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4 February 2006

For Hossein Amiri

            I have not yet met Hossein Amiri, who works at the Iranian press agency Mehr N ews, and have not read the manuscript of the book on the “Holocaust” and on revisionism that, as he tells me, he plans to have published soon by the Center for Palestine and Middle East Records and Strategic Studies ( Tehran ) . N onetheless, I have been able to carry on a correspondence with him that gives me the impression of an effective activist for historical revisionism, and I consider that in this quality he deserves the support of revisionists in the entire world . In the fight that we are waging against the myth of the alleged “Holocaust” of the Jews, researchers and activists from Iran or the Arab countries remain still so few that the advent amongst the revisionists of a man like Hossein Amiri is to be warmly welcomed indeed .

             The myth of the “Holocaust” or “Shoah” is at the basis of the creation, in 1947-1948, of the State of Israel and has, with time, become that State’s sword and shield . To combat this myth and its harmful effects, historical revisionism presents itself as the only possible recourse . As such, revisionism is the atomic weapon of the poor and weak against the Great Lie of the rich and mighty of this world . Without killing anyone, revisionism could undo, down to its foundations, one of the most dangerous historical lies of all time, that of the alleged genocide of the Jews of Europe (with its millions of “survivors”!) and that of the alleged Hitlerite gas chambers (which, in reality, never existed either at Auschwitz or anywhere else!) .   

            From 1945 onwards, with the Second World War just ended, the Wes tern European powers saw their colonies swiftly vanish . However it was precisely during this period that, paradoxically, two deviant phenomena, both born in 1948, in the very midst of that general decolonization, were seen to arise and gain strength: in South Africa, the institution of apartheid and, in the Middle East, the creation, through violence, of a racialist and colonialist territorial entity that styled itself a “Jewish State” and endowed itself with a “Jewish Army” .

            South African apartheid provoked such a negative reaction on the part of what one may call the international community that it wound up disappearing . But the State of Israel, at its end, has maintained itself in the land of Palestine and is, today more than ever, financed and armed by the big Wes tern powers, first and foremost Germany and the United States . It has even become a nuclear power .

            The anomaly comprised by that brutal colonization of Palestine in the middle of a worldwide process of decolonization is easy to explain . In 1945, tricked by the Jewish and Zionist propaganda machine, the peoples of the Wes tern world let themselves be convinced that, during the Second World War, Adolf Hitler had attempted to exterminate the Jews, and in a particularly atrocious, systematic manner . Hitler, apparently, had succeeded in having six million innocent Jews killed, notably in chemical slaughterhouses called “gas chambers” . Thus, in 1947, the reasoning of the members of the United N ations Organization, created in 1945, was somewhat as follows: 1) in the recent war, the Germans inflicted hardships upon the European Jews amounting to an unprecedented martyrdom; 2) it is therefore imperative to come to the aid of the survivors of that community; 3) it is fitting to compensate these people by all possible means; 4) for exceptional sufferings, an exceptional remedy: it is of course not normal to grant, albeit only in part, to one people a land belonging to another people but, for the Jews, who have suffered so much, an exception will be made, to the detriment … of the Palestinians . (“Why not to the detriment of the European criminals?” wondered aloud the late British historian Arnold Toynbee, himself a believer in the “Holocaust”) .

            It is usually forbidden to grab hold of another’s belongings, to chase a people out of its land through violence, to seek to enslave that people, to deny it the right to a State of its own, an army, a currency, to dictate its law and lock it up in Bantustans, keeping it in a prison whose barriers are a good deal higher and more forbidding than the “Berlin wall” . N onetheless, that is what the Jews of the Diaspora, in defiance of the most basic rules and rights, have since 1948 managed to accomplish in Palestine . They have ignored all their promises to the U N to respect, in part, the Palestinians’ rights and, afterwards, they have considered all the U N ’s calls to order null and void . Today, the Jews and the Zionists term whoever resists them with weapons a “terrorist” . Whoever speaks out against their colonialism is declared an “anti-Semite” . Finally, whoever proves that their “Holocaust” or “Shoah” is, in fact, but a myth is denounced as a “denier” or a “negationist”, prompted by the diabolical spirit of doubt .

            “Terrorist”, “anti-Semite”, “denier” or “negationist”: these words stamp the mark of Cain on your forehead . But the duty of the historian or researcher is to go and see, up close, the reality hiding behind those insults . And the reality in question is that Jews and Zionists have been lying and continue to lie . Their alleged “Holocaust” is a historical lie, which is extraordinarily profitable for them and, from their point of view, must be safeguarded at all costs . In the light of this exorbitant lie and this swindle of near-planetary dimensions, the actions of both the Zionists, who have gone on robbing and killing the Palestinians, and the Diaspora Jews, who approve of Zionism and fund it, are all the graver .

            Hitler did effectively try to expel the Jews from Europe . A good number of other countries before Germany , through the millennia and up to modern times, had wished to proceed with an expulsion of the Jews from their respective territories . On the motives for this quasi-universal rejection, the first page of Jewish writer Bernard Lazare’s 1894 book Anti-Semitism: its history and causes is worthwhile reading . In a summing-up, he wrote that it was by their very own conduct, in every place and at every time, that the Jews, at first welcomed, in the long run brought on the natives’ im pat ience and revolt .

Before and during the war, on numerous occasions and even as late as in April 1945, Hitler and the N ational Socialist leaders publicly proposed that the Allies take the Jews of Europe into their own countries . “Have them, these Jews you find so wonderful; we’ll make a present of them to you . Why do you hesitate?”: the N ational Socialists put it in words clearly to that effect . Apart from a few rare cases, the Allies replied either with silence or refusal, for they knew perfectly well that Hitler was not at all going about exterminating the Jews . We have, for example, documentary proof that the senior Allied officials did not believe the madcap stories of gas chambers, a fact that explains why, either during or after the war, Churchill, De Gaulle, Eisenhower, Stalin, Benes and others of their station never spoke of those vaudeville-hall monstrosities . Hitler sought merely to achieve a “final territorial solution to the Jewish question” . The court historians systematically erase the cumbersome adjective “territorial”, preferring to speak only of a “final solution” and, thanks to this wrongful shortening of a phrase, let people understand that it was a matter of solving the Jewish question through a methodical extermination! Hitler, in reality, wanted to see a territory reserved for the Jews somewhere outside of Europe , but not in Palestine .

            Still, in the face of the practical impossibility of ridding himself of a few million Jews or of finding them a territory during the war, he decided to pen a certain number of them (not all!) in concentration camps or labor camps, hopeful of resolving “the Jewish question” after the end of the conflict . Despite the efforts made by the camp administrators and physicians in the field of health and hygiene, dreadful epidemics, particularly of typhus, wreaked havoc there . It must be said that, for some generations, typhus had been endemically rife among the Jews of the East . In the last months of the war, especially under the effects of Anglo-American bombing raids and the steady incursion of Soviet troops, Germany lived through an apocalypse and, what with the paralysis of her industries and transport, everyone’s lot worsened considerably . When the Allies liberated the camps, they insistently photographed the dead and the dying and diffused the images throughout the world, whilst keeping to themselves their photographs showing crowds of internees who, in spite of all, had remained in good health . They filmed the crematory ovens as though the Germans had used them to kill people whereas those ovens had served to incinerate corpses, cremation being a more healthful and modern method than burial, especially in places where the risks of epidemics and contamination reigned . The Allies also showed disinfection gas chambers as if they had served to kill detainees whereas in reality they were used to disinfect clothing and, thus, to protect the health of all . They exhibited cans of an insecticide (Zyklon B) as if that product had been employed to asphyxiate humans whereas it served to kill lice, carriers of typhus . They showed piles of hair, shoes, eyeglasses or clothes as if those objects had belonged to the “gassed” whereas it is well known that, in all of bloc ka ded Europe at war, with the ensuing scarcity and shortages of nearly everything, the recovery for recycling of all possible substances was carried out, including that of human hair, which was used in the textile industry of the time; therefore it was normal that, both inside and outside of the camps, numerous storehouses or workshops should be found in which the authorities had been trying to recycle all those objects and materials . In other words, to sum up, what Germany , a modern nation, had undertaken in order to save people’s lives and ensure her survival in a context of both war and a war economy, the Allies managed, by a clever propaganda, to present as an enterprise of the physical extermination of human beings . That propaganda knew how to exploit the old superstitions according to which the doctor, chemist and scholar are more or less hand in glove with the Devil .

              As for Germany , completely flattened as she was, there was no course open but to submit to the conquerors’ will . At the N uremberg trial and in a hundred other such courtroom spectacles, she was prevented from freely making a case in her defense and, without any veritable evidence, without any veritable technical or scientific investigation, her conquerors pronounced her guilty of incredible outrages . She bowed before them, accused herself as well and, for sixty years, her leaders and her elites have never ceased practicing the self flagellation imposed on the great vanquished nation . Germany has no other choice . Today, if ever a senior German official were to come out and denounce the lie of the “Holocaust”, the resulting clamor of the Jews and the world media’s indignation would take on such proportions that a boycott of Germany would be decreed, German equities would collapse in value and the country would head straight towards massive unemployment and ruin.

            The revisionists have amply demonstrated that there never existed, nor could exist, a single order by Hitler to kill the Jews . We have proof that, even during the war, German soldiers or officers guilty of killing even just one Jewish man or woman could be brought to court martial, sentenced to death and shot, a fact which of course does not mean that, for example, caught in the heat of battle, notably in the face of snipers and partisans, German troops, like all other troops in the world, were not capable of committing excesses or outrages towards civilians . There did not exist in N ational Socialist Germany any order, directive, or instruction telling anyone to murder Jews . N or did there exist any measures for the monitoring of the purported extermination project: no budget, no agency nor any official in charge of carrying out such a policy . On January 20, 1942 , at the gathering called “Wannsee Conference”, fifteen German officials vaguely discussed for a few hours a program of expulsion of the Jews from the European domain and, provisionally, whilst awaiting the war’s end, of putting to forced labor those among them, men and women, who were able to work . During the same meeting, there was envisaged a Jewish “renewal” somewhere outside of Europe after the war, with a “germinal cell” made up of the best elements, i . e . those Jews who would have survived the deportation and forced labor . Before the war, and still in the early stages thereof, the Germans had seriously considered as a solution the set tling of European Jews on the island of Madagascar . In doing so they were taking up an idea that had been studied in 1937 by the Polish, French and British authorities, and even by the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, but, with the intensification of the conflict, they had to abandon that idea . As for the set tling of European Jews in Palestine , they had ended up firmly opposing it . As late as in January 1944, during talks with the British, the German foreign office stated that, if the British would in fact agree to take in a convoy of 5,000 Jews comprised of children (85%) and accompanying adults (15%), it could only be on condition of accepting them definitively and of prohibiting their subsequent emigration to Palestine :  

The Government of the Reich cannot take part in a maneuver aimed at allowing the Jews to chase the noble and valiant Palestinian people from their mother country, Palestine . These talks can continue only on condition that the British Government declare its readiness to accommodate the Jews in Great Britain and not in Palestine, and that it guarantee them the possibility to set tle there definitively (reminder from von Thadden, of the German foreign office’s Gruppe Inland II, Berlin, 29 April, 1944; document catalogued by the Allies under the number N G-1794 and reproduced in French by Henri Monneray, former assistant in the French delegation’s office of prosecution at the N uremberg trial, in his work La Persécution des juifs dans les Pays de l’Est, assemblage of documents, Paris, Editions du Centre [i . e . , the Centre de documentation juive contemporaine], 1949, p . 169-170).

            On January 18, 1945 Heinrich Himmler wrote in a personal note made after a meeting with Swiss president Jean-Marie Lusy, who served as intermediary with the Americans:  

Once again I more precisely stated to him my view [on the Jews] . We put our Jews to work, including, of course, in heavy labor, such as road and canal construction, in mining operations, and as a result there has been a high death rate . Since negotiations began about improving the lot of the Jews, they have been assigned to normal work, although naturally they have to work, just like Germans, in the armaments industry . Our point of view on the Jewish question is this: we are not at all interested in the position taken by America and England regarding the Jews . One thing is clear: based on our decades of experience with them since the [first] world war, we do not want them in Germany or in the German living space, and in this matter we will not allow any discussion . If America wants them, we welcome that . It is not to be permitted — and for this a guarantee must be given — that the Jews whom we let out by way of Switzerland ever be transferred to Palestine . We know that the Arabs reject the Jews just as much as we Germans do and we will not permit the indecency [Unanständigkeit] of sending still more Jews to that poor nation already tormented by the Jews (original document, with Himmler’s hand-written annotations, as reproduced by Werner Maser, N ürnberg, Tribunal der Sieger, Droemer Knaur, Munich-Zurich, 1979, p . 262-263).

            In their common war against, on the one hand, the British and, on the other hand, Soviet communism, Adolf Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, were allies . SS formations, such as the “Handschar” (scimitar) and “S ka nderbeg” (the Albanian national hero) divisions, were either largely or wholly made up of Moslems and in various spots in Europe , beginning with France , Arabs had rallied to the German cause . In Iraq , Rashid Ali and, in India , Subhas Chandra Bose, founder of the Indian N ational Army, had also taken sides with Germany and against Britain .

            Today, the Jewish and Zionist propaganda seeks to sully the names of those men as it sullies the rest of the world . It accuses the Allies of having remained indifferent to the calamitous fate of the Jews . It rebukes the neutrals for not having partici pat ed in the crusade against Germany . It accuses the Vatican . It accuses the International Committee of the Red Cross . It accuses the Jews who, during the war, belonged to the “Jewish Councils” maintaining relations with the Germans . It accuses the Zionists of the Stern Group who, in 1941, offered Germany a military alliance against Britain . It rebukes all those Zionists who had set tled in Palestine , along with their press, for having, during the war, received with skepticism the rumors circulating about the massacres of Jews at Babi Yar or elsewhere and about the gas chambers . It accuses the entire world, or just about.

            It is high time that an end were put to this flood of accusations, which stems from the myth of the “Holocaust” . Since the 1980s, important historians or other authors, some of whom of Jewish origin, have ended up realizing the solidness of the revisionist argumentation and, consequently, relinquishing entire sections of their belief in the “Holocaust” doctrine with its fake “gas chambers” and its alleged “six million victims” . In parallel manner, senior representatives of Zionism have little by little found themselves compelled to relinquish entire sections of their belief in the “Greater Israel” utopia . These two beliefs, these two myths, which amount to one and the same, will finish in the rubbish bins of history.

            Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have put themselves at the forefront in the struggle against that double myth . It is not only Palestine and the Arabo-Moslem community that should be grateful to them but, as may be seen, the entire world, or just about .


Asking the Professor

Hello Professor Butz

My name is Andre Francisco - - and I'm doing and article for a Media class about David Irving being arrested and sentenced to three years in prison for denying the holocaust. I was wondering if you would have any time today to answer one or two brief questions about Irving . I know you must get many requests for interviews or comments, but I was wondering if you could just spare a few moments today. If you have time I could interview you over the phone or if it was easier I could email you the questions and you could answer them that way. I know this is very short notice and I apologize. If you have any time today please email me back. Thank you so much. Andre Francisco, 215

Original message text

On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 , 12:38:39 pm wrote: You may e-mail me a few questions if you wish. A.R. Butz

Andre Francisco: Thank you so much for being willing to answer these questions.

Q: What is your opinion on the laws in many European countries that forbid giving alternate histories concerning the Holocaust?

Butz: I think they constitute a rejection, at a fundamental level, of what we have supposedly been about for about the last two hundred years. If the history of the recent, politically sensitive, past can't be freely investigated and discussed, then the most important component of any principle of freedom of expression is abandoned and, with it, any worthy version of "democracy".

Q: Do you think the United States will ever adopt such laws? Do you  think unspoken codes of the same kind already exist in the United States ?

Butz: I doubt that the US will ever adopt the same sorts of laws. However the "unspoken codes" or "taboos" (as I referred to them in my Feb. 14 Daily Northwestern piece) are alive and well. Moreover, I don't rule out new laws in the US that might sound somewhat different but have effects similar to those of the European laws. The formulations would be likely to be tricky so I can't be specific.

Q: How do you think countries reconcile these laws or codes with the idea of free speech? Are they hypocritical or is this an exception?

Butz: They are being hypocritical and this has become starkly obvious in the still raging controversy over the offensive cartoons of Muhammad. If you want to know how they "reconcile these laws or codes with the idea of free speech", my answer is that they don't. You should ask them.

Q: Have you ever read anything by David Irving? If so, what?

Butz: Long ago I read Hitler's War, his Rommel book, On the Trail of the Fox?, and The Destruction of Dresden. I may have read others. This is despite the fact that such books are only remotely related my interests.

I consider Irving a military historian, not a "Holocaust" revisionist or denier. On the "Holocaust", his statements have been confused and contradictory, sometimes sounding revisionist, other times not. At the time of the Lipstadt trial, in 2000, Don Guttenplan published an article in some magazine and he remarked that it is impossible to determine Irving 's position on issues. Well, that's right as far as the "Holocaust" goes.

Austria has jailed him for some of the times he sounded revisionist. There were plenty of nearly coincident times when he didn't sound revisionist. It is not true that he changed his position only when faced with prison. The truth is that he didn't have a position.

Nevertheless, his imprisonment should be viewed as both a scandal and danger by any person of intellectual integrity.

Best regards,

Arthur R. Butz

Andre Francisco: Thank you again for your time.

Northwestern University , Chicago – CAMPUS - Hillel hosts open forum to discuss Butz’s comments - by Diana Samuels

February 08, 2006

Jewish community representatives condemned McCormick Prof. Arthur Butz for denying the existence of the Holocaust at a forum Tuesday night hosted by the Fiedler Hillel Center .

Butz, a tenured electrical and computer engineering professor, made statements to Iranian media in December publicly supporting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s claim that the Holocaust never happened. Tuesday’s forum was planned after Butz’s comments were printed in Saturday’s Chicago Tribune.

“This has been a tough day. It’s been a tough couple of days,” said Adam Simon, Hillel’s executive director, to an audience of about 120 people at the McCormick Tribune Center Forum.

The comments drew media attention, sparked a student petition and caused University President Henry Bienen to issue a statement calling Butz’s ideas “a contemptible insult to all decent and feeling people.”

After short speeches by leaders of Jewish organizations at NU and in Chicago , participants divided into four smaller “breakout discussions” that were closed to the media. Students could discuss what Butz’s comments mean for NU, why the Holocaust matters and how to ensure tragedies like the Holocaust don’t happen again. Faculty, staff and community members attended a discussion about the role of the greater community in the incident at NU. The participants were predominately Jewish, said SESP junior Zach Galin, president of Hillel’s Student Executive Board.

NU and the Chicago community should marginalize Butz like the international community has shunned Ahmadinejad, said Michael Kotzin, executive vice president of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, at the beginning of the event.

“It’s a free country, and so he gets to say what he wants,” Kotzin said. “By the same token, though, others can and have to stand up … It is not the Jewish students on this campus that should be isolated — it is Arthur Butz.”

Butz’s beliefs have caused controversy since he published his book on the subject, “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century,” in 1976.

Weinberg junior Andrea Engel attended the forum and said her parents had been upset by Butz’s beliefs when they were students at NU.

Les White, Communication ‘78, said he was disappointed by the reaction of NU faculty members in his breakout session who said Butz would soon “go under his rock again.”

An engineering professor should know to trust data, including historical data, he said.

“That they are allowing him the privilege to teach, even if it’s engineering, it’s a joke,” he said.



Zündel’s defense attorney Sylvia Stolz, responding to the statement by the Mannheim Holocaust Judiciary:
“The Holocaust Laws of the OMF-Bundesrepublik (Organizational Form of a Modality of Foreign Rule of the Federal Republic of Germany ) are pure treason!”

On the first business day of the recently resumed show trial against Ernst Zündel for “Denying the Holocaust,” Dr. Meinerzhagen (pottering about as head judge) proved to be extremely irritable. After numerous but fruitless attacks against Sylvia Stolz (chief defense lawyer for Ernst Zündel), he finally lost his composure and muzzled the defense. Unprecedented events have indeed taken place. After the rather timid reading of the charges against Zündel by two prosecutors, the assistant defense lawyer, Attorney Schaller of Vienna, had responded with an eloquent appeal for observance of the rules that characterize court procedure in a state of laws, which the Mannheim justices are obligated to observe.

Following Schaller, Sylvia Stolz addressed the court as follows:

“The defense rejects the accusations against Ernst Zündel, a citizen of the German Reich. This is not a legal prosecution under the laws of the Reich or any other legal system. It is an exercise of power that is illegal under international law, by a puppet government called “ Federal Republic of Germany .”[1] To use the expression coined by the professor of international law, Dr. Carlo Schmid, the Federal Republic of Germany is an “Organizational Form of a Modality of Foreign Rule.” Henceforth we shall refer to this foreign occupation government as “OMF- FRG .”

I described the legal structure of OMF- FRG in the court document dated 18 October 2005, complete with lengthy quotations from the founding speech of the OMF- FRG Parliamentary Council presented by Prof. Dr. Carlo Schmid. I also quoted pertinent remarks by the professors of International Law Prof. Friedrich Berger and Prof. Otto Kimminich and elucidated the conclusions to be drawn as they relate to the case of Ernst Zündel. In its meeting outside the main trial, that is, in the absence of the presiding judges, the “Sixth Superior Criminal Court of Mannheim District has given notice that it intends to simply ignore the duly submitted argument made by the defense. The decision of the Criminal Court states that “The legal profferings that the defendant submitted in his petition cannot be accepted by this Chamber. They and the conclusions at which they arrive, appear to be ultimately devoid of judicial relevance.”

The defense refuses to accept this peremptory dismissal. Every layman with at least a primary school education should be able to understand the arguments developed therein, as well as the significance of their conclusions for the Zündel trial. As counterproposal, the defense will read its submission dated 18 October 2005 in the main trial, including basis for its arguments, so that the hesitant attitude of the ‘professional judges’ will be recognizable and the court of appeals will be able to correct their capricious refusal to accept our submissions.

The signers of the ruling of 7 November 2005, Dr. Meinerzhagen, Dr. Hamm, and Mrs. Krebs-Dörr are conducting themselves in the tradition of the International Military Tribunal of the victors over the German Reich, who agreed to disregard all discussion about whether their actions were violations of international law. Those so-called ‘judges’ and ‘prosecutors’ resolved that ‘we will simply declare what international law is so that there can be no discussion of whether it is international law or not.’[2] The persons responsible for that atrocity propaganda show had expressly abandoned any quest for truth and concept of justice in order to make their lynchings of leading Reich personalities appear to be legal. I shall return to this later in my presentations.

In my motion of 18 October 2005 (page 26) I gave notice that the defense would attack the dogma of 'Offenkundigkeit' (Manifest Obviousness) of the ‘Holocaust’ with all the resources at its disposal. I said the defense would show that in the continuing war against Germany by the enemies of the Reich, ‘manifest obviousness’ has been feigned and assumed from the very beginning.

The above mentioned jurists have taken this statement as occasion to, express their intent for mendacious procedure in the main trial as follows:

‘As far as manifest obviousness of the Holocaust is concerned, the motion recapitulates familiar pseudo arguments that have been proffered and continue to be proffered by so-called revisionists (see BGHSt 47,278) without raising bona fide doubt about the historically proven and therefore manifestly obvious genocide, particularly of the Jews, by the National Socialist Dictatorship (stdg. Rspr. des Bundesverfassingsgerichts und des Bundesgerichthofs vgl. BVerfGE 90, 241, 249; BGHSt 40,97, 99,; 46, 36, 46 f.; 47, 278.) This genocide is factually assumed in Paragraph 130 III of the Penal Code (See BundesGerichthofStrafsachen, Reports of the High Court in Criminal Matters, 47, 278). Thus any evidentiary exhibit that would deny this is forbidden in Reports of the High Court in Criminal Matters and other publications.

With this reasoning, Dr. Meinerzhagen and his colleagues have obviously abandoned the dogma of Manifest Obviousness. That is the good news. The bad news is the withdrawal of permission to submit evidence, which took place despite the abandonment of ‘manifest obviousness.’ What is going on inside the heads of these judges? What is the definition of Scheinargumente (show arguments)? In imitation of the Nuremberg Tribunals, these jurists use the term ‘show arguments’ to designate arguments that are likely to prove, in support of the will of the foreign occupation government, any previously established ‘verdict’ as illegal and unjust. Such arguments have to be repressed. And what are ‘familiar show arguments?’ ‘Familiar show arguments’ are apparently arguments on which OMF/ FRG judicial arbitrariness has been successfully tested.

And what in Heaven’s name are ‘factual presuppositions? The term ‘factual presupposition’ or ‘presumed factuality’ refers to the court’s complete disregard of the criminal law. In criminal law, punishment is court ordered compensation for a debt. Debt is a deficit appearing in a transaction that should not be there. But if there is no transaction, there can be no debt. In order to distinguish terror from punishment, the penal code typifies certain transactions as punishable by designating them “Tatbestandsmerkmale“ (factual characteristics), thereby separating them from permissible activity. The facts of the case extend to the transaction in the narrower sense of an act or failure to act, as well as to accompanying circumstances that are significant for determination of the demerit. In a narrower sense, the action classified in Paragraph 3 of the Penal Code is an expression of opinion. The circumstance accompanying the misdeed is a certain contemporary historical fact (called ‘Holocaust.’)

It is the task of the judge to determine the given life circumstances involved in the case.) In the present instance this consists of a certain expression of opinion, along with accompanying circumstances. The judge must determine what is to be considered as “given” and whether the facts of the case correspond to an action that can be classified as punishable. The citizen under the law can adapt his intent to avoidance of the classified action.

The statement of facts of a punishment norm also guarantees the freedom from punishment of all actions that do not meet the criteria of punishable (nulla poena sine lege – “no punishment without law.”) Within the realm of actions classified as nonpunishable, one can live free from fear of being punished. This is what distinguishes a nation of laws from tyranny. However, the statute of the victors’ tribunal at Nuremberg violated this basic principle (that is unanimous opinion.) Egged on by the High Court of the OMF/ FRG , Dr. Meinerzhaben and his colleagues are likewise engaged in tearing down the boundary between justice and tyranny. Where “Holocaust” is concerned, they intend to set aside the burden of proof that is obligatory on the judge. They intend to do this with allegation of a fiction that does not even appear as such in “the law” (Paragraph 130 III of Penal Code.)

What is the source of this legalistic and dogmatic mistake of Dr. Meinerzhagen and the High Court of OMF/ FRG ? In their “argumentation,” they dogmatically assume that the so called Holocaust is a given fact in time and space. They postulate that any and all doubts concerning “Holocaust” are unthinkable. They have defected from the ranks of the truth-seekers and joined the ranks of the religion-founders. Religion requires that we rule out doubt and substitute belief in its stead. The true believer vehemently crushes every attempt to introduce reason into his consideration, since reason is the harbinger of doubt. Believing demands unquestioning trust in the priestly caste, which functions simultaneously as the faith police.

Within the hazy realm of Holocaust religion, the legal apparatus of the OMF/ FRG has degenerated into an inquisition. There is a cynical calculation of power in this. Following World War II, world Jewry recognized the possibility of using the Holocaust lie to found Israel and create a world empire to support and secure it against all opposition. World Jewry knows from experience that almost everyone can be made to believe almost anything if it can be suggested to them that most people believe it. Through the power of suggestion combined with Jewish control of world media the “Holocaust” has indeed become the suggested belief of almost everyone.

When he was still Cardinal Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI said the following on the subject of this power of world Jewry:

‘The feeling that democracy is not yet the proper form of freedom is rather common, and is continuing to spread… Is there not an oligarchy consisting of those who determine what is “modern” and “progressive,” and what the enlightened person should think? The cruelty of this oligarchy, and its power to make the public do its will, is all too familiar. Whoever blocks its path is an “enemy of freedom” for the reason that he is allegedly hindering free expression of opinion… Who can have doubts about the power of these interests, whose dirty hands become more visible all the time? And besides: is the system of majority vs. minority a system of true freedom?’[3]

If it is to be suggested that the Holocaust lie is to be “believed by nearly everyone,” then the real truth must be sunk in a bottomless spiral of silence. And this can succeed only if the contradiction of the “Holocaust” lie is forcibly suppressed -- obviously through a modern inquisition. Criminal law serves the cause of justice through atonement for crime by punishment, while inquisition serves the enforcement of a particular belief through destruction of heretics. However, it is the general will of Western civilization that involuntary belief of all kinds should be abolished. That is precisely what comprises the substance of freedom of belief, the nucleus of recognizing the individual as a person. This general will constitutes the difference between modern and medieval times.

Inquisition is the purest atrocity, since it destroys freedom of belief.

Inquisition has nothing to do with the application or reestablishment of justice through punishment. The enforcement of “Holocaust” law is inquisition, hence unmitigated crime. As Plato pointed out, inquisitory law is in fact the worst kind of injustice because it pretends to be justice.

Exclaiming “ Enough of that!” Dr. Meinerzhagen then interrupted Attorney Stolz, taking away her right to speak and terminating the session. He fled into the conference room with his colleagues and returned after a quarter hour. Dr. Meinerzhagen then proclaimed the directive of the court that in future, Attorney Stolz would have to submit all her motions in writing, and would not be allowed to read them aloud before the court.

With this ruling, the show trial has become another “Ghost Trial” (Rainer Hamm, Counsel for Defense, 94, 457.) The public will no longer be allowed to hear the arguments of the defense. The Holocaust judges are attempting to introduce the “silence of the grave” in the courtroom (see Scheffler, Neue Juristische Wochenschrift 94, 2194.) However, their attempt to disguise their illegal action as legal procedure is still doomed to failure. They are chanting the allegation that the Holocaust has been “proven many times” into empty space. The undeniable fact that the opposite has long been proven, is enough to completely disqualify it.

The court appointed expert witness Prof. Dr. Gerhard Jagschitz of the University of Vienna Institute for Contemporary History (A 1090 Wien, Rotenhausgasse 6) demonstrated that the opposite is true in his written report submitted to the Landesgericht für Strafsachen (District Criminal Court), Vienna ,  on 10 January 1991 . See Az. (Archiv für Zivile Praxis): 26 b Vr (Verwaltungsrundshau)14 184/86.)

Prof. Jagschitz presented his findings as follows: “…in the course of research into the literature on the subject, it developed that a relative scarcity of scientific and objective literature is offset by an abundance of eyewitness accounts and subjective summarizations. I found numerous contradictions, retractions, omissions and inadequate references to sources. Furthermore, substantial doubts about basic questions have been reinforced by a number of court exonerations in relevant trials.

These exonerations resulted from expert reports presented to both national and international courts. Thus the mere extrapolation of court verdicts and evocation of judicial notoriety of the familiar stories of gassings of Jews at Auschwitz no longer suffice as a basis for reaching verdicts -- at least not in the context of any democratic concept of justice. Thus in this expert report, it was proven necessary to undertake the necessary corrections of relevant literature as well … In the course of this research it became clear that resources from certain archives were inadequately utilized in previous research. Thanks to political events of the last few years, resources that were heretofore unavailable to us in the West have now been made available. I am referring in particular to documents of the Reichssicherheitshauptamtes (Central Reich Security Office) in Potsdam , a huge resource of Auschwitz documents (several tons) that are stored in various archives in Moscow …”

The historian Prof. Dr. Ernst Nolte also refers to the baselessness of using this inquisitorial device of assumed manifest obviousness in order to protect the Holocaust lie against consideration by the court:

“Not until the rules of examination of witnesses have been generally applied and testimony is no longer evaluated according to political criteria, will secure ground be won for any attempt at scientific objectivity regarding the ‘final solution’.[4] The widely disseminated notion that all doubt concerning the prevailing concept of a ‘Holocaust’ with six million victims is to be automatically treated as though it were maliciousness and inhumanity, and therefore repressed by all means, can under no circumstances be accepted by objective science. This is because of the fundamental significance of the maxim ‘de omnibus dubitandum est’ (everything is to be doubted) for objective science… This attitude must be rejected as an attack on the principle of freedom of research. [5]

Although I consider myself more challenged by ‘Revisionism’ than most contemporary German historians, I soon arrived at the conviction that the Revisionist school has been treated in a subjective and unscientific manner. In established literature it has met rejection, suspicions about the motivation of its authors and above all, dead silence.[6]

Radical revisionism is much more prevalent in France and the USA than in Germany . There can be no doubt that its forerunners are well informed and have carried out extensive investigations in the field.

As far as mastery of source material is concerned, and especially criticism of source material, these investigations probably surpass those of established historians in Germany.[7] At any rate we must give the radical Revionists and their provocative theories credit for having forced established historiography to reassess its positions and find firmer basis for their assumptions and conclusions, as Raul Hilberg has done.[8] “…The questions about the reliability of eyewitness testimony, the significance of documents, technical impossibility of certain procedures, credibility of numbers quoted, the and persuasiveness of the circumstances are permissible and legitimate. Not only are they permissible, but they are procedurally indispensable, and every attempt to dispense with Revisionist arguments and evidence by imposing total science or banishing them from the world, has got to be illegitimate.[9]

If radical revisionism were correct in its assertion that there was no ‘Holocaust’ in the sense of a comprehensive and systematic program of annihilation ordered by the highest levels of government, I would have to arrive at the conclusion that National Socialism was not a ‘bizarre copy of Bolshevism,’ but rather that it was simply leading the struggle for survival of a Germany that had been forced into the defensive worldwide. No author wants to admit that nothing of his work has survived except rubble and so I too have a vital interest in proving that Revisionism is incorrect, at least in its most radical manifestation.[10]

The above formulation provides the key to understanding our present world. It is not just the scientific work of Ernst Nolte that would be lying in ruins. The very foundations of the Jewish American world empire would be shaken. The German Empire would again be perceived as the power that had defended the Christian West “to the last drop of its blood” against talmudic mammonism (Satan.) Adolf Hitler would no longer be the devil, he would be the savior. The world would recognize the profound truth concerning the Nuremberg Tribunal as proclaimed by the Portuguese expert on international law, Dr. Joao das Regas: “In actuality, two mutually incomprehensible worlds faced each other at Nuremberg . The materialistic world of Mammonism and hypocritical democracy opposed to the idealistic and heroic conception of a nation that was defending its right to exist… How could the sated and materialistic world understand the unflinching and heroic will to survive of a nation that, despite its exasperation over diminished territory, had presented our culture with immortal works for centuries, and before the Second World War had stood at the forefront of critical scientific progress in our century?

It was characteristic of the depraved mentality of the international press to continue their attacks against the leaders of the German nation despite the noble manner in which they conducted themselves throughout their disgraceful treatment and unjust death sentences. As precursors of social justice built on a national basis, the condemned German leaders went to their deaths at Nuremberg with a glowing confession of love for their nation and their ideals. Theirs was a truly heroic deportment, worthy of our highest admiration.”[11]

The Evil Empire that, true to its nature, is forever demonizing others (the goys) has mobilized all the material and intellectual resources at its disposal in the effort to hinder dissemination of the truth. The truth can no longer be held back, however. For the first time, the leader of a large and wealthy nation is directing his country’s national policy toward exposing the Holocaust lie. His intention, born of self defense, is to remove the Zionist settler state of Israel from the map, thereby making it possible for Jews and Arabs to once again coexist in peace. It marks the beginning of the end for the Great Lie that has long held our nation in bondage. The reaction of world Jewry to Achmadinedschad’s announcement of the convocation of an international commission to investigate the “Holocaust” shows that the conspiracy of silence surrounding Revisionism has finally been broken. The Jews are no longer able to suggest that “nearly everybody believes in the Holocaust.” We are witnessing the end of the greatest lie in the history of mankind. He who still continues to defend the lie and thereby soils his hands will be left behind. In the words of Michael Gorbachev, “Life punishes those who get left behind.”

 Some other remarks by Prof. Dr. Ernst Nolte on the subject of Revisionism are noteworthy: “I do indeed feel challenged by Revisionism, but I am unable to join those who demand that the state and the police intervene to repress Revisionism. For this very reason I find myself compelled to ask the question of whether Revisionism has/represents real arguments, or really does consist of mere deceptive agitation. The general all around quality of the individual historian comes into play here. The real historian knows that revision is the daily bread of scientific history.

Real historians also know that in the final analysis, some Revisionist theories are going to be acknowledged by established historians, or at least taken into the discussion… For example, during a recent congress of historians it was not specifically mentioned that during the War and immediately afterwards there were many allegations that the Germans had carried out mass executions by the use of hot steam in sealed chambers, electric shocks on giant electrical plates, and quicklime. By its complete silence, the congress declared these allegations to be as irrelevant as the rumor of soap made from Jewish corpses. (Incidentally, a well known film director has recently resurrected those rumors in German newspaper announcements.)[12]

Even the testimony of the SS leader and Bekennende (Confessing) church member Kurt Gerstein, probably the most widely circulated “Holocaust” account of the 1950s, is no longer accepted in documentary collections, even by the most orthodox scholars. And it is well known that Jean-Claude Pressac, who despite his peculiar precedents is still acknowledged to be a serious researcher, recently reduced the number of Auschwitz gas chamber victims from four million down to around half a million. Their abandoned allegations do not differ fundamentally from individual corrections of the kind that, to my knowledge, have been brought forward only by ‘Revisionists:’ The corrections that the first confessions of the Auschwitz commandant Höß were extracted under torture; that giant flames leaping from crematory chimneys, reported by numerous eyewitnesses, are best explained by mistakes of visual perception; that the technical prerequisites for cremating up to 24,000 corpses per day were simply not available; and that the cellar morgues in crematories of camps that had to accommodate around 300 “natural” deaths per day were indispensable during the typhus epidemics of those days and could not have been utilized for mass murders, at least not during epidemics.

Such ideas can hardly surprise a historian. He knows from his own day to day experience that, since Herodotus’ time, it has been necessary to treat large figures with suspicion, insofar as they do not originate with official statistical bureaus. The historian understands no less well that large groups of people exposed to stressful circumstances and confusing events that are now and have always been rumor incubators…[13]

The testimony of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höß was obtained under torture. Without doubt, his confessions contributed greatly to the collapse of the defense in the Nuremberg trials. His testimony would not have been admissible in any court of law that complied with Western legal and judicial standards. The so-called Gerstein documents contain so many contradictions and objective impossibilities that they must be discarded as worthless, while the few actual eyewitness accounts consist of hearsay and mere assumptions.

Thanks to the Soviet and Polish communists, a thorough investigation of Auschwitz by an international commission of experts did not take place after the end of the War. This stands in contrast to the case of the mass graves at Katyn Forest discovered by the Wehrmacht in 1943. The publication of photographs of crematoria and some cans with the label "Zyklon B Poison Gas" has no value as proof of murder since crematoria had to be constructed near large camps and Zyklon B was the best know disinfestant of the time. Zyklon B was indispensable wherever masses of people were forced to live under crowded conditions.

The integrity of the scientific discipline of historiography demands that it be allowed to question the established and “politically correct” version of history – namely that mass murder in gas chambers has been proven by numerous eyewitness accounts and incontrovertible facts, and therefore is not open to doubt. If historiography is not allowed to do this, then science as such is inadmissible.[14]

The basic issue is the assertion that on the basis of scientific findings or technical facts, either there were no mass gassings or else they could not have taken place, certainly not in the scope and number heretofore assumed. Here I am referring to the chemical investigations or expert reports on the residues of cyanide in the disinfection chambers on the one hand and the cellar morgues of the crematoria on the other. I have in mind the reports of Leuchter, Rudolf, and Luftl as well as the unusually detailed studies of Carlo Mattogno on extremely detailed questions such as the length of time to burn corpses, the coke required, et al.

No fundamental objection can be made against the Revisionist argument that the scientifically or technically impossible cannot have occurred, even though hundreds of witness reports and testimonies might have stated the opposite. The conclusion is unavoidable that humanities people and ideological critics have absolutely nothing to say in this matter.”[15]

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung expressed a similar opinion in the following:[16]

"Raul Hilberg and Ernst Nolte agree that one must read the eye witness reports of the celebrated Elie Wiesel with extremely critical attention. Hilberg`s most recent book and grandiose work of his elder years, ‘Sources of the Holocaust, has silently taken leave of many of the most familiar but obviously unreliable witnesses, such as Kurt Gersten and Jan Karsky… liars and propagandists must be seen as complementary to our age.”

What effect does the following confession of Raul Hilberg, the Pope of the Holocaust Church , have on the minds of holocaust believers?

"But what began in 1941 was not a previously planned annihilation (of the Jews), organized centrally by a single office, there were no plans and no budget for these annihilation measures. These measures developed step by step, one after the other; and not through the execution of a plan, but rather by an extraordinary meeting of minds, a coincidence of views within a comprehensive bureaucracy." [Quoted in Rudolf, Vorlesungen, Page 187.]

Did not all the world believe that the annihilation of the Jews was centrally planned and decided in the "Wannsee Villa" on January 20, 1942 ? [18] How are we to reconcile all this? The Jewish historian Yehuda Bauer, director of the International Institute for Holocaust Research in Jerusalem , ridicules the fact that “…Just as before, the public keeps repeating the foolish story that the annihilation of the Jews was agreed upon at Wannsee.”[19] Professor Dr. Eberhard Jaeckel, co-editor of the official Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, addressed the issue in the Frankfurter Allgemeine on 22 June 1992 :

“Historian Jaeckel: Purpose of the Wannsee Conference Disputed: The decision to murder the European Jews was made earlier… Jackel said that the protocol for the Conference does not contain a single word about a decision to murder Jews. Furthermore the participants at Wannsee lacked authority to do make such a decision… He pointed out that the actual purpose of the Wannsee Conference is disputed. He stated that an English colleague had remarked forty years before that the Conference was simply ‘a sociable lunch, and that the list of participants proves the conference played no role whatsoever in the deportations, since there were no representatives of the Wehrmacht or the Reich Ministry for Transportation present. Jaeckel is of the opinion that a corresponding order of Hitler’s to annihilate the Jews followed the meeting that took place between Hitler, Himmler, and Heydrich on September 24, 1941, i.e. three months before the Wannsee Conference.

Conjectures, absurdities, forgeries, and lies - thus the foundations of the " Manifestly Obvious Holocaust" were created, and now we are supposed to swallow this swindle as "factually presumed." Just how stupid do you think that we Germans really are, Dr. Meinerzhagen? Can’t you see what you are representing to the entire world, and for the history books yet to be written? Does the High Court still want to hold fast to the assertion that the Holocaust has been completely and undeniably proven? How are the “Redrobes” [High Court judges] setting themselves up to be characterized in future? Dear Dr. Meinerzhagen, "the emperor has no clothes." Or do you really see clothes where there are none? How do you propose to cover your own nakedness? You should take to heart the knowledge that there are insurmountable limit for every lawmaker: he can not decree facts. This is what distinguishes politicians from magicians and Almighty God.

Do you think this limitation does not apply to judges as well? The legislator -- not the judge -- can under certain circumstances manipulate facts. Legislative fictions can never be used to establish guilt, however, since only real guilt -- not pretended guilt -- can be punished. Or do you want this principle to no longer apply? Who are you to arrogate such power to yourself? Should German law and justice be sacrificed to the delusions of a few jurists of that government of foreign occupation, the Federal Republic of Germany?

Kleinmachnow, 10 February 2006.

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WILLIAM  JOYCE - National Socialist Hero and Martyr, April 24, 1906 - January 3, 1946

"In death, as in life, I defy the Jews, who caused this war, and I defy the powers of Darkness, which they represent.  I am proud to die for my ideals, and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why. In the hour of greatest danger to the West, the standard of the Swastika will rise from the dust, crowned with the immortal words: 'Ihr habt doch gesiegt!*' HEIL HITLER!" * "In spite of everything, you have been victorious!"—Last words spoken before his execution

Greek Zeus-worshippers call for state recognition

AFP /Australian, March 25, 2006 ATHENS: A group of Greek pagans who venerate the ancient gods of Mount Olympus said on Friday they would shortly be seeking state recognition of their beliefs. "We call for the respect and protection of this pre-Christian religion and for the removal of all obstacles preventing its practice," said Vassilis Tsantilas, of the association of the "Supreme Council of the Gentile Hellenes" to which, he says, about 1000 polytheists belong. The association was set up in 1997 to the fury of the Greek Orthodox Church to which almost all Greeks belong. It is asking the authorities to facilitate access to archaeological sites so they can conduct their ceremonies, Tsantilas said. He said the request would be delivered in the coming weeks to the culture, education and interior ministries.

Iran to host debate on Holocaust  BBC NEWS Sunday, 15 January 2006, 18:00 GMT

President Ahmadinejad's remarks have been condemned at the UN. Iran says it will hold a conference to assess the scale and consequences of the Holocaust, which its president recently described as a "myth" . President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has also sparked international condemnation by calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map", or moved to Europe or the US . An Iranian spokesman said the seminar would examine the "scientific evidence" supporting the Holocaust . Six million Jews were killed in N azi persecution during World War II . Mr Ahmadinejad's comments received a sym pat hetic ear in some parts of the Muslim press, but resulted in two rebukes from the

UN Security Council . Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Ham id Reza Asefi said debate of the issue should not be off limits . "It is a strange world . It is possible to discuss everything except the Holocaust," he said . "The foreign ministry plans to hold a conference on the scientific aspect of the issue to discuss and review its repercussions . " He did not say where or when the conference would be held, nor who would attend . Iran 's attacks on Israel have coincided with increasing tension between Tehran and the Wes t on other issues . The US and Europe are pushing for Iran to be referred to the U N Security Council over its nuclear programme, which Tehran insists is meant only to produce energy, but which the Wes t suspects has the goal of producing nuclear weapons . Iran has warned the Wes t against going to the council, saying any sanctions against the world's fourth biggest oil exporter could lead to a rise in the price of oil .   In other words, says the BBC 's world affairs correspondent Jonathan Charles, "don't hurt us, or we'll hurt you" .   Iran 's representative to the oil-producing cartel Opec on Sunday called for it to reduce output - a move likely to put more pressure on prices .  


Islamic Republic of Iran President:

Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – trained engineer, soldier, community leader, world politician.


PS: 20 March passed  without Iran implementing the announced change-over from US$ to Euros - it appears this was a rumour only ... FT.

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