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           Some people love telling lies.     

  Liars get upset with honest people    

who refuse to believe in the lies. 

Liars then go to court and begin legal

 persecution of those who refuse

to believe their lies.



350-year-old religion seeks equality

By Angie Kay, Sunshine Coast Daily, 7 September 2006

The Quakers are not known as a publicity-seeking group so it may come as a surprise to many to learn there has been a Quaker community operating on the Coast since the 1860s. Local correspondent for the group, Ian Shirley, took some time to share 10 interesting things about the Quakers you may not know.


1.        The Quakers is a world-wide movement which started at the time of the Reformation in Europe around 350 years ago by a man named George Fox. Ian said Fox had started the group because he felt established churches did not recognize God lived in everyone equally.


2.        This belief in equality has seen the Quaker movement develop with no paid pastors, ministers or clergy. “Everyone has a responsibility of participation 24-hours a day, 7-days a week,” Ian said. “People are very welcome to explore the possibility of experiencing worship with us. There is no sermon, formal prayer or hymns. It’s a group of people sitting together in silence or sharing their experiences.”


3.        The belief in equality means Quakerism has also developed into a Christian-based group, which is inclusive and does not discriminate because of church doctrine. “We accept all homosexuals without knowing enough to be judging of it,” Ian explained. “Abortion is again up to an individual and the circumstances. It’s not seen as a method of family planning, but we understand it’s seen as a way by others. It is very inclusive and tolerant. Anyone who cares to can come and experience group worship and discussion.”


4.        The Bible is seen only as a guide and not an absolute truth. “There is also no doctrine,” Ian said. “The Bible is seen as a guide but is not infallible. It is written by fallible people long after the events and that takes a lot of the semantics out of it.”


5.        Very few formal ceremonies are held within the church. “We have no formal religious ceremonies, except for marriage and burial,” Ian said. “There is no baptism, communion or confirmation. If you give your word to God, that is enough.


6.        Without doctrine members are encouraged to connect with God through “contemplation, meditation, reading and studying.”


7.        The first recorded history of the Quakers being on the coast was in the late 1860s when a Quaker farm was settled at Sippy Downs – the current Sunshine  University site. Early Quaker activities on the coast included building and giving of houses to widows and their children in Nambour.


8.        Sunshine Coast Quaker Church has about a dozen members “with a rotating group of visitors from other parts of the world.”


9.        Quakers was the first organization to denounce slavery in the Middle Ages and helped to establish the first banks.


10.     War is always considered to be the last possible alternative e by the Quaker religion. “We believe there are so many ways of winning an argument without resorting to war,” Ian explained. “That’s called a peace testimony. War is very extreme.” The Coast chapter of the Quakers meets on the first and third Sunday at the old church in Willis Road, Bli Bli, from 10:30 AM.


Judaism and a sunburnt land

New Under the Sun: Jewish Australians in Religion, Politics and Culture.

Edited by Michael Fagenblat, Melanie Landau and Nathan Wolski. Black Inc, 384pp. $34.95.

Sol Encel – emeritus professor at the University of New South Wales and honourary research associate at UNSW’s Social Policy Research Centre  - reviews the book.

This is a large plum pudding of a book (perhaps strudel would be a more fitting metaphor) with 34 chapters covering almost every conceivable topic. The title is a sideways allusion to the Old Testament book Koheleth (or Ecclesiastes) and its downbeat maxim there is nothing new under the sun.

The chapters are arranged under five headings: Longing, politics, seeking, memory and responsibility. Within these categories several themes emerge, including Jewish identity, religion, Zionism, the role of women in the Jewish community, and the Holocaust.

Most of the writers are concerned with internal Jewish matters. Particularly striking, however, is the attention given by several to the plight of other groups whose place under the sun is less than favourable: refugees, asylum seekers, Aborigines. Concern with the plight of Aborigines is comparatively new in the Jewish community but it has attracted some outstanding legal talent.

Prominent Melbourne solicitor Mark Leibler describes how he was drawn into the work of reconciliation through acting as legal adviser to the Yorta Yorta people, whose ultimately unsuccessful land claim dragged on for several years during the 1990s.

Leibler reminds us of the historic connection between Jewry and the Yorta Yorta people. In Decemver 1938, following Kristallnacht, a delegation of Yorta Yorta people, led by one of its elders, William Cooper, presented itself at the German consulate in Melbourne to protest against Nazi persecution. (They were refused admission).

Leibler writes that “The Yorta Yorta struggle for land justice has provided me with pivotal insights which have informed my understanding of reconciliation.” In 2005, he became co-chair of Reconciliation Australia. Leibler was encouraged to work with the Yorta Yorta people by another prominent Melbourne Lawyer, Ron Castan, who was principal legal advisor to Eddie Mabo and his fellow Murray Islanders in their land claim. He is quoted extensively by his daughter, Melissa, herself a legal academic. Not long before he died, prematurely in 1999, Castan explained why Jews should be particularly sensitive to the issue of Aboriginal rights: “The experience of Auschwitz tells us what happens when the law turns citizens into non-citizens, and non-citizens into non-people…Just as there are Holocaust museums in Israel and Australia, so this country desperately needs its museum of the stolen and the dispossessed. The refusal to apologize for dispossession, for massacres, and for the theft of children is the Australian equivalent of the Holocaust denial…ultimately, the most vicious form of racism is the accusation made against today’s survivors of brutality and oppression, and against their descendants that they are inventing the stories.” Perhaps this should be called the “white armband” view of history.

The plight of refugees and asylum seekers is also the concern of writer Arnold Zable, who links their treatment with the history of his own family. His mother, Hadassa, arrived in Melbourne from Poland in 1934 but was threatened with deportation. She went through a year of unsuccessful appeals and finally escaped deportation by obtaining a visa for New Zealand. On returning to Melbourne she battled for more than two years to obtain a permit for her husband. She ultimately succeeded but was unable tog et permits for her parents and siblings, all of whom perished in the Holocaust.

Sable describes the “many parallel tales of family separation and flight” he has encountered as a refuge advocate for Iraqis, Iranians, Pacific Islanders and others. He concluded “The journey of the contemporary refuge is the journey of our ancestors writ large…Perhaps we need to venture out and become seafarers again…We need to return, and see the continent anew. To see that it is an island after all. We need to approach with nothing but the clothes on our back and hope that awaiting us is not the one-eyed Cyclops, but people of good heart. Perhaps then we will recall that our own forebears were strangers who approached these alien shores by boat.”

Zable’s chapter as well as others reminds us that more than half of the Jewish community consists of immigrants, many of them survivors of the Holocaust (Shoah in Hebrew). Remembrance of the Shoah pervades many of the chapters. Mark Baker, himself the son of survivors, titles his chapter “Born under the sign of the Shoah”. As a boy, his entire universe was populated by survivors with numbers tattooed on their arms as though they were birthmarks. “Auschwitz cast its shadow on day-to-day life…You could read it in the way a mother fed you as though this would be the last morsel, or nursed your common cold in case it should develop into tuberculosis.” He marvels at the stories of survival he ahs witnessed, “testifying to the miraculous resurrection of humanity from deep inside the crematory pits.” It is the miracle of Jewish survival, perhaps, that it is the unifying theme that binds the chapters of this diverse anthology.


Fredrick Töben’s Diary Entries - Thursday, 11 November 1999

I’M BACK! – and a big thank you to all those who have made my prison stay at Mannheim an educational experience. Would I do it all over again? Yes, yes – freedom of speech is worth fighting for. I scoff at those armchair critics who merely talk about it – and we have a number of these fellows in Australia. In particular I am reminded of Phillip Adams who begrudgingly proclaims that freedom of speech is worthy of defending. Yet, he will continue to talk about me but not with me. So, old Phillip continues to persecute and sling mud at those who threaten his conceptual framework. He, like prosecutor Klein, would love nothing more than to silence those who do not share his world view. Like Jeremy Jones, Adams wishes “to stop me from functioning”, and that’s very sad, very sad, indeed.

Little sleep throughout the night – yesterday at 5 PM Judge Klaus Kern sentenced me to 10 months prison, and bail of DM6,000 will get me out of here. Someone is collecting for me – and I’ll know more this morning. The 6AM morning call sees me already awake and I request permission to clean my room before our 8AM courtyard walk! It’s granted and my door remains unlocked. This gives me the opportunity to complete my farewell program – morning coffee and cake with …. Read on at Where Truth Is No Defence I Want To Break Free.


Irving's girlfriend is left homeless and bitter
By Neil Tweedie, 24 February 2006

Bente Hogh surveys the enormous living room of the £6,000-a-month flat in Queen Anne's Gate that will soon cease to be her home. 

"It was foolish of him to rent it - we can't possibly afford it - but he's like that," she says. "He saw it and thought it would be fun."

It is not easy being the consort of David Irving, the internationally reviled author, Hitler apologist, Holocaust denier and new recruit to the Austrian prison system.

Miss Hogh, Irving's partner of 14 years and the mother of his 12-year-old daughter Jessica, is not only broke but about to be made homeless.

Within weeks, she will be forced to leave the flat, situated in one of the most expensive streets in central London. Blue plaques record that Palmerston, the great Victorian prime minister, and Sir Edward Grey, the foreign secretary who took Britain to war in August 1914, lived in Queen Anne's Gate - credentials that will have appealed to Irving's snobbery.

"They'll be taking me to court soon," she adds. "I haven't got the money to stay.

"It was a stupid, feeblewitted thing to do."

Miss Hogh, 42, the daughter of a Danish dentist, is talking of her partner's decision to visit Austria on a speaking tour in November last year, despite being the subject of an arrest warrant issued by that country in 1989. Irving, 67, was on his way to address a Right-wing student fraternity when he was arrested.

The warrant followed two speeches during which the now discredited historian repeated his thesis that the gas chambers at Auschwitz were a fantasy, and that Hitler had protected the Jews for a period during the war.

As such, they were clear violations of the country's law against Holocaust denial, introduced in the aftermath of the Second World War.

The result was a three-year prison sentence imposed in Vienna on Monday, despite Irving's last-minute conversion into a Holocaust believer. The prosecution is appealing to have the jail term increased.

"Like him, I thought it would be a suspended sentence," Miss Hogh says. "I feel sad for him. He's getting old."

She speaks of him with cool detachment. How did they meet? "I was working for a property company and renting his flat in Duke Street," she explains. "Big mistake." She isn't laughing.

Irving was forced to sell the flat after his disastrous libel suit in 2000 against the American academic Deborah Lipstadt, who had accused him of Holocaust denial. After a three-month trial, the High Court in London sided with Lipstadt. Faced with more than £2 million in costs, he was driven into bankruptcy.

It is unclear how Irving was able to afford the rent of Queen Anne's Gate, although in the past he has enjoyed the support of wealthy men and women admiring of his views.

Miss Hogh's only work involves managing Irving's website. It is known, however, that some of Irving's assets were placed under her name to save them from his creditors.

Does she share any of his theories? "Of course not. They are laughable. He doesn't mind that I think that, though. He likes the game."

Will she stay with him? "He would have to show a great change in attitude."

Irving's twin brother Nicholas, a retired civil servant, and older brother John, a retired RAF officer, have both disowned his views, while he is understood to have seen little in recent years of his daughters by his Spanish wife Pilar.

She moved back to Spain after their divorce and has also described Irving's theories as "laughable".

Miss Hogh hopes to stay in London so as not to interrupt her daughter's education. It was to Jessica that Irving dedicated a verse cited in the Lipstadt trial as evidence of his racism.

It went: "I am a baby Aryan/ Not Jewish or sectarian/ I have no plans to marry/ An ape or Rastafarian."

Miss Hogh rules out a return to Denmark. "It's boring," she says.

After 14 years with David Irving, a little bit of boredom might seem welcome.

Bente Hogh has been with David Irving for 14 years

The couple's flat in Queen Anne's Gate, London

From: Ronald Evans [];

Sent: Monday, 20 February 2006 11:37 PM

To:; Subject: Victory at last!!!

Greetings Frederick, how very pleasing it is to see that even David Irving now sees the absurdity of the revisionist view. I hope that the holocaust deniers will now stop making idiots of themselves and find something useful. Cheers, Ronald.


From: Fredrick Töben

- Please view, then scroll down to REPORTS and click on – then follow the subject matter …


Irving pleads guilty, but says no longer denies Holocaust

By Philippe Naughton and agencies in Vienna


Arriving at court today David Irving holds his notorious book "Hitler’s War" in which he claimed that the Nazi leader had no knowledge of the final solution (AP Photo/Hans Punz)

David Irving, the revisionist historian, pleaded guilty today to criminal charges of denying the Holocaust and conceded that he had been mistaken when he claimed that there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz.

But, in comments to reporters and in testimony before a Viennese court, the British writer denied that he had ever written a book about the Holocaust and said that he had revised his views and now accepted that million of Jews were indeed murdered in Nazi death camps.

"I am not a Holocaust denier. My views have changed," he said. "History is a constantly growing tree: the more you learn, the more documents are available, the more you learn, and I have learned a lot since 1989.

"Yes, there were gas chambers," Mr Irving added. "Millions of Jews died, there is no question. I don’t know the figures. I’m not an expert on the Holocaust.

Mr Irving faces a maximum sentence of ten years in jail under Austria's 1946 Banning Law which makes it an offence to publicly diminish, deny or justify the Holocaust. He has been held without bail since November on charges stemming from two speeches he made to Austrian rightwingers in 1989.

Six years after a High Court libel trial which demolished his reputation as a historical researcher, the case has made Mr Irving a "cause célèbre" among European neo-Nazis. His lawyer says that he received 300 pieces of fanmail a week during his incarceration and the Vienna courthouse was under high security to head off neo-Nazi protests.

The 67-year-old arrived at the courthouse wearing a blue business suit and, despite being in handcuffs, clutching a copy of his notorious 1977 book, Hitler's War, which claimed that the German leader had no knowledge of the "Final Solution". During his three months in prison awaiting trial he has been working on his memoirs, under the working title Irving's War.

Once in the dock, and with his guilty plea out of the way, Mr Irving addressed the court in German "I made a mistake when I said there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz," he said.

But he insisted that he never wrote a book about the Holocaust, which he called "just a fragment of my area of interest." "In no way did I deny the killings of millions of people by the Nazis," Mr Irving testified.

Earlier Mr Irving told journalists that he considered it "ridiculous" that he was standing trial for remarks made 17 years ago.

He has been in custody since his arrest on November 11 at a motorway service station on charges stemming from two speeches he gave in Austria in 1989 in which he was accused of denying the Nazis’ extermination of six million Jews. The state attorney’s office said the 1989 remarks were "a dangerous violation of freedom of speech".

The trial comes amid fierce debate over freedom of expression in Europe after the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that has triggered violent demonstrations in the Islamic world.

Although Austria's Banning Law is often applied - charges were brought against 724 people in 2004 - it rarely produces a prison term, and many Austrians fear that Mr Irving could become a far-right martyr if he is jailed.

In 2000, Mr Irving sued an American Holocaust scholar, Deborah Lipstadt, for libel in the High Court in London, but lost. The court ruled that Irving was indeed "an active Holocaust denier ... anti-Semitic and racist".




-----Original Message-----

Tuesday, 1 August 2006
Subject: Irving

Earlier today I got the message below from a correspondent I consider reliable.

A.R. Butz


I heard it from a normally reliable friend in UK just now via an E-Mail. I immediately (10 A.M. C.S.T.) telephoned David's brother John, and spoke to his wife who said it was NOT TRUE as they had just spoken to him on Sunday, and it had been first posted on the internet on the 26th! I can only imagine someone made a comment to the effect that "at his age under those prison conditions, he COULD suffer a stroke at any time"; and then it took off from there.


Fredrick Töben comments

 - soon to follow a translated item by Wolfgang Fröhlich, who was released from prison on 28 May 2006, and only now - 22 July - has informed his supporters of this fact. He had an opportunity to speak with David Irving while in the same prison.  Mr Fröhlich states that his early release appears to be a result of Austrian's un-willingness to adhere to laws that send individuals to prison for re-activating National Socialism.

More later -



Hitler yearbook quotes shock community

By Tate Walters, June 13, 2006

A New York high school's yearbook that includes quotes from Adolf Hitler has a Long Island neighborhood reeling, it was reported Tuesday.

Northport High School officials say they intend to remove the quotes accompanying the photos of seniors Christopher Koulermos and Philip Compton, New York's Newsday reported. "It's our responsibility and we failed miserably," Principal Irene McLaughlin said, "The fact that the book went out in the form it did was a grave mistake on our part." The quotes were taken from Hitler's "Mein Kampf," with Koulermos using the quote "Strength lies not in defense but attack" and Compton contributing "The great masses of people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one." While both students had no comment, school officials said they did not believe the students meant to be offensive. "I don't think they understood the ramifications," McLaughlin told Newsday.




1. That during World War Two Germans systematically exterminated European Jews in homicidal gas chambers - the Holocaust?


2. That on 11 September 2001 a group of Muslim terrorists attacked the USA - 9:11?

If you do, then you are either IGNORANT of the physical facts or a LIAR.


Have a good day.

Fredrick Töben


FROM OCCUPIED GERMANY: German minds colonized-controlled by Jews -


New Berlin Holocaust Institute Also Looks at Tolerance - 16.09.2006,2144,2172673,00.html


Germany's pre-war religious minority, the Jews, were forced to wear the Star of David


The German capital is home to the Holocaust memorial, two Jewish museums and an academic center for anti-Semitic research. Now a small college is opening a Holocaust institute that also looks at questions of tolerance.

There is perhaps no other city more associated with the annihilation of European Jewry than Berlin, nor any city after the war that has been filled with retribution for the Holocaust.

There's the Holocaust Memorial designed by American architect Peter Eisenman that consists of 2,711 stone slabs spread over the size of several football fields in the heart of Berlin, between the Brandenburg Gate and the site of Hitler's bunker.   

American architect Daniel Libeskind designed the Holocaust Memorial in central Berlin

Germany's capital also boosts two museums: Architect Daniel Libeskind's ultra modern Jewish Museum, built in the form of a deconstructed Star of David; and the Wannsee Museum, the villa where the conference on the so-called Nazi "Final Solution" was held. For the academically inclined, there is the Center for Anti-Semitic Research at Berlin's Technical University.

Now the Lander Institute for the Communication of the Holocaust and Tolerance is to be launched at the Touro College in Berlin. Its namesake is Bernhard Lander, a 92-year-old American Rabbi, sociology professor and human rights activist, who founded the private university in 1970.

Today Touro College, which derives its name from Isaac Touro, a Jewish philanthropist in colonial America, is a liberal arts college with campuses in New York, California, Israel, Russia and Germany. Around 22,000 students are enrolled worldwide.


The director of the Institute is Andreas Nachama, who was former president of Berlin's Jewish community, now dominated by Russian Jews who have settled in Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall. In an interview with DW-World, Nachema explained the mission of the Lander Institute.

"It's not just about Jews, but about a minority population that is marginalized in our society," he said. "By looking at the past, we can look at present day xenophobia, conflicts with Islam, and so on. The institute is not just about the Holocaust, but about fostering tolerance."

DW staff (df) | | © Deutsche Welle.

* Oper Mönchengladbach inszeniert sensibles Thema

An der Mönchengladbacher Oper wird heute "Das Frauenorchester von Auschwitz" uraufgeführt. Zur Generalprobe kam auch eine ehemalige Musikerin des KZ -Orchesters. Sie hat den Holocaust überlebt und zeigte sich von dem Stück beeindruckt.


Fredrick Töben comments: More German hatred from within Germany, from German minds working at all levels of human endeavour, this time in music aimed to cripple normal sensibilities with guilt and shame and perversions - oh, oh - and it's billed as a contentious topic ... Mönchengladbach opera performs "Das Frauenorchester von Auschwitz" - "The female orchestra of Auschwitz" - compare with the nonsense Adorno (?) statement that after Auschwitz it's not possible to write poetry - the poverty of German cultural creativity exposed - Germans are still letting themselves be mentally raped/colonised by Jewish minds... will Germans ever liberate their minds from such slavery, or are they identifying themselves with the rapist – and beginning to like the rape - thereby falling into the Jewish trap of self-degradation?

And what about the German-born pope falling nto the same mindset when he incites against the Muslim world - Islam is indeed a fighting religion – but it fights its own battles and not like the Christian Zionists who are mere proxies for Jewish interests. In whose interest is it to create a Christian-Muslim divide? The Jews! Just asking.

Then again - think on this: Some people love telling lies, especially about some unimaginable catastrophe that befell them three decades ago. Liars get upset with honest people who refuse to believe in the lies, and the liars then take honest people to court where corrupt judges punish the honest people for refusing to accept the lies. What a power game, what a perverse situation, what a deadly battle of the wills for those who become believers in lies?



From: Michael Walsh -

Sent: 17 September 2006

Subject: Re: More German hatred - at all levels of human endeavour - this time in music aimed to cripple normal sensibilities with guilt and shame and perversions -

Well said. I have to say that there seems to be a major flaw in the German intellect, for all of that people's qualities.

Certainly the disaster that befell them post war would be enough to traumatise any people, but for how long?

Would any other nation allow itself to be libelled, slandered, and used as a doormat over so many decades? I doubt it!

Even small nations, like Ireland, the Baltic nations put up some form of resistance but Germans are so supine.

As someone said recently, all it would take is for a few hundred Germans to present themselves at a few dozen police stations to demand honest analysis of 'the holocaust', [or as Horst Mahler suggested thousands of citizens should turn themselves in for refusing to believe in the holocaust ].

In that one virtually risk-free action, like the citizens march through Leipzig, the whole lot would come crashing down.

From: Peter Wakefield Sault -

Sent: 17 September 2006

Subject: Re: Michael Walsh contextualises things -

Did you hear about the ordination of the rabbis in Germany? Apparently 200,000 'Jews' have been snuck into Germany from Russia while no one was looking and now they need rabbis to remind them that they are Jews. Of course there was the usual crap about the mythical six million, all over BBC radio.

The problem is the German media. All you need to know is that they descibed this ordination as a "miracle" (excuse me while I wretch). In England I can correct the lies put out but no one can do that in Germany without risking arrest and imprisonment.

As an example of the kind of crap that the modern British believe, my sister was very surprised to learn from me that it was England that declared war on Germany in 1939; that Germany was not threatening England or France until after they declared war - and of course that six million Jews never even existed. I explained about the starvation in the internment camps and why those camps existed. Even though knowing the truth is not illegal in England (yet), the truth frightened her.


From: Paul -

Sent: 17 September 2006

Subject: Re: Michael Walsh contextualises things -

These Jews were not snuck into Germany at all but given free access by Helmut Kohl...

During WWII 2 million Jews were taken by train by the Germans to an area of Russia just south of Minsk called Die Pripjetische Sümpfe  or the Swamps of Pripet and put in a Jewish Autonomous Zone.

When the Soviets pushed westwards these Jews were left there and locked in by the Russians....most Jews acted as Partisans against both the Russians and Germans.

During Kohls 'reign' he travelled to Russia and offered to take back ALL of those Jews still left in that area.... Each Jew arriving here from Pripjet receives € 140.000 Begrüßungs Geld  (Welcome Money) paid for by the German taxpayer (ME included)   Up to date around 200.000 have arrived, more to follow....the local Jews HATE them like hell because these 'Russian Jews' are nothing more than Mafia and almost outnumber the local  Jews and are starting to MISSappropriate the moneys allocated to the local Jewish Groups by the German Govt....

Anyway they make up the basis of the Russian Mafia operating here in Germany.


From: stopdestruction 2006 -

Sent: 18 September 2006

The Pitiful Pope -

The Pope states that he regrets that Moslems took offense at his offensive comments. He does not regret making his offensive comments and denies that they were offensive, though they undeniably were. The Pope's disingenuous "apology" is yet another insult to the intelligence of the Moslem community. Make no mistake about it, the Pope first sought to defame Islam, then found a cowardly way in which to do it, which would offer him some spurious means of deniability. The Pope is again showing the world that he is a spineless coward and vicious liar by pretending to apologize, but instead further insulting people who have done him no harm. The Pope is blaming the people he has deliberately offended, for his offense, for daring to be offended by it! His actions are so absurd and disingenuous as to be unmistakably contrived and deliberately provocative.


Dear Germany!


 Michael Walsh  Monday, 18 September 2006

 Recent correspondence bemoans the fact that the German nation is hamstrung and spread-eagled by their corrupt media, morally bankrupt judiciary and its puppet-politicians; thus they are helpless. Yet their situation is not much different from that of others who do fight back and are prepared to suffer as a consequence. England and America have their prisoners of political conscience too and they are not all in Guantanamo Bay.

The post World War 1 German generation was placed in a similar situation to your own. Yet within a lifetime its courage and sacrifice allowed itself to be educated and inspired to a greatness of achievement unmatched in the history of mankind.

In just ten years Germany, the real Germany, not the Hollywood version, leaped two-hundred years into the future. We’re still catching up on those achievements, those we couldn’t figure out or manage to steal from them.


When Germany was attacked 1933 – 1945, though outnumbered 2.5 to 1 by three world empires whose territories surrounded it, Germany with its few allies fought them to a standstill.

This was Thermopylae repeated; the Germans and their allies were the new Spartans, the last defenders of civilisation’s liberation; the end of the Soviet, American and British Empires was at stake. The colonised world of the three empires held its breath. Sadly they and civilisation lost.

The evil cabal’s victorious barbarians sacked Europe; they plundered, pillaged and raped across our great continent. The chains of the slaves rattled from the North Sea to the Bering Straits.


Those slaves were not all German or even German allies. But some of them did get off their knees and they are still rising; timidly it must be said but there is a stirring. Are you listening, Germany?

The Hungarians rebelled, the Rumanians, Ukrainians, and the Czechs; so did the Poles and others; then of course there were your East German compatriots, while you stood and watched. All rebelled and rose against their tormentors except the West Germans. When the wall came down your apathy spread eastwards.

Once was daubed on the walls of the ruined Reich, 'You break our homes but you will never break our spirits.' Sadly for the world and civilisation, they, the victors appear to have done just that.


If we are to be honest it has to be conceded that the German people in defeat quickly became a nation of record breaking under-achievers when it came to civil disobedience, truculence, insolence or anything other than cowed acceptance of their slavish post war subordination to the victor nations.

There is no spin on posterity which can possibly record otherwise. If there are Germans deserving of respect then look to those of Leipzig and other East Germans who rebelled against their then masters, yet ironically they stood to suffer far more for their ‘indiscretions’.   


All nations, including the victor nations of World War 2, have suffered calamity through war, genocide, pestilence, and economic migration, ethnic or class ‘cleansing, and adversity. These have seen their populations and territories decimated too.

They picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and struggled for their equal rights in the world community. Nothing broke their spirit and the world went on to benefit from their industry and ingenuity. Nations much smaller than Germany though equal in intellect succeeded where the German vanquished failed.


As an example the Irish descendants of The Famine; this and decades of British martial law truncated their population and territory far more than the German holocaust reduced theirs. Yet they are now the second most successful and prosperous ethnic group in the USA. We know who the first are - and it isn't the Americans.

In recognition of this fact, whether we like it or not the Jews successfully turned adversity to their advantage. This is why they, the Israelites, are running the world and the reason why the Germans are not. Let’s hear no more about German or white superiority. It is a myth.

Adolf Hitler as a guide was a bonus but even without him the German people had the qualities to be a leading nation among the Caucasian greats: it always was – until conquered. Instead it opted for the dog’s collar; to be colonised by others. Germany is not a nation, it is Israel’s udder.


Imagine for a moment if the German people had been as vocal about their insufferable injustices as have been the Jews, the Irish, the Palestinians or even the African peoples who have also suffered slavery, conquest and colonisation. What a harvest they would have reaped. 


Remember, in the eyes of the Israelis if not the world, they the Jews considered ‘their’ land to have been occupied by the British before 1948.

Do you think for one moment that the Jews would have allowed the British to treat them as the British treated the Germans? Like hell they would They terrorised their way to self-government allowing nothing to stand in their way, making and taking casualties. Likewise the Irish and even the Kenyan Mau-Mau while Germany was offering the other nipple!

All that goodwill squandered; all that honour to be retrieved; all that dignity to be restored; the German nation to be re-built with compensation; museums and art galleries as monuments to their suffering, their looted treasures returned and restored, their taxes divided between the toilers. The list is endless but the cheque can only be cashed when the German nation gets off its knees and takes it to the banker’s counter.  Their cowardice is costing them a fortune.

After forty years of seeking recognition of Germany's honour and justice for its people, I can say that the empathy and support came from every corner of the earth, every nationality, including ex-pat Germans, but rarely from the Winston Smiths of the post war German nation.


If I continue to teach real history then my reason for doing so will be a matter of European and personal honour; it will not be to assist the fallen who though healthy refuses to rise, even when offered Arab hands and on occasion even Jewish hands.

The post war German people degraded what earlier generations had achieved. They endure humiliation and degradation, insult and slander and lies as no other nation would. They are happy to take a back seat ride, happy to pocket much less of their earnings than did their grandparents. To comfort their cowardice they libel their fathers, brainwash their children and red carpet the immigrant. But the cheque’s written; when are you going to cash it?


The Germans Who Won – 1914 - 1918

Colonel Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck (1870-1964) was remarkable among military commanders of the First World War in that he served for the entire period without ever having suffered defeat.

Often compared with the better-known T.E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia - Lettow-Vorbeck similarly was a master of guerrilla warfare, this time in East Africa.  With a force never great than 14,000 in total - comprised of 3,000 German and 11,000 Askari (native African) troops - Lettow-Vorbeck ran rings around Allied forces (for the most part British and South African) that were ten times larger than his own.

Lettow-Vorbeck realised quickly that the German campaign against Allied forces in East Africa needed to be conducted on his own terms, largely by seizing (and retaining) the initiative.

Prior to the war Lettow-Vorbeck had seen service during the Boxer Rebellion, and in German Southwest Africa (Namibia) during the Hottentot and Herero Rebellion of 1904-08, during which he was wounded and sent to South Africa to recuperate.

Six months before the the outbreak of war in 1914, Lettow-Vorbeck - then a Lieutenant-Colonel - was given command of Germany's forces in East Africa, which included twelve companies of Askari troops.

In August he began his war by attacking the British railway in Kenya.  Three months later a large mixed British and Indian invasion force landed at Tanga Bay to conquer German East Africa; in numerical terms at least they outnumbered Lettow-Vorbeck's available force by some eight to one.  Nevertheless, right from the start he demonstrated great tactical planning.

With the Allied landing a success, Lettow-Vorbeck pulled his forces some distance back, not in full retreat as seemed apparent, but simply in order to draw the British and Indian forces further inland, catching them in a crossfire and inflicting heavy casualties, quickly obliging a British retreat back to Tanga Bay to consolidate.

Over the next couple of years Lettow-Vorbeck launched raids into the British colonies of Kenya and Rhodesia, the aim being to destroy forts situated there, along with railway track and carriages.  His Askari troops, trained in the Prussian manner, gained in confidence and experience with each successful raid.

Jan Smuts - himself an enemy of the British during the Boer War of 1899-1902, but now serving with them - was tasked in March 1916 with dealing with Lettow-Vorbeck, and in doing so launched an attack from South Africa with a force of 45,000 men.  As with the British beforehand, Lettow-Vorbeck led Smuts a merry dance, although curiously this did not subsequently harm Smuts political career in any way.

In 1917 the Allies turned up the heat on Lettow-Vorbeck, with attacks launched from such disparate locations as Kenya, Rhodesia, Congo and Mozambique - the latter two spearheaded by Belgian and Portuguese forces, respectively.

With his forces running low on supplies - both ammunition and food - Lettow-Vorbeck was forced to live off the land, although a successful raid upon a Portuguese arms dump near the Mozambique border largely resolved his arms shortage.

Lettow-Vorbeck launched fresh raids against Rhodesian forts in 1918, tackling one after another.  He was in the midst of planning further large raids when news of the 11 November Armistice reached him (from a British prisoner).

Far from beaten, and with a force of some 3,000 men available to him, Lettow-Vorbeck nonetheless decided to surrender to the British on 25 November at Mbaala, Zambia.

Returning to Germany as a national hero (and having been promoted general in the field), Lettow-Vorbeck was likewise admired by his former enemies as a courageous, tenacious and honourable fighter. Once in Germany he immediately joined the Freikorps, and at the head of a brigade successfully crushed Spartacist forces in Hamburg.   Lettow-Vorbeck was however obliged to resign from the army having declared his support for the right-wing Kapp Putsch in 1920.

His memoirs of his wartime experiences were subsequently published (in English translation) as My Reminiscences of East Africa. When Smuts, his former opponent, in the aftermath of the Second World War, heard that Lettow-Vorbeck was living in destitution, he arranged (along with former South African and British officers) for a small pension to be paid to him until his death on 9 March 1964 at the age of 94.


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