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Dr Edgar Steele warns:

"Here's a tip:  If you see Jews breaking leases, packing up and moving away, just as so many did in the World Trade Center prior to 9/11, consider yourself warned and get out of town immediately."



Andrew S. MacGregor


I. from the Archives - 1992

The Prophets of War

Ari-Ben-Menashe, Allen & Unwin, 1992


1. Ari-Ben-Menashe was a highly-placed Israeli agent and the aim of his book was to expose the double dealings that was standard procedure over the past decades.


2. To hopefully avoid own termination because of his knowledge especially as friend Amiram Nir was killed in a suspicious plane crash in 1988, two years after his involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair.


3. To avoid repeat of set-up of false arms charges in the USA in 1990.


He was born in Tehran in 1951 to parent s who were Jewish Iraqis, who married in Bagdad in 1945 but settled in Iran and later in Israel where his father was in imports-export trade. He attended the American Community School in Tehran where he learned English, French, Farsi, Arabic at home and later Spanish and Hebrew. In 1969 he worked in a kibutz where he exposed his room mate, Australian religious fanatic Michael Rohan for arson at the Al Aqsa Mosque. Rohan had recently been visited by members of the JDL. Ari-Ben kept quiet about this aspect of the matter and this brought him to the notice of Mossad – Shabak .


In 1972 he refused an offer to spy on Arab friends while teaching in a village. In 1973 he became an Israeli citizen and started work as a code-breaker in Farsi in Israeli intelligence. In 1976 he de-coded transmission about Shimon Perez possibly accepting $3.5 million bribes from Lockheed. He stresses he does not know if the bribe was actually accepted. In 1977 he accepted work with IDF/MI/ERD external relations department.


The situations in which he worked:


1.      He liaised with the Sandanistas when they appeared to be winning – had been supplying dictator Somosa.

2.      Liaised with Paraguay to try to stop export of dangerous chemicals of Iraq by Chilean Cardon from his plant in Paraguay – Cardon backed b y CIA, but not successful due to Rodriguez displacing President Stroessner.

3.      France had supplied nuclear reactor to Israel who still needed vital elements – vital elements such as uranium, titanium, molybdenum, heavy water, and tritium – South Africa was the original source, but there was a falling out, and they needed replacements from Peru.

4.      Worked to supply Iran with arms in the Iran – Irak war circumventing the USA arms ban who were supplying Iraq.

5.      Originally USA supported the Sandanistas who implemented many reforms but changed support o Contras who were right-wing with old supporters of Somosa – funds from illegal sale to Iran in the Contra affair through Israel. Oliver North and Poindexter involved. In the 1987 trial convictions were overturned on appeal.


Reviewer’s Main points of book:

1.      Israel and USA prevented peace in Middle East by supplying arms to both Iran and Iraq.

2.      USA supplied chemicals to Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

3.      Reagan and Bush, Senionr, delaid release of Iran’s American Embassy hostages for election reasons, using arms supply as bribe in 1980.

4.      Shamir and Begin had belonged to Stern gang. David Stern was anti-British, and Shamir was also anti-USA, whom he blamed for helping Britain oppose immigration of European Jews to Palestine, and thus the deaths of many in concentration camps.

5.      Idi Amin, ‘Conquere of the British Empire’, installed in Uganda with help of Israel.

6.      Shamir secretly liaised with the PLO – there were leaks and Ari-Ben-Menashe was the sacrifice.

7.      Robert Maxwell was Mossad agent and borrowed from slush arms fund. Israel believes he was murdered.

8.      Many murders by Mossad, including a Mr Bull whow as working on long-range missile carrier for Iraq, and German scientists working on chemical weapons.



II. By Way of Deception

– by ex- Katsas – Mossad expert – Victor Ostrovski, and journalist Claire Hoy, 1990, St Martin’s Press.

1.      Covers recruitment and training of Katsas who were experts among experts.

2.      Mossad involved in fermenting war e.g. training government forces at the same time as they trained Tamil tigers in Sri Lanka.

3.      Creating situations where PLO would be blamed for Mossad actions.

4.      Murder of opposition by special squads.

5.      Carlos the Jackal working for the PLO and other organisations was a feared opponent of Mossad.

6.      A friend and aid, Andrew Young, was framed for meeting with Arab diplomats to discuss peace. Forced to resign but relations between US Afro-Americans worsened.

7.      Mossad officially does not spy on the US but a top-secret organization called ’AL’  active.

8.      Mossad hated defence minister Eizer Weizman who became president of Israel because he was a ‘free spirit’ who did what he thought was right.

9.      The staff of Mossad small compared to other intelligence organizations. Reason they had thousands of ‘sayn’ at their disposal in all areas of the world. These are all Jews or pro-Jewish useful to provide real estate in the form of safe houses and company fronts as in import-export.

10.  In March 1986 the author became disillusioned and was also set-up – so his book is part of his revenge … self-protection.

11.  – also mentions the escape route for Jews from Sudan, using an elaborate scheme  - holiday chalet with diving facilities on the Red sea as escape route.

12.  Lebanon – Israel supported the Christian Fallangists and stood by watching from roof tops while 800 Palestinians were massacred – September 1982 at Sabra and Shatila camps.

13.  Mossad did not co-operate fully with the CIA to prevent kidnapping of hostages in Lebanon and Mosad withheld details of the Mercedes truck suspected of preparing for use of bomb. 241 US marines killed in blast and two miles away 58 French keepers blasted.

14.  Reviewer’s reflection: Jews are the most racist of all peoples and Israel comes before anyone or anything else. All Jews encouraged to settle in Israel. Mossad clever efficient powerful dangerous organization with agents everywhere. Except in Canada and USA where they openly agitate for Israel and the cause for Jewish world supremacism. In toher countries there are organisations called ‘frames’ of Jews who train to protect themselves and their interests in those countries.



III. A protected Species

Or a satire on the film, ‘Dirty rotten scoundrels’ by Andrew S. MacGREGOR


From the Canadian Hansard, Thursday 21st March, 2002

Mr. Keith Martin - Esquimalt--Juan de Fuca, Canadian Alliance: Mr. Speaker, the actions of Ari Ben-Menashe and his Canadian company, Dickens and Madson, have put the life of Zimbabwe opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, in extreme danger.

    Mr. Tsvangirai has been charged with treason which calls for the death penalty based on a highly questionable videotape done by the same individuals. These individuals have been involved in a history of fraud and extortion around the world.

    Will the solicitor general instruct the RCMP to investigate the international activities of Ari Ben-Menashe, Alex Legault and their company, Dickens and Madson?

    Hon. Lawrence MacAulay - Solicitor General of Canada, Lib.: Mr. Speaker, I understand that the RCMP is investigating the allegations. As my hon. colleague is well aware I am certainly not in a position to indicate whether it should or should not, but the RCMP has indicated that it is investigating.


By Basildon Peta, 
Zimbabwe Correspondent
The Independent, 10 July 2002:
Canadian police have dropped their own investigation for lack of evidence that Mr Tsvangirai plotted in Canada to eliminate 

Mr Mugabe. "The investigation carried out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has been closed because I understand that all investigative avenues were exhausted," said a foreign affairs spokeswoman, Marie-Christine Lilkoff.
What is noted from the excerpts from the Canadian Hansard is the request for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate the actions of the Canadian company, “Dickens and Madson”.
The Solicitor General has implied that the Canadian Constabulary is in fact making such an investigation. But within four months, we are told by the Independent newspaper that the RCMP investigation was not into the illegal activities of “Dickens and Madson”, but rather the possibility that Morgan Tsvangirai plotted treason in Montreal. I wonder if this is called, “misleading the Parliament”?
Now the trial of Morgan Tsvangirai took place in Harare just after the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) meeting that was held in Queensland, Australia on the 2-5th March 2002, which was attended by the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, and of course the Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chrétien, along with the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair and countless other politicians and bureaucrats.  The main topic of this meeting though for all Australians and Canadians was Zimbabwe, and the attacks against the ‘white farmers’ of that country.

So even before the trial of Morgan Tsvangirai, we learn some interesting details, such as the meetings between Ari ben Menashe and Morgan Tsvangirai took place in London (22nd October 2001), London (3rd November 2001) and Montreal (4th December 2001). 

On the 13th February 2002, the Australian media broke the story, with Dateline’s Mark Davis of Australia’s SBS -Special Broadcasting Service - which is part of Australia’s ABC - The Australian Broadcasting Commission - by releasing 8 ½ minutes of the Montreal video presented to the Mugabe government by Ari ben Menashe.

On the 26th February, 2002, Australians learnt of the arrest of Morgan Tsvangirai via the ABC’s radio program AM as reported by Sally Sara, which is four days prior to the CHOGM meeting in Queensland.  So now consider the charges of Treason against the Zimbabwean Opposition Leader in regard to the CHOGM meeting.

In the same ABC ‘AM’ program, Australians were actually told what was going on by the Zimbabwean Shadow-Justice Minister, David Coltart who stated that the Zimbabwean government was playing a tactical game.
DAVID COLTART: It's intended to divert Mr Tsvangirai from his election campaign, to distract him. I think secondly it's designed to gain some sympathy at the CHOGM meeting in
Brisbane next week.  Robert Mugabe will try to gain sympathy by saying look this is the type of opposition we're up against, in the hope that that will persuade members of the Commonwealth not to suspend Zimbabwe and then I think thirdly it's designed to lay the ground work to arrest Morgan Tsvangirai and other people in the MDC after the election, assuming that Mugabe wins the election.

To corroborate the first part of David Coltart’s statement we have this:

Looking at the video timing clock that appears in the corner of each frame makes it clear that parts have been "rearranged," said the independent Mass Media Project of Zimbabwe, an independent media monitoring group.

The group said that state television devoted 35 minutes of its nightly news over four nights to the alleged conspiracy. The opposition's official denial received 15 seconds of air time on the same news program in the same period.

Mr. Ben-Menashe was in Harare on the weekend for meetings with police and members of the Central Intelligence Organization, and interviews with selected journalists.

From that report we can see that the Menashe video-tape was used for political gain by the Mugabe government, and that is not surprising.  The next context though has to be the CHOGM meeting in Brisbane.
Bill Graham, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, warned yesterday that Zimbabwe could be expelled from the Commonwealth and face sanctions if Mr. Mugabe demonstrates he is "beyond redemption" by rigging the elections.

"Our intention is to make sure that if these elections are not fair and free that we deal with Zimbabwe at the Commonwealth," he said yesterday. "I consider that if we don't, the integrity of the Commonwealth is at stake."

Mr. Graham said the government's decision to charge Mr. Tsvangirai with high treason was not, in itself, enough to trigger punishment by the Commonwealth.

"If he had arrested [Mr. Tsvangirai] and actually physically interfered with his ability to conduct his campaign, I would agree it would be much more serious."

So the Canadian ‘political’ concern was not the murder and destruction of ‘White’ Zimbabwean farmers, but elections that were “fair and free”.  And the results of the CHOGM meeting was simply that President Robert Mugabe was given a ‘smack on the wrist’, as according to the politicians any sanctions used against Zimbabwe would simply cause more pain to those people we are trying to assist.  However, if we consider that CHOGM had the ability to remove President Robert Mugabe, who would they replace him with?  Definitely not the leader of the opposition, Morgan Tsvangirai whose political agenda was supposedly to remove his opponent by assassination?  Of course not, as that is not a ‘fair and free’ form of election, is it?

Now let us look at the origins of this ‘Conspiracy Movement’ to assassinate President Mugabe.  The initial link between Morgan Tsvangirai and his political party the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was one Rupert Johnson.

“The State will allege that sometime between August and September last year, Mr Rupert Johnson, a long-standing associate of Gasela, approached Dickens and Madson with the intention of arranging a meeting between the MDC and the Canadian-based political consultancy firm. The meeting was held on October 22 last year at London's Heathrow Airport and Tsvangirai and Gasela attended, together with Ncube.

Mr Johnson and Ari Ben-Menashe, representing Dickens and Madson, were at the meeting, alleges the State”.

So on this meeting at Heathrow Airport on the 22nd October 2001 were five people, Morgan Tsvangirai, Renson Gasela and Welshman Ncube for the MDC, and Rupert Johnson and Ari ben Menashe for ‘Dickens and Madson’.  So just who was Rupert Johnson?

“Ben-Menashe claims he first met Tsvangirai last summer in London, through a British-South African dual national.” 

This ‘British-South African was Rupert Johnson, and again Johnson is recorded as being a ‘long standing associate of Renson Gasela’.   It was interesting to note that in the course of Tsvangirai’s trial that Rupert Johnson disappeared, with each side blaming the other for Johnson’s failure to answer his witness summons.  Perhaps Johnson learnt the fate of many who ran with both the foxes and the hounds.

What is noticeable though is that at the meeting in London which was audio taped by Tara Thomas, Tsvangirai’s only ‘companion’ was Rupert Johnson, so it is no wonder that Morgan Tsvangirai was conned, especially at the video-taped meeting in Montreal where he walked out in disgust, but was persuaded to re-enter the conversation by his only companion, Rupert Johnson. 

So now, back to that video-tape, and its release to the world via the Australian ABC’s SBS ‘Dateline’ program, and Mark Davis.  What does Mark Davis say about his role in this political labyrinth?

Mark Davis: Well, I’ll just re-state: I mean it’s a ludicrous situation. I’ve been doing this story since October, I became aware that Tsvangirai was meeting with Dickens and Madson If that doesn’t set off alarm bells in a journalist’s head, I don’t know what does. And then obtain the video. Now that may assist Mugabe, Mugabe may have been dancing around the palace for all I know, but there was a truth in that reporting, and I will absolutely not accept any assertion that I shouldn’t have presented it. They may not, because they may have made a decision about who they want to win, but that’s not the role of a journalist to make those sort of decisions.

Tsvangirai was first introduced to Ari ben Menashe at Heathrow Airport on the 22nd October 2001.  The second meeting in London took place on the 4th November 2001.  Mark Davis did a re-run on Ari ben Menashe that was aired in Australia on the 30th October 2001.  Then we get the statement by Davis that, “I’ve been doing this story since October” (2001) which is virtually confessing that the re-run on Menashe must have been part of the plot.

Davis then tells us; “I became aware that Tsvangirai was meeting with Dickens and Madson”, but just how was this possible?  Who told Davis of the meeting?  It wasn’t MDC or Tsvangirai, so the only other source had to be Menashe.  So what does Mark Davis do?

Mark Davis flies to Zimbabwe on a ‘tourist visa’, not a journalist’s visa, and then obtains a very rare opportunity in interviewing President Robert Mugabe.  Just how was Mark Davis able to pull that stunt off?  We are not told.

The Harare Court tells us that the original video-tape taken in Montreal was 4 ½ hours long.  Mark Davis obtains a part thereof and releases 8 ½ minutes of that tape to the world.  How did Mark Davis obtain his copy of the video-tape?  It didn’t fall off the back of a truck, believe me on that one.  There are only three sources of that video-tape; President Robert Mugabe, Air Vice-Marshal Robert Mhlanga, the head of the CIO, the Zimbabwean Intelligence body, or from Ari ben Menashe.  The possibility that the actual video-tape came from Ari ben Menashe, is somewhat less than the other two possibilities because the video-tape was made on the 4th December, 2001, and supposedly handed over to Air Vice-Marshall Mhlanga on the 5th December 2001, leaving little time to duplicate the video.

Why would Mark Davis run with Ari ben Menashe?  Davis is well aware of Menashe’s reputation and the fact that many journalists had their reputations badly damaged by associating or believing Menashe’s stories.

The end part of Mark Davis’s role in this affair is that just prior to the Zimbabwean 2002 election, and the 2002 CHOGM meeting in Queensland, Australia, President Robert Mugabe has come up a winner.  Mugabe is able to negate any possible action considered by CHOGM, has maneuvered his political opponent into a charge of Treason, and has retained sufficient clout to retain his presidency.

Was there any political expediency for Prime Ministers Jean Chrétien and John Howard?  Most certainly, for it enabled them to side-step a most difficult position for them in defending the positions of ‘white farmers’ in Zimbabwe.

Can we demonstrate any complicity in this action by Ari ben Menashe and his partners in political chicanery with the governments of Australia and Canada?  Most certainly.

For Australia, we have Mark Davis and his releasing of the flawed video-tape via the SBS, which is a government controlled media network. Canada though is up to their nostrils in the mire.

Canada has been host to the parasites that have created all of this mayhem, both Ari ben Menashe and his partner, Alex Legault.  It was Alex Legault who started up the original company that was the vehicle for many of their illicit schemes, Carrington Sales Canada, then Carlington Shipping and Carlington Sales, Albury Grains and last but not least, Dickens and Madson.

The Canadian government was well aware of the various unlawful activities of both Menashe and Legault.  In 1996, a Canadian Trade Official, Jacob Kunzer warned Canadian Embassies throughout Eastern Europe and Africa of the perils of Carlington Sales.  Then we have:

In Zambia it is reported that US$6 million meant for the purchase of maize has gone missing in a deal between President Chiluba's economic adviser Donald Chanda and Carlington Sales Company of Canada.  There it was stated that Carlington is an elaborate advance fee fraud operation which presents itself as a major commodity exporter but fails to ever make shipments after payment. 

According to the media, Carlington Sales filed bankruptcy last year after the Government of Zambia and the British lawyers were getting close to seize everything.  Ever the entrepreneurs, Alex Legault and Ari Ben-Menashe immediately started another company ( Dickens & Madson, 310, avenue Victoria ,  Westmount, QC H3Z 2M9 ).”

“Several companies are suing them for non delivery of goods and refusal to refund the deposit including the case of Mr. Nigel Whitely, a Scottish businessman, owner of Merchants International (Edinburgh, Scotland ). Whitely signed a contract for rice delivery to Ghana and forwarded US$250,000 as a deposit. With enough evidence to prove that this was outright fraud the lawyers managed to force Ben-Menashe into refunding Mr. Whitely.  Others continue to fight for restitution.”

Carlington Sales Canada Corporation's Foreign Agents

Ben-Menashe, Ari

Fraser, Herbert

Hooper, Peter

Now the interesting thing here is that Herbert Fraser was the Canadian Foreign Office’s chief debriefer of Ari ben Menashe until he (Fraser) supposedly left the government’s employ and started work for Carlington.

But now let’s concentrate on the partner, Alexander Henri Legault.

U.S. authorities say Mr. Legault masterminded a multimillion-dollar securities fraud in Florida and has been fighting extradition for 18 years, the Montreal Gazette reported. In addition, another Montreal company owned by the pair is named in a series of civil lawsuits alleging breach of contract or fraudulent dealings.

Alex Legault is wanted in Louisiana and Florida for some ponzi-scams he had set up in the past. He was sentenced to a total of 189 years of jail and the FBI has asked the RCMP to extradite him back to the US. 

Legault, having claimed refugee status 13 years ago was protected by Canadian law and was never extradited. Furthermore, he fathered a huge litter of children hoping that would help his case. CBC called it "immigration by procreation"

Then a recent court ruling changed everything. Immigration Canada issued a deportation order last June and Legault was supposed to leave the country for a destination of his choice. He failed to show up on this date and is now a full blown fugitive, both in Canada and in the US . 

To this day, he has never appeared in a Canadian court for financial fraud charges since he always settles out of court.  The only time he has ever had to go to court was for criminal charges pressed by his wife and mother-in-law for assault and battery. 

She evidently found out that her husband wasn’t a real successful businessman, but rather a big time crook, so she kicked him out of their $3,500,000 mansion in Westmount. He apparently didn't appreciate the expulsion.

Alex  Legault fled Montreal in 2002, after a decade of fending off American demands for his extradition and now resides in Alaska as Henry Ayre, or Henri the Celt, with a postal address of; P.O. Box 2571 Soldotna, AK 99669

(907) 260-6719

For the Canadian government to be aware of the unlawful behaviour of a Canadian company is one thing, but actually participating in that unlawful behaviour is another, as once the participation is demonstrated, then that makes the Canadian government an accessory to the original crimes.  Is there any documentation that demonstrates the Canadian government’s active participation with any of the Ari ben Menashe-Alex Legault’s criminal activities?  Consider these statements from the Canadian “Disclosure” program.

“Through an Access to Information request, we received over 400 pages showing Ben-Menashe was regularly de-briefed by Canadian intelligence officers, plumbed about what he knew of the inner workings of the governments he was involved with.”

“The documents are heavily censored, but what's left reveals that Ottawa has known for years about Ben-Menashe's trips to Zimbabwe's capital and his association with Robert Mugabe.  But, even as they were using him as a resource, Ben-Menashe was pitching Ottawa on his clients -offering to arrange meetings between Canada and the regimes he represented.

Such as: a military leader in Burma -a country which Canada has shunned for its human rights abuses; and a government minister in Sudan -a man Canada has investigated for war crimes.  The documents show Ottawa seriously considered both requests, taking them to the minister's office for consideration before taking a pass.”

Keith Martin is Foreign Affairs critic for the Alliance. "You have a company who with highly questionable activities abroad," he says, "that is working with the Department of Foreign Affairs, that has been asked for the Department of Foreign Affairs for information and the relationship is highly suspect and it just, quite frankly -it stinks."

But, even as Foreign Affairs was relying on Ben-Menashe to help build Canada's intelligence files, trade officials in the same department were issuing strong warnings he couldn't be trusted.

The commercial disputes from soured business deals were stacking up -from Hungary to Zambia- prompting a senior trade commissioner to the Baltics to warn that Ben-Menashe and Legault's company, Carlington Sales, had done: "Very serious damage to the commercial relationship between Canada and Estonia, by what could only be termed unethical conduct."

And a warning issued back in 1996:

"…That any Canadian government official deal with extreme caution with Carlington."

But, there's no indication Canada passed that warning on to foreign companies inquiring about Carlington.

Zambian banker Raj Mahtani, burned in a multi-million dollar deal for maize, says Canada let him down:

"I am totally disappointed and disillusioned," he says. "For me, to be honest with you, I would not enter into any contract with Canadians."

Last fall, a British arbitration court ordered Carlington to pay $10-million on the Zambian deal. But Carlington filed bankruptcy saying there's no money left.

The lawyer in the Zambian case is Neil Sampson.

"The most important thing we have to do is find the money," says the lawyer in the Zambian case, Neil Sampson. "I would ask anybody who knows anything, the affairs of Carlington Sales, of Alexander Legault or Ari Ben-Menashe, to contact us and hopefully help us find the money."

Foreign Affairs officials refused to talk on camera about Ben-Menashe or Carlington. Nor would they talk about why the intelligence officer who conducted many of those briefings, retired in 1999 to work for Carlington.

With the company now bankrupt, Ben-Menashe and Legault are working under a different name, Dickens and Madson. Their new lobbying firm is now at the centre of the Zimbabwe assassination plot.

"The company has a long, storied and questionable history," says Alliance MP Keith Martin. "Not only within Canada, but in other parts of the world. I think it's up to the RCMP to investigate that because I'm sure that the Canadian public has absolutely no interest whatsoever in having companies in Canada engaging in destabilizing activity abroad."

The Canadian MP, Keith Martin has made previous requests for the RCMP to investigate the activities of Menashe and Legault to little avail.  The RCMP wouldn’t touch that dung heap with a bargepole, because of just where it would lead them.

This reminds me of the Australian Wheat Board and its activities in Iraq, except that the AWB was a legitimate business, and none of Legault’s companies were. 

You know, there has been little said about the whereabouts of Ari ben Menashe, and that can be explained.  I have believed for over 18 months that Ari ben Menashe was also known to Australians as Joe Vialls of Carine, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia.  Unfortunately Joe was reported to have passed away around the 15th July last year (2005), so it’s possible that Ari ben Menashe may also no longer be with us.  I wouldn’t put money on it though.

It would be nice though if Keith Martin was able to forward this email onto the lawyer Neil Sampson.

Andrew S. MacGregor

Senior Constable 15891 (ret.)

(Victoria Police Force Australia)

7 Mars Court,

Newcomb, Victoria, 3219


61(0)35248 6630


IV. Breaking news from Samantha Lee Gun Control Australia

From: Andrew S. MacGregor -

Sent: Tuesday, 30 May 2006 8:00 PM

To: Paul Carew

Dear Paul,

What these people haven't told you was that for the fifth anniversary of the Port Arthur Massacre, in 2001, Samantha Lee as the UN representative for Gun Control organised a special stalking camera for the pedestrians in Martin Place Sydney using an integrated gun sights so as to suggest that these people were being targeted by a shooter. 

Roland Browne also did his bit in Tassie suggesting that hand-guns were now to be targetted for confiscation.  Then Lee Riannon did her little bit and it became quite obvious that another massacre was being set up, at a school by a licenced shooter with a hand-gun.  Additional information that the new firearm legislation was to be introduced in NSW by October 2001, was also revealing.  However 911 came along and so the massacre took place in October 2002, at The Monash University, by a licenced shooter with a hand-gun.

Now I asked the question, that the school shooting was going to take place at several presentations, and it was also written up in the Hobart Mercury by the journalist Sue Bailey.  The speech at Toowoomba 2001 which included the warning is available on the shooters news website.

After the Monash shootings it took me 2 days to identify Professor Bret Inder as the controller of that almost massacre.  Inder is another UN stooge along with Samantha Lee.

So now we have another celebration of the Port Arthur massace, and a set of warnings from the High Priests of Control, Samantha Lee and Roland Browne.  Browne is warning Australians of a 'Dunblane' style massacre, simply because of what they call semi-automatic handguns.

In about October this year, Australia is going to suffer a 'Dunblane' style massacre, with a hand-gun by a 'lone-nut' gunman.  It will more than likely occur in a kindergarten or a primary school.  The shooter, if he is not captured will commit suicide, as is the norm with all their planned gun massacres.

Tell your mothers, tell women with children attending Primary Schools or Kindergartens that one of those establishments has been chosen to be the next gun massacre in Australia.

Tell the mothers of these children that if their child or children are sacrificed on the altar for the New World Order, then those children were selected by Samantha Lee, Roland Browne, the Rev. Tim Costello, and with the protection of John Howard.

Now pass that message on, and do not forget it.  We have been warned; Australia is going to have another massacre, featuring children.  It has been ordained by the High Priests of Baal.

 From: Paul Carew -

Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 6:06 PM

Subject: From Paul Breaking news from Samantha Lee Gun Control Australia

She is at it again. Won’t they ever leave us law abiding gun owners alone?

Take a look at their website  below and read the lies and misinformation they tell the unsuspecting Public. Then click on their icon 'Gun Issues' on left side of home page, It gets worse.

Pass this onto all of your gun owning mates. I am trying to obtain Samantha Lees email address and If I do I will forward it to you all.

Regards, stay safe go well.

GOLD FM 104.3 (Melbourne)

14:00 News - 30/05/2006 - 02:04

The National Coalition for Gun Control is pushing for 1 million Australians to join a petition for tougher gun laws.
Interviewees: Samantha Lee, National Coalition for Gun Control


Gun control - 10 years after Port Arthur

ABC Radio National The Law Report



This transcript was typed from a recording of the program. The ABC cannot guarantee its complete accuracy because of the possibility of mishearing and occasional difficulty in identifying speakers.

Damien Carrick: Welcome to this Anzac Day edition of The Law Report.

Today, a lateral look at legal issues related to the War on Terror: how the CIA restricts access to information in the name of security.

Also, closer to home, freedom of information and the AWB scandal.

But first, this Friday is the tenth anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre. You may have heard on recent Media Reports that there's been a lot of debate about whether it's a good thing to mark a tragedy that claimed 35 lives and injured 19.

Of course the events of that chilling day are significant for another reason: gun control

Gary Bailey: The greatest decision John Howard has made in his ten years, and the most courageous; one only has to remember that picture at the rally in Victoria where you saw the outline of the flak jacket in the seat. It was personally courageous and politically courageous, and deserves the applause of the Australian community for doing it.

Damien Carrick: Gary Bailey, Editor of The Hobart Mercury newspaper.

If anything good can be said to have come out of the Port Arthur tragedy, many Australians would argue that it was the restrictions on gun ownership, particularly semi-automatic long-arms, the type of rifles used by Martin Bryant.

Sam Lee, chair of the National Coalition for Gun Control says that since the restricts and the buyback, there has been a marked decrease in homicides, and no mass shootings.

Sam Lee: The laws were meant to restrict access and possession of firearms. They certainly had no intention of getting rid of all firearms. They did assist in taking away over 600,000 semi-automatic long-arms from the community by buying those back. What we've seen since the implementation of the new laws, is a reduction in homicides across Australia. We've seen a 47% decrease in homicides with the firearm across Australia, also a 44% decrease in robberies with the firearm. We also haven't had a mass shooting since the new laws were introduced. We did have the Monash shooting, but in terms of massacres, the number of people that classifies as a massacre is three people being shot, and the Monash shooting, two people were shot.

Damien Carrick: So there hasn't been another Queen Street, another Hoddle Street, another Port Arthur, another Strathfield?

Sam Lee: That's correct, yes, which is obviously extremely positive.

Damien Carrick: How sure can we be though that that decline or that absence of massacres is to do with the increased restrictions on firearms? I think it was Don Weatherburn, who's a very highly respected crime statistician in New South Wales, suggested that the decline in, say, things like armed robberies and abductions, may have more to do with the heroin drought than with the restrictions on guns.

Sam Lee: Certainly you have to respect Don Weatherburn's input into this actual area, and obviously there are many variables that contribute towards firearms crime. But I believe there is a research coming out very shortly, that does actually help to highlight that since the ban on semi-automatic long-arms, there was a dramatic drop in homicides with the firearm across Australia. And research, particularly in the United States where the majority of research on firearms is done, it does definitely show that the less guns available in the community, the less likely someone will be shot by a firearm.

Damien Carrick: Now of course as a result of Port Arthur there was a complete ban on long-arm, semi-automatic guns, rifles I suppose, but there wasn't a complete ban on semi-automatic pistols or hand-guns. Has there been, in terms of the various kinds of crime or homicides, has there been within the reduced numbers, a shift from long-arm to hand-gun deaths?

Sam Lee: Yes, that's correct. As I said, overall we've seen a reduction in homicides with the firearm in Australia, which is positive. The negative side to that though is that we have since '91, seen a 36% increase in homicides committed with the hand-gun. We've also seen an increase of suicides committed with the handgun, and also robberies committed with the hand-gun. I think the public did not know that after Port Arthur, there was not a blanket ban on all semi-automatic firearms. There was a ban on semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, but this did not adhere to semi-automatic hand-guns. One would say that semi-automatic hand-guns are more dangerous than semi-automatic rifles and long-arms, mainly because they are preferred by people who use them for criminal activity, because they are so easy to conceal and easy to carry around, particularly within urban areas, they're not as heavy as your rifles, and you don't need a big bag to conceal them. They're particularly useful I guess for drive-by shootings as well, because they're easy to use while you're driving, or a passenger of a car, they're easier to get out and draw. So in terms of the dangers of semi-automatic hand-guns, I would say they're probably more dangerous than semi-automatic long-arms purely because of their concealability factor.

Damien Carrick: But it sounds like the kinds of crimes you're talking about there are not people who are, if you like, having one episode of a killing spree, you're talking about people involved in criminal endeavours. Those people, how do they get a hold of hand-guns, given that we do now have a lot of restrictions on their use, on their ownership, registration and those sorts of things.

Sam Lee: Yes, but in terms of ownership it's not really useful to look at licenced and unlicenced gun owners, not because licenced gun owners are the same as criminals, not at all. Many people own guns in the community, ranging from various occupations and most of them are generally pretty nice folk. It[s more to do with the fact that the more guns available in the community, the more likely they'll be stolen and fall into the black market. A study was done by the Australian Institute of Criminology on the theft of hand-guns or firearms, in Australia, and the study did find that the majority of firearms fall into the black market by them being stolen from legitimate gun-owners' homes and firearms dealers, also from Navy and Army barracks, and also from security gun warehouses. So it's purely a practical way of looking at the situation. If you reduce the number of guns overall in the community, you reduce the likelihood of them being stolen, and therefore reduce the likelihood of them moving into the black market in Australia.

Damien Carrick: Sam Lee, chair of the National Coalition for Gun Control.


Gary Bailey - Editor of the Hobart Mercury

Sam Lee - National Coalition for Gun Control



V. Joe Vialls was right

From: Andrew S. MacGregor -

Sent: Saturday, 10 June 2006 12:25 PM

Subject: Joe Vialls was right.

 Joe Vialls has always stated that the Port Arthur Massacre was a Mossad operation.  I have always denied that scenario because there was never any know links  between the Port Arthur Massacre and the Israeli Intelligence organisation known as Mossad.

However, this latest ground-breaking news from the 'Shooters News' site, brings into focus that on the point of Mossad involvement in the Port Arthur Massacre, as per Joe Vialls, Joe was right and I was wrong.

You see Joe Vialls was also at one stage known as Ari Ben Menashe, and even wrote a book titled 'Profits of War' under that name.  What this book was about, was the supposed autobiography of the author, Ari Ben Menashe, or Joe Vialls if you prefer, and his involvement in certain Mossad and other Israeli covert operations throughout the world.  In other words Ari ben Menashe boasted of his exploits as an Israeli intelligence agent, prior to his settling in Australia as a last point of refuge.  Ari ben Menashe then becomes Joe Vialls, and whether or not the name Vialls originated from birth or from some later stage in life, all Australians were introduced to Ari ben Menashe as Joe Vialls.

Joe Vialls' understandings of the Port Arthur massacre were unique and comprehensive to the extreme.  Joe Vialls even had knowledge of the actual gunman that was denied to all other Australians.  He demonstrated this knowledge when after reading Graeme Collyer's police statement, and referring to the remarks made by Graeme that the gunman had a pitted or ance-marked face, and Joe stated, "no, not acne, chicken-pox".  The question was always, "How could Joe differentiate without knowledge of what Graeme Collyer actually saw and remarked about?"

But now, Shooters News has revealed just how Joe Vialls, or Ari ben Menashe actually had that information.  Joe Vialls was actually at the Port Arthur Historic Site at the time of the massacre and was involved with others known to be employed by the Australian government at that time.

Now let us go back to Joe's statements that the Port Arthur Massacre was a Mossad Covert Operation.  How would Joe have known about this as most of the operatives involved in the massacre were Australians.  The answer is easy.  The Port Arthur massacre was run by a Mossad agent by the name of Ari ben Menashe, or for Australians, Joe Vialls.  That is why Joe would have been on the verandah of the Broad Arrow Cafe after the event, because things had gone so badly wrong and Australia had lost 7 Intelligence operatives.  There was an emergency meeting of the top surviving operatives to discuss the problems and how they were to be overcome.  That Shooters News has now named Hans Overbeeke, Constable Justin Noble of the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Intelligence) and Joe Vialls as the persons holding that emergency meeting.  If this is factual, then just what position did Joe Vialls hold during the massacre?  Please remember that Joe Vialls has always stated that the massacre was a 'Mossad covert operation', and since Joe was the only known Mossad member of these three men, then the only position Joe could have held was that he was in overall command at Port Arthur.

And that explains rather simply just how Joe knew that the Port Arthur Massacre was in fact a Mossad covert operation, because he ran it.


Woman Deported From U.S. For Holocaust Involvement

September 20, 2006 12:10 p.m. EST -

Mary K. Brunskill - All Headline News Staff Writer

San Francisco, CA (AHN) - An 83-year-old woman who admitted to serving as a guard at a Nazi-operated concentration camp from June of 1944 to April of 1945 was deported to Germany this month, Federal officials said Tuesday. The woman, Elfriede Rinkel, said she was not a member of the Nazi party, just did its bidding, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Rinkel was told she must leave the United States on or before September 30 and that she could never come back again. She left on September 1.

Her late husband, Fred Rinkel, was himself a German Jew who left Germany because of the Holocaust. Rinkel's relatives said neither they nor her husband knew of her past.

Rinkel's sister-in-law, who asked not to be identified because she fears retaliation, said Elfriede Huth met Fred Rinkel decades ago in San Francisco at a German-American club. Fred Rinkel died in 2004. His funeral services took place at a Jewish memorial chapel and his obituary said he had been a longtime member of the Jewish service organization B'nai B'rith.

Rinkel's lawyer, Allison Dixon, said Rinkel never told her husband about her involvement with the Nazi party "because all these years she was totally embarrassed."

Rinkel's sister-in-law told the Los Angeles times the revelation "knocked us off our feet. We have many, many Jewish friends who live in the Oakland/Berkley area and this would be quite shocking to them, as it was to us."

Rinkel said she worked with an SS-trained attack dog but said she never used the dog as a weapon against the prisoners and never forced them into morning marches to work or die.

The AP reports Alice Fisher, a Justice Department lawyer, said, "Concentration camp guards such as Elfriede Rinkel played a vital role in the Nazi regime's horrific mistreatment of innocent victims. This case reflects the government's unwavering commitment to remove Nazi persecutors from this country."

Of a 100 completed cases of Nazi persecutors who lied so they could live in the United States, Rinkel is the only woman who was caught and deported.


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