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Dear Supporters

The year’s end is just around that proverbial corner, and that means I need to tidy up matters so that we can begin our 14th year of operations without facing a backlog of undone work. That’s the hope, but with increasing age I tend to agree with what 18th century author, Bosco Pertwee said: “I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure.”

A lot has happened on the Revisionist front, the main matter is the continuing imprisonment of Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf. In both instances the 11-12 December 2006 Tehran Holocaust Conference has already impacted on their proceedings. When Zündel’s defence counsel, Jürgen Rieger, asked that the Iranian President, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, be called as a witness, the presiding judge, Dr Meinerzhagen, naturally refused on grounds that such a witness would be irrelevant. And the judge is right because any kind of defence will merely prove that the accused, Ernst Zündel, is “ein Unverbesserlicher, ein überzeugungstäter” – an incorrigible and firmly convinced of his views – with certitude! German judicial procedure in Revisionist cases does not even pretend to be just, and as there is no official transcription of proceedings, the judge can do what he is instructed to do – reach a guilty verdict. After all, a Revisionist will not show contrition, will not be remorseful for the deed he has done, i.e. independently to think about historical matters rather than be derivative and not have the courage to pioneer and go where most fear to venture.

That such a worker is all too often labelled – hater, holocaust denier, antisemite, racist, neo-Nazi, xenophobe – is a victory in itself because those who fear Revisionist work are themselves enslaved b y the post World War Two propaganda machine of the New World Order.

The latest news about NAZI hunting comes from the USA: October 21, 2006 - Detective work, luck uncover 100 Nazis in US, By James Vicini

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Painstaking detective work, scouring historical records and an occasional lucky break have helped the U.S. government solve some of the coldest cases of the Holocaust era and find more than 100 Nazi collaborators. 

"You get to put together some of the most intricate detective puzzles," said Eli Rosenbaum, director of the U.S. Justice Department's Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations. "We've got the coldest cases of all," he said, using the police phrase for old, unsolved cases. "If you can prove one of these cases, you can do just about anything." 

He described how his investigators discovered Elfriede Rinkel, a San Francisco woman sent back to Germany last month after admitting she served as a guard at its Ravensbruck concentration camp during World War Two. 

The U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington obtained copies of the personnel cards from the concentration camp as part of its efforts to preserve Holocaust records and shared them with his office, Rosenbaum said. 

Of the 1,000 names, his investigators found that the 83-year-old German native and citizen was the only one living in the United States. They did further research on her responsibilities at the camp for female prisoners. 

As part of the investigation "we Googled her name," Rosenbaum said. The researchers found an article in a Jewish newspaper about the death in 2004 of her husband, a German Jew and a Holocaust survivor. 

Rosenbaum interviewed Rinkel about a year ago and asked whether she ever told her husband about what she did during the war. "She waved it off and said, 'Yes, but he wasn't interested.'" But he said Rinkel now claims she never told her husband. 

She was the first woman deported since the office's creation in 1979. With an annual budget of $5 million, and a staff of 30 that includes 12 attorneys and 10 historians, it has deported or stripped the U.S. citizenship of 103 individuals. 

The office brought a record 10 new prosecutions in 2002, and has 17 cases in litigation. "We are swamped," Rosenbaum said. 


"We found in the former Soviet Union and other communist countries a veritable treasure trove of evidence," he said in explaining the increase in cases. 

Rosenbaum said his office is in a race against the clock to bring cases as soon as possible, with most of the suspects now in their 80s. "The grim reaper has been depriving us of suspects," he said. 

The United States cannot prosecute the cases criminally, mainly because the events took place on foreign territory. But it can assist in the extradition of Nazi war criminals to stand trial abroad. 

One of the office's most notorious cases involved John Demjanjuk, who was accused of being the sadistic Nazi death camp guard "Ivan the Terrible." 

Extradited to Israel, he was tried and sentenced to death. But he was freed in 1993 after newly released records from the former Soviet Union showed another man was probably the sadistic guard. 

Demjanjuk returned to the United States, and the office brought a new case against him. A judge ruled Demjanjuk could be deported to his native Ukraine for being a guard at three Nazi concentration camps, a ruling that Demjanjuk is appealing, Rosenbaum said. 

He said the office's mission in the future will shift to investigate naturalized U.S. citizens who have participated in more recent acts abroad of genocide, torture or state-sponsored murder, an expanded mission that Congress approved in 2004. 

The office now has 46 individuals under investigation, mostly from Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, Rosenbaum said. That for the first time exceeds the number of individuals -- 45 -- under investigation for Nazi activities. 

"We are very aggressively pursuing the modern cases," he said. Of the Nazi cases, he said, "We are in the closing phase of this effort."


Here we see a mindset at work that is pathologically scapegoating and dependent on the victors’ justice system created after World War Two for any sustenance. Fortunately for those who seek the truth, there is now enough evidence on the world political stage that shows how lies continue to propel this New World Order into its rightfully deserved abyss. The Palestinian tragedy is a direct result of this adherence to the Holocaust dogma.

Individuals who label; others as haters, etc. are themselves full of hatred for anyone who does not conform to their way of thinking, and this offends against the principle that all humans are unique, even twins, triplets, etc.

This fact is easily illustrated by the creative impulse and how it manifests itself within individuals. The uncreative person loves censoring those that create, and I am reminded of Joseph Conrad’s comment on creativity, censorship and individual responsibility:

Least of all can you condemn an artist pursuing, however humbly and imperfectly, a creative aim. In that interior world where his thought and his emotions go seeking for the experience of imagined adventures, there are no policemen, no law, no pressure of circumstance or dread of opinion to keep him within bounds. Who then is going to say NO to his temptation if not his conscience?

The discrimination industry, and those that rely upon it for sustenance fear the creative impulse. The recent HREOC complaint lodged against Adelaide Institute is a prime example of someone full of personal hatred, then scapegoating because of fear of fear.

Here is my response to that recent allegation:

From: Adelaide Institute

Sent: Wednesday, 20 September 2006 7:50 AM



Subject: HREOC - Letter of complaint 21 August 2006

Dear Karen Toohey

I have just returned from a conference in Washington, USA, and will presently respond to the contents of your letter.


Dr Fredrick Töben



GPO Box 5218

Sydney 2001

3 October 2006 

Ref: BA/2017430R

Dear Delegate to the President

Further to your letter dated 21 August 2006, to my email of 20 September 2006, and to my telephone call to your office wherein I was advised that owing to my returning from an overseas trip a reply extension was granted until 6 October 2006.

Herewith my response to your letter detailing a complaint your office has received from Ms Gilli Atkinson, of Glenelg, Adelaide:

1.       If you consult the Directory of Australian Associations,, you will be able to obtain the details of what Adelaide Institute is all about.

2.       The complainant’s statements to HREOC are of such sweeping generalisation that I find it highly offensive for her to have made the statements she has made about Adelaide Institute.

3.       In the ONLINE COMPLAINTS FORM the complainant states she has “been discriminated against because of my race”, then states under “PART 5 – DESIRED OUTCOME/RESOLUTION?: I want this site shutdown permanently. I notice that this isn’t the first time this site and its founder have been subject to complaint.”

4.       On account of the complainant’s offensive racist Jewish supremacism, the above statements reveal an absolutist, authoritarian and dictatorial mindset that has foreclosed any kind of civilized form of conflict resolution.

5.       The written complaint also reveals an innate sense of racist malice and hatred towards anyone who has a differentiated world view to that held by the complainant, thereby offending against Australia’s basic democratic values of tolerance and pluralism.

6.       In her written text the complainant has also racially discriminated against Germans and anyone of German descent by making hurtful and hateful comments, and she deeply insults the memory of my father and other members of my family who served in the German army during World War Two.


Submitted for your consideration.

Dr Fredrick Töben


Adelaide Institute


From the USA John Bryant sent the following to HREOV:

-----Original Message-----

From: John Bryant []

Sent: Sunday, 24 September 2006 11:18 PM

To: Bridget Akers

Subject: Press inquiry

To: Ms Bridget Akers, Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

From: John Bryant

Dear Ms Akers:

I am an Internet writer with a large worldwide audience (more than a million hits per day on my website), and I am writing an article on antidiscrimination and free speech laws.  I was wondering if you, as an official empowered to enforce such laws, could answer some simple but important questions about what is legal or not in your country. Feel free to comment on the answers if you so desire, and to raise any other issues you think might be relevant.  Thanks in advance. -jb

Here are the questions:

What does the term 'discriminate against race R' mean?  In particular, does it mean one or more of the following:

* Telling lies about R

* Telling unpleasant truths about R

Can you tell me which of the following statements, if any, are 'racially discriminatory', assuming they are true:

a) Individual x committed a crime

b) Individual x committed a crime and belongs to race R

c) A group of individuals committed crimes and are of race R

d) Members of race R commit more crimes per capita than race S

e) Members of race R commit fewer crimes per capita than race S

f) Members of race R receive more honors per capita than race S

g) Members of race R receive fewer honors per capita than race S

h) Group A is guilty of fewer crimes than historians once thought

i) Group A is guilty of more crimes than historians once thought

Also, can you answer the following questions:

1) Is it possible for a minority to racially discriminate against the majority or another minority?

2) Is it racially discriminatory to say "Section Q is a high crime area" when the majority of the residents are of race R?

3) Is it racially discriminatory to say "Section Q is a high-crime area and also an area where the majority of the residents are of race R"?

4) Is it racially discriminatory to say "Section Q is a low-crime area" when the majority of the residents are of race R?

5) Is it racially discriminatory to say "section Q is a high-crime area" when the majority of the residents are of race R?

6) Is it racially discriminatory to say "Section Q is a high-crime area and has a majority of residents who are of race R, and I believe that the reason for the crime is the fact of the racial makeup"?

7) Is it racially discriminatory to say that some characteristics of race R are different from some characteristics of race T?

8) Is it racially discriminatory to say that some characteristics of race R are inferior to the same characteristics of race T?

9) Is it racially discriminatory to say that some characteristics of race R are superior to those of race T?

10) Does racial discrimination depend on whether someone's feelings are hurt, or is it independent of anyone's feelings?

On 10/4/06 at 3:32 PM


Dear John

Thank your for your e-mail. Bridget Akers has referred your e-mail to me. As you would be aware the Commission may investigate complaints of race discrimination and racial hatred under the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 ("the RDA"). I have attached links to information sheets on the RDA:

The Commission cannot give you legal advice about the specific issues you have raised. You might like to see some independent legal advice about the matters you have raised. The Commission can only investigate a matter of race discrimination / racial hatred if a complaint was lodged with the Commission.


Sofie Georgalis

A/Senior Investigation/Conciliation Officer

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Ph: 02 9284 9629 / 1300 369 711

Fax: 02 9284 9689.


So much for the response John Bryant received from the Investigation/Conciliation Officer. I need not re-visit the time I faced the first HREOC complaint, when I still believed the procedures used were actually designed to resolve disputes. I did not know that Jeremy Jones of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry had no interest in resolving the so-called dispute, but merely wanted the matter on the law books. That’s an example of Jewish forward thinking – get legal protection long before the inevitable anticipated persecution begins. This is because all individuals ultimately wake up to the fact that it is not the ‘Jewish’ element that incites but the behaviour flowing from many of those who identify themselves as a Jew.

That reminds me of the recent 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Australian quarterly magazine, Quadrant -, whose editor for many years was Professor Robert Manne, a Jew who married a non-Jew and raised his children not within the faith. He is an Australian example of immigrant assimilation, as opposed to multicultural separation. He was unceremoniously thrown out of his job because he began to identify too closely with the Aboriginal cause, among other things. Still, the fact that the new rulers at Quadrant refused to even honour his many years of service by not inviting him to the celebrations, indicates the narrow mindedness that has now enveloped Quadrant – and this magazine labels itself conservative and right-wing. They have not woken up to the fact that this left-right dichotomy is inadequate if we wish to understand what impulses are determining current world events.

Multiculturalism is now dead in Australia, mainly on account of Muslim Australians making use of the various mechanisms that Jews so successfully set in motion to elevate themselves into positions of power. The Muslims are following suit and now the Jewish Australians are pulling the plug on multiculturalism. Likewise with unionism, which happened to be infested with Jews during its heydays of the 1980s and 1990s. Now unionism is legislatively eliminated as a stepping stope to political power. One notices all this when in any public adventure the men begin to vacate their positions and women enter the scene – that’s a sign that the particular instrumentality/organization has lost its clout to influence Australia’s political ladscape.

As an aside, I also noticed that Quadrant magazine is noticeably not referencing things German, but still lauds the Greek, Italian, et al, contributions made to Australian society. In this regard I recall that in 1965 I appeared on live television in Melbourne on a program designed for migrants – GTV-9’s Improve Your English, as part of Professor Browne’s Study. I was one of Professor Browne’s four student helpers covering the German language, while another fellow did Dutch, and two girl students were there for Italian and Greek. This first adventure into multicultural television failed after 74 episodes during the morning because HSV-7 put on a soapy and we simply lost the audience and advertisers. We had the market captured only when GTV Channel 9 was the only one offering television during the morning. The whole point is that during the 1960s the above-named languages made up the majority of immigrants – something that has now drastically changed, I would say, for the better – but only if Australia retains a core-culture of the majority.

Still, the hatred against Germans continues, and the various items in our November and December newsletters attest to that.


And now I wish you a pleasant festive season, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Should you not wish to receive any more newsletters, please advise accordingly to the usual address.

Until after I return from Iran – I hope – thank you again for making it possible for me to do this work, and for making it possible for me to continue our 14th year, 2007 of operations.


Fredrick Töben. 


US Baghdad Forward Base Falcon destroyed - by Brian Harring

Late on the evening of October 10, 2006, Iraqi resistance groups lobbed mortar and rocket rounds into the immense ‘Forward Base Falcon,’ the largest American military base in Iraq, located 13 km south of the Green Zone in Baghdad. In addition to accurate mortar fire, Grad and Katyusha rockets were also used.

Falcon base was designed to house a large contingent of American troops, mostly drawn from the 4th Infantry Division, stationed at Fr. Bliss, Texas. At the time of the attack, there were approximately 3000 men inside the camp, which also was filled with ammunition supplies, fuel, tanks and vehicles.

Iraqi contractors had assisted in the construction of the camp, which occupied nearly a square mile and was surrounded with guard tower-studded high concrete walls, and it is now apparent that the Resistance movement had been given important targets from “sources familiar with the layout” of the base. After the initial shelling, fuel and ammunition stores began to erupt with massive explosions that could be heard, and seen, miles away inside the Green Zone where U.S. military and diplomatic units were heavily guarded.

The explosions, all of them termed “immense” by BBC reporters, continued throughout the night.

 In response, US aircraft indiscriminately rocketed and bombed various parts of the city, BBC and AFP correspondents eported, trying to knock out the launch sites of the rockets.

The BBC's Andrew North, in Baghdad, said the explosions started at about 2300 (2100 BST) and were becoming "ever more frequent" as the huge fires spread throughout the base, punctuated by tremendous explosions as more fuel and ammunition dumps ignited.

“Intelligence indicates that civilians aligned with a militia organization were responsible for last night’s mortar attack,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Withington, spokesman for the U.S. 4th Infantry Division.

An after action report, issued by the Department of Defense, stated that: “On October 10, 2006, at approximately 10:40 p.m., a 82mm mortar round, fired by militia forces from a residential area in Abu T-Shir, caused a fire at an Ammunition Supply Point (ASP) at FOB Falcon. The ASP, containing tank and artillery rounds, in addition to smaller caliber ammunition, set off a series of large explosions. About 100 troops from the 4th Infantry Division were reported to be stationed at the base at the time, but no injuries were reported.”  (Emphasis added.) "The damage to the area will not degrade the operational capability of MND-B (Multinational Division Baghdad),".

When the flames had been brought under control on the morning of the 11th of October, primarily because the entire camp had been gutted, nine large American military transports with prominent Red Cross markings were observed by members of the foreign media taking off, laden with the dead and the wounded.

 Over 300 American troops, including U.S. Army and Marines, CIA agents and U.S. translators were casualties and there also were 165 seriously injured requiring major medical attention and 39 suffering lesser injuries. 122 members of the Iraqi armed forces were killed and 90 seriously injured members of same, were also evacuated to the U.S. military hospital at al-Habbaniyah located some 70km west of Baghdad.

Satellite pictures and aerial photographs from neutral sources showed that Camp Falcon suffered major structural damage and almost all the U.S. military’s supply of small arms ammunition, artillery and rocket rounds, tons of fuel, six Apache helicopters, an uncounted but large number of soft-skinned vehicles such as Humvees and supply trucks were damaged or totally destroyed. Foreign press observers noted “an endless parade” of military vehicle recovery units dragging burnt-out heavy tanks and armored personnel carriers to another base outside Baghdad.

Many of the walls and towers of the camp were damaged or leveled as were many of  the barracks, maintenance depots, and there was considerable damage to the huge mess halls that could hold 3000 soldiers, the huge recreation center with its basketball courts and indoor swimming pools and all the administration buildings.

Although official U.S. DoD statements indicated that there were no deaths; that only a hundred men were inside the base guarding billions of dollars of vital military equipment and that there were “only two minor injuries to personnel,” passes belief and certainly reality is more painful than propaganda.

Not only has the U.S. military machine lost much of its armor and transport, and its entire reserves of ammunition and special fuel, but the casualty list for only the first day is over 300.


This is the moment for Europe to dismantle taboos, not erect them

Far from criminalising denial of the Armenian genocide, we should decriminalise denial of the Holocaust

Timothy Garton Ash, Thursday October 19, 2006. The Guardian

What a magnificent blow for truth, justice and humanity the French national assembly has struck. Last week it voted for a bill that would make it a crime to deny that the Turks committed genocide against the Armenians during the first world war. Bravo! Chapeau bas! Vive la France! But let this be only a beginning in a brave new chapter of European history. Let the British parliament now make it a crime to deny that it was Russians who murdered Polish officers at Katyn in 1940. Let the Turkish parliament make it a crime to deny that France used torture against insurgents in Algeria.

Let the German parliament pass a bill making it a crime to deny the existence of the Soviet gulag. Let the Irish parliament criminalise denial of the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition. Let the Spanish parliament mandate a minimum of 10 years' imprisonment for anyone who claims that the Serbs did not attempt genocide against Albanians in Kosovo. And the European parliament should immediately pass into European law a bill making it obligatory to describe as genocide the American colonists' treatment of Native Americans. The only pity is that we, in the European Union, can't impose the death sentence for these heinous thought crimes. But perhaps, with time, we may change that too.

Oh brave new Europe! It is entirely beyond me how anyone in their right mind - apart, of course, from a French-Armenian lobbyist - can regard this draft bill, which in any case will almost certainly be voted down in the upper house of the French parliament, as a progressive and enlightened step. What right has the parliament of France to prescribe by law the correct historical terminology to characterise what another nation did to a third nation 90 years ago? If the French parliament passed a law making it a crime to deny the complicity of Vichy France in the deportation to the death camps of French Jews, I would still argue that this was a mistake, but I could respect the self-critical moral impulse behind it.

This bill, by contrast, has no more moral or historical justification than any of the other suggestions I have just made. Yes, there are some half a million French citizens of Armenian origin - including Charles Aznavour, who was once Varinag Aznavourian - and they have been pressing for it. There are at least that number of British citizens of Polish origin, so there would be precisely the same justification for a British bill on Katyn. Step forward Mr Denis MacShane, a British MP of Polish origin, to propose it - in a spirit of satire, of course. Or how about British MPs of Pakistani and Indian origin proposing rival bills on the history of Kashmir?

In a leading article last Friday, the Guardian averred that "supporters of the law are doubtless motivated by a sincere desire to redress a 90-year-old injustice". I wish that I could be so confident. Currying favour with French-Armenian voters and putting another obstacle in the way of Turkey joining the European Union might be suggested as other motives; but speculation about motives is a mug's game.

It will be obvious to every intelligent reader that my argument has nothing to do with questioning the suffering of the Armenians who were massacred, expelled or felt impelled to flee in fear of their lives during and after the first world war. Their fate at the hands of the Turks was terrible and has been too little recalled in the mainstream of European memory. Reputable historians and writers have made a strong case that those events deserve the label of genocide, as it has been defined since 1945. In fact, Orhan Pamuk - this year's winner of the Nobel prize for literature - and other Turkish writers have been prosecuted under the notorious article 301 of the Turkish penal code for daring to suggest exactly that. That is significantly worse than the intended effects of the French bill. But two wrongs don't make a right.

No one can legislate historical truth. In so far as historical truth can be established at all, it must be found by unfettered historical research, with historians arguing over the evidence and the facts, testing and disputing each other's claims without fear of prosecution or persecution.

In the tense ideological politics of our time, this proposed bill is a step in exactly the wrong direction. How can we credibly criticise Turkey, Egypt or other states for curbing free speech, through the legislated protection of historical, national or religious shibboleths, if we are doing ever more of it ourselves? This weekend in Venice I once again heard a distinguished Muslim scholar rail against our double standards. We ask them to accept insults to Muslim taboos, he said, but would the Jews accept that someone should be free to deny the Holocaust?

Far from creating new legally enforced taboos about history, national identity and religion, we should be dismantling those that still remain on our statute books. Those European countries that have them should repeal not only their blasphemy laws but also their laws on Holocaust denial. Otherwise the charge of double standards is impossible to refute. What's sauce for the goose must be sauce for the gander.

I recently heard the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy going through some impressive intellectual contortions to explain why he opposed any laws restricting criticism of religion but supported those on Holocaust denial. It was one thing, he argued, to question a religious belief, quite another to deny a historical fact. But this won't wash. Historical facts are established precisely by their being disputed and tested against the evidence. Without that process of contention - up to and including the revisionist extreme of outright denial - we would never discover which facts are truly hard.

Such consistency requires painful decisions. For example, I have nothing but abhorrence for some of David Irving's recorded views about Nazi Germany's attempted extermination of the Jews - but I am quite certain that he should not be sitting in an Austrian prison as a result of them. You may riposte that the falsehood of some of his claims was actually established by a trial in a British court. Yes, but that was not the British state prosecuting him for Holocaust denial. It was Irving himself going to court to sue another historian who suggested he was a Holocaust denier. He was trying to curb free and fair historical debate; the British court defended it.

Today, if we want to defend free speech in our own countries and to encourage it in places where it is currently denied, we should be calling for David Irving to be released from his Austrian prison. The Austrian law on Holocaust denial is far more historically understandable and morally respectable than the proposed French one - at least the Austrians are facing up to their own difficult past, rather than pointing the finger at somebody else's - but in the larger European interest we should encourage the Austrians to repeal it.

Only when we are prepared to allow our own most sacred cows to be poked in the eye can we credibly demand that Islamists, Turks and others do the same. This is a time not for erecting taboos but for dismantling them. We must practice what we preach.,,1925401,00.html


Various articles



Sent: Friday, 6 October 2006 4:42 AM

Discussion of free speech

Norwegian state TV, NRK, have in the wake of happenings after the Shuts against the synagogue in Oslo started discussions of free speech. Here it is the Moslems and their attacks on Norwegian and Danish embassies after the publishing of Mohammed drawings some months back which is set under debate. Every good-person in Norway defend free speech, but the same good-people will NOT discuss the Zionist/Jewish claims regarding the Holocaust. Here the free speech stops. That question is NOT up for debate. Why? Every Norwegian is afraid of being called anti-Semite, a stamp that could cost him not only his job but even house and future. I hope you all see the hypocrisy in what is going on in Norway.


Sent: Thursday, 19 October 2006 6:24 AM

Subject: Another quagmire

According to brigadier Ed Butler from UK the war in Afghanistan will take about 20 years. That was NOT what the two Jewish lemmings told as they started that war. Both Boy George and Jew-lover Blair spoke about a swift attack and "democracy" was established in Afghanistan.

I am afraid Jew-lover Blair spoke without reading his British history. During their rule of India the Jews in City of London, East India Company, tried to invade Afghanistan because they wanted all the opium growing under their rule. The companies British soldiers were kicked out and the opium-dealers from the City had to leave the opium of Afghanistan to their brethren from USA, who got their opium via Turkey.

The two Jew-lovers, the Moran in Washington, and the one living in Downing Street 10, forced NATO to participate in the war on Afghanistan. So now every European nation is fighting the war Boy George started because "USA was attacked". I never understand why Europe must fight a war to "defend" USA. Boy George should have not only stayed put of Iraq, but also Afghanistan. Wars with weapons are not "games" boys should play, and both Jew-lovers are boys when it come to understanding Jews. Them being freemasons do not make their mistakes any better.

Unless NATO pull out of Afghanistan as Soviet did the quagmire will kill many young European braves - young men that could have participated in pulling Europe out of the black spot she is in.

According to the Brigadier US’s bad tactics a their withdrawal from Afghanistan to fight Iraq is one of the reason why NATO can not fight down Taliban. Bull-shit! The reason why NATO are not winning is because none of the soldiers know why the are fighting a war far away from home - and because their homeland is NOT threaten by Taliban.

This should have shown USreal and NATO that European soldiers will not fight successful unless they defend their homeland. A moron who never a soldier and a freemason married to a Jewess does not understand the mind of soldiers. Once more whits are fighting a war wanted by Jews. NATO should demand Jews to fight the Taliban. Had they, the Jews would have gotten their asses wiped.


Sent: Saturday, 21 October 2006

Subject: The Attack on the Norwegian Royal house goes on

I hope you remember my report on the Israeli Ambassador to Norway’s attack on the Royal House for neglecting to support Jews living in Norway after there had been shooting outside the synagogue in Oslo some weeks back.

Politicians then answered through newspapers that the Royal House never comments on what happens around foreign matters. Even representatives of the Mosaic community in Oslo said the Israeli embassador should not mingle into what the Royal House does or not.

Today, October 10, the Royal House got a slap in the face, for their negligence towards Jews living in Norway. A gossip newspaper, Se og hoer - See and Listen, yesterday brought a "story" about trouble in the Royal House back in the end of 1980s. The then crown price, now King Harald, and crown princess, now Queen Sonja, should have sent aides-de-camp Kaare Langlete, to the Royal House to the president of the parliament, Benkow, to discuss marital problems between the crown prince and the crown princess. The question was whether or not if the crown price and crown princess could divorce.

Benkow the former parliament, storting, is a Jew.

For the first time in the history the Royal House comments on gossip in the news. Aides-de-camp Kaare Langlete, tells the media he never contacted the president of the parliament nor was there any marital problems between the crown prince and the crown princess.

When contacted by the media today the then president of the storting, Jew Benkow gives a typical Jewish answer: "no comments".

The media have contacted the then prime minister, Kaare Willoch, and his answer: "I was never contacted in any matter concerning marital problems in the Royal House." He further stressed that he would have been contacted should there have been any such problems.

Media have even contacted friends of the Royal house and they all say: "There never were any marital problems." As you see Jewry knows how to slap those not acting in favour of Jews. Heil og sael, Randulf.

Is Zuroff at it again?

Wiesenthal Center slams German court for granting restitution to Nazi's son, 21 October 2006

The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned over the weekend a German court ruling that granted significant financial restitution to the son of a Nazi official whose property had been confiscated after WWII. Karl Krasting joined the Nazi party in 1930, and was a regional party judge from 1931 to 1934. He later served as an official who helped set local policy, a member of the Nazis' bar association and director of one of the party's offices for legal affairs.

Yet on Thursday, Judge Dieter Kley of the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig ruled that Krasting did not "actively" support the Nazi regime, paving the way for his son to receive compensation. "This verdict clearly minimizes the criminal responsibility of those who actively supported the Nazis before and after the takeover of power," said Dr. Efraim Zuroff, the Wiesenthal Center's chief Nazi-hunter, in a statement issued in Israel and in Germany. "The fact that Krasting volunteered and worked without a salary for the NSDAP [the Nazi party] is clear proof of his ideological and active support for the Nazis, in direct contradiction of the court's decision. This verdict sends an absolutely disastrous message in terms of its presentation of the historical events of the Third Reich, which are being severely distorted," Zuroff said. In 1948, the Soviet Red Army confiscated two houses belonging to Krasting in Dippoldiswalde, Saxony, 18 km. south of Dresden. His son Wolf-Achim Krasting subsequently demanded restitution; the city of Dresden and the local administrative court initially rejected his claim. Thursday's court decision has significant implications. In Saxony alone, there are some 5,500 similar cases pending. "If people like Krasting did not 'actively' support the Nazi regime, then who did? Were the crimes of the Third Reich committed by ghosts?" Zuroff asked.

Austrian politician reunited with Greek father lost in aftermath of WWII


THESSALONIKI, Greece It could be the typical photo opportunity: A foreign dignitary being warmly greeted by an elderly man at a northern Greek airport.

For Vienna local member of parliament Volkmar Harwanegg, 62, it was the end of a lifetime's search for his unknown Greek father and family — lost in the aftermath of World War II.

For decades, Harwanegg's questions about his natural father met with stubborn refusal from his Austrian mother, Elisabeth. Only after her death in 1995 did the first clues emerge, and the trail finally led this year to a village in northern Greece and Giorgos Pitenis, a former forced laborer of the Nazis. "I am overwhelmed to see my father again," Harwanegg said Friday. "I have been visiting Greece for many years, and it was as if I knew there was something here for me." He was speaking to reporters at the airport of Thessaloniki, the northern port city where Pitenis, 87, now lives. The retired former waiter was one of tens of thousands of Greeks forcibly transported to Austria and Germany by Nazi occupation forces between 1941-1944. Selected as a slave laborer in 1941 in punishment for his left-wing politics, Pitenis worked as a car mechanic in Vienna. It was there that he had an affair with Harwanegg's mother.

Harwanegg was born in 1944. But after the Nazi defeat Pitenis was repatriated to his native Kozani in northern Greece 11 months later, and the couple never met again.

Harwanegg's mother remarried after the war and had another child. Pitenis remained single. Pitenis, who can only speak with difficulty after undergoing a tracheotomy, was overcome with emotion at the airport meeting— their first after a brief meeting in the village of Samarina, near Kozani, in August. "I was so nervous I hadn't eaten since yesterday," he said.

His sister, Fani Lazaridou, was also present at the airport. "We are beside ourselves with joy over all this, it completely changed our life," she said. "We are very emotional."

The couple corresponded for a few years, but Pitenis' last letter, dated 1957, never got a response. It was Elizabeth's unposted answer, found in her affairs after her death, that gave Harwanegg a name to match with his father.
Appeals for help to Interpol and Greek and Austrian embassies failed to locate Pitenis. But in August, while on holiday on the northwestern resort
island of Corfu, the Vienna local parliament deputy got a call from his secretary — with an address. Father and son met in a Samarina coffee shop, communicating with the help of the village taxi-driver who spoke some German.

Now, Harwanegg, who is accompanied by his wife, will try to fill in the past six decades. "I will try to find out as much as I can about his life during the three days we will pass together," he said.

New evidence points to pre-war Polish “Holocaust”

WARSAW (EJP)--- Jewish organisations in Poland have moved to counter claims that Poles ran their own pre-war "Holocaust" after publication of controversial extracts from a 1930s Jewish daily.

The Polish daily "Zycie Warszawy" published during the week of September 24 the first extracts in Polish of a book compiling press articles from pre-war daily "Haynt," which reports how Poles tormented Jews, burying them alive, burning them and throwing them out of moving trains in a "mini-Holocaust" that began long before the Nazi Holocaust.

The governments of independent Poland (1918-1939) were "far and away worse" in their persecution of the Jews than either Poland’s Tsarist or German occupiers, author Chaim Finkelstein, the last editor of the pre-war "Haynt," wrote in the forward to the compilation.

Communal criticism

Jewish groups in Poland have criticised the claims, though. They have been horrified to hear the word "Holocaust" used in reference to Polish anti-Semitism. "Calling what happened before the war a ‘mini-Holocaust’ is a historical lie. Our pre-war history shows that Poles and Jews lived happily side by side," said Bartosz Malowicki of Fundacja Judaica, a Cracow-based Jewish cultural centre.

Feliks Tych, director of the Warsaw Jewish Historical Institute, was just as quick to reject the term. "Pre-war Poland wasn’t heading towards a Holocaust; it just wanted to get rid of its Jewish population," he said.

But Bob Becker, who headed the translation team that brought the book out in English, told the daily “Zycie Warszawy”: "If it wasn’t for Haynt, I would never have found out that Poland was moving towards its own mini-Holocaust. Like most people, I only knew about Germany."

Coming to terms

Poland, used to viewing itself as an innocent victim of Russian and German aggression, has only just begun to come to terms with its own legacy of hate and violence.

The modern day inhabitants of the northeastern town of Jedwabne, for example, now notorious for the burning of a barn full of 1,600 Jews in 1941 during WWII, have steadily refused to take part in commemorations of the tragedy.

Unlike Germany, where anti-Semitism was politically and socially marginalized after 1945, vocal anti-Semitism has continued to play a vital social and political role in Poland since World War II. A 1946 pogrom in the southeastern town of Kielce was followed by a Soviet state-sponsored witch hunt in 1967 that reduced Poland’s 40,000 Jews to fewer than 5,000.

"During the 45 years of Communist rule, the Holocaust was a taboo subject, and the question of anti-Semitism was never addressed," said Feliks Tych, one of the movers behind the Polish translation.

Volunteers are still working on the - as yet unfinished - Polish translation, as funding has been hard to come by, according to Tych. "I don’t know when we’ll be able to bring it out," he said.

Poland’s present Jewish population is estimated at somewhere between 8,000 and 12,000.

Iran’s President Questions Holocaust

8:46 am, 21 Oct 2006

Iran's president has warned that Muslims around the world will take revenge on those who support Israel against the Palestinians. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad again questioned the extent of the Holocaust, in which six million Jews were killed by Nazi Germany. Speaking at a rally in Teheran, President Ahmadinejad said Israel was based on what he described as claims about the holocaust, and the Palestinians were paying the price for it. He went to declare that Muslims across the world would take revenge against nations that supported Israel and said the issue has reached boiling point. He described Israeli leaders as a group of terrorists, and advised other countries to distance themselves from Israel. © NewsRoom 2006

HOLLYWOOD - Moviemaker Steven Spielberg insists his new documentary will silence Holocaust deniers forever, because it includes the real-life accounts of Jewish survivors in eastern Europe. Spell Your Name merges memories of victims and the Ukrainians who sheltered them in a moving film about the World War II atrocities, which saw an estimated six million Jews murdered. And director Spielberg, whose own grandparents came from Ukraine, hopes the haunting accounts will serve as a warning in future conflicts too. He says, "In order to create an undeniability about the Holocaust, these survivors, 52,000 of them, need to be shown to students all over the world. "Tolerance is born of education. Everything comes from what we learn. It all depends on who our teachers are.... All hatred starts with fear. And we have experienced a century of fear and I fear we are going into another century of heightened fear."

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Erika Gliebe Gets Stopped by the Thought Police, 2006-10-18


On the evening of October 17th, Erika Gliebe was stopped by campus police and the FBI at a local community college for allegedly attempting to distribute Holocaust revisionist DVDs and literature outside the classroom of a “Hitler and the Holocaust” course. The thought police were tipped off beforehand that Erika would be arriving at the college and were waiting for her. The course is being taught by an advisor to Jewish Hollywood propagandist Stephen Spielberg.

The idea of passing out revisionist materials to students who are being brainwashed with Jewish lies is actually a good one. However, here are some precautions that need to be taken before engaging in such an activity:

- Never telegraph your punches by advertising in advance the activity on the Internet. All message boards are monitored by the thought police looking to thwart any such activity.

- Always be aware that all schools and colleges are monitored with cameras and security. These institutions have an agenda to brainwash young minds by promoting homosexuality, miscegenation, White guilt and, of course, the Holocaust story. The powers-that-be have worked long and hard to turn our schools into brainwashing centers, and they are not going to allow us to upset their applecart so easily.

- Do not discuss your intentions in advance to anyone, especially on the Internet or telephone. Only bring it up to other activists who are working with you on assignment.

- And last but not least, be sure to employ the Five Words “I Have Nothing to Say” if approached or questioned by authorities.

“It’s important that other races and cultures besides White Nationalists and Arabs are thoroughly educated regarding the truth about the Holocaust and have the courage to speak out about it. It will help to minimize the stranglehold that the Jews have on the American Government and media and possibly reduce the resentment that the world feels for America behaving like an international bully and terrorist.” – Erika Gliebe


Ukraine's PM: People must know terrible truth of Holocaust, 19 October 2006

“All of us must know this terrible truth”, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said while answering the journalists’ questions after the attendance of the documentary “Call Your Name”, the presentation of which took place on October 18, in the International Centre for Culture and Art “Zhovtnevy”, “Cabinet’s press office reported”.

According to the Prime Minister, everyone must see this documentary where the witnesses tell about the terrible truth of Holocaust. And young people above all must see it because ignorance of tragedy events in the history very often results in repetition of previous mistakes. During the presentation Viktor Yanukovych communicated with co-producers of the project – the American film director Steven Spielberg and the Ukrainian businessman Viktor Pinchuk. The Head of Government expressed his gratitude to the creators of the film for their work and assured that the documentary “Call Your Name” would be highly rated among other documentaries devoted to the World War II.



German police are warning of a sharp rise in violence by Neo-Nazi groups. Since January, there have been 8-thousand incidents -- a rise of 20 per cent on last year. Germany's Central Council of Jews has described the level of violence as reminiscent of the Nazi era. And, as Michael Sutherland reports from London, it's accused politicians and the public of deliberately neglecting the spiraling anti-Semitism and right-wing radicalism of recent years. He's speaking with Caroline Davey... more at:


Norwegian neo-Nazi leader convicted for anti-Semitic statements


OSLO, Norway The leader of a Norwegian neo-Nazi group was convicted of making anti-Semitic statements and given a 45-day suspended jail sentence on Tuesday.

Tore W. Tvedt, founder of the Vigrid group, was charged with violating a law that prohibits making disparaging statements against racial or ethnic groups.His group, which describes itself as a religious network, routinely makes racist and anti-Jewish statements, denies the Holocaust and praises Nazi Germany. Members also claim to worship the Norse gods of the Vikings. The group's name, Vigrid, is derived from an ancient Norse word connected with Viking mythology on the end of the world.

In a 2003 interview published by Norway's largest newspaper, Verdens Gang, Tvedt was quoted as calling Jews "evil murderers" and saying "they are not people, they are parasites that must be wiped out." In its ruling, the court found Tvedt's statements to the newspaper violated the anti-racism law, and gave him a 45 day suspended sentence and two years probation.

"The court sees the accused as a relatively intelligent, competent person," the ruling said. "There can be no doubt he understood what his statements meant." Tvedt was charged after the Anti-Racism Center in Oslo and the country's main Jewish organization, the Mosaic Religious Community, filed police complaints.

Oslo police closed the case, citing previous supreme court rulings protecting such statements as free speech. However, state prosecutors later ordered charges. In court, Tvedt said the newspaper had misquoted him, but in later testimony, said the quotes largely reflect his group's views. In the past, Tvedt, 63, was also convicted of assault, illegal weapons possession and spreading racist propaganda.


Men charged for burning Anne Frank's diary, Magdeburg, Germany, October 19, 2006

SEVEN men who publicly burned a copy of Anne Frank's diary in eastern Germany have been charged by German prosecutors.

The men, aged from 23 to 28, have been charged with inciting racial hatred and disparaging the dead for torching the book at a midsummer party in a village in the state of Saxony-Anhalt on June 24, prosecutors in the city of Magdeburg said. They face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

The incident fuelled growing fears that neo-Nazi ideology is spreading through the economically depressed states of the former communist East Germany. Prosecutors are investigating the case of three teenagers who allegedly forced a fellow pupil to hang a sign around his neck which read: “I am the biggest pig in the village, I hang out with Jews”. Anne Frank wrote her renowned diary while she and her German-Jewish family hid from the Nazis in an attic in Amsterdam. They were eventually caught and Frank died at the age of 15 in the Bergen-Belsen camp in 1945.


Players would go, but police say no. Matt Cunningham, October 19, 2006 12:00am

A GROUP of country footballers involved in the abuse of a Jewish man have agreed to visit the Jewish Holocaust Centre. But police have put the visit on hold as they investigate the incident that saw Menachem Vorchheimer racially abused and punched in the face.

Ocean Grove Football Club president Michael Vines said he rang Mr Vorchheimer on Tuesday night and offered a personal apology for the behaviour of some of his players, on a minibus coming from the Caulfield races. "I understand from his point of view that he was deeply offended initially and from our point of view we totally understand that," Mr Vines said. He said he had agreed to have his players visit the Elsternwick centre yesterday after it was suggested by Mr Vorchheimer and members of the Jewish community.

The deputy chairman of the B'nai B'rith anti-defamation commission Michael Lipshutz, who called for the players to visit the centre, welcomed the club's decision. "I think a lot of what was said by the footballers was out of ignorance and if they actually understood the meaning behind what they said they might learn to temper the racist attitude," Mr Lipshutz said. Mr Vines said he had identified the person who yelled racist abuse at Mr Vorchheimer but refused to publicly name him. "He's only a young fella and it's extremely hard for him at the moment," he said.

More human remains found at 9/11 site, October 21, 2006,

Human remains, some as large as leg bones, have been found at the site of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York. A construction worker found the remains on Wednesday during a routine excavation near a power cable in a manhole located at Ground Zero, the site of the collapsed World Trade Centre. Steve Coleman from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site, says workers from utility company Consolidated Edison (Con Ed) found more human remains on Thursday.

"The remains were found following the removal of materials from manholes that had been inaccessible since 9/11," Con Ed said in a statement. The company said it was assisting police and the medical examiner's office in connection with the discovery. "We share the great sensitivity felt by families and rescuers associated with the tragedy, since many of our employees have been personally involved in the restoration and recovery efforts," it said.

The latest discovery this week has further angered families of victims. The WTC Families for a Proper Burial has expressed its "outrage at the continued cavalier attitude toward the retrieval of human remains".

The group has called on authorities "to complete a thorough search for all human remains, keeping in mind that there are still 1,151 victims for whom there are absolutely no remains".

Such discoveries are not new. Six months ago, bone fragments were found on the roof of the Deutsche Bank skyscraper, which was damaged in the attacks.

The double suicide plane attack on the twin towers left 2,749 people dead. In total, nearly 3,000 people died when hijackers crashed planes on the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field.



Assistance for Germar Rudolf 

On 15 November Germar will have spent one year in German detention - and his transfer from Stammheim to Mannheim will take place in mid-November.


                                       His address:                                        

Germar Rudolf

Herzogenriedstraße 111

D-68169 Mannheim


The trial will take place at the Landgericht Mannheim, Bismarckstraße, D-68159 Mannheim

Telephone: 0621 292 2919/ Fax: 0621 292 1314


Tentative trial dates

14 & 16 November 2006

4, 6 & 21 December 2006

10, 22 & 29 January 2007



It is possible to visit Germar - individually or in a group of maximum three persons. Please write to Germar so that he can organise this from his end. Visitors need to obtain permission from the presiding judge:                                               

                                                            Judge Matthias Schwab

Landgericht Mannheim

Tel.: 0621 292 2668/ Fax: 062 292 1314


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