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Dr Fredrick Töben and Engineer Richard Krege at the hand of a model explain the basics of the alleged murder weapon, Krema II, Auschwitz-Birkenau. In the background the convener of the conference, Professor Reza Khaji, ASRA, Mashhad .


Iran – sending a resurgent impulse to the declining west

Fredrick Töben reflects on his recent fourth trip to Iran

In the shadow of 9/11

It sounded so good when almost immediately after the 9/11 tragedy US President George W Bush announced to the world that he would be fighting a war for freedom and democracy and against terrorism. Who could disagree with such a noble sentiment? After all, one of the pillars upon which any civilization rests is the concept of ‘freedom’.

The problem with the US president’s announcement is how he arrived at it, and the timing for making it.

Western democracies tend to be living in a delusional state where ideologically there is the claim that there is a separation of powers of government. The belief is that the legislative, executive and judiciary powers are indeed quite separate and independent bodies united by the mindset of governing a society on democratic principles.

What happens when the processes of this triadic form of government is hijacked by a unified mindset that continues to create the illusion of an existing separation of powers, but in fact is acting unilaterally with a single purpose other than fulfilling the ideals of a democratic form of government, so to speak?

What happens is that ordinary people know they are being deceived by their legally elected representatives who have failed to protect them from their own out-of-control government that deflects from any scrutiny of its doings by looking for and hunting down suitable but quite defenceless scapegoats.

The war on terrorism fulfils Huntington ’s inadequate and deceptive ‘clash of civilizations’. Like any bully-boy, though, the US is now imploding under the weight of its own hypocrisy. All this is made possible because the Internet has become a weapon of mass instruction that cannot be controlled, though attempts are there to do just that through the US Patriots’ Act, and enacting terrorism laws in various ‘democratic’ countries.

In the US the Jewish cabal consisting of Eastern European immigrant is the driving force behind the war on terrorism. The Jewish perspective is a long-term one, often a decade or two ahead of mainstream society wherein they reside. I think Professor Kevin McDonald would call this an example of a group strategy for survival in a hostile environment.

I think it is also important to recall that four days before 9/11 there was an extraordinary event which shook the complacent western democracies that until then had had a dream-run at the United Nations. The Durban UN-sponsored conference on ‘Racism, Xenophobia and related matters’ had just ended on 7 September 2001 . Australia’s own paranoid Jew, Jeremy Jones, was to have presented a paper on ‘Hate on the Internet’  wherein he intended to crow about the great success he had had with shutting me up by legally obtaining a court order that restrains me from discussing historical matters. He was also celebrating the fact that I had been worked over by the German judicial system at Mannheim where I was sentenced to 10 months prison for daring to discuss and dispute matters concerning the ‘Holocaust’.

But things don’t always turn out the way smug individuals wish, and the Durban conference had latched on to the taboo topic of Jewish supremacism at work in western democracies. Naturally those that felt threatened cried foul and used the usual five words to stifle any debate on the topic: ‘hater’, ‘holocaust denier’, ‘antisemite’, ‘racist’, ‘neo-Nazi’. That most critics of Jewish behaviour were Semites and thus could not be called racists either frustrated Jeremy Jones and his usual group of apologists.

The state of Israel stood condemned as a European colonial entity, apartheid, Zionist and racist state, to which was added the latest concept: terrorist. At the end of the Durban conference, the Palestinians breathed easy because Israel stood condemned to the world as a terrorist state. Four days later, Israel was again part of the western democratic world, and the Muslim world stood condemned as having perpetrated 9/11.

That’s how close it came to Palestine emerging as a legitimate state with Israel withering away into it. It was not to be because the final onslaught in defence of this anomaly in the Middle East had just begun, and the US had begun blatantly turning upon its own citizens so as to justify its own acts of overseas aggression.

The current construction of the wall in Israel is a mere overt expression of the Jewish mindset – the ghetto mentality writ large – and it will serve to delineate a Jewish homeland within the Arabic-speaking and Muslim world for a while yet.

After the 9/11 turmoil had produced conflicting theoretical explanations as to what happened, things began to settle down again, as is the want of life where habit still is the flywheel that motivates most of us.

Enter the overt campaign directors against the world of Islam who need to keep the pressure up so that the Anglo-American-Zionist attack on Iraq may continue to demolish any trace of a previous civilization that would shame current Israel ’s existence.

A new campaign against Islam

In September 2005 Jew Flemming Rose, a friend of ideologue-neocon Daniel Pipes, ran a cartoon series in his Danish paper that deliberately blasphemed Islam’s prophet. The predicted result did not eventuate, but Iran’s president, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had in December  2005 taken up the challenge and announced Iran would be holding a ‘Holocaust’  conference with the aim of ascertaining the facts of this ’myth’.

After much hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing and in unison as though they were singing from the same song-sheet written by the same librettists, western democratic leaders expressed their ‘abhorrence’ at the Iranian president daring to even question any aspect of the ‘Holocaust’. In January 2006 other European newspapers began to run the blasphemous cartoons again – and this time it did ignite expected, and desired, violent protests within Muslim countries, from Morocco to Iran .

All this western frenzy about matters ‘Holocaust’ is now also suspect for those who have had no definitive views on the matter. What most concerned individuals have, though, is a worry how Palestinians will survive in their totally fractured country.

Running parallel with this developmental outgrowth of 9/11 is, of course, the vicious imprisonment of a number of Revisionists, namely Germar Rudolf, Wolfgang Fröhlich, Günter Kögel, Siegfried Verbeke, Ernst Zündel, David Irving, and those in exile such as Swiss Jürgen Graf.

The Iranian president explicitly aimed to test the limits of free expression in western democracies by having Iranian newspapers engage in a cartoon competition featuring the ‘Holocaust’ as a subject matter. That’s where things stood as Richard Krege and I visited Iran for a couple of weeks in March 2006 to talk about the ‘Holocaust’ to students at various universities in Mashhad .

Although I operated under the Federal Court of Australia gag order, I set about reporting on the raging debate between ‘Holocaust’ believers and ‘Holocaust’ Revisionists. It was relatively straightforward to link the ‘Holocaust’ with Israel ’s continued existence, the ‘Holocaust’ serving as its prime propaganda weapon to create world sympathy for Israel .


Put aside all that propaganda you have heard from the western media about Iran and prepare yourself for an experience. See how a mono-cultural democratic theocracy – that is still in charge of its own money supply – is thriving in a sea of hostility generated by the international multi-cultural predatory capitalist cabal.

Iran is a tourist paradise still uncontaminated by the multinational fast-food disease. Although some exceptions still influence the granting of visitors’ visas, anyone may arrive at an Iranian airport and obtain a seven-day visa at US$50. Most visitors will have made prior arrangements for a visit, and so arrival in Iran is smoothened by the presence of a local who knows the scene. After all, for a westerner the customary warm greeting embrace – cheek-to-cheek for men and no handshake for the opposite – may upset those who are emotionally mutated by western materialism.

It is at this point that what for the economic rationalist is a glaring inefficiency of getting through immigration and customs, is in fact a subtle screening process and assessment of the visitor’s character.

Democracy in Iran

Iranian democracy is like living in a large extended family where dozens of individuals relate to one another at all levels of human interests – always accompanied by open emotional contact. Hand and body touching, hugs and kisses is the norm whenever individuals meet. Naturally this happens in total segregation of males and females. The somewhat ‘impertinent familiarity that westerners have towards the opposite sex does not exist – at least not publicly.  There is no slobbering old fool making his way to an innocent babe in the woods!

The contact between men and women is made through subtle but penetrating eye contact, and not as is common in western democracies where a woman merely has to open a couple of buttons on her blouse to gain attention! The less crude and more subtle and intense way is through eye contact. Eye penetration reveals the workings of the brain and through it the beauty of the soul. After all, as one Iranian said to me, has a woman not also a brain?

This civilized method of communicating has somewhat fatal consequences in our western materialistic consumer world. Iranian men who venture into western society are amazed at the uncivilized forms of behaviour that are found even at university level. Primitive western man responds by noting that Iranian men appear to be all ‘gay’. Not so! The fact that the ideal of love, marriage and family still firmly control Iranian behaviour means that men need to attune to women’s psyche, and that means developing a sensitivity which to a western woman may not be appealing because it lacks the ‘macho’ factor.

Primitive western woman has also been subverted by the Marxist-feminist mindset that operates on a perverted Hegelian dialectic where women pretend to be men, and men pretend to be women. That such a life-style ‘choice’ will bring actual physiological changes is a fact. And so the physical-mental divide widens and a world of tragedy arises where medical help is sought in the hope of achieving gender re-alignment, etc.

Unlike in the west, in Iran such matters are still locked in that proverbial cupboard where it will not offend the normal healthy Socontinuity of the body politics.

That the current younger generation of Iranians of the post 1979 Revolution era  are like anywhere else in the world experiencing their period of Sturm and Drang – storm and stress -  is a given and need not be elaborated upon. However, instead of visiting a psychiatrist and thus paying him money for listening to their personal problems, the Iranians teenager seeks out for counsel their uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and anyone else within their extended family. Inevitably there will be someone who can offer valuable life-experience advice to a developing mind that has to learn to cope with the increases of yearnings and desire.

The traditional Iranian family still imbues its young with basic values as embodied in such concepts as TRUTH, HONOUR, JUSTICE, DUTY, etc.

Such a moral value system does not encourage an excessive development of the victim mentality, nor does it open the flood gate to hedonism where individuals are encouraged to ‘experience everything’ in life. On the contrary, one is encouraged to know about everything in life but one need not have done/experienced everything in life. Restraint is thus the guiding moral principle that is so evident in Iran . Add this to the absolute quest to serve God and the Prophets, then we see this physically manifest itself where material concerns are not over-rated. With the exception of the various shrines and mosques, functionality rather than ornate expressions seems to be the guiding principle controlling human endeavour.

Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

This moral principle is embodied within the popular Iranian president, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the engineer and soldier who before becoming the president was mayor of the 12+million inhabitants of Iran ’s capital city, Tehran . His plain dress-sense indicates he is one of the people and shuns material enrichment, nor does he dress in traditional clothes.

In western democracies the driving force is overt consumerism-materialism-hedonism-nihilism. Anything goes for the sake of having fun – enjoy yourself, have fun and self-destruct, but don’t criticise the various political institutions that deliver us that much-praised western form of ‘freedom and democracy’, with which we can fight the war on global terrorism. That the 9/11 form of terrorism is made in the USA, that the White House possessed the receipts that purportedly enabled Ira to acquire its alleged WMDs was a given, something Iranians are well aware of.

The large family analogy and the scapegoat concept is useful in explaining how a family needs a clear enemy picture in order to stay together. For the USA and its willing helpers it is the Muslim world. For the Muslims it is US imperialism and its rather ugly stunted outgrowth – Zionist Israel.

I noticed the absence of dogs and cats in Mashhad , and unlike London and Paris , for example, where litter abounds, Mashhad is a clean city. In western democracies dogs and cats have become a substitute companion for many elderly whose extended family has succumbed to individuality’s quest. In Iran the usual three-generations still exist. To my pointing out that a while ago in Australia an elderly couple was found dead four months after the event, and an elderly man was found a year or two after he had died. In unison students responded that this would never happen in Iranian society – not yet, anyway. So, in Iran you have trouble finding a pet but you have no trouble finding an extended family member. That this can also bring with it some oppressive features is, of course, a given.

Muslim women are still fertile while women in the western democracies find it an imposition to have children and thus have become addicted to abortions, if not to   outright sterility-barrenness through an act of ‘choice’. Such life-denying value-system does not deserve to be supported by an elaborate government program, as is now the case in most western European democracies. I wonder if this is by design or not, but within such a world view there is no room for ideals such a TRUTH, HONOUR, JUSTICE, PATRIOTISM, SACRIFICE.

Religious sincerity

The subtle and muted expression of religious sentiment in Iran indicates a sincerity that the western high-powered and driven ‘event-Christians’ fail to develop. Hence there is in Iranians a sense of balance between the physical and mental worlds. The balance between the physical and the mental world is a world of constant tensions that most individuals resolve by either opting for the physical-sensual of for the mental-cerebral. This maturation process is thus shunned by many who find it too much effort, and so they opt for either the physical or for the mental world, thereby failing to grasp the significance of what true freedom is all about – the partaking of the self-actualisation process.

Iranians are functioning at this level of development and thus their endeavours to bring about justice, for example, to the oppressed Palestinians. Iranians do not flee into an excessive form of consumerism-materialism. Walk along any street of any city and you will notice that basic infrastructure – such as roads, water, electricity, rubbish collection – functions well.

For example, from Australia Iran has bought a system that controls its traffic lights. At Mashhad I saw a number of intersections that in the centre had mounted distinct numbers, either in red or green digits, which indicated to a driver how much longer the lights would remain green or red. Such common sense information delivery eliminates impatience at the wheel, a no-no in any Iranian traffic situation. While approaching an intersection a driver can judge if he can make it across or not, or  while sitting there tapping his fingers on the wheel or shouting at the passengers in frustration or blasting all with the latest fashionable sound decibels, all are informed of the progress of time…

Everything, however, is still not quite completed but forever developing. Cleanliness is high on the agenda of virtues and the custom of taking off one’s shoes when entering a home or work is usual. Veneration of the elderly is still practised, and that is good because it is not possible for an older person to play stupid or become too excentric in order to opt out of society’s rat-race!

The separation of the sexes leads to a duplication of services, something that may be considered to be inefficient by western economic rationalists and ‘equalitists’ who, for example, were jubilant when the first unisex toilet was installed in public. Apparently it helped those with gender-aligned problems cope better while using public toilets.

Western freedoms appear hollow

The concepts of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ ring hollow and we had a few laughs when I discussed them during lectures in various classes where law students sniggered at such concepts used so hypocritically, for example when Hamas won the election in Palestine , which Israel and the US rejected. Iranians enjoy more personal freedom than their counterparts in the western world whose only freedom consists of the freedom to go shopping.

Admittedly, there are professional limitations imposed on individuals who refuse to comply with the strict dress code that flow from the theocratic state, and public office will not be available to anyone who refuses to submit to such. I wondered then how just and democratic it is to have affirmative action in western democracies! At least in Iran such affirmative action serves to consolidate the ideal rather than to fracture-divide society as it does in western democracies where the outcome is a messy non-cultural multicultural hotch-potch, and where unity of purpose is deliberately sabotaged for the sake of external interests. As stated before, Iran still controls its own money supply, something that is a red rag to the international financial cabal. Just as this money matter was the basic issue between Adolf Hitler and his National Socialists in Germany , so too is Iran now clearly swimming against the stream. It is resisting the US-imposed unifying principle of financial control, that economic straight jacket which so effectively kills off national interests.  Ian still produces many of its own goods, such as cars and buses, and its quest for nuclear power is essential for its future development.

New attack on Iran

Recently President Bush announced he would be funding opposition groups in Iran . That is an outright declaration of war against Iran – much like that George Soros funded orange revolution in Ukraine - because like any mature society, there will always be disgruntled individuals who find their own society wanting. Look at me and my criticism of western democracies! But I do this from the foreign element perspective – I oppose a nation not being able to express itself from within itself. For example, Germans cannot express themselves as Germans without somewhere, and immediately, someone coming along to impose a Jewish-spin to anything German. The latest is a resurgence of digging up the Hitler controversy about his so-called homosexual-Jewish background. Amazing how we have individuals who will forever do anything to put a Jewish spin on things. Iranians, being good Muslims, know all there is about the Jewish mindset, and are thus not fearful of things Jewish. Jews in Iran fare well, but they cannot dominate Iranian politics because that is the preserve of Islam. In the USA Jews have captured the nation, as Michael Collins Piper put it so succinctly, Washington / New York is the New Jerusalem!

The only hope there is for the Middle East to come to rest is that the proxy-US war machine begins to correct itself from within the USA . This would benefit the Palestinians and begin to normalise their tragic existence. But for the immediate future we can expect the US onslaught on Iran to be in the form of enticing the younger generation into outright consumer-hedonism, which so effectively defeated the former Soviet Union countries. However, Islam is the provider of a strong moral guide for living within a civil society, something we in the west have lost. The western moral re-armament movement of the late 50s and early 60s did not withstand the 69s drug culture of excessive individuality. Its substitute, the ‘Holocaust’ religion cannot sustain the onslaught of truth, and I venture to say that it is only a matter of time when this propaganda weapon, this myth, this lie will be abandoned – as soon as Israel ’s ghetto existence is secured in a sea of Islam .


The ‘Holocaust’ is a myth/lie

Talking about the 'Holocaust' in the Holy City of Mashhad
- and testing the limits of free speech in so-called 'western democracies'

I began my talks always prefacing it with the following disclaimer that is also on our website:

"I am operating under a Federal Court of Australia Gag Order that prohibits me from questioning/denying the three pillars on which the 'Holocaust' story/legend/myth rests:

1. During World War II , Germany had an extermination policy against European Jewry, 2. of which they killed six million, 3. using as a murder weapon homicidal gas chambers. It is almost impossible to discuss the 'Holocaust' with such an imposed constraint. I therefore am merely reporting on matters that I am not permitted to state. For example, if I state the 'Holocaust' is a lie, the gas chambers did not exist, or six million Jews never died, then I claim that I am merely reporting what Professors Butz/Faurisson, and others, are stating in public.”

Definition of ‘Holocaust’

During World War Two, 1939-45, Germany

1. had an extermination policy against Jews.

2. murdered six million Jews.

3. the main murder weapon was a homicidal gas chamber, in particular at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

I then played the video clip from ABC TV Lateline, 21 February 2006 , noting the following quotations:


Fredrick Töben: “It’s not a novel notion that the Iranian President expressed in asking for the dismemberment of the racist, Zionist, apartheid state of Israel . It’s a notion that needs to be discussed.”


Jewish Community – “does not enter into a debate with Dr Töben or anyone whether the ‘Holocaust’ happened or not.”

Words used to stop any discussion involving Jewish interests:








         Why do Zionists push the ‘Holocaust’? – to justify the existence of Israel and distract from ethnic cleansing of Palestine . It is Israel ’s number one propaganda weapon that deflects from any criticism of Jewish behaviour.


The Mufti of Jerusalem

- Haj Amin al Husseini

          National Socialists had in their SS elite fighting forces Muslim troops


          Muslims would never have joined had the National Socialists been racists.

          The term NAZI is a twisted term used by Jews for war-time propaganda against any PATRIOT/NATIONALIST

         The war on terrorism is a war on Islam.

         Jews use the term RACISM against anyone who expresses patriotic/nationalist ideas.

         This is in stark contrast to what Jews learn from their BABYLONIAN TALMUD–MISHNA the source of their religious/moral/ethical framework. It is immoral, unethical towards non-Jews who are called ‘cattle’. Biblical enemy is called ‘Amalek’ whom they are REQUIRED to kill – today they consider the Palestinians to be ‘Ámalek’; REVISIONISTS are called ‘Amalek’.

         Australian Politicians forced to clarify values – freedom and democracy threatened by Muslim life-style.


Three important statements that contextualize the ‘Holocaust’ debate:




Add to that - EVERYTHING IS SCIENCE. A good society balances Religion-Politics-Science.

Brief overview of legal status of ‘Holocaust’ discussion in world

         Australia – racial hatred – gag order – education: Mrs Olga Scully, Dr Fredrick Töben

         USA – no limitations but social/financial pressure: Prof Arthur Butz, Willis Carto

         Canada – criminal -racial hatred: Ernst Zündel, Marc Lemire

         New Zealand – social/financial pressure: Dr Joel Hayward

         South Africa – still free: Muslim Radio 768

         Britain – criminal - racial hatred

         Germany – criminal - defaming memory of dead- prison, fines: Dr Wilhelm Stäglich, Udo Walendy, Günter Deckert, Günter Kögel, Ingrid Weckert 

         Austria – re-activating National Socialism: Wolfgang Fröhlich, Frank Swoboda, David Irving

         France – disputing Nuremberg judgments: Prof Robert Faurisson, Vincent Reynouard,

         Switzerland – racial hatred: Jürgen Graf, Rene Berclaz

         Belgium – racial hatred: Siegfried Verbeke, (Carlos Porter)

         Netherlands - racial hatred – no Revisionists

         Sweden – free since end 2005: Ahmed Rami – Radio Islam

         Poland – racial hatred, since 1999 – NATO entry: Dr Dariusz Ratajczak

         Russia – free: Jürgen Graf

         Ukraine – free – university studies, Dr David Duke

         Israel – criminal

         Japan – financial pressure

         Lebanon – 2001 Revisionist Conference banned.


A Tehran Conference involving Torah True Jews from New York


On 4 March 2006 the local Mashhad newspaper QUDS  reports of Torah True Jews arriving in Tehran . Although vehemently opposed to the existence of the Zionist, racist state of Israel , these Jews still believe in the 'Holocaust'. The conference, held on 5 March in Tehran , was organized by groups within the Revolutionary Guards.



The connection between the existence of the State of
Israel and the Palestinian genocide is evident in the following map, which needs no explanatory comment. 



Ire over Töben’s Iran trip, Australian Jewish New, March 3, 2006, Peter Kohn

Instead of preaching Holocaust denial in Iran , Adelaide revisionist Dr Fredrick Töben would do well to emulate David Irving, who has recanted his claims that the Shoah never happened, Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) president Grahame Leonard said this week.

He was commenting on reports that Dr Töben, of the Adelaide Institute, was planing a trip to Iran to take part in a conference on “the Holocaust myth” being staged by the regime of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The information on the Iran trip was posted on Dr Töben’s website last weekend. Irving was sentenced to three years’ jail for Holocaust denial in an Austrian court last week. Dr Töben was jailed in Germany in 1999 for spreading Holocaust denial.

Meanwhile, the ECAJ is preparing to file an action against German-born Dr Töben in the Federal Court alleging contempt of the court over his continued posting of Holocaust-denial on the website of his Adelaide Institute, Leonard said.

Dr Töben was ordered by the Federal Court to remove Holocaust-denial material from the site in a landmark ruling in 2002 but the ECAJ claims he has since flouted the court’s orders.

Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council’s director of international and community relations Jeremy Jones said he believed Dr Töben “fits with the Iranian regime’s contempt for history, truth and basic civilised norms of discourse”.

Fredrick Töben comments: Mr Jeremy Jones is here being autobiographical in his comment because he represents the ignoble embodiment of moral and intellectual bankruptcy writ large.


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