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Holocaust survivor left mark on youth

Warschau's death saddens teachers, students at St. Joe's

By Kathy Walsh Nufer , Post-Crescent staff writer, September 23, 2006


APPLETON — St. Joseph Middle School art teacher Anne Baruth and her sixth-grade classes of the past decade will never forget Holocaust survivor Fela Warschau, who died Wednesday at age 79 in Sheboygan.


The diminutive woman with the powerful story of unspeakable horrors and saving grace, made a deep impression during her annual visits to St. Joe's, and for many her message was life changing.


"She used her story of horrific suffering to inspire the rest of us to lead better lives," said Baruth, who made Warschau, a native of Poland, part of the sixth grade curriculum for 11 years.


Social studies teacher Jeff Stary agreed. "There is no human being I've ever met that I admire more than Fela Warschau."


Baruth noted that Xavier High School students also attended Warschau's talks, as did groups from Appleton's public middle schools. "She was a tiny woman but a great lady and thousands of kids were moved by her story."


St. Joe's eighth-grader Morgan Krause, 13, still remembers Holocaust atrocities Warschau shared with her class two years ago during its study of the extermination of six million Jews during World War II.


"We read about it in books, but to hear about it from someone who was actually there just really made a difference."


Warschau, who was 13 when Nazis invaded Poland in 1939 and sent most of her family to their deaths in Auschwitz's gas chambers, told her story often so no one would doubt or forget.


Saddened by news of Warschau's death, fellow Holocaust survivor Henry Golde of Appleton feels that same urgency to prevent history from repeating itself.


"That's why I'm speaking as long as I can," said Golde, 77, who thinks he is now the only living Holocaust survivor residing in northern Wisconsin. "Another few years and I guess I will be gone too, and who will tell the story?"


Golde, who met Warschau several years ago, said like her, his main audience is schoolchildren. He does 18 to 20 speeches per month during the school year, he said, and requests have mushroomed as people realize few Holocaust survivors remain.


"We are all dying out, and there are still a lot of doubts about the Holocaust. As long as survivors speak out and tell the truth, especially to kids in school — and I have strong messages about prejudice and bigotry — they will never allow it to happen again."


Baruth, who with Stary will represent ACES/Xavier Catholic Educational System at Warschau's funeral Monday, said she recently attended the 60th wedding anniversary party of Fela and Anschel Warschau, also a death camp survivor. "I was so thankful she lived to see that milestone."


Letter from Leonard Banks, Melbourne

1 October 2006

Thank you for sending me your recent output of the Adelaide Institute’s print newsletters. I found the September issue No 296 Ernst Zündel writes to Robert Faurisson the most rewarding reading of how clearly he demonstrates the gross lie of the hollowcaust fallibility of the Jewish death numbers arrived at in the concentration camps of the Second World War…

I found that bit of information on the unusual death of Francois Duprat due to his efforts to distribute the Harwood booklet to as many people as it was possible to reach in the orbit of his surroundings quite alarming to take it of just how desperate these Zionist assassins are tos top informed opinion upsetting their applecart of bleeding the German people of as much money as it’s possible to squeeze from the mover the Holloquest fraud. …

I’ve been reading that book The Palestine Diary, which I am not allowed to take away from the public library. It shows you what a treasure it is in reporting and is irreplaceable. It seems the Balfour Declaration was actually being negotiated back in 1915 on the presumption of defeating the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Their problem was in getting the Arabs to agree to it, which they never did. It also mentions that the United Kingdon promised the Arab chieftains that Palestine would remain Arab territory after the war, seeing that Palestine was 95% occupied by Arabs. Neither did the House of Lords agree to pass the legislation in reality.


Baldoon Dhingra

Death is not in dying

But the unfeeling heart

When the winds are crying

In a fever stealing o’er the bright eyes

Glazing that mirrored plunder

Once a bright flame blazing

The world’s true wonder.


Death is not in dying

But in forgetting beauty

The white clouds flying

The swift winds flowing

That is real death

Leaving the heart unstirred

Feeling no pain or grieving

No singing bird.




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