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They doth protest too much -  J.P. Bellinger

Just imagine, good people!  While Israel, a nation forged and sustained by terror, primarily supported, funded and armed by the United States of America,  is currently engaged in the commission of monstrous war crimes and crimes against humanity, pounding and burning women and children into pulp, Jews in the U.S. are focusing all their energies in defaming Mel Gibson, pressuring local politicians and police to charge the man with 'hate crimes' simply because of two or three lines which he supposedly uttered whilst under the influence of alcohol, apparently upset over Israel's ongoing record of terrorism in the Middle East and their role  in provoking numerous wars and conflicts.  The sheer chutzpah and irony of it!  The same people who are always pleading for 'tolerance' from others are the last to extend it to those who refuse to meekly submit to their agenda.  The full force of the Zionist dominated media is brought to bear down upon these modern 'Hamans' who seek to 'destroy Israel'  by expressing their honest opinion in reference to incontrovertible facts which cause unease and embarrassment to the Jews.

One might wish to ask  these apostles of tolerance whether strafing fleeing columns of women and children, pulverizing unarmed villages into charred rubble with incendiary bombs laden with phosphorus, machine gunning clearly marked red cross vehicles, or blasting U.N.  observers into oblivion in an attempt to prevent a documented report detailing Israeli atrocities from reaching the eyes and ears of the general public, constitute 'hate crimes' equal to Mr. Gibson's 'unforgivable' offence!

Indeed, within a mere two hour period yesterday, I was astonished to hear television commentators refer to Mr. Gibson's 'antisemitism' on at least twenty occasions!  That's right.  Twenty times in 120 minutes.  Mr. Gibson's 'crime' [I.e., speaking his mind freely] is of such magnitude and worldly significance that it supercedes the ruthless massacre of hundreds of human beings in Lebanon and crimes of murder and mayhem throughout the world.  Furthermore, Gibson was arrested precisely because of alcohol impairment, yet the Jews seek to hold him responsible for statements uttered in a state of intoxication.  The professional smear artists dug deeply into their hoary old bag of unforgivable sins and 'antisemitic conspiracies' and irresponsibly accused the sheriff's department of collusion and corruption for refusing to charge Mr. Gibson with a 'hate crime.'  Their proof?  An old clip which shows Mr. Gibson dressed as a California sheriff, where he asks the public to donate money to the sheriff's fund! 

The usual pack of yellow journalists and Zionist shills have turned out in full force in order to assail Mr. Gibson's character - to little effect, for numerous polls indicate that the mass of people simply aren't buying into the "hate Gibson forever" campaign.  According to these polls, by which Jews seek to measure the pulse of public opinion, an astonishing 76% of those polled have indicated that they will continue to patronise films produced by the gifted director and that their opinion of him has not been affected by this isolated incident.   This must be a bitter pill  for the usual suspects to swallow, for they have been nurturing an unhealthy vendetta against the actor ever since he first announced his intention to film "The Passion of the Christ."  In fact, the same mob of paranoid slanderers sought to denounce Mr. Gibson to 'Homeland Security' in 2004, claiming that the "Passion of the Christ" constituted an incitement to commit "pogroms."  At the time, they urged homeland security to investigate, charge and arrest Mr. Gibson with a 'hate crime.'

It strikes me that their perpetual bleating is a case of 'thou doth protest too much' if ever there was one.  Don't look now, but Israel's guilty conscience is showing again, and according to them, everyone else in the world is to blame for it.

An Aussie Dies in Lebanon fighting for his country

By: Andrew S. MacGregor  Sunday, 30 July 2006

On Friday, 28 July, 2006, All Australians were informed of the tragic death of an Australian, Assaf Namer, who was killed in the fighting in Lebanon.  “An Aussie dies fighting for his country” the headlines stated.

Sergeant Assaf Namer of the Golani Division was one of nine Israeli soldiers killed, when they were supposedly ambushed whilst endeavouring to take the militant stronghold of Bint Jbeil in Lebanon.

Australians have been bombarded with the media reports emanating from Lebanon of the ferocity of the fighting in both Lebanon and in Gaza.  The Israeli forces, instead of concentrating on fighting their apparent enemy have targeted civilian populations, especially the fleeing families, unarmed UN observers, essential infrastructures, and escape passageways, reminiscent of the “burnt earth” policy of the retreating Russian forces of 1940 in World War 2.

With all of this apparent ‘negative’ media reports turning so many opinions against the actions of the Israeli Defence Forces, perhaps the Australian media thought they had found ‘a positive’ story for their ‘Israeli’ aspect.  However, when you think of what the Media Headlines tell us, the report: “An Aussie dies in Lebanon fighting for his country” is far closer to the truth than what most Australians realised.

“An Aussie dies in Lebanon fighting for his country”

What this headline tells Australians unequivocally is that:  Australia is a ‘colonial state’ of Israel.  What?  You disagree with that statement?  Then explain in any other terms, just what has happened to Australia over the past thirty years.

The Political control

Israel controls our politicians, via the Jewish financial contributions to their political parties.  If a politician in Australia voices an opinion not in the interest of Israel, then that politician is chastised.  In 2003 some Labor Party backbenchers voiced their abhorrence at some of the events occurring in Palestine especially in the apparent targeting of the children by Israeli Armed Forces.  Their Leader Simon Crean was instructed to silence that criticism, but failed to act decisively enough, in an effort to save his career, Simon Crean travelled to Melbourne where he spoke to an exclusive Jewish gathering.

Let me quote the former Labor Party politician, and at the time the Federal Opposition leader, Simon Crean in his speech at the Werdiger Family Hall, St Kilda, Melbourne on 31 August 2003:

“In large part, it is because of our common democratic heritage and our shared values of freedom and the rule of law, that Labor's historical commitment to the State of Israel is so enduring.

That is why I will never retreat from my commitment to Israel.”

The Australian Prime Minister, The Honourable John Howard, recently reiterated the exact same sentiment in regard to his commitment to the State of Israel.  “John Howard will never retreat from his commitment to Israel”.

What must be understood here is that there is no legitimate manner in which any Australian politician or government, be it a person or a department can place a commitment to Israel above the rights and duties to Australia.  To do so would be treasonous.  So by the financial manipulation of our political system, the Jewish minority in Australia have usurped the political commitment.

This also explains why the Jewish community attacked so ferociously the Independent Federal member, Pauline Hanson when David Oldfield initiated the ‘One nation’ political Party.  You see, the Jews had no control over that party, thus it was viewed as detrimental to their safety.  It had to be destroyed.

The Media control

Our media is totally owned by, and/or controlled by Jews.  The Australian Broadcasting Commission, that icon of ‘Independent reporting is controlled by a Jewess, who has on occasions permitted her ideology to influence her decisions on ‘policy matters’.

The media also has a strong control over the political sphere.  Without media support, a person has virtually no chance to enter Parliament to give their constituents a proper voice in our government.

When we look at some of the major events that have shaped our lives over the past decade, and then look not only at the media spin, on those events, but also the stifling of any proper debate on those issues, it becomes obvious that our media is not only controlled but failing to deliver to the Australian public any proper perspective.  But sport is good.

The Judiciary control

The major changes brought into the judiciary in Victoria were instigated by the Cain government back in the 1980’s.  The rewriting of ‘The Magistrates Act’, the implementation of ‘The Sheriff’s Office, the creation of the office of The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) created a whole new legal structure. 

The essence of these changes which occurred throughout Australia, both State and Federal, removed any concept of justice from within the Justice System and created The Legal System where the Law over-rode every other consideration including justice.  What we now have is a system where the Law (often called an ass) is absolute.

That these new implementations to the ‘Legal System’ were outside of our constitution, were illegal under previous tenets of law, and denied the very basics of our Justice system appeared irrelevant.  Instead of Justice, we now have The Rule of Law.

Some people consider this type of system to be Marxist, but that is not correct, for this system predates Christ, and is in every sense Jewish, the very system that Jesus Christ opposed and was killed by.

What we have now is the negativity of ‘Thou shall not do this and thou shall not do that’.  Whatever we do, once it is established that there is a law against it or simply part of what we do, no matter for what reason, we must pay the penalty.  In this manner we are shackled by the very negativity of our increasing number of laws and controls. 

This also reduces the freeman to slavery, creates a parasitic demeanour within our civilization and will ultimately lead to the destruction of our civilization. 

Colonising Australia

In 1788, the English first colonised Australia.  After establishing a beach-head at Sydney, Captain Arthur Philips, started a town and his ‘Penal Colony’.  Tracts of land were given to various English Officers and Gentlemen, in which the locals had no say.  Captain John Macarthur was given large tracts of land with suitable water supplies to create the Australian wool industry, which by the way eradicated the wool industry in McArthur’s homeland of Scotland.

Immigrants arriving from England, upon a small payment of money, or on a ‘letter of introduction’, were given land and sometimes even ‘convict labour’ to staff that land, and in this manner, Australia was first colonised.

Today Australia has been recolonised by the Israelis.  When the former Hungarian Jew and Israeli commando, Frank Lowry arrived in Australia, he started up business as “Tom the Cheap” and with the right letters of introduction was able to create, “Westfield” Shopping Centres, many of which he purchased, including those in the World Trade Centre Towers shortly before their destruction by ‘Terrorists’ which by the way were more than covered by insurance.

Another of the new Macarthur’s, was the Rabbi, Joseph Gutnick, who arrived in Australia with his parents, apparently as penniless Russian migrants but was able to purchase the Argyle Diamond Mines of West Australia.

Now, the Australian Aborigine may have a good laugh at the Colonialists being recolonised, and the joke may appear to be on us, except that it is no joke.  We have already seen the manner in which Palestine has been colonised by the Jews, and the fact that we all will be suffering a fate similar to the Palestinians is no laughing matter.  History reiterates that point.


Australians have seen their government usurped by a foreign power, we have seen our judicial system turned into a ‘Legal System’ and our constabularies made into ‘State Revenue Collection Agencies’.  Our wealth has been syphoned out of our pockets and we are being divided by ‘multi-culturalisms.  We are suffering what is written in Genesis 47, the story of Joseph in Egypt.

What Joseph did was to collect the wheat from the Egyptian farmers, and then when the famine struck, sold the wheat back to the farmers, causing the farmers to firstly sell their farms and then themselves into slavery.  However, Joseph did not touch the priests, the ruling class of Egypt who were under the protection of the Pharaoh.  Here though is the twist.  If the Egyptians had to sell their farms and then themselves into slavery in order to purchase the wheat to survive, then who had the money to purchase the slaves?  Only Joseph.

In Australia we have a similar predicament to those of the Egyptians of biblical times.  Our means of work have been removed overseas, and we are not permitted to improve our country nor our nation.  We are being denied a voice, and any means to defend ourselves.  We are being gathered in cities and reduced to slavery.

If this situation is new to the old Australian, it is not new to many of the New Australians.  It is from these people who are experienced in these matters that we must turn to for the solutions of our difficulties.  If Australians become aware of our predicaments, and then unite to face the common adversary, we can overcome those who are endeavouring to enslave us.  At least we know who our friends are.  Our Friends are those standing up to the tyrants.


Israel’s Search for Peace in the Middle East

Simon Crean - Leader of the Opposition

Werdiger Family Hall, St Kilda, Melbourne - 31 August 2003


I want to thank Mark Leibler, Colin Rubenstein, Jeremy Jones and Michael Lipschutz for their generous support in hosting tonight's event. They have provided strong leadership for the Australian Jewish community in these challenging times.

I also want to thank Dr Danny Lamb for his kind words of introduction.

The Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council, the State Zionist Council of Victoria and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria provide important links between Australia and Israel, and they help create a stronger and more vibrant multicultural Australia through their educational, cultural, religious and sporting events. I pay tribute to you tonight.

I am very pleased to see Gaby Levy, Israel's Ambassador to Australia, here also, and I thank him for delaying his trip to PNG to hear my speech.


It is an honour for me to be here, among so many familiar faces and friends of long standing and at a time of such profound importance to the people of Israel and the Middle East.

Developments over the past few months and days have been watched closely by all those in this room and those around the world who still hope for a lasting peace in the Middle East region and a brighter future for the people of Israel.

Sadly, just over a week ago, on what many people are now calling ‘Black Tuesday', our hopes were shattered when a Hamas murderer stepped onto a bus in Jerusalem, and without any regard for innocent human life, detonated yet another bomb.

He killed 20 people, including 3 children, and injured more than 100.

This indiscriminate killing and wounding of innocent men, women and children has shocked and revolted the entire international community.

No one can see pictures of an innocent young child with a bloodied face, and not feel the pain and outrage of the Israeli people.

The tragedy was compounded when this despicable act coincided with another bomb in Baghdad that killed many UN workers, including another close friend of Australia, Sergio di Mello.

And it was worsened further still on Friday night when more than 80 people were killed in Najaf. The fact that this atrocity happened at a holy site – the Tomb of Ali – demonstrates that these terrorists have no respect for Islam as well as no respect for human life.

The bombing in Najaf demonstrates how critical it is to end terrorism in Iraq. The international community must make stronger efforts to rebuild Iraq and make it more secure, because only when there is stability in Iraq will there be stability in the broader region.

I can only begin to understand the suffering and pain of the families who have lost their loved ones in these callous attacks.

However, I do know that terrorism is the enemy of democratic, free people everywhere.

From these tragic events, we must renew our determination and our commitment to fight terrorism on all fronts, wherever it is found.

There can be no justification, whatever the cause, for the killing of innocent people.

Terrorism, whether it is in Jerusalem or Baghdad, Jakarta or Najaf, must be stopped.

Beyond the human tragedy of these attacks, further damage has been done. The Jerusalem bombing could destroy the peace process. For the sake of the people of Israel, and indeed of the Palestinian people, I hope it doesn't.

Destroying the peace process is what the terrorists want. That is precisely why they cannot and must not be allowed to succeed.

In recent months we had watched with guarded optimism but with renewed hope as the first steps were taken towards implementing the Road Map for Peace.

We were encouraged by some of the statements coming from the Palestinian leadership that they were prepared to negotiate and were determined to put an end to the terrorist violence.

We cautiously welcomed the announcement by Hamas and Islamic Jihad that they would implement a ceasefire.

But words come easily. Actions are a critical test.

The action in Jerusalem on the night of 19 August shattered the ceasefire.

Today, terrorists remain on the streets and un-deterred.

Now, more than ever, renewed concrete action is needed – this time to destroy the infrastructure of terrorism and to root out and arrest the terrorists.

The world must recommit itself to eradicating the scourge of terrorism, wherever it is found.

The terrorist leaders must be isolated and delivered to justice, their networks destroyed and their moral justifications exposed as the rationalisations of fanatics. As the hollow and evil lies they are.

This cannot be and will not be done by any single nation acting alone, no matter how large, how powerful or how important that nation is.

We have to draw on the collective will of all in the civilised world committed to eliminating terrorism.

By acting together we can make sure there is no place to run and no place to hide for the world's terrorists.

It was this cooperation – with our friends in Indonesia – that saw the Bali bombers brought to justice.

Our duty, as a member of the community of nations and as fellow human beings, is to bring about an international solution – not just to end terrorism, but also to bring peace to a troubled, unsettled world.

Security is the key to peace

Tonight, I want to talk about Labor's ongoing approach to Israel and the Middle East peace process. To reinforce Labor's commitment and policy direction.

I also want to discuss some areas where I think Australia could be doing more to assist the peace process in the Middle East.

My theme tonight is security – security for individuals, for communities and for countries – because without it there can be no social or economic development.

The fact is, terrorism is a global threat – and we must deal with it globally, regionally and domestically if we are to defeat it.

We must protect each other, and we must also protect the values and freedoms that define our democratic tradition.

In large part, it is because of our common democratic heritage and our shared values of freedom and the rule of law, that Labor's historical commitment to the State of Israel is so enduring.

That is why I will never retreat from my commitment to Israel.

Since September 11 2001 we have faced multiple terrorist attacks around the world.

88 Australians were killed in Bali, but this global terrorist war has touched all nations, everywhere.

The people of Israel and Jewish communities both here in Australia and overseas understand the significance of security perhaps more than many others.

We should never forget the struggle of the Jewish people throughout the Holocaust, the several bloody wars fought against neighbouring Arab states, and the ongoing anti-Semitism.

For Israelis, security is not an abstract ideal.

It is not just the subject of polite academic conversation.

It is a fundamental part of life itself.

I remember standing on Golan Heights during my most recent visit to Israel two years ago, looking out across the northern border.

From there, you quickly begin to understand the strategic reality that Israel faces.

The distance to the Syrian border is the same distance from Queenscliff to Geelong.

Security for Israel is not just a right, it is also defined by its geography and topography.

Peace in the Middle East cannot be secured without addressing security for Israel.

The Road Map for Peace

Australians have praised the Government and the people of Israel for their fortitude in pushing ahead with the peace process, despite the constant threat of terrorist violence.

Just last week, the Australian Parliament passed a Motion welcoming Israel's commitment to the Road Map.

I used that opportunity to articulate Labor's policy on Israel.

Little did we know that less than 24 hours later, peace would be shattered by yet another terrorist bomb in Jerusalem.

The Parliament again addressed the issue in a condolence motion.

As many of you know, Labor has been a strong and forceful advocate for an effective peace process in the Middle East and a two-state solution.

This has been Labor's consistently stated and resolute policy for more than a decade.

And Labor's Foreign Affairs spokesman, Kevin Rudd, and I have repeated it on many occasions.

Labor supports the negotiation of a just, enduring and comprehensive peace settlement in the Middle East, based on the principle of land for peace.

Labor condemns all acts of terrorism, whatever the motivation and whoever the perpetrators.


And we have urged all parties to the peace process to exercise maximum restraint and deprive the enemies of peace the opportunity they seek through such violence to disrupt the negotiations.

Every effort must be made to re-commit to the Road Map and to persevere in its faithful implementation.

But the first and most important task in achieving the vision of a two-state solution is security.

The international community must make security for both Israelis and Palestinians the cornerstone upon which peace can be built.

In this regard, the Palestinian leadership have a direct responsibility to undertake immediate efforts on the ground to stop terrorism.

As outlined in the Road Map, this will require a demonstrable commitment from the Palestinian Authority to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure; including disarming and arresting individuals associated with the most extremist groups HAMAS, Islamic Jihad and the Al Aqsa martyrs brigades.

Not enough has yet been done to disarm those groups, but Palestinian leaders such as Abu Mazen and Security Minister Mohammad Dahlan have made some welcome progress. Their efforts must be supported.

We remain concerned that young Palestinian children are still being taught that martyrdom is honourable.

There is no honour in murder, and none in training those who do it.

I would again urge the Palestinian leadership to fulfil the expectations of the Road Map and immediately to dismantle the infrastructure of terrorism.

I know that this will be a difficult task.

And it is one that the new Palestinian leadership should not be expected to do alone.

The international community, including Australia, should be prepared to assist where possible in bringing these terrorist groups to account.

Phase 1 of the Road Map also requires a commitment from Israel to do what is necessary for a democratic, independent and viable Palestinian state to be established.

Both parties have accepted this goal.

Progress to date on the Phase 1 commitments has been limited, but not insignificant.

We believe that every effort should be made to support Prime Minister Abu Mazen as he seeks to implement the Road Map and reform the Palestinian security services.

But the extent to which he has the political authority to dismantle the terrorist groups remains to be seen.

For its part, Israel has made some important concessions in recent months.

The release of Palestinian prisoners and the dismantling of unauthorised settlements in the West Bank have been important confidence-building measures.

Further steps in this direction will be needed.

But peace will only be achieved when there is the political will to end terrorism.

One of the points about the Road Map that is often overlooked is the role played by the four external sponsors – the so-called Quartet: the United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations.

Above all, this latest peace initiative would not have been possible without the leadership and resolve of the US Government.

The Bush Administration, and the Secretary of State, Colin Powell, in particular, must be given credit for the courage they have shown in bringing the two sides of the peace process together.

As the Aqaba Summit showed, political commitment is possible when the political will is there.

States neighbouring Israel also have a direct responsibility to support the peace process.

Any external support for terrorist efforts to undermine the peace process will be met with the strongest international condemnation and must result in the gravest consequences.

Syria and Iran especially, should be under no illusion: continuing support for terrorist organisations will not be tolerated.

Regrettably, following the bombing in Jerusalem, progress on Phase 2 of the Road Map is now stalled.

We hope the process can be put back on track. The convening of the first international conference scheduled for later this year provides a perfect opportunity.

The vision of a Palestinian State by 2005 is an ambitious one – but it remains possible if there is a determination to commit to peace and to accept the responsibility of security.

Australia's Role in the Middle East Peace Process

There should be no question about the strength of Labor's commitment to Israel as an independent, democratic, Jewish state.

Let me be very clear: under my leadership Labor's support for the right of Israel to exist behind secure borders in a peaceful Middle East has not only been longstanding, it will remain unequivocal and unshakeable.

Support for Israel must not only be strong, it must be bipartisan.

And I want to thank those members of the Jewish community who are doing their best to ensure that it remains so.

Labor's support for Israel is a fundamental part of our broader commitment to the rights of small and medium powers, to the importance of promoting democracy, and to our joint security interests in having a world where terrorism and violence are not the daily currency of political action.

That support has grown out of a long history of political, intellectual and cultural links between the Labor Party, the Australian Jewish community and Israel.

I was delighted earlier this year to host the former Labor Prime Minister Ehud Barak during his stay in Canberra. As you know, Ehud Barak is a Labour man, but, more importantly, he is a soldier, a statesman and a man of peace. A man who lost the Prime Ministership in the pursuit of peace.

I wanted Labor's policy informed by the views of someone who has tried as hard as any to advance the twin needs of peace and security for Israel and the Palestinian people.

At a breakfast I hosted, a large and representative cross section of caucus members were able to put their toughest questions to him, and he answered them.

These strong links, first established under two great Labor leaders Ben Chifley and Bert Evatt in the 1940s, have been maintained by generations of Australian politicians.

As Chair of the UN Committee on the Partition of Palestine, Evatt's key themes were to articulate an independent line from the United Kingdom, to support for the rule of international law and his own unerring sense of justice for the Jewish people.

Evatt did not accept the proposition that Australia should play a secondary or backseat role on the big questions of international security.

He was determined to see Australia take the lead, despite criticism from his political contemporaries.

His leadership on the Palestine question has been widely acknowledged in Israel and around the world.

Labor has always taken a fair and balanced approach to the issue of Palestinian self-determination.

In September 1993, following Palestinian agreement to the landmark Oslo accord, the then Labor Government amended its policy to recognise the Palestinian Liberation Organisation as ‘the representative of the Palestinian people' and was supported by the then opposition.

Since then, we have maintained regular contact with the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian community in Australia at all levels – as of course has the government.

There is strong bipartisan support for the twin goals of security for Israel and self-determination for the Palestinians.

The question is: what role should Australia now play in the peace process?

The current Australian government has not sought to play a more direct role in the current Middle East peace process.

The Howard government has taken a constructive but mostly pragmatic view of these moves towards peace.

I believe that we can do more.

We need to re-capture some of the concerned activism and foreign policy engagement of Evatt's leadership on the Middle East.

It is in Australia's national interests that we are engaged more directly.

A more peaceful Middle East region will also lessen pressures for the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

And, in economic terms, the region represents a new and emerging market for Australian goods and services that can only be developed if the political situation is stable.

The delegation I led to Israel in 2001 looked not only at issues of peace and security, but other areas of mutual interest that could benefit from further bilateral co-operation. These included agricultural development, science and technology, education and culture. All issues I will pursue actively in government.

I strongly believe that Australia should be more actively engaged in the Middle East peace process – working with like-minded countries and international organisations to promote the Road Map.

We should also devote more of our diplomatic resources towards engaging in the technical and legal issues that confront the negotiators.

We should consider offering Australian experts for the international monitoring and compliance teams that will be required under Phases 2 and 3 of the Road Map.

Perhaps most importantly, we should be using our diplomatic contacts in the Arab countries and Iran to encourage support for the peace process, including demanding an end to the state sponsorship of terrorism.

There are other steps that the Australian Government should also be taking at home.

Earlier this year, I initiated a Private Members Bill in the Parliament to outlaw the Hizbollah terrorist organisation.

I am pleased the Government adopted that proposal. It sends a clear signal to the international community that Australia does not and will not tolerate terrorism.

In line with our decision on Hizbollah, Labor has asked the Government to review whether the Al-Manar television station is contravening the Criminal Code.

We have not yet heard the Government's response to this important issue.

We also remain deeply concerned by continuing acts of violent anti-Semitism and racism against the Jewish community both in Australia and overseas, such as the recent attacks against the Courage to Care exhibition at the Liverpool Regional Museum in Sydney.

Such acts have no place in our modern, tolerant, multicultural society.

We must expose anti-Semitism for what it is, and ensure that there are appropriate legal consequences.

I am very conscious of the security threat to the Jewish community here in Australia, and I continue to receive regular briefings from ASIO on this issue.

I am encouraged by the work of the Community Security Group and I will fully support their efforts to provide better security at Jewish institutions around the country.


After nearly three years of the intifada, Israelis and Palestinians have suffered greatly.

And yet, despite the horror and mayhem of repeated terrorist attacks, the majority of Israelis continue to support a two-state solution.

There is a real opportunity here.

There is international support and political will to achieve an outcome.

There is a comprehensive peace plan – in the form of the Road Map.

If the Palestinian Authority is prepared to undertake genuine reform, to crack down on the terrorist groups, to end the incitement and violence, they will find an Israel and a world that is ready and willing to negotiate.

The peace process may be far from completion – but it must not be allowed to fail.

Failure would be a win for the terrorists.  

Together, we must ensure that does not happen.

As we approach Rosh Hashanah, where we seek assurances and guarantees from God to grant us a happy and healthy New Year, so I assure and guarantee the Jewish community here today that they will always have my support, and so will the State of Israel.


Siegfried Tischler: Beyond Good and Evil? 1 August 2006

The Dumbing Machine has been harping the tired old lie of "Israel defending itself" after the capture of Israeli Defense Force soldiers (by the way - well inside Lebanon .... what were they defending there?). The question as to who was in the Right and who was in the Wrong is being steadfastly ignored -  all that seems to be of interest is that the two soldiers (and with them the entire edifice of lies and deceits) are being "rescued".

There would be no negotiation with "terrorists" ... so WHO are the terrorists? 

Those who capture foreign soldiers on their own soil? This is beyond the quagmire of Systemic Terror waged by the IDF on anything that moves in the Middle East evoking Symptomatic Terrorism from those who are at the receiving end .... this is outright provocation of something bigger!

The Middle East, and with it the entire globe, is standing - yet again - at the precipice of an ever widening conflict.  Are we looking at the old Game of blaming others for the designs of a group of people that have absolutely no business of being where they are and doing there what they are doing? 

Many of the commentators of the present quagmire pick up the thread on this story somewhere along the line, but do not really look at the overall picture.  This is very much reminiscent of the modus operandi of other elitist games being played by some people on mankind:  this happens in Science (where some odd fact is being used to construct mental schemes of gigantic proportions; when illusionist schemes like that – for example the chimaera of "evolution" - are checked for their veracity and applicability, they are found to be lacking in substance;  as too many reputations of "great people" and the justification for many an elitist scheme are built on such phoney foundations, the catch phrase "paradigm" has been invented to insulate all thinking minds from reality and so preserve the status quo).  From this emerged the literary genre of "Science Faction" that is really nothing else but science fiction but nonetheless dresses up as "Science". Some of the dumbest people around have come up with the brilliant idea of shearing all minds over a very short comb: they originated the concept if I.Q.:  as nobody has the slightest (factually meaningful) idea as to what "intelligence" is all about, are they chasing a shadow (their own?).  When one looks at the origin of this idiocy, one is overwhelmed by the feeling that there has to be a mechanism that assures mediocrity to survive!  Could Nietzsche have been correct?  Constantly we are all barraged by idle talk on  "Democracy", "Human Rights", "Freedom" (be it political or  economical) and much more such nonsense. 

It is the constant repetition of these absolutely meaningless "Sacred Oxymorons" (as physicist Halton Arp has once called such schemes) that anchors them in the consciousness of people who hardly ever stop and ponder what they really mean.  As nobody seems to ever makes the effort to get to the bottom of all these nonsensical terms, it is not recognized that they all are based on a few simple facts - around which the (meta-, if not) pseudo-science of psychology has been framed:- intelligence is a concept of which we know (let us all be honest for a change) nothing: as in no "thing"! What we seem to know is only a consensus of the Learned Elders of the Discipline. That some are trying to come up with what they call "artificial intelligence" is just another case of constructing a chimaera:  the entire enterprise is fraught with the Dilemma of the Forger" ... he needs an original to copy!

- memory is another such "thing", the reality of which we are blissfully unaware of.  Too much has been written on this subject to still be able to pretend that it were a "known" entity.

- cognitive dissonance is a simple mechanism that we all employ every day .... we simply do not acknowledge that which we do not want to "see".  Which is the main reason for us all (and the world around us) being in such a mess. -  for more than two decades it is known that we do not do what we want, but we want what we do; consequently we are all engaged in a giant "Simon Says" game ..... the Dumbing Machine (that curious mix of religious, scientific and

governmental mumbo-jumbo - helped by its various spin-offs like

education and advertising) is telling us "what to do" ... consequently we think that we know what we want while we do what we were told to do.  It is all a rather diabolical game ... This now brings us back to the precipice from which the abyss is looking at us:  in chasing the monster of

"terrorism" we have all become monsters.  Anaesthetized by the buzz-word of Collateral Damage (which is nothing more than a new euphemism for the meta-term War Crimes - as war is per se a crime, what are "war crimes"?),  we cry crocodile tears over the victims of war crimes and should it all in the nonsensical term of "unproportional response" .... that makes it all-right then, does it? We have been conditioned for half a century to believe in the tired old story that Palestine was a Land without People for People without Land.  That it all was a Great Big Lie from the getgo is something that nobody knows - what is more - is not permitted to know.  We have all been served with a jumble mix of fact and one-sided interpretation; never have we been given an objective view on it all.  The present situation is just more of the same -  the nonsensical insane guilt-complex in the people of the world for some having stood up to age-old tactics of usury and deceit is used as a magic wand behind which the usual game is played out.  It is as if Newtonian physics (as in actio equals actio) had never been a part of scientific thinking.

Anybody who dares to speak up against it all is being denigrated, demonized and made to look like a monster. Are we really beyond Good and Evil?  President Ahmadinejad is being demonized for voicing his opinion that there is "good" in people and president Chavez is called whatnot for ploughing the oil-wealth of his country into the welfare of his people!  That he does that in "cahoots" with another one of the pariahs of socio-politic theory (hey - this man constructed a working system that is able to export not weapons but academics - boooh!) makes it even worse! Has Fidel not read the "books one has to have read"?  All he does is impossible - it contravenes "conventional wisdom" (better that which the Elders of the Disciplines call "wisdom")!

Somebody tell  these idealists, that this is a dangerous path they are on .... look what happened to Sad Hussain!  You think I am joking?  So what happened to Slobo Milosevic (the war criminal) in prison? Why did David Irving (the thought criminal) suffer a heart attack in prison?  We do not want to mention the names of others who have gone before him (and his peers) and have also taken their oath of office seriously! 

Stop pretending everybody that you are concerned for "others", that you grieve for the Palestinians, that you really give three hoots about the "environment" or that you think of anything else but your paycheck, your superannuation or whether your "cover" may be blown!  Cast the first stone, you that is not among those mentioned.... so the merry-go-round of postmodern life (where it is axiomatic that everybody misunderstands everybody else) will go on. Until the Learned Elders of the Disciplines will have succeeded in what they have planned for Millennia: for those who are still in the dark about it all ... block out (for once) the blare of the megaphones, the glare of the silvery screens and listen/look deep into yourself. What will you see?  An accomplice!  We are all "in it"!  We value our material possessions, our job our social "position" our whatnot far more than what wise men have subsumed under the rubric of "humanity". The Elders of the Disciplines have gotten away with erecting the academic edifice of "The Humanities" over all those "sciences" that permit the elites to control the masses.  Yes - some may begin to wake up to the fact that much of what lives the existence of a transvestite (while calling itself "Science") is little more than a control mechanism.

While you, the gentle reader, are "at it" consider the bottom line of all this:  for the longest time people have been arguing about whether a certain group of people is a nation, an ethnic something or even a religion.  In reality it is a "science".... the science of mediocrity arrogating itself an elevated position within the body of mankind while calling the rest "animals" (better beasts of burden).  Somebody has to pull the plough and trod into the abattoirs of what we have been told to call "history".... maybe - just maybe - Nietzsche had diagnosed our present situation more than a century earlier with extreme parsimony: we may really be  BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL. 

This begs for the question - what is the appropriate "label" for the present "Human condition"?


Dr. Siegfried E. Tischler, Visiting Professor - Ethics of Science

+62 813 656 66956 -Indonesia

e-mail: setex01@


John de Nugent
 Reaction to M. Walsh's "Dear Germany", 21 September 2006 – see Newsletter No 298

Dear Michael

You know how very much I admire all your writing and your tireless engagement of many years for our sacred cause.

I read and reread what you wrote below about our German brothers and sisters, which has been circulating among comrades. I can see every point you make about the Germans, and believe me, Germans are the first to be self-critical, but I explain the same things from another perspective and try to be a bit more charitable, despite feeling the same exasperation.

First, a few credentials about me and Deutschland: majored in German at my university; speak it with near-native fluency; have read all its greatest works of literature; once married for 13 years to an Austrian from a right-wing family. (Austrians are often more German in attitudes, customs and understanding than today's brainwashed Germans. Austria reigned, as you know, over Germany for 700 years through the Habsburgs.) My older daughter attended for six years a true German public school that was established in suburban Washington, D.C. for the German Embassy and NATO German soldiers and Luftwaffe. (It was always striking to see "Luftwaffe" on a gleaming Boeing 737 at Dulles Airport.)  I've worked closely together with many Germans, older, middle-aged and young; lived for years in Austria on the Bavarian border (Kufstein); and just this summer had a very typical German experience with a blunt, tireless, honest, innovative,professional and perfectionistic Franconian.

I see the Germans' current faults as classic German virtues twisted to bad ends.

Are Germans more obedient than others to ZOG? A bit more, yes. Yes, because unlike unrulier peoples (Kelts, Slavs, Mediterraneans and Anglo-Saxons), Germans come to a full stop at red lights, pay their bills on time, never bounce a check, and just in general keep their word as a matter of great personal pride and conviction. They obey and respect authority on principle, more than from cowardice.

When the Reich was driven underground in 1945, and the "loser" of the war was gone, and it was time to work and have food rather than more politics, and besides they had heard terrible things about mass murders--"confessed" by their own German officers--and the Russian campaign had been a debacle even in the view of National Socialists, well, they accepted the government they were given and made the best of it. It helped that this government put food on the table after they had been perishing of starvation for years before the Federal Republic came along. Funny how years of starvation, suicidal thoughts, women prostituting themselves so their children could eat, and all-engulfing despair and fear can modify most peoples' behavior. (But there is NO group on earth more craven than our American Congress, which this summer gave Ehud Olmert 13 standing ovations--this to a turkey even the Israelis don't respect.)

German believe in order, respect for authority, hard work and everyone must follow the same rules. That is why the country has not felt sorry for itself, has arisen like a Phoenix and become an economic giant again (one TRILLION in exports in 2004.) That is why the 2006 World Cup was a marvel of friendly efficiency and foreign visitors went home raving about the (supposedly) cold Germans.

The Jews have been exploiting this virtue of respect for authority, this virtue. 

(But look at the recent NPD victories in eastern/middle Germany. They are starting to wake up, the Gerries, and this time I think it may hold.)

Germans, especially the older generation, are relentlessly honest (sometimes so honest in speech that it comes out as bluntness). Hitler was thinking foremost of his own people when he said the Big Lie technique works best on decent people who would never tell more than a small, harmless white lie themselves. When the Jews and their minions started a 24/7/365 bombardment of atrocity propaganda in 1945, controlling all media, firing teachers and burning books, the Germans had literally nowhere to turn for truth.

And then the truth-knowing generation began to die out. Now the very young soldiers from the end of the war are 76 or more. What can they tell their grandchildren who have had 30 straight years of Holohoax?

I was at Frankfurt Airport a few weeks ago and I could not even access several important American, French, Australian or Belgian revisionist websites. How should the masses of young Germans know the truth? Telepathy?

With 10 percent unemployment, who wants to get on the government's black list or go to prison for years? Not any Canadian or Californian, Dubliner or Cockney I know.

Being honest themselves, the postwar Germans could not imagine that the Holocaust was merely the latest installment of the same Zionist Big Lie, because never could they even dream of organizing such a mega-scam. They are bad liars. They would be ashamed to even think it.

More cynical and corrupt peoples are naturally more skeptical because they themselves fib, lie and cheat a good deal more than Germans. Arabs or Latin Americans are ready to believe the truth about 9/11 or the Holocaust, because lies are a bit more tolerated. The Germans in their personal dealings are not used to liars. (I know that some younger Germans no longer fit this bill. But under whose influence did this change?)

Having some Irish blood myself as have you, I would like to compare the two oppressed peoples. The Anglo-ZOG alliance realized from the self-liberation of Ireland 1916-1920 against all odds (3 mio. Irish against 45 mio. English) that brutality alone will not keep even a small, outnumbered people down forever--if they keep most of their national myths, culture, songs, poetry, dance, language and courage. (It also helps to have our anarchistic Kelt tendencies.)

So when the same Anglo-Jew characters decided to enslave Germany once and for all, they used BOTH extreme brutality, Cromwell-like AND the most total brainwashing that the world has ever seen anywhere. Had the English had radio, TV, movies and public school brainwashing programs at their disposal during the time of Oliver Cromwell (the Irish were allowed no schools at all), AND also allowed the Irish to make a decent living (as ZOG permitted this to the postwar West Germans), then would the Irish not have gradually given up after a while, in the face of the mighty British Empire, accepted their lot and become (slightly more freckled) Britishers? Obedient Kelts like their cousins, the Scots?  That is what has happened in prosperous America--Irish-Americans are almost WASPS, Republican-voting WASPs, but wittier. Many supported Bush and the war in Iraq hook, line and sinker. Not much Irish identification with the underdog. Most go with the winner.

Everything you write, and decry, is true, but I think it is German virtues, not defects, which the enemy is exploiting, and don't worry, all ZOG's best efforts are wearing thin. I saw German flags everywhere, a month or more after the World Cup, even on flagpoles on the lawn just as in America, and many with the fierce black German eagle with flexed talons in the middle, which German are not even allowed to fly (the flag of state). Their big, trashy Judeophile newspaper Bild ran an article that the German police were going around fining Germans for flying the state flag with the black eagle, but Germans interviewed by Bild said let them come by, I won't take it down. (Sounds almost Irish!)  

The Germans are in fact losing their naiveté while retaining most of their marvelous, millennial virtues.

No other people has ever undergone such horrors and come out so well. Our American South stayed devastated for many decades after the North-South war. Russia still has villages without running water within 100 miles of Moscow--and is rebuilding mostly due to oil field wealth, diamonds, gold, aluminum and lumber, selling off raw materials.

I still expect miracles from this German people. If, God forbid, America, Canada, Australia and the US are devastated by a Zionist-provoked clash of civilizations, Germany may be left aside, holding the pieces. Still proud, hard-working, honest, yes, but with one important change in their national character--a burned child knows what fire is, and the Germans will never again be so gullible and naive. 

When I brought up Israel and its then-ongoing attack on Lebanon, Germans got very silent and glowered. The bloom is off the Jewish-German rose.

So I agree with you, but I see the glass as half-full! Let's drink a pint to that!

Your friend and admirer,

John de Nugent


Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Lithuanian bar flew Nazi flag

A bar in Lithuania flew a Nazi flag and greeted customers with an employee dressed as Hitler.

The public demonstration of Nazi symbols at Kaunas’ Fortas bar, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, provoked outrage in the Jewish community. “Perhaps somebody was trying to make a joke, but it’s improper humor,” said Simonas Alperavicius, chairman of the Jewish community of Lithuania. The head of Kaunas’ Jewish community, Gerzas Zakas, said he would ask the State Security Department to launch a formal investigation into the incident. Efraim Zuroff, director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Israel office, urged Lithuanian authorities to respond to the matter immediately. “The time has come for the government to make it unequivocally clear that Nazi symbols and figures have no place in democratic Lithuania,” the statement said. Zuroff blamed Lithuania’s poor record of prosecuting Nazi wartime criminals for the incident.

Hitler T-shirt creates controversy

Australian Jewish leaders called on department stores to stop selling a T-shirt that features Hitler and Winston Churchill.
The shirt features the two men with the words “paper v scissors” underneath them, an apparent reference to a childhood game.
 Anton Block, a local Jewish leader, said the shirt belittles the memory of Holocaust victims.

Canadian donates to Israeli school

A Canadian entrepreneur donated $20 million to the Technion—Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.
Seymour Schulich’s gift to the Technion is believed to be the single largest donation by an individual to a private Israeli entity. Schulich, 66, of Montreal, is a mining industry executive who co-founded Franco-Nevada Mining Corporation. The company grew into a $3 billion corporation in 1992, then merged with Newmont Mining.

President Bush sending delegation to the 65th commemoration of the Babi Yar massacre. The delegation to the Sept. 27 ceremony in Ukraine is headed by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings and includes Gregg Rickman, the State Department’s special envoy on anti-Semitism, and Fred Zeidman, chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. More than 33,000 Jews were killed at Babi Yar in late September 1941. In all, roughly 100,000 people were murdered there during the war.

Hungary Prime Minister a Jew? - 20 September 2006. By interpreting the voice and intensity in which a Norwegian state TV/radio reporter, Hans Wilhelm Steinfeld - a Jew, spoke about the uproar in Budapest, Hungary and the demonstrators it is clear that Ferenc Gyurcsany is a Jew. Mr Steinfeld used the normal Jewish words when describing those who were angry because the prime minister admitted he has been lying before the election. Mr Steinfeld talked about neonazis being behind the uproar together with soccer-hooligans. He hardly mentioned the reason for the uproar: Lying by a politician!           ***


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