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Fredrick Töben comments: “The War on Terrorism, for Freedom and Democracy” – no room for dissent!

The above catch-cry, made by US President George W Bush after the 911 event – and repeated as London and Bali received a double dose of alleged terrorism – will receive legal status as it is inextricably linked, again, with the somewhat now forgotten US reasons for invading Iraq that aimed at regime change because Iraq had WMDs. The trial of former Iraqi president – now since March 2003 defamed by the world media as a dictator and a war criminal – opened in Baghdad on 19 October 2005. More in our December newsletters how the railroading of the former President unravels, or not!

Dissident Ernst Zündel’s upcoming Mannheim trial on 8 November 2005 has built within it the underlying current of terrorism as established by the corrupt Toronto judge who accorded Zündel a carbon copy of a Soviet-style show trial. No defence was available to Zündel on grounds that the charges against him could not be revealed and contested in open court because Canada’s state security would be threatened by such open-court procedure. That this judge had knowledge of, and permitted, a pipe bomb to be sent to Zündel during the 1980s, which aimed to maim if not kill him, is a reason for this judge to recuse himself from hearing the case – something he refused to do. The judge did more. He threw established legal precedents overboard and adopted legal principles that were developed during the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal - IMT.

The rest is history, and it confirms how powerless the so-called right-wing political scene is. Were it so powerful and violent as the judge made out it was, then he would not have remained alive to continue sitting in judgment. That Ernst Zündel is a known pacifist did not persuade the judge to release Zündel on bail. In some perverse way the judge continued to insist Zündel spend all the time in prison – two years – it took to get Zündel to the deportation stage to Germany. The judge could have released Zündel into the care of well-meaning Canadian supporters who had known Zündel for almost four decades. If there is any sense of justice in Canada, then surely the Zündel case highlights a monstrous miscarriage of justice – all because the judge is beholden, for whatever reason, to a mindset that worships ‘Holocaust’ believers.

The legal principles established by the 1945-46 IMT gave rise to the US establishing a prison at Guantanamo Bay. This indicates the same mindset that wanted and needed World War II is to this day alive and flourishing – and it is not the mindset of the Nazis! Since Joseph Bellinger’s book Himmler’s Tod appeared in September 2005, we know that Adolf Hitler had made 40 peace offers to Britain, all of which were rejected by the Anglo-American-Zionist cabal that controlled Winston Churchill. The National Socialists did not seek war!

That the Australian government refuses to demand the return of Australian David Hicks, who has been there for over three years, reflects the power of the mindset that also afflicted the Toronto judge. That Hicks is a convert to Islam makes him an ideal candidate whose fate will send a blistering message into the Muslim community – if you wish to live in peace, then submit to the Judeo-Christian dogma of the ‘Holocaust’. The catch-cry: ‘war on terrorism, for freedom and democracy’ merely hides the underlying structure driving it. NO DISSENT WILL BE TOLERATED!

In the USA there is Palestinian American, Dr Hesham Tillawi, who has a weekly two-hour television show, Current Issue TV, transmitting live from Lafayette, LA, and on the Internet - Dr Tillawi does not buy into the argument that there is such a thing as guilt by association – Berührungsängste – because the free speech principle is too important. It is important to canvas as many view-points and world-views as possible, otherwise a concerned citizen cannot make a worthy contribution in the national interest. If you can access Dr Tillawi’s website, then you will note the range of dissenting voices he has already interviewed – and hear what Dr Fredrick Töben had to say about the ‘Holocaust’ when he was interviewed on 23 September 2005.

The ‘Right of Reply’ item, following, highlights a sad mindset, and the extracts from Reaching for the Stars illuminated those who supported National Socialism. The newsletter concludes with Germar Rudolf’s HOLOCAUST Handbooks list. Owning this series will equip you to refute any argument the ‘Holocaust’ believers may present. Write to Castle Hill Publishers, PO Box 257768, Chicago, Il. 60625, USA. PEACE BOOKS is the distributor of CHP books in Australia but it is cheaper to obtain these books directly from Germar Rudolf.

Dr Hesham Tillawi fights for Palestine against Zionism and Dr Fredrick Töben refuses to believe in the ‘Holocaust’.


Right of Reply

Finding out the real story

September 2005
One of the left’s favourite cudgels with which to beat up the Howard government has been the current government’s policy with regard to capturing Aussie Taliban David Hicks – namely, letting him languish in Guantanamo Bay for the past couple of years without a trial. Hicks is the Schapelle Corby of inner-city Labor precincts, and his imprisonment in Club Gitmo represents all the perfidy of Howard, Downer, et al, and their refusal to stand up to a malignant power – not Indonesia, in this case, but the United States of America.

This is certainly one case where Howard-haters have the right idea. In standing up for Hicks, whose views and personal history are only known to those who have spent a little time digging, they give us all a chance to look at just how the man went from Australia to Afghanistan to Cuba. While his supporters maintain that Hicks has done nothing more than, as former Bob Carr speechwriter Bob Ellis puts it, commit ‘thought crimes’ against the US, the reality is a bit more sinister. This is why we should bring Hicks back to Australia to stand trial on charges of treason and providing aid and comfort to the enemy. In an age when we find ourselves in a war that takes place largely in the shadows, a trial for a man like Hicks could give Australians a clearer picture of what we’re up against.

Were Hicks to stand trial, it would be hard for his supporters to escape some unpleasant facts about this home-grown would-be terrorist. Like, for example, the fact that he trained with and fought alongside members of the paramilitary Muslim Kosovo Liberation Army in 1999, and that he converted to Islam later that year.

Or the fact that in 2000, Hicks traveled to Pakistan and was inducted into the terrorist organisation Lashkar e Toiba, and was given a letter of introduction to al Qa’ida, which he joined up with in 2001, traveling under the pseudonym Muhammed Dawood. And in November, he took up arms against Coalition forces – including Australian troops – on behalf of the Taliban.

Yet Hicks certainly harbours some deranged thoughts. He’s a legendary anti-Semite, a fact which means that Hicks not only has the support of Labor luvvees like Ellis, but also the fringe Holocaust-denying outfit, the Adelaide Institute. (At the time of this writing, the Institute’s home page included a doggerel tribute to Hitler’s number-three, ZRudolf Hess: ‘We again pause to pay solemn homage to the eternal memory of this hero and martyr and pledge ourselves anew to the Holy Cause for which he fought.’ Shudder.)

But he is also someone who took up arms with the enemy, and would have happily killed Australian troops if he had gotten half a chance. Let’s give his supporters what they want – and bring David Hicks back to Australia for a proper trial. For the Left, it may just be a question of, ‘be careful what you wish for, you just might get it’.
James Morrow


Date: Sep 28, 2005 4:54 PM
Subject: Right of Reply

Dear James Morrow
I note you have referenced the Adelaide Institute in your September 2005 editorial. Would you give me a right of reply?
Please advise.
Dr Fredrick Töben
Adelaide Institute


From: James Morrow

Sent: Thursday, 29 September 2005

Subject: RE: Right of Reply

Dear Dr. Toben:
You are welcome to write a letter to the editor.


From: Adelaide Institute

Sent: Thursday, 29 September 2005
To: 'James Morrow'
Subject: RE: Right of Reply

Letter to the Editor Investigate Magazine

Dear Mr Morrow

In regard to your editorial - Finding out the real story - I would like to state the following:

1. Your comment that Hicks is 'a legendary anti-Semite' is based on which facts? Are you insinuating that because David Hicks converted to Islam, that this makes him an anti-Semite? Or are you saying that this young man, whom we dub 'a poet and a soldier of fortune' is a 'terrorist' because he travelled to Afghanistan and received military training with Al Qaeda? If you agree with this statement, then any allied soldier who fought in Iraq, and then joined a private security company in Iraq is a 'mercenary' as well.

2. In regard to your comment that we are a 'fringe Holocaust-denying outfit' , please consider how the mainstream media has been replaced by the alternate media as a source of factual information, as opposed to propaganda. For us the Internet is the weapon of mass instruction.

3. As to Rudolf Hess, would you agree that his flight to Britain was a peace mission? Did you know that Adolf Hitler made 42 official peace offers to the United Kingdom between 1939 and 1944, which were all rejected by Churchill and Roosevelt. Read British Historian Martin Allen's book The Hitler-Hess Controversy.

4. As regards the article: 'Ex-patriotic Australians', you quote John Pilger at page 30 saying:

"While ten per cent of Jewry died in the Holocaust...".
If ten per cent of world Jewry died in the Holocaust, the official figure is six million, then the Jewish world population must have been 60 million between 1940 to 1945. But the Jewish world population, according to the Jewish Statistical Year Books, published in New York for the last 100 years, were only 15 million between 1940 and 1945. If these official Jewish figures are correct, then 1.5 million Jews lost their lives from all causes between 1940 and 1945. Would you like to confirm that, James? Or would you care to explain on which historical statistical evidence the 6 million Jewish death figure is based on? I am not permitted to discuss such matters in public because I have a Federal Court of Australia gag order that prohibits me from doing historical research.

5. In the same article, your comment following from the Pilger statement says:

"Strong stuff, and the sort of thing which requires readers to believe that, a historian such as Keith Windschuttle have pointed out, Australia was the one and only place in the entire history of empire where British settlers set out on a deliberate campaign of extermination."

From my reading of Windschuttle what you have written here is exactly the opposite of what Windschuttle said. Is this a mistake on your part or what?

Dr Fredrick Töben
Adelaide Institute


BREAKING NEWS – 18 October 2005

From: CHP
Sent: Tuesday, 18 October 2005
Subject: Germar is in trouble

This is Germar's wife.

We went to an appointment at immigration today to have an interview about whether or not our marriage is legitimate. It is typical for the INS to check in with a couple in one year to see how they prove that they are living together as man and wife. We passed with no comment.

However, when we were ready to leave, two men from the department of deportation showed up and escorted us upstairs. Then they told Germar that he missed a court appointment and was going to be detained for missing that appointment.

Germar and his attorney said that they never received notice (it is required to send notice to counsel as well as the petitioner). They asked for a copy of the letter and that question was never answered. They also told the men that the 11th circuit federal court had ruled a stay of further action and that was currently in effect, which means the INS is not allowed to rule on anything until the federal courts rule on them (tentative date for that is Jan).

The men said they would review the case and two hours later, they came and took him away.

Our lawyer is working to get the paperwork from the 11th court to show the INS here, which they say they will release him. Who knows.
I am writing because once Germar figured out what they were doing he told me to get in touch with you to decide between Arthur Butz and you how you wanted to handle this.

The best case scenario is that all the paperwork from the 11th comes and the INS quits playing around and releases him until the courts rule. They could also detain Germar until the hearing with the 11th circuit in January. They, of course, could also deport him to Germany, even though they are not allowed to do that. I don't put anything past them, given this current action which is completely outrageous and against the law.

If this thing is fixed in a few days, then I see no real problem. If not, then Germar has asked me to contact supporters to let them know about this and provide any help possible.

If this looks long term, then I am to call people that have been pre-notified to continue his work in his absence. For now, the note says, "notify Wiking and tell what happened." I was also to inform Arthur, which I have done. Your must decide whether or not to send a note to "Revisionist news" Arthur has already said he feels anyone who can be mobilized should be mobilized. I await instructions from you as to what to do next.

In the note, Germar has also given me access to his accounts and passwords. His attorney is working to get a power of attorney in my name as well, so for now nothing is locked up. What should I do?

Germar said he would call me collect when he is processed and let me know where he is. Do you have any questions or comments to pass along?

I look forward to hearing from you asap. Please contact me via chp and put in the subject line: 'to Germar's wife' so I can sort out which email is yours. Thank you.


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