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Synagogue desecration exposes neo-Nazism in Israel
By Ofira Koopmans, dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) 05/18/2006

Petah Tiqwa, Israel (dpa) - Worshippers who arrived at the Great Beit Ya'akov Synagogue for morning prayers earlier this month were shocked to find swastikas spray-painted all over the floors and walls of the more than 100-year-old building.

The word "Hitler" was also painted on the ark - the cupboard where the Torah scrolls are kept - and more swastikas were scrawled in several prayer books. The synagogue is located not in Milan, where some 40 Jewish tomb stones were knocked over on Monday night. Nor is it in the Siberian town of Omsk, where a Jewish graveyard was desecrated last month, or Paris, where vandals broke into a synagogue and threw religious objects to the ground in March.

This particular synagogue is in the central Israeli town of Petah Tiqwa, providing Israelis with a painful reminder that anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism exist not only in Europe, but also in their own country.

"I felt simply shocked that something like that can be done in Israel," says Taub Nachum, 56, the caretaker of the Petah Tiqwa synagogue. A red carpet with a large, black swastika painted on it still lies outside the synagogue. "For people to see," explains Eliyahu Salami, a chubby, bespectacled young man with a blue, velvet skullcap, staring at it. "They didn't chose to rob the charity boxes. They acted out of hatred," he adds.

Social workers say that distressed non-Jewish Russian immigrants, who feel they do not belong in Israel, and have no answers to their distress are behind attacks such as this one. They are influenced by neo-Nazi propaganda from Russia distributed via the internet or in books and video cassettes sold in Israel. Zalman Gilichensky, a religion teacher in Jerusalem, established a foundation monitoring anti-Semitic incidents in Israel six years ago.

Since 2000, his Israeli Information and Assistance Centre for the Victims of anti-Semitism has recorded hundreds of incidents, ranging from verbal attacks such as "It's a shame Hitler didn't finish you off," to desecrations of Jewish holy sites.
He is still getting two to three reports in the form of phonecalls by victims or newspaper clippings a week. "We don't have the means to check every single one of them, but at least some of them have a basis," he said.

The gravest recent incidents include "Death to the Jews" slogans written on the walls of a synagogue in Jerusalem in November, swastikas scribbled on the grave of Israel's first prime minister David Ben-Gurion in March 2005, and "Heil Hitler" spray-painted on two synagogues in the nearby southern Israeli city of Beersheba in January 2005.

In May last year, police arrested a non-Jewish, Russian-immigrant soldier who called himself a Nazi and had a Swastika tattooed on his arm.
Three years ago, authorities discovered an Israeli neo-Nazi website titled the "White National Union", which showed a picture of an Israel Defence Force soldier giving the "Heil Hitler" salute.

The picture shocked many Israelis when it was printed on the front page of the Ha'aretz daily. The site has since been closed down and its creator sentenced to 200 hours of community service and a compulsory tour of a Nazi death camp.

But Gilichensky says that neo-Nazis in Israel have set up a new website which is blatantly anti-Semitic and is operating unhindered. The site,, is in Russian, carries a black- and-red, swastika-like symbol and targets Russians living in Israel.

The author is also a Russian immigrant who serves in the Israeli army and calls himself the "Russian tankist." More than one million people have emigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union since its collapse in 1991.

Some of them, however, are not Jewish and arrived for economic reasons under false documents, while others have only distant Jewish relatives. Gilichensky, himself a Russian immigrant, blames the Israeli immigration policy for the rise of anti-Semitism in Israel and calls for toughening it.

But Israel's Law of Return, which grants automatic citizenship to any Jew, or child or grandchild of a Jew, is widely regarded by Israelis as untouchable, since it is seen as providing the foundation of Israel as a state for the Jews.

The 40-year-old father of four also accuses the Israeli police and government of being reluctant to accept and admit that anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism exist also in Israel.

"Israel has a reputation of being a refuge from anti-Semitism and the very foundation of the state was the answer to anti-Semitism in general and the Holocaust in particular.

"That's why they are sweeping it under the carpet," he charges. "It's a very grave act," says also 61-year-old taxi-driver Ashuri Avraham of the incident in Petah Tiqwa, adding: "We must uproot this phenomenon here in our country, because we are a Jewish state and after what we went through in the Holocaust, we shouldn't have even the slightest reminder here in Israel - no swastikas and no 'Heil Hitler'."


Günter Deckert Reports - Freitag, 19 Mai 2006

Liebe Ingrid - Nachfolgend mein Kurzbericht:

1. Angesetzt um 9Uhr, begonnen bereits um 9.07Uhr; Ende knapp 40 Minuten später. Anwesend: Alle Anwälte außer Jürgen Rieger, der wohl wußte, daß es nur eine kurze Verhandlung geben würde. Polizei nur in "schwacher Besetzung";

2. Zuhörer rd. 50, darunter etwa zehn Oberschüler und Studenten, sowie Frau Stolz und Horst Mahler im Zuhörerbereich, sowie ein junger Engländer, John Gregory, ein Mitstreiter von Lady M. Renouffe(?) und Richard Edmonds.

3. Als Ernst, der wie immer gesund und sehr lebendig wirkt, nach dem Gericht den Saal betritt, stehen die meisten Anwesenden als Zeichen der Ehrerbietung auf! Dr. Meinerzhagen reagiert mit keinem Wort.

4. Vor Beginn führte Dr. Meinerzhagen kurze Gespräche mit den RAen Bock und Dr. Schaller, sowie einem der von ihm ernannten Pflichtverteiger; der zweite kam erst gegen 9.30Uhr. Inhalt der Kurzgespräche nicht bekannt.

5. Dr. Meinerzhagen verlas zu Beginn die dt.Übersetzung des Briefes Ingrid Deines Anwaltes an ihn in Gänze. Abschließend erklärte er, er habe (noch?) kein Rechtshilfeersuchen (= Einschaltung der US-Justiz) gestellt.

6. Er teilt mit, daß er Dr. Koch vom Max-Planck-Institut für vergleichendes Völkerrecht, Freiburg, zu Rate gezogen hat, um zu klären, welche Rechtsstellung Dein Anwalt im Verfahren gegen Ernst einnimmt.

7. Er zitiert aus Briefen von Dir an Ernst (2.5.) und Ernsts Antwort an Dich - es geht um die Frage "freies Geleit" sowie Urheberschaft/ Verantwortlichkeit der "zundelsite" und teilt mit, daß diese als Kopien zu den Gerichtsakten genommen werden.

8. Vertagung des Prozesses auf den 9. Juni, 9Uhr. - Wie von Bock/Dr. Schaller zu erfahren war, soll am 9. Juni eine einzige (!) Zeugin vom BKA = Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Office of Criminal Investigation), Wiesbaden, vernommen werden - wohl die Dame, die beauftragt war, die "zundelsite" ständig "mitzulesen".

9. Habe Dr. Schaller gestern mittag gegen 15Uhr wieder am Bahnhof Mannheim abgeholt, ins Weinheimer Hotel gebracht, ihn heute morgen um 7.30Uhr mit ins Gericht genomment und heute nach einer "längerem Kaffee" zusammen mit RAe Stolz, Bock sowie H. Mahler kurz nach 11Uhr zum Bahnhof gefahren; er wird heute abend gegen 22Uhr in Wien eintreffen.

10. Zu Hause habe ich auch einen kurzen Brief von Ernst vom 12. Mai (!) vorgefunden, wo er noch einmal kurz das Thema RELIGION streift. Er macht deutlich, daß man RELIGION nicht(!) mit "Christentum" verwechseln soll.
Alles Gute weiterhin und beste volkstreue Grüße


- Günter.



1. The trial was set down to begin at 9:00h and started already at 9:07h and ended 40 minutes later. This would explain why all legal persons except Defence Attorney Rieger were present with only a few police on hand.

2. About 50 visitors, including Sylvia Stolz and Horst Mahler attended the hearing; also there were about ten students observing the proceedings. As well there were two English visitors, Richard Edmonds and John Gregory - an associate of Lady Michele Renouf (?).

3. Dr Meinerzhagen remains silent when Ernst, as usual looking lively and fit, entered the court and visitors in the public gallery stand up to honour him.

4. Before proceedings begin Dr Meinerzhagen briefly converses with Bock, Schaller and one of the court appointed defence counsels; the second defence counsel arrived late at 9:30h. The content of their conversation is not made public.

5. Dr Meinerzhagen begins to read out in full a translation of a letter sent to him by Ingrid's US attorney. He then declares that to date he has not requested judicial assistance from the US as regards this matter.

6. The judge states that he has taken advice from Dr Koch at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative (International) Law to determine what legal status Ingrid Zündel's attorney would have in these proceedings against Ernst Zündel.

7. The judge quotes from, then places on file, a letter you wrote to Ernst on 2 May 2006, and Ernst's response to it. The matter for consideration is your 'safe conduct', and who is responsible for the 'Zundelsite'.

8. The proceedings were then adjourned until 9 June 2006 when a single witness from the Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden - BKA, Federal Office of Criminal Investigation, is to be examined - most probably the lady whose job it has been constantly to read the 'Zundelsite'.

9. Yesterday I collected Dr Schaller from the train and took him to the Weinheimer Hotel, then picked him up this morning for the trial, and after a lengthy coffee break with the defence team Ludwig Bock, Sylvia Stolz and Horst Mahler, took him to the station - he will get back to Vienna around 10:00pm.

10. Once at home I found another letter arrived from Ernst dated 12 May wherein he briefly touches on the topic of religion. He makes it quite clear that Religion must not be confused with 'Christianity'.

Brief report from Günter Deckert on Ernst's trial on 12 May 2006

1. The trial began late after lunch for almost three hours - with all defence counsels present, including Horst Mahler and Sylvia Stolz in the public gallery.

2. Legal discussion ensued with an 'expert' discussing international law - can Ernst's time in the Canadian jail be taken into consideration when the duration of his sentence is formulated.

3. Ingrid's lawyer's letter has been received by the judge who has passed it on to be translated.

4. Jürgen Rieger cross-examined the 'expert' and this led to some heated moments of individuals in the public gallery reacting spontaneously - one person was ejected and Deckert himself tried to assist in translating the term 'white supremacist' and for that he was cautioned.

5. Rieger probed to discover on what the expert report was based on - including asking whether the 'Holocaust' matter played a role in Ernst's extradition from Canada, something the expert witness would not deny.
6. The judge attempted to block this line of enquiry but all three defence counsels - Bock, Rieger and Dr Schaller - persisted. Dr Schaller indicated that the Canadian indictment had as a reason 'destabilising the country' while the German indictment states 'incitement to racial hatred - denying the 'Holocaust'.

7. Also for the first time one of the three court-ordered defence counsel said something - asked how someone can be called an expert witness with so little knowledge about the subject matter.

8. The trial continues next Friday - 19 May 2006.

9. Germar Rudolf has received his indictment - and the trial is expected to begin in the last quarter of 2006, while Siegfried Verbeke has been released from Heidelberg prison.

Saturday, 13 May 2006


HEUTIGER Zündelprozeß, 12. Mai

Weinheim, den 12.5.06, 21.15Uhr - Kurzbericht zum Verlauf des heutigen Prozeßtages
Liebe Ingrid!
Ich habe Dr. Schaller gestern in Mannheim abgeholt – er übernachtet in Weinheim – und heute morgen um 8Uhr am Gefängnistor in Mannheim abgesetzt. Er hatte ein zweistündiges Gespräch mit Ernst genehmigt bekommen.

Die heutige Verhandlung begann erneut mit Verspätung! 13.30Uhr statt 13Uhr, obwohl heute nicht nur weniger Polizei da war, sondern auch weniger Publikum; es gab noch einige freie Plätze; Ende gegen 16.15Uhr. --- Frau Stolz und Horst Mahler waren ebenfalls unter den Zuhörern. - Alle Verteidiger waren anwesend.

Im Mittelpunkt der heutigen Verhandlung stand das Gutachten eines Mitarbeiters des Max Planck-Instituts für vergleichendes Völkerrecht in Freiburg, eines gewissen Straub, 33 Jahre, dessen Chefin eine Frau „Silbermän“ (so sprach er den Namen aus...); Schreibweise natürlich Silberman.

Das Gutachten umfaßt 32 Seiten, das Straub in Gänze vorgetragen hat, wobei er es aus geistiger Trägheit oder Unfähigkeit vorzog, einige englische Ausdrücke nicht ins Deutsche zu übersetzen. – Dr. Meinerzhagen hatte es bereits im Herbst 2005 angefordert, um die Frage klären zu lassen, ob die in Kanada verbüßte Haft auf die jetzige Verurteilung, die sicher ist wie das Amen in der Kirche, anzurechnen ist.

Zum Auftakt hat Dr. M. darauf hingewiesen, daß Dein Schreiben bzw. das Schreiben Deines Anwaltes an ihn eingegangen ist, und er es zur Übersetzung weitergeleitet hat; den Verfahrensbeteiligten soll es in der kommenden Woche zugestellt werden..

Nach dem Verlesen des Gutachtens nahm Jürgen Rieger den Gutachter richtiggehend in die Mangel (ins Kreuzverhör), so daß es ein sehr anregender Nachmittag wurde, was auch zu Reaktionen bei den Zuhörern führte. – Ein Zuhörer wurde ausgeschlossen, weil er sich lautstark beschwerte, daß er nicht verstehe. Ich wurde ermahnt, weil ich als „nicht Verfahrensbeteiligter“ eine Übersetzung für „white supremacists“ anbot, nachdem der Gutachter herumstakste. War eine spontane Handlung.

Rieger versuchte durch bohrendes Fragen herauszufinden, was die Grundlage für das Gutachten ist. Der Gutachter hatte nur die kanadische Letztentscheidung, die zur Ausweisung / Auslieferung von Ernst führte sowie die Anklageschrift und natürlich die allgemeinen juristischen Unterlagen in Bezug auf die kanadische Gesetzgebung zur Verfügung. Daher war er nur selten in der Lage, die konkreten Fragen von Jürgen Rieger in Bezug auf die Grundlagen / Dokumente der Entscheidung zu beantworten. Rieger versuchte auch mehrmals herauszubekommen, ob das Holo...-Problem bei der Entscheidung Ausweisung eine Rolle gespielt hat. Verneinen mochte der Gutachter das nicht.

Das Gericht – Meinerzhagen wie auch der Berichterstatter Hamm – versuchten, die Fragen zu verhindern, doch Bock, Rieger und Dr. Schaller ließen sich nicht beeindrucken und bestanden darauf. So wurde das Gericht gezwungen, sich zweimal zu Entscheidungen zurückzuziehen. Ergebnis natürlich Ablehnung! Es kommt jedoch zu einer Nachbesserung des Gutachtens aufgrund eines gemeinsamen Antrages von Bock und Rieger, dem stattgegeben wurde. Dr. Schaller wies zudem auf den Widerspruch zwischen einem kanadischen Entscheidungspunkt – „Destabilisierung der Bundesrepublik“ – und der Anklageschrift der „brddr“ hin, in der nur von Volksverhetzung = Holo...-Leugnung die Rede ist. Erstmals äußerte sich auch einer der von Meinerzhagen bestellten Pflichtverteidiger, indem er dem Gutachter klar machte, daß man von einem Sachverständigen mehr Sachkenntnis erwartet. Was die Fortsetzung am kommenden Freitag ab 9Uhr bringt, ist unklar.

Beste Grüße


- Günter

Übrigens: Germar Rudolf hat die Anklageschrift erhalten; Prozeß 4. Quartal 2006. – Siegfried Verbeke wurde gegen eine Kaution von 1000 € + Auflagen aus der Haft wegen Unzumutbarkeit aufgrund des späten Verhandlungstermins entlassen. – Zuständig für beide ist die 2. Kammer des Landgerichtes (LG) Mannheim.

From France: 13 May 2006
Réponse d'Ingrid Zündel au juge de Mannheim

Le 4 avril 2006 le juge Meinerzhagen adressait à Ingrid Zündel Rimland une lettre l'invitant à venir témoigner au procès de son mari à Mannheim (voy. n/message du 19 avril 2006 intitulé "Ingrid Zündel invitée à témoigner à Mannheim"). Voici la réponse d'Ingrid, envoyée au juge le 10 mai par fax (traduction très rapide)

Cher Dr. Meinerzhagen,


Je vous écris pour le compte de ma cliente Ingrid Rimland Zündel (ci-après "Dr. Rimland"), en réponse à votre lettre du 4 avril 2006.

Cette lettre ne doit pas être interprétée comme constituant une reconnaissance quelconque de la juridiction du tribunal de Mannheim ni de quelque autorité allemande que ce soit à l'égard de la personne de Dr. Rimland.
Après mûre réflexion, et nonobstant le fait qu'elle aurait beaucoup desire voir son mari et lui venir en aide, Dr. Rimland décline par la présente votre demande de la faire comparaître comme témoin volontaire devant le tribunal de Mannheim.

Sans renoncer à ses droits, elle considère qu'il est inutile dans ces conditions de faire valoir toute immunité prévue par la loi allemande.

Elle tient à récuser le plus catégoriquement possible la prétention du tribunal de Mannheim de vouloir juger son mari, Ernst Zündel, ainsi que les accusations criminelles qui ont été portées contre lui pour ses propos, don’t le caractère délictueux est complètement inconnu aux Etats-Unis et serait considéré comme un scandale par la grande majorité de la population américaine.

Le Dr. Rimland, citoyenne américaine, estime également déplorable que le parquet de Mannheim ait ouvert une enquête à son sujet pour des allegations semblables. Elle considère comme une insulte le fait qu'un pays cherche à obtenir son témoignage pour attirer contre elle des poursuites que sa conduite n'entraînerait pas dans son propre pays.

Ici, aux Etats-Unis, on a le droit d'émettre des commentaires critiques sur des personnes et des mouvements de n'importe quel groupe ethnique, identitaire ou religieux, et on est libre de chercher à convaincre les autres de ses opinions de manière non violente et politique, sans courir le risque d'être poursuivi pour "haine"; c'est là une forme de protection juridique qui nous a depuis longtemps épargné tous les déséquilibres en matière de pouvoir, de mécontentements, de tromperies et de traîtrises, et d'oligarchie et de démagogie, et nous ne saurions trop la recommander au tribunal et au peuple allemand. Nous pensons que les lois allemandes qui, en criminalisant des propos, prétendent protéger les citoyens contre les forces et les causes qui ont mené à la deuxième guerre mondiale dissimulent des intentions politiques trompeuses.

Dr. Rimland réfuse également de fournir un témoignage ou de répondre à des questions au moyen d'une vidéo-conférence.

De même, Dr. Rimland refuse de subir un interrogatoire de la part d'un membre du consulat ou d'une autre autorité, aussi bien dans un consulat allemand que dans tout autre endroit situé aux Etats-Unis. Elle est profondément choquée que des fonctionnaires d'un quelconque consulat allemand puissent l'interroger alors qu'elle sait fort bien que des autorités consulaires allemandes ont été pendant des années les complices des autorités canadiennes et américaines pour essayer de faire tomber M. Zündel dans un traquenard afin de l'extrader de manière extrajudiciaire, ce qui ressort de documents à la fois en langue allemande et en langue anglaise communiqués par le parquet dans le procès que vous présidez.

Dr. Rimland tient toutefois à réitérer qu'elle a toujours été la propriétaire et l'exploitante du "Zundelsite", site référencé dans votre lettre, et je crois savoir que vous avez déjà lu lors d'une audience du tribunal la déclaration qu'elle vous a envoyée pour s'en expliquer. Si le tribunal souhaite soumettre à Dr. Rimland une liste de questions concernant sa déclaration, elle pourrait envisager de fournir des réponses écrites.

Demande est aussi faite que vous m'avisiez, en accord avec les règles juridiques internationales de l'Allemagne, de toutes les mesures d'"aide judiciaire" de la part des Etats-Unis que le tribunal de Mannheim ou le parquet de Mannheim ou tout avocat nommé pour la défense de M. Zündel pourrait invoquer, a l'intention d'invoquer, invoquera, invoque ou tente d'nvoquer, afin d'essayer d'obtenir le témoignage de Dr. Rimland.

Finalement, sur un tout autre sujet, je tiens à faire remarquer, "pour que la chose soit consignée", l'inexactitude et l'irrégularité du jugement que vous avez rendu en ma défaveur sur la question de mon statut de conseil de M. Zündel, jugement que vous avez rédigé en vous appuyant sur une etude inexacte de la loi internationale réalisée par le Dr. Hans-Georg Koch du Max Planck Institut, qui était l'objet du dernier courrier que j'ai reçu de vous. Comme vous devriez le savoir, le Dr. Koch n'a pu arriver à la conclusion qui a été la sienne que parce qu'il a choisi de ne pas tenir compte de la définition évidente du mot "conseil" et a ensuite limité de manière inadmissible la définition de ce qui est une restriction de la liberté d'Ernst Zündel. (...) L'analyse déplorable retenue par le tribunaln'aura pas eu pour résultat de grandir ma confiance, déjà bien ébranlée, dans le système judiciaire allemand ni celle de mon client.

Je vous remercie de l'attention que vous voudrez bien réserver à ces questions et si je peux apporter des éclaircissements sur un point ou un autre, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.Sincèrement,Bruce Leichty.



It Wasn’t Hitler, It Was You


– compiled by Michael Walsh



“Battle doesn’t determine who is right. Only who is left. We destroyed fascists, not fascism; men, not ideas. Our triumphs did not serve as evidence that democracy is best for the world any more than Russian victories proved that communism is an ideal system for all mankind. “ - Peter Bowman ‘Beach Red’

It has now been 61 years since the end of World War 2 and for many that conflict seems like ancient history. But the constant revelry of the victor nations reminds us, once again of its continued relevance. It is fair to ask: Why did we – the peoples of England, France, and belatedly the USA – go to war in the first place?
Many explanations have been offered: it was to stop dictatorship and aggression, to preserve freedom and democracy, to save the British Empire, to save little countries, to keep one country from dominating the world, ad nauseam. But who really threatened these values?
When the filter of simple truth is applied everything boils down to one single issue: the pathological desire of certain interested parties to destroy Adolf Hitler and his competing revolutionary economic and social system.


“Like you, I acknowledge Hitler’s great achievements since taking over that troubled country. The German people obviously love him. Yes, Herr Hitler is a remarkable man.” – Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister 1924-1929 and 1935-1937.

“I strive not to throw Europe into this criminal adventure. But the States, even the British Crown, are not the masters of their destiny. Powers that elude us are promoting in Great Britain, as in other countries, special interests and an aberrant idealism.” – Stanley Baldwin, - Prime Minister 1924-1929 and 1935-1937.


“World history: There are two world histories. One is the official and full of lies, destined to be taught in schools – the other is the secret history, which harbors the true causes and occurrences.” – Honore de Balzac


In gearing up for this war, all the interested parties: communists, international bankers, stock marketers, especially those who would profit from a war with its promise of nation looting, territorial aggrandisement, and of course organised Jewry’s interests – discovered that whatever differences they had paled in comparison with their common interest in destroying this man and his superior system.


“The architects of the Second World War talked it up as The Peoples’ War. This was the politicians’ way of making sure that those who did the working, the paying, the bleeding and the dying were –the people” – Myths & Legends. J Hayward.


Clad in a cloak of pretence, this unholy alliance promised that without Hitler there would be a better world – a world of freedom and democracy, a world without fear and without want, in which good would triumph over evil. For what other reason would young men give their lives?


Just how sincere their pronouncements were can be best judged by the appalling aftermath; the unprecedented sacking of central Europe by the soon to fall out allies. The slaughter and rape of the women, even children of Germany and beyond; the enslavement of millions of men, the pillage, ethnic cleansing, officially sanctioned torture and mass murder, circus-like show trials, the slaughter of millions with their media dancing obscenely on the ruins and graves following ‘liberation.’ (Refer back to their stated reasons for the war).


So, what kind of world did the victors of 1945 actually give us? For over six hapless decades they have had the opportunity to show us their world, a world without Hitler. So what kind of brave new world is theirs?
One need only walk the streets, turn on the radio or television, or leaf through a newspaper to experience their dumbocracies.


They have given the world an endless series of conflicts. The U.S.A alone has bombed over forty-five nations since the war’s end; its military budget is 25-times the size of Russia’s. It has coerced, blackmailed, bribed and imposed its military and economic might on scores of nations. Assassination, torture and kidnapping are the norm.

As for the UK there hasn’t been a single year when it hasn’t been militarily involved in conflict outside its own borders; the death toll, mostly of innocents is in the millions.

They brought to a fine art the starvation of entire nations that refuse to comply; Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, Iraq, Palestine and now Iran. Madeleine Albright when questioned as to whether the starvation of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it said yes it was. Then they wonder why they hate us.


“He (Hitler) conveys good comradeship. He is unpretentious, naturally and apparently sincere. He has a supreme intellect. I have known only two other men to whom I could apply such distinction - Lord Northcliffe and Lloyd George. If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant clear answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He values family life very highly, whereas Communism is its worst enemy. He has thoroughly cleansed the moral, ethical life of Germany, forbidden publication of obscene books, and performance of questionable plays and films.” - Viscount Rothermere, 'Warnings and Predictions', p.180 – 183.


They also gave us a Cold War with its massive expenditure and squandering of human and material resources. And they have now given us a new war, heaped on top of Israeli aggression with its apartheid, ethnic cleansing and massive suffering. Israel, America and Britain are now the world’s most hated nations.


They have given us a world of rat-race consumerism, political and corporate corruption, political tribalism, a parody of democracy; our politicians fill us with loathing, they even rob pensioners. Self-fixation, environmental devastation, pollution, the racial colonisation of Europe and America.

To ensure compliance they created the Race Relations Act. To enforce it they imposed political correction, affirmative action, minority quotas, reverse discrimination, sensitivity training, black history – and of course - the holocaust, the victors invention to act as a club against dissent.

The holocaust is as mythical as their ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Little wonder they are so frightened of an outbreak of truth they gaol those who questions the holohoax.


I've checked out Churchill's Second World War and the statement is quite correct—not a single mention of Nazi 'gas chambers,' a 'genocide' of the Jews, or of 'six million' Jewish victims of the war.

This is astonishing. How can it be explained? Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill's Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle's three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi 'gas chambers,' a 'genocide' of the Jews, or of 'six million' Jewish victims of the war." - Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus, University of Ulster, December 5, 2005.



They have given us decadence, dumbing down, drugs freely available, hundreds of thousands of abortions, teen suicide at record levels, round-the-clock emergency vehicle sirens; safe sex and unsafe streets with rape counselling centres and condoms for kiddies.

They have given us ‘alternative lifestyles; sodomy, the glorification of filth, pornography, rampant consumerism, the worship of the inane; crime, corruption, an evaporation of all social standards. This is the kind of world they have given us. It stands as an epitaph for all those who died for THEIR big lies.



In no way can they blame Adolf Hitler for their world. He was totally opposed to all of these things, and he fought and sacrificed everything – including his own life – to prevent such a world. But the victors of 1945 conspired to destroy this man so they could pillage his country, destroy his fairer system, and give us their kind of world. This is their creation and for this they must be held accountable.

“This war is a mistake; we will only bring disaster if we enter it; we will do no good to either Europe or ourselves. No one, not even in Germany, was more responsible for the conditions, which caused this war than England and France. They declared war without consulting us.” - Charles A. Lindbergh, American flying ace.


The year 1945 was a defining moment, a watershed in history – the last great victory of the Old Order – which decided the kind of world we have today.

Its roots are in Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt’s war: two of these unelected, Roosevelt on a lie. (Hitler was elected) Everything that is now taking place throughout the world is causally linked to the outcome of that great conflict which took place over half a century ago. This causal relationship is the under riding reality behind our present condition, which can never be altered until this fact is grasped, unpleasant though the truth may be.

In reassessing our nation’s participation in the Second World War, we can come to but one conclusion.
Whatever the stated reasons for this tragic war, the victors, especially the ordinary people, are the real losers.


“We are without exception the greatest robbers and marauders that ever existed on the face of the globe. We are worse than other countries because we are hypocrites also, for we plunder and always pretend to do so for other peoples’ good.” - Henry Labouchere, Liberal MP and journalist.


Upon his return following a visit to Hitler, his daughter greeted Lloyd George, humorously with a "Heil Hitler!"
"Yes, Heil Hitler. I too, say that because he is truly a great man. I have never met a happier people than the Germans and Hitler is one of the greatest men among the distinctly great men that I have ever encountered."


“I am not worthy to speak aloud of Adolf Hitler and his life and works do not invite sentimental words. He was a warrior for mankind and a herald of the gospel of justice for all nations. He was a reformative figure of the highest rank, and it was his historic fate that he had to work in a time of unprecedented baseness, which in the end brought him down. Thus, I suppose, must the ordinary Western European look upon Adolf Hitler. And we, his close followers, now bow our heads before his mortal shroud.” – Knut Hamsun, Norwegian writer and Nobel Prize-winner, Afterposten, 1 May 1945.



- unconditional surrender dispenses with peace treaty?
Parliament of South Australia

From: HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY Thursday 15 August 2002

The Hon. M.D. RANN (Premier): I seek leave to make a ministerial statement.

Leave granted.

The Hon. M.D. RANN: It is my not so melancholy duty to report to the house that World War II is over in South Australia. But please, before the bells ring, let me explain why I make such a blindingly obvious claim. Cabinet has agreed today that a bill will be introduced to repeal the wartime Emergency Powers Act 1941. This legislation was passed and enacted at the darkest time in our history when Europe was enslaved and when Australia's freedom was in peril to give the government of South Australia broad powers to organise and fund civil defence in the state during World War II.

The act gave the wartime government of Tom Playford sweeping powers to make regulations to secure and maintain the safety and wellbeing of the civil population during wartime and to maintain public order. Civil defence was then the responsibility of state governments, and there was a fear that voluntary measures for civil defence could not be relied upon in a time of crisis. The Playford government of the time was concerned about the activities of certain parts of the population, including trade unions. The wartime Emergency Powers Act gives the government, and any government since then, extraordinary powers to suspend all civil liberties in South Australia. The government has the power to remove any group of South Australians from any part of the state and to require anyone `to furnish any prescribed information to any authority'. It includes the power to regulate almost anything produced or grown in South Australia. This includes `the production, manufacture, sale, supply and distribution of food, water, fuel, gas, electricity and any other commodities or things'. The Minister for Energy might be reluctant to see some of these powers repealed!

The act allows for the removal of livestock from any portion or property in this state, the regulation of transport of all kinds and can prohibit the use of lights. The Emergency Powers Act, still in force in South Australia to this very day, allows for rationing, fixing or controlling the acquisition or selling prices or profit margins, and requiring producers to amalgamate their production facilities or to work collectively. We can instruct factories to make any products that we see fit. I know that the Treasurer will be sad to lose some of these powers just on the day when he has learnt that he has them!

More seriously, the act gives the government the power to authorise any prescribed persons to enter and search any premises. These powers supplemented commonwealth war legislation and ensured the control of businesses—something now achieved through the Corporations Law. Some of the powers in this act exist in a more modern and appropriate form in state disaster legislation.

As I am sure almost all of us know, World War II ended in 1945. After extraordinary sacrifice, Australia and its allies prevailed. The war was won, and through that victory our freedom was assured. So, the obvious questions are: why is this act still current on South Australia's statute book? Why is it still the law of South Australia? I am advised that the intention of the Playford government was that the Emergency Powers Act would expire when peace treaties were signed; that is the way it had worked after World War 1 with the Treaty signed at Versailles. But, after World War II, peace treaties were never signed because the Axis powers surrendered—

An honourable member: Unconditionally.

The Hon. M.D. RANN: It was unconditional surrender; there was no need for treaties. But the South Australian law lives on. In 1952, this act and a number of other South Australian wartime acts were amended to enable the Governor to issue a proclamation declaring that World War II had ended. So, seven years after the war, South Australia was set to formally declare that the war was over. But I am advised that no record could be found that this was ever done. In effect, the state of South Australia, its parliament and its laws do not acknowledge the passing of history. It seems that we are the only state in Australia with World War II legislation like this still on the statute book; and I do not know if we are the last place on earth to formally recognise the cessation of hostilities and the end of the Second World War.

So, I am informing this house today that the government will move by legislation to abdicate and relinquish the boundless wartime powers we now have at our disposal but, I hope, like our parliamentary colleagues opposite when they were in government, wielded with wisdom and moderation.

Like many members gathered here, my own family served in World War II, so I make this declaration with a certain regret, but at the same time with a good deal of relief and some inward rejoicing. It is now time, by repealing this legislation, to recognise the long 57-year walk South Australia has made towards the sunlit uplands of peace, where our children can dream of the glad hope of tomorrow.

This legislative anomaly has been discovered through the process of conforming to our obligations under National Competition Policy. We have been required to conduct a sweeping review of legislation which discovered this act and which we are now required to remove from the statute book. So, the cabinet has agreed that we shall repeal the Emergency Powers Act of 1941. As Winston Churchill said during the darkest hours of the conflict in Europe:
The price of greatness is responsibility.

But what I can say is that, thankfully, due to the courage and sacrifice of many Australians, their families and our allies, we no longer need the powers set down in the Emergency Powers Act of 1941. The war is over, but let us never forget that we enjoy our freedom and prosperity because of that victory.

Honourable members: Hear, hear!

Comment by David Brockschmidt: Ultimately power comes always out of the system's, any system's, guns. Whoever endangers power structures from outside or within will have to face the fire works. No time lost for love and compassion, for truth and honesty and dignity. The priority is power over people and never ever power from the people, through the people, and for the people.



Das Bekenntnis eines mutigen Schweizersim Angesicht der deutschen Niederlage 1945.
Es brachte Pfarrer Neck Jahrzehnte lange Verfolgung

Musste das Deutsche Volk sterben für die anderen, damit sie leben? Damit der Pfeffersack und sein Geist lebe? -Lächerlich!

Wenn es deshalb war, damit der Dämon entlarvt werde? Muss es in das Grauen, damit es den Lügengötzen sehe und erst recht gründlich gegen ihn ankämpfe?

Wenn es deshalb war, dann müssen wir verstummen. Aber nach der Verzweiflung von vorn anfangen.Denn der Kampf gegen diese Lügengötzen muss sein. Deutschland darf ihn nicht anerkennen und bejahen. Kein metaphysisches Wesen aus ihm machen. Keine Ergebung ihm gegenüber hochkommen lassen, sondern angreifen muss es ihn, bis Krieg gegen ihn die ganze Welt erfüllt.

Damit dieser Kampf gelinge, muss Deutschland leben. Kein falscher Wahn hemme den Geist. Deutschland ist zuerst berufen, diesen Kampf, diesen heiligen Kampf wieder aufzunehmen.


Wir setzen unser stozes Trotzdem entgegen. Wir stellen es in das Meer, in den Sturm, in das Wüten des Todes. Mag dieser Lügendrache auch selber sich Gott nennen, mag er gleich mit zwei Herrscherstäben auftreten, wir glauben ihm nicht. Er soll nicht Gott sein! Abfahren soll er und abtreten. Zum Teufel mit ihm!
Er hat lange genug um unsere Anerkennung geworben, gelockt, gelogen, geschäumt, geschossen, geschwefelt. Er hat sie nicht. Wir haben den gleichen Unglauben wie ehedem. Denselben Unglauben gegen den Götzen, der uns einreden will, dass es Gottes Gericht war, was über Deutschland kam. Wir glauben ihm nicht, dass dieser Weltlauf, dieser Weltkrieg göttliches Gericht war. Er war Dreck, er war Rühricht, er war Absud aus der Küche des Teufels.

Im totgeschlagenen Deutschland ist jetzt eine Welt versunken, ein Zusammenhang abgerrissen, die Vergangenheit ein Abgrund. Das Hinter-uns ein Weltende. Eine alte Entwicklung, eine alte Art ist tot. Aber Auferstehung ist das Zeichen dessen, was kommt. Sie ist das Zeichen des Morgen. Mit Trotz und Trotzdem glaubst du an sie. Verwegen glaubst du an sie. Entweder -oder !

Du nimmst Deine Verzweiflung und schleuderst sie dem Drachen ins Gefräss. Da kommt Gift zu Gift und frisst sich auf. Du ruhst nicht und bist nicht gutgläubig wie Siegfried. Du beugst dich nicht zum kühlen Quell, damit dir der Feind den Speer in das Schulterblatt bohre.

Heraus über alle Feinde hinaus. Heraus vor allem über den Feind in der eigenen Brust. Es wird eine gewaltige Entscheidung sein. Denn die Hölle gähnt die Aufstehenden an und speit ihnen Feuer und Schwefel ins Gesicht.


Der Glaube ist unser Schicksal. Er ist da im Angesicht des Nichts, im Angesicht der Hölle. Wir sehen zwar nichts, aber wir halten nichts. Wir sehen weder Gott noch helfende Engel, aber der Glaube ist da, er ist bei uns. Wir haben dies Schicksal, wir glauben zu müssen, die Verzweiflung zu erschlagen und Gott sichtbar zu machen. Es ist wahrhaft faustischer Glaube. Es ist ein wahrhaftiger Prometheus- Glaube: Faust ist das Zeichen, Prometheus der Name.

Dieser fanatische, faustische Trotzdem- Glaube ist germanischer Glaube. Sie wollen es nicht zugeben. Sie werden es noch erleben. Es wird dünn gesät sein. Wo Germanen sind, da wird dieser Glaube wachsen, da wird Faust und Prometheus sein. Das ist die Germanische Art. Deutschland wird diesen Glauben haben.


Deutschlands grosse Aufgabe ist die Erhaltung des Volkes.Das kommt vor der Verfassung, vor der Regierungsbestelllung, vor allem, was sonst für irgendwelche Kultur getan werden muss. Sein Volkstum muss es erhalten. Denn das ist mehr als Kultur!

Und wäre der verbliebene Rest auch noch so klein, und wäre auch fast nichts mehr da, so muss dieser Rest erhalten und gefördert werden. Wäre auch nur eine Wurzel im Boden, so kann aus dieser Wurzel der Stamm ausschlagen. Die Erhaltung der Wurzel ist die Hauptsache und die dringendste Aufgabe, eine heilige Aufgabe.
Trotz der ungeheuren Vernichtung muss der germanische Rest sich festhalten. Niemals darf Deutschland ein vernegertes, entnervtes, sittenloses, Komödie- spielendes Gallien werden. Die tödliche Gefährdung der Gesundheit, die Ausrottung durch den Gegner darf nicht sittliche Gleichgültigkeit und Verzweiflung hervorspülen.Das wäre der Sieg der Feinde.Und wenn gleich Hunger, Krankheit, Misshandlung, Verfolgung, Vernegerung, Qual des Herzens und der Tod noch so gross wären, so darf sich der Rest nicht wegwerfen. Nie, unter keinen Umständen.

Wenn auch die Verzweiflung ihn übermannen möchte und kein Gott mehr sichtbar wäre- wie er jetzt wirkllich unsichtbar ist- so muss gegen diesen letzten Feind, die Verzweiflung angekämpft werden. Nicht sie darf den Rest übermannen, sondern der Rest des Deutschen Volkes muss die Verzweiflung besiegen. Und wenn es etwas gibt, gewaltiger als das Schicksal, so ist's der Mut, der 's unerschüttert trägt.

Es ist der uralte Kampf gegen den Drachen. Denn diese Schlacht gegen den Drachen, der die Seele vergiftet, ist noch im Gange. Sie ist die entscheidende. Sie muss zum Sieg führen. In dieser Schlacht geht es um alles und um ALLE.


Die Aufhebung der Verunglipfung und derVerfemung Deutschlands ist der Anfang allen europäischen Anstandes und Lebens. Erst wenn die alten Gegner das Gute und Grosse, das wahrhaft im deutschen Volk in reichem Masse vorhanden ist, endlich anerkennen, kann unser Erdteil zu seinem Frieden und zu seiner Einheit kommen.
Europa muss sich ja einigen. Es geht gar nicht anders. Die ewige Zwietracht muss fallen. Es muss Leib werden, weder ein Höriger Amerikasn noch ein Anhängsel Russlands. Aber man soll ja nicht meinen, man könne ganz Deutschland zertrümmern, seine Volkszahl um Millionen zu vernichten und dann- weil einem infolge dieser Vernichtung plötzlich das Messer selber and der Kehle liegt- auf eimal einmal nach den Vereinigten Staaten Europas rufen.

Europa ohne das gesamte Deutschland ist null und nichts. Sie können es ja versuchen, die Verblendeten. Es wird nichts werden. Westlich der Maass ist keine werbende Kraft. Die blosse Furcht vor Russland schafft keinen europäischen Leib. Kein selbstbewusster Mensch schliesst sich mit keinem Angsthasen zusammen, um sich das Fürchten zu verteiben.

Nur Hunde folgen dem, der ihn eben geprügelt hat. Nur Hunde lassen sich halb totschlagen und ziehen nachher gehorsam den zerfahrenen Karren ihres irrsinnigen Stockmeisters aus dem Dreck. Man muss schon lachen, wie heute ausgerechnet wird. Diese Rechnung wird nimmermehr stimmen.


Deutschland wird auferstehen aus dem schwarzen Grabe. Es wird eine ungeheure Kraft des Lebens mitbringen. Es wird ein Herz haben voll heisser Liebe, voll abgründiger Erfahrung. Es vermag das Werk zu schaffen mit seiner Leidenschaft und seiner Seele.

Aber es geht zuvor hin und lasst ihm Gerechtigkeit widerfahren. Europa entsteht erst, wenn Deutschland wieder atmet. Hört auf mit der grauenhaften Umerziehung! Erzieht euch selber um! Macht die Ungerechtigkeit von Versailles gut, dem polnishen Korridor und all die alten Sünden. Wenn man dort Gerechtigkeit und Anstand hätte walten lassen, wäre kein Zweiter Weltkrieg gekommen. Und dann macht die Furchtbarkeiten eures Waffenstillstandes gut. Gebt Raum zum Leben. Damit Gerechtigkeit wieder kommt, müssen die alten Grenzen wieder hergestellt werden. Anders geht es nicht. Gebt Raum und Brot. Das ist die Gerechtigkeit, die Gott zuerst fordert. Dann erwacht der Geist der Denker und Schöpfer Europas von neuem.

Das Feldgeschrei für das erschlagene Deutschland aber heisst: heraus aus der Totengruft!

Hervor aus dem Höllenschlund! Setz dem Scheinsieg des Teufels euren härtesten Unglauben entgegen. Glaubt trotz aller Gräber an das Reich des Ewigen. Glaub trotz aller Nacht.

Wartet nicht auf andere. Hegt den Glauben in euch selbst. Überwindet den Tod durch eure faustische Zuversicht. Der Glaube schafft den Sieg. Der Teufel muss geschlagen sein.

Das Reich ist unser! Das Reich ist Gottes! ES MUSS DOCH BLEIBEN.



The insights of brave Swiss, Pastor Neck, in the face of the German defeat 1945
For this he had to suffer decades of persecution. - transl. Dagmar Brenne

Did the German people have to die for the others, so that they may live? That Moneybags and his spirit might live? Ridiculous! What if it was for this: that the demon be made visible. Did it have to go into the horror that the Idol of Lies be seen and to fight against him all the more? If it was for this, we stand in mute silence. After the despair to start again! For the fight against the Idol of Lies has to be. Germany must never acknowledge him or say “yes” to him. . Don't make him into any meta-physical being. Don't accept any surrender to him, but he has to be attacked until war against him will fill the entire Earth.

But Germany has to live to succeed in this fight. May no crazed imagination hinder us. Germany is called to be the first in this, to take up again this holy struggle.


We stand against him with our proud “Nevertheless”.We place it into the sea, into the storm, into the fury of death. This dragon of lies may call himself ''god'', may appear with two scepters at once, we don't believe him. He will not be GOD. May he descend and abdicate. To hell with him. How long he has courted our recognition, tempting, lying, frothing, shooting, sulphurising! He will not receive it. We still have the same disbelief as ever. The same incredulity against the idol, who wants to make us believe that it was God's judgment which happened to Germany. We do not believe him, that this world event was God's verdict on Germany! It was muck, it was sewage, it was the off scouring of Satan's kitchen.

In the butchered Germany a world has vanished, a connection torn away, the past is an abyss. The behind-us is a twilight. An old civilization, an ancient way is dead. But the resurrection is the sign of what is to come. It is the emblem of the morning. With defiance and “Nevertheless” you believe in it. Boldly you believe in it. Either -Or!

You take your despair and hurl it into the dragon's teeth. Poison to poison, it consumes itself. You don't rest and you are not naive like Siegfried. You don't kneel to drink from the cool spring so that the enemy can pierce your back with his spear. Away and above your enemies. Away with the enemy on your own breast. It will be a monumental decision. Hell itself yawns hugely at the revived ones, spewing fire and sulphur into their faces.


Our Faith is our destiny. It is there in the face of Nothingness, in the face of hell. We see nothing, we hold nothing. We don't see God, nor allied angels, but our Faith is there, it is with us. We have a destiny, we believe we have to do this: to slay despair and make GOD visible. It is truly Faustian Faith, It is a truly Promethean Faith. Faust is the banner, Prometheus the name. This fanatical Faustian defiance is Germanic Faith. We will not have it! They will yet see it! It is thinly sown. Wherever there are Germans, this Faith will grow, Faust and Prometheus will be there. That is the German way. Germany will be imbued with this Faith.


Germany's great task is the preservation of the people. This is before a constitution, before a government, before everything that could be achieved by culture. Its racial identity has to be preserved. For it is more than civilization.

Even if the remnant were minute, even if there were barely anything left, this remnant has to be maintained and fostered. If there were only one single root left in the ground, this root can flourish into a tribe. The preservation of the root is the main task, its most pressing task, a sacred vocation.

In spite of the immeasurable destruction, the Germanic rest must steady itself. Never shall Germany become a negro-fied, nerveless, morally bankrupt, comedy- playing Gaul. The deathly danger to our health, the annihilation through our adversaries must never flush up a moral indifference and dejection. That would indeed be the victory of our foes. Even if hunger, disease, torture, persecution, negrofication, torment in the heart and a plague of death were immense, the remnant must never throw itself away. Never, under any circumstances.

If despair would almost swallow us up and no GOD were visible, as even now He is not visible, we have to take up the struggle against this last enemy: Desperation! Never shall it overwhelm us, but the remnant of the German race has to conquer dejection. If there is something mightier than destiny, it is the courage, the courage to bear up.

It is the ancient fight against the dragon. This war against the serpent, who poisons the soul is still continuing. It is the decisive one. It has to lead to victory. In this battle everything is at stake and everyone.


The abolition of falsifications and enmity against Germany is the beginning of all decency and life in Europe. Only when the ancient foe sees the meritorious and benign qualities, which are truly evident in abundance in the German nation, only when they acknowledge this, can our continent achieve freedom and unity.
Europe has to be unified. There is no other way. The eternal division has to fall. It has to become One body, not a vassal of America and not a pendant of Russia. But you can not think for a moment to smash up Germany and massacre its millions of people and then, because of these butcheries, suddenly the knife is at your own throat you begin to cry for the United States of Europe.

Europe, without the Entire Germany is null and void. They can try of course, the deluded ones! It will be a non-event. To the west of the Maass River there is no binding force. The naked dread of Russia does not create a body in Europe. No self-respecting person bands together with a coward to keep the fear at bay.
Only a dog follows him, who had just whipped him. Only a dog permits himself to be half-beaten to death only to obediently pull the worn-out cart of his crazed oppressor out of the mire. You have got to laugh how they do their sums these days. The equation will never add up.


Germany will regenerate and rise from the black grave. It will receive unbelievable power and vitality. It will have a heart of glowing love and deepest suffering. It will be equal to the task demanded of her, with her passion and her soulfulness. But before all that, go and give her justice. Europe will only revive when Germany can breathe again.

Stop the cruel re-education! Re-educate yourselves! Rectify the injustices of Versailles, the Polish corridor and all the other old sins. If justice and decency had been the rule then, there would not have been a Second World War. And correct the horrors of the evil armistice. Give room to live. Re-establish justice, the old boundaries have to be returned. There is no other way!

Give space and bread. This is the justice, which God demands first of all. With this the spirit of the thinkers and creators of Europe will re-awaken anew.

The battle cry for the slain German nation is: Out of the tomb of Hades! Out of the throat of Hell. Meet the fake-victory of Satan with your most granite-hard disbelief. Believe in the rule of the Eternal One, in spite of all the graves. Believe, in spite of the present night.

Do not wait for others. Foster the belief in yourself. Overcome death with your Faustian confidence. Faith will achieve victory. Satan will be defeated! The Kingdom is ours – is God’s – it must survive!




Being in Guantanamo is justice for David Hicks
The Border Mail, 15 May 2006

David Hicks is getting what he deserves, a reader says

I WAS appalled when I heard that David Hicks, after failing to hoodwink the Australian Government into protecting him, has now pulled on his British mother to try to get himself out of Guantanamo Bay.

Hicks had the right to join the Taliban and he knew that they stood for everything that Australia and Britain do not when he did so. And he was quite happy being with the Taliban while they were in power. If the Coalition hadn’t overthrown them he would have stuck with the Taliban for all of his life. He wasn’t intending to honour his citizenship then, so why should he be considered a grateful citizen now?

And after all that time telling us he’s as Aussie as Lleyton Hewitt, he backflips and tells the Brits that he’s as British as Kevin Pietersen. Taliban, Australian, British, whose side is he on?

And exactly why does being a British citizen grant you special rights? And while I agree Guantanamo Bay isn’t a nice place to be, he’s charged with crimes against humanity (including conspiracy to kill Americans, British, and Australians) and that’s where the Americans keep people like that.

It’s harsh justice, but it still is justice for his crimes nonetheless. — KANE GOUGH, Wodonga



Fredrick Töben writes a response

Your feature item about David Hicks is visibly gloating over a man’s fate in hell. At the same time it reflects Kane Gough’s level of ignorance about matters ‘terrorism’. I suppose he still believes that Osama Bin laden is still alive, and that this man was not a creation of the CIA.

Although I am tempted to say that Mr Gough’s ignorance is not entirely his fault fault, there is no excuse for anyone in this Internet age to be operating at this appalling level of ignorance.

The Hicks case is one of justice gone AWOL, especially if we recall that Mr Habib was brought back home without being charged. His current endeavours to expose the inhuman conditions at Guantanemo are commendable. Mr Gough’s sense of justice is mutated if at all intelligible. I have a faint suspicion that the letter writer is operating under duress of an English teacher who has set students the task of writing to their local paper.

If we recall that Iran’s President, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, recently wrote a letter to President Bush and asked for a dialogue rather than war, then we have seriously to worry about President Bush still relying on his mantra that justified his attack on Iraq: ‘for freedom and democracy and against terrorism’.

Mr Gough should seriously begin to embrace some solid moral and intellectual values – such as truth-telling – before he flippantly dismisses the Hicks tragedy as one where it is simply a case of deciding for or against the USA.

The charge of crimes against humanity rings hollow in view of the fact that former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic was not even safe in prison. There are many other examples that certainly would cause me not to follow current US politics.

Also, the fact that the President of Iran has written a letter to Mr Bush, something that is a civilized thing to do, now requires Mr Bush to respond likewise. If Mr Bush does not respond, then that shows him to be a man without any good will – and without having any common courtesy as befitting a world political leader.

If anyone wishes further to explore matters here is a link from the USA that sheds some speculative light on current USA politics –

Dr Fredrick Töben, Adelaide.



Howard 'deceitful' on Hicks case. 18/05/2006. ABC News Online. Last Update: Thursday, May 18, 2006.

The Law Council of Australia has accused Prime Minister John Howard of deception, after he made comments about Australian terrorism suspect David Hicks. Mr Howard, who is currently visiting the United States, says legal action by Hicks's lawyers in US civilian courts has contributed to delays in bringing the Australian to trial by military commission. But the council's John North says the Government's own actions have created the delays.

"All lawyers who have even looked at the process have said that it is totally unfair and that David Hicks cannot get a proper trial," he said. "What the Prime Minister is trying to do is excuse the inordinate amount of time this man has been kept in terrible conditions."The length of time that David Hicks has been held in terrible conditions in Guantanamo Bay is embarrassing the Government. "They have let him languish there, and they have done nothing to make sure that he fronts a fair a proper trial." Hicks has been held at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba for four years. He has been charged with conspiracy to attack civilians, attempted murder of coalition forces and aiding the enemy in Afghanistan.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has taken a fresh swipe at Israel by clearly stating that Germany was being exploited by "greedy Zionists" more than 60 years after World War II.

"Look at the German people. Three generations ago, there was a war. But today an intelligent people is still a hostage of World War II," he said Thursday in a speech carried on state television. Germany, he said, "still doesn't have the right to have independent policies or proper defences. Every German born is indebted to the arrogant and greedy Zionists," Ahmadinejad said, referring to German reparations for the Holocaust. "When you visit a country, in every town there is a symbol of national pride," Ahmadinejad said, but added that in Germany "every town has something saying to the great German people that their parent and grandparents were murderers. Sixty years after the war, why do the Palestinian people have to burn in the crimes of Zionists under the pretext of the Second World War?" the president said in Zanjan, situated 300 kilometres (200 miles) west of Tehran. "For 60 years they've been massacring Palestinians and destroying their homes under the pretext that a certain number of Jew were killed during World War II," Ahmadinejad said. - adapted from 27 April 2006 Yahoo News –



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