in London (2000).

The event is free and open to the public. Graham Chapel is located north of Mallinckrodt Center on the Washington University Hilltop campus.

For more information, call (314) 935-4620 or visit the Assembly Series Web page -


Anti-terror matters

Police state fears over terror laws
October 16, 2005

Australia is moving towards a police state with harsh anti-terrorism laws that could be pushed through parliament too quickly, the Law Council says.

Copies of the sweeping new laws were leaked on Friday by the ACT Government and have sparked concerns among legal experts.

The Federal Government last week said it would introduce the laws to parliament on October 31, but only allow the Senate one week to investigate them and report by November 8.

The Law Council of Australia said passing the proposed laws would push the nation closer to becoming a police state.

"We're moving down that path," council president John North told the Ten Network.

"The fact that the government wanted to move these laws through parliament with indecent haste and without letting us as a Law Council or other interested people have wide community consultation means that we're very concerned about them."

Under the bill, people who support insurgents can be jailed for up to seven years.

Australian Federal Police will also be able to carry out what are termed preventative detention orders, effectively locking up people thought to be involved or to have knowledge of a terrorist act.

Suspected terrorists who are detained by police will be able to ring loved ones but not tell them where they are, while judges can stop suspects from using the internet or telephones.

Mr North said he understood that people were frightened about terrorism, but civil liberties had to be protected.

"We understand that the people are scared, we understand that terrorism is the major, major issue, but we must not take away fundamental rights without asking our government to assure us that we are going to be safe," he said.

The Law Council president said he was particularly concerned about shoot to kill provisions in the draft legislation, and the plan to allow children as young as 16 to be detained without charge for up to 14 days.

Mr North said he was worried about the reaction of the government in the wake of the London bombings in July.

"Internationally it is really only lawyers who are trying to hold their governments to account at this stage," he said.

"We think the people will understand as soon as they start to see these laws misused and abused by our police and intelligence authorities." - AAP



October 16, 2005 3:13 PM

Problems with "anti terror laws"

Dear Sir - Daniel Lewis' comments (The Age, 15/10) on "anti-terror" legislation show he is happy with it, as long as he is not blown up by terrorists. He is easily satisfied.

He may, however, be unaware that current "anti-terrorist" laws continue to endorse and extend arbitrary arrest of alleged terrorists, denying historic rights of innocent until proven guilty, trial by jury, legal assistance and other safeguards to promote a "police state" making the State itself an authoritarian force not to be resisted, which is troublesome to civil libertarians if not to Mr Lewis.

Yours, Geoff. Muirden, Research Officer, Australian Civil Liberties Union, PO Box 1137, Carlton, Vic. 3053


Civil liberties
GEOFF Muirden of the Australian Civil Liberties Union joins other so-called civil libertarians (Letters, 14/10) in trying to convince us that the new anti-terror laws will result in a massive loss of civil liberties. Well, I woke up yesterday morning and didn't feel in any way as though I had any fewer civil liberties. Freely writing to the newspaper and knowing the next elections haven't been cancelled pretty much confirmed it for me.
On the other hand, I now believe I, and the greater population, can continue to enjoy our far more important civil liberty of not being blown up or killed.
Daniel Lewis, Rushcutters Bay


A timely warning 14 October 2005:

ALASTAIR Nicholson makes some excellent comments denouncing the so-called "anti-terror" laws as a hoax, warning that the Government and its agencies will use these oppressive laws for abuse of power. This is precisely what many civil liberties organisations, including this one, have said again and again. It provides a danger, not only to Muslims, but to the community in general, because of the wide-ranging application of these laws, and the way they can be abused for political control. It will create a terrorist state under the guide of "fighting terrorism".

Geoff Muirden, Australian Civil Liberties Union, Carlton


Racists posing as civil libertarians
17 October 2005

THERE is room for disagreement and debate regarding anti-terrorist legislation, but beware of extremist organisations hijacking this contentious issue in order to gain recognition, respectability and media acceptance.

The so-called Australian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and spokesman Geoff Muirden ("A timely warning", Letters, 14/10) should not be confused with the bona fide Australian Council for Civil Liberties. The ACLU is in fact one of Victoria's most antiSemitic Holocaust-denying organisations, with a long history of espousing xenophobic views, and with ties to notorious racist organisations, both locally and abroad.

The ACLU was founded by John Bennett, following his expulsion from the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty Victoria) in 1980, after linking his Holocaust-denial views with the council, which made his position untenable. Meanwhile, Muirden is connected with Fred Toben's Holocaust-denying Adelaide Institute, has written for extremist publications and spoken at far-right functions and forums.
It is of concern that use of the name Australian Civil Liberties Union may give this racist organisation undeserved legitimacy in the community.

Annette Gladwin, liaison officer, B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc.


Poor Annette - the real Antisemite and Racist who uses the 'Holocaust' and 'Terrorist' label to win the battle-of-the-wills. 17 October 2005

Annette Gladwin, of the Jewish B'nai B'rith Lodge, is once again at her best hinting at and peddling her usual implied Jewish supremacist stuff.

By labelling, libelling and defaming those who oppose her world view she does not need to engage in any argument offered - and this suits her because she has none to offer.

While respected organisations such as the Australian Law Society, the ACT Chief Minister, et al, warn of the danger of adopting the Howard Terrorism package, Jews have, without exception, remained silent on the issue. This implies that Jews are happy with the situation. Why should they not be!

Jewish Australians successfully have

1. legally silenced European Australians with the 'Holocaust' myth, denial of which is considered to be a 'racist' matter - which it is not, and

2. through the Terrorism laws that will effectively silence Muslim Australians.

By throwing the 'racist' tag at anyone who refuses to believe in the 'Holocaust', and the 'terrorist' tag at those who are not afflicted by 'for fear of the Jews' syndrome - as most Christians are but Muslims are not - Annette Gladwin thinks that free speech will remain only in her personal domain. How wrong she is!

The Jewish ethnic cleansing of Palestine will come to haunt her in years, if not in decades to come, and no amount of shouting: "hater, Holocaust denier - antisemite - racist - xenophobe", will deflect from this horrendous crimes against humanity perpetrated by Jews against the true Semites, the Palestinians.

Dr Fredrick Töben, Director, Adelaide Institute


ASIO doubles to fight home terror threat - Sunday Oct 16
Australia's key spy agency ASIO will double in size to combat the threat of home-grown terrorists.

Prime Minister John Howard has flagged extra funding in next year's budget for Australian Security Intelligence Organisation in the wake of the London and Bali bombings.

Mr Howard said the London bombings in July were carried out by people who were British-born or long-term residents who had not otherwise come to the attention of either British authorities or their communities.

The boost, estimated in the tens of millions of dollars, would take ASIO's staffing level to 1,860 by 2010-11 - double its current level and more than triple its personnel since 2001.

"London drove home, more than any other terrorist attack ... that it could happen here," Mr Howard said.

He said the best weapon against terrorism was good intelligence.

"It's one thing to have a capacity to respond effectively in the event of a terrorist attack ... but it is entirely of another order to have the capacity to anticipate events," he said.

"Particularly, as we now know the threat of home-grown terrorism is very real."

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said the boost, which was part of a five-year strategic plan, had been recommended in a confidential review of ASIO by former spy boss Allan Taylor.

Mr Taylor, the former head of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, found ASIO needed greater resources beyond its current $153 million a year to ensure it could keep pace with the threats of terrorism and espionage.

"The current security environment has imposed pressures on ASIO not imagined just a few years ago," Mr Ruddock said.

The funding will be used to recruit and train new officers, improve surveillance and install better computer systems to handle the flow of information into ASIO, which has increased more than fivefold since 2001.

The exact amount of the funding boost will not be known until the May 2006 budget.

But Opposition homeland security spokesman Arch Bevis has urged the government to fast track the funding.

"You have to wonder about the timing of this announcement," he said.

"To be talking about how many security officers we're going to have in 2010 after a bad week in parliament does make you wonder if it has more to do with political spin than good laws.

ASIO chief Paul O'Sullivan told students and academics at Bond University on the Gold Coast on Friday that Australia remained a terrorist target, as did Australians travelling and working overseas.

"ASIO currently assesses a terrorist attack in Australia is feasible and could well occur," he said.

Meanwhile, critics stepped up their attack on the government over new anti-terror laws to go to parliament next month.

A draft of the new laws, which would allow suspects to be detained without charge for up to two weeks and allow police to shoot to kill, has been leaked by the ACT government.

The leak has angered the federal government which said the draft should have been kept secret until talks with the states and territories were finalised.

Law Council of Australia president John North said passing the laws would push the nation closer to becoming a police state. "We're moving down that path," Mr North told the Ten Network.

"The fact that the government wanted to move these laws through parliament with indecent haste and without letting us as a law council or other interested people have wide community consultation means that we're very concerned about them."

But Mr Howard said the laws had many safeguards and would not give police unrestricted powers.

The debate came as Defence Minister Robert Hill visited the Philippines to discuss the war on terror with president Gloria Arroyo.
The southern Philippines is of growing security interest because of the activities of extremists in the Mindanao region.
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