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Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

21 August 2006


The Director

Adelaide Institute

PO Box 3300



Dear Sir or Madam


Complaint of racial hatred by Miss Gilli Atkinson


I have received a complaint under the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986 (‘HEREOCA’) against the Adelaide Institute from Ms Gilli Atkinson alleging a breach of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (‘RDA’).

Ms Atkinson advises that she is Jewish. She claims that the website discriminates against Jewish people, with special mention of Jews from Uganda. Ms Atkinson advises that the website alleges that the Holocaust did not occur and features commentary which is racist and derogatory about Jewish people. –lease find enclosed correspondence from Ms Atkinson which outlines her complaint, together with copies of sections 18C and 18D of the RDA which are relevant to the complaint.

At this stage, I am seeking a response as part of the inquiry into this complaint. I therefore request the Adelaide Institute’s comments on the allegations and would appreciate your advice on the following matters.

1.       Please provide the details of the entity or individual that operates the Adelaide Institute.

2.       Please comment on Ms Atkinson’s claim that the Adelaide Institute website

2.1   alleges that the Holocaust never occurred; and

2.2   contains derogatory and racist descriptions of Ugandan Jews;

3.       Section 18D of the RDA sets out the circumstances in which publishing of material which contains comments based on racial hatred may not be unlawful. If you consider that section 18D is relevant to the Adelaide Institute’s decision to publish the material which appears on its website, please identify the subsection you wish to rely upon and provide a detailed submission on its relevance.

I am also prepared to consider anything the Adelaide Institute may wish to put as to whether I should continue with this inquiry.

Under the HREOCA the President must try to effect a settlement of the complaint that is acceptable to both parties to the complaint. If the matter cannot be settled or is terminated on some other ground, Ms Atkinson may then make an application to the Federal Court of Australia or the Federal Magistrates Court for the court to hear the allegations of unlawful discrimination.

It may be necessary for me, in carrying out my statutory functions on behalf of the President, to provide the Adelaide Institute’s response, or relevant parts of it, to Ms Atkinson, or to include the response in a report to the Federal Court of Australia or the Federal Magistrates Court if the matter is not conciliated or is terminated.

I would appreciate your response within the next twenty-one (21) days. In the interim, if you have any queries about this complaint or any other matter you may contact Ms Bridget Akers on (02) 9284 9726 or by email to . Ms Akers is the officer handling the matter for the President.

Your sincerely

Karen Toohey

Delegate of the President

Enc.  Sections of the RDA

         Copy of the complaint

          Information sheet for respondents

          Information sheet on conciliation

          Charter of service


Karen Toohey________________________________________________________________

Sent:     Friday, 2 June 2006 12:58 PM

To:        New Complaints


Below is the result of your feedback from. It was submitted by ( on Fri Jun 2  12:57:55 EST 2006


PART 1 – COMPLAINANT: Gilli Atkinson


Complainant’s Address: 5 Mattner Avenue _____________________ 

Complainant’s Suburb: Glenelg North


Complainant’s Postcode: 5045


Complainant’s State: SA


Complainant’s Email Address:






COMPLAINT ON BEHALF OF SOMEONE ELSE?:  NO_________________________________________





PART 3 –  REASON FOR COMPLAINT:  I have been discriminated against because of my race


OTHER REASONS FOR COMPLAINT: This website discriminates against Jewish people, with special mention of Jews from Uganda. It also alleges the Holocaust never occurred




DESCRIPTION Description of the event?:  This website  ( discriminates against Jewish people, with special mention of Jews from Uganda. It also alleges the Holocaust never occurred. I found this site when searching for Kangol caps in Australia, looking for a shop that sells them. One google link went to a page on this site, which was a derogatory and racist description of Ugandan Jews and their appearance. I am Jewish and have family members who died or were in concentration camps during the second world war. This site has a deeply offensive, discriminatory and disturbing outlook.


PART 4 – LOSS OR HARM EXPERIENCED?:  I feel outraged and deeply offended. This insults the memory of my lost family members and of all others affected by this black period in world history.


PART 5 – DESIRED OUTCOME/ RESOLUTION?:  I want this site shutdown permanently. I notice that this isn’t the first time this site and its founder have been subject to complaint.






Submitted material:

1. Page, dated 2/06/2006   –

2. Page, dated 2/06/2006  – front page of June, section beginning with WALHALLA IS COMING! photos and ending with Dr Fredrick Töben’s disclaimer, at:      

3. Copy of 32-page judgment, dated 5/06/2006: Federal Court of Australia Jones v Toben [2002] FCA 1150 (17 September 2002)




AFP/TBR First Amendment Conference

Washington, USA

1-3 September 2006

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