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More German hatred generated as ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ stories continue to saturate the world media

Fredrick Töben

With the advent of 13-14 February 2007 Germans around the world commemorated not St Valentine’s Day but rather the real death-by-fire tragedy through saturated bombing that engulfed Dresden and other German cities when at the close of World War Two hundreds of thousands of individuals were incinerated in massive fire storms.

Whenever historical material on World War Two is broadcast it is interesting to note that still the NAZIS are portrayed as the evil ones and nothing is done to balance the equation by pointing out that World War Two was about fighting the evils of communism and international predatory capitalism, among other things. The continued world ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ focus attempts to retain an unbalanced narrative of World War Two events by blending out the national versus international factors. This is currently so evident in the tragedy that the Palestinians have endured since the Zionist and Racist state of Israel was founded in 1948.

Former French minister Maurice Papon’s death on 18 February at the age of 96 re-ignited the issue for which he was imprisoned for 10 years in 1998 - but on account of his age released in 2002 - namely that during WWII he was responsible for sending French Jews to their death at Auschwitz. What a pity that we are not permitted openly to thrash out such a massive allegation that afflicts Germans to this day, namely that Germans systematically exterminated European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers, in particular at Auschwitz and Treblinka concentration camps.

The dark shadow of historical distortion that is cast by the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ story revealed itself so clearly in the 15 February 2007 absurd Ernst Zündel Mannheim judgment. Any reasonable person instinctively knows that there is something wrong with a judicial system that sentences a man to a maximum of five years imprisonment for refusing to believe in the official and legally sanctioned version of the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ narrative. It is not that Ernst is a violent man who has been found guilty of moral turpitude. Far from it! Ernst has been exemplary in his celebration of life, of his German heritage, of living with nature and not against it, of developing a balanced Weltanschauung-world view where no one group dominates another. This is, of course, the essence of a natural view of what makes us a Mensch, namely the principle that not one individual is like another. This contrasts starkly with the false consciousness found in Marxist ideology where the abstract concept of equality brought nothing but misery to those subjected to its principles of supremacism. In order for equality to survive it forever needed to sacrifice the principle of justice. The former Soviet Union embodied this by adequately physically feeding its population but mentally raping it and sending millions of its citizens to its GuLags because Russian citizens refused to submit to an ideology of international domination. Interestingly, one of the first laws promulgated by the Soviet Bolsheviks was to criminalize the concept ‘antisemitism’. Anyone labelled thus was shot! Currently we again find ourselves at this stage where the concept ‘antisemitism’ has become a weapon to stifle public debate on vital issues.

Ernst has been focusing on the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ distortions for decades and succeeded in fending off attacks while living in Canada, there successfully to battle the distorters of history in a number of legal battles. The most successful case was the second Toronto ‘Holocaust’ trial in 1988 when the upholders of the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ narrative realized it was fatal for them to subject their narrative to the truth test. For example, the guru of the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ narrative, Professor Raoul Hilberg, had to admit that his two written Hitler orders, which he claimed began the extermination process, did not exist. No wonder that since 1988 all Revisionist ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ challenges were disconnected from truth-content considerations and re-located into the realm of abstractions where concepts such as ‘antisemitism’, ‘Holocaust denial’, ‘racism’, ‘hate-speech’, among others, deflected the Revisionists’ factual arguments from scrutiny and criminalized Revisionists’ work.

During the Mannheim Zündel trial, Judge Meinerzhagen decided that nothing submitted by defence counsel was relevant because anyone charged under Section 130 of the German Penal Code has no defence available. As in the notorious witch trials, the accused was guilty on account of appearing in court, and the judge merely had to decide to what degree an accused showed regret, remorse and repentance. Ernst showed no remorse, no regret and refuses to repent, and so received the maximum sentence of five years. It was factually irrelevant that in 2002 Fritjof Meyer publicly stated that 350,000 Jews were gassed in Bunker II, a farm house that doesn’t exist anymore – and not at Krema II.

Since the 1988 Ernst Zündel Toronto trial and the Ivan Demjanjuk Jerusalem trial facts don’t matter any more in future ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ trials. This is because the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ has no reality in space and time, only in memory. Ernst propagated such a view, and realized it was time to move on, and move he did to the USA, there to be with his new wife, Ingrid, and have a long RELAX. It was then that the enforcers of the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ narrative came for him, deported him back to Canada where Ernst spent two years in prison, and then was extradited to Germany in March 2005. Canada rightly classified Ernst a threat to national security. After all, where a country has adopted the ‘Holocaust- Shoah’ as its new ideology, Ernst’s work directly exposes its false consciousness. In fact, Ernst’s work directly challenges the Anglo-American-Zionist imposed post-World-War-Two political order. Imagine, 60+ years of work is slowly unravelling because Ernst Zündel refuses to believe in the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ narrative.

The reaction to the Iranian Holocaust Conference in December 2006 merely confirms the justified panic the so-called liberal western democracies have whenever a Revisionist speaks openly and freely. For the ‘Holocaust-Shoah’ believers, having lived on a lie for three generations and at the expense of German honour and integrity, then having to re-evaluate one’s world view with advancing age, can be frightening. The fear is more a shame in having to admit to oneself that three decades of living on a lie is not a good character reference, and from that flow consequences as regards one’s perception of one’s own moral and intellectual integrity. That is why Revisionists are perceived the world over as security risks. The post-World-War-Two order is cracking to its own stresses and strains and the Revisionists are merely reporting this.


Maurice Papon dies aged 96

Maurice Papon, French ‘Nazi collaborator’, second-highest official under Vichy in France’s south-west Bordeaux region during the German wartime occupation, convicted of sending French Jews to Nazi camps in World War II and jailed for 10 years in 1998, released in 2002 on account of his age. The BBC reports: “During World War II, about 76,000 Jews were deported from France to German death camps, many to Auschwitz. Only 2,500 survived.” Of course, such claims have a reality in space and time only in so far as the transportation is concerned, but as to the ‘death camps’, that remains an issue of definition and memory!


Dancing with Holocaust deniers

By Terry Sweetman February 17, 2007 11:00pm , Courier Mail


A FEW months ago I visited the Terezin ghetto outside Prague in the Czech Republic.

It's nothing spectacular in the catalogue of inhumanity. In fact, it's a pretty ordinary little garrison town on what was once the Prussian-Austrian and later Czech-German border.

On the right day and in the right weather, and if you disregard the nearby graveyard, it could even be a pleasant little spot.

I went there because I have two friends – two Jewish Australians – who passed through there on a journey that few survived.

They're in their 80s now and, in the arrogance of comparative youth, it is difficult to imagine them other than elegantly dressed, gracious, courteous and, I guess, comfortable.

Yet, they suffered almost indescribable degradation and survived one of the most appalling episodes in history. They escaped the Holocaust, came to Australia, worked, studied and nurtured a productive and thoroughly Australian family.

Terezin, also known as Theresienstadt, was not a concentration camp in the accepted meaning of the word.

But according to Holocaust survivor and author Ruth Kluger, it was "the stable that supplied the slaughterhouse".

The slaughterhouse was the dark domain of the extermination camps in the east – most infamously Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Of the 139,667 Jews who were sent to Terezin, about 34,396 died there. Another 86,934 were sent to the east and, according to one account, only 3586 survived.

Among those who died in the Holocaust were just about the entire family – close and extended – of my friends. They disappeared, their remains the cold ashes of the crematoria.

By virtue of their survival, my friends cannot testify to the fate of their own friends and their families.

But the weight of history and the burden of common sense, is that there was a Holocaust. There was an assembly line of industrialised murder and the systematic destruction of bodies and evidence.

There are photographs, there is film, there is meticulous Nazi documentation, there is first-hand testimony, there are ruins and – most of all – there are memories and the great voids of nothingness in the families of millions of Jews and other undesirables.

I have seen in half a dozen European cities the remaining evidence of the Nazi machinery of genocide.

The evidence is more solid, the collective memory larger, the documentation more thorough than that pertaining to the torment, starvation, brutality and slavery that beset Australian prisoners in the hands of Japan.

There is nothing to mark the martyrdom of slaves on the Burma-Thailand railway at Hellfire Pass except a cutting in the rock, yet we believe, because we trust the testimony of those who were there.

But still we are subjected to the putrid fantasies, conspiracies and inventions of Holocaust deniers, who dress their obsession in spurious science and carry it around the world to spin to those of similar gullibility and filled with the same hate.

The strength of the denial industry is growing in direct proportion to the fading first-hand memory of the Holocaust. As age takes it toll on those who suffered, the deniers are becoming bolder in their claims.

The web is awash with their nonsensical claims, their filth washes over into the literature and propaganda of extreme right and racist organisations, and they are courted and given strength by nations who cannot discern the difference between anti-Zionism and a crusade against truth.

And they gather around them fools and pawns who unwittingly give strength to their fevered fantasies.

Now we read that Pauline Hanson, a woman in search of relevance and a pay cheque, is to share a platform with a prominent Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi activist.

She will be a special guest at the Inverell Forum, a song-and-dance session for extremists, along with Richard Krege, whose speciality is bringing dodgy science into the so-called denial debate.

He recently attended the notorious Holocaust Conference in Tehran, an Iranian Government-sponsored denial talkfest, along with the equally hateful and discredited Fredrick Toben.

Krege's speciality is using ground-penetrating radar to prove that Treblinka was not a death camp and, therefore, a large chunk of the Holocaust history is bunkum.

Toben likes defiling the ruins of Auschwitz in pursuit of his claims that it was all a scam.

Together, they trot out a scale model of Auschwitz to prove, I dunno, that they can build scale models.

They are vandals of history but, if you don't know the truth or don't care for the truth, they can be dangerously persuasive.

It is an important time in our history when we must forever cement the memory and the lessons of the Holocaust and stand up to those who would chip them away.

Nobody in public life – and that includes Ms Hanson – should give credibility to these noxious deniers of truth by sharing a platform, a room or even a thought with them.

If she persists in giving comfort to these people, she is either a fool or a scoundrel. I prefer to think she is a fool.
Terry Sweetman's columns also appear in The Courier-Mail on Fridays.,,21242685-27197,00.html#


Latest Comments:

Mr Sweetman would do well to address his almost insane and regularly stated hatred of Ms Hanson, an Australian woman who aspired to politics in this great land we share - the wartime events of the thirties and the forties are now, well and truly, overshadowed by subsequent human killing fields - as, for instance, in Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq and Afghanistan - if Sweetman wants to infer baseness of Hanson for expressing a point of view (and thereby restricting her) then he is no better than the book-burners of Germany, circa 1939... Let her have her say - that's the Australian way. No one has to agree with her; most think she is a little potty, but she has every right to voice her opinion or, if she so decides, to stand alongside another citizen who has a contrary and provocative statement about events associated with a terrifying world war which kicked off, way back in '39. Mr Sweetman, despite his apparent idea that his written word is sacrosanct and others may not question him (but he can openly question them) is just an essayist employed by the local newspaper - he is not God - his often lofty interpretation of events of recent history are no more worthy than another individual who may see things differently...... The world's communication is evolving amazingly of late - hopefully it will continue apace and thereby allow everyone, even the likes of the turbulent Ms Hanson, to have her two dollars worth - without running the risk of being publicly scorned and ridiculed (by introducing snide association) by a local self-opinionated scribbler with an inflated ego........ This is Australia - the year is 2007 AD - free speech is a rare treasure we must protect and defend. Let's, for sanity's sake, do that........the alternative is untenable.... Merv.

Posted by: Merv. of Brisbane 6:22pm today ***

Let us never forget the Holocaust - - but let us also not forget that so many other minorities suffered equally in these Nazi horror camps!!

Let us also not forget all the other WW2 atrocities - like the Japanese treatment of POWs and the people in conquered terrritories.

Let us not forget Dresden!

That said -- Pauline Hanson is entitled to use terrible judgement in who she wants to associated with.

Posted by: C. Andersen of 2:24pm today ***

Let us never forget the Holocaust - - but let us also not forget that so many other minorities suffered equally in these Nazi horror camps!!

Let us also not forget all the other WW2 atrocities - like the Japanese treatment of POWs and the people in conquered terrritories. Let us not forget Dresden! That said -- Pauline Hanson is entitled to use terrible judgement in who she wants to associated with.

Posted by: C. Andersen of 11:13am today ***

Mr Sweetman - you are a good believer with some nasty habits that urge you to make disparaging comments. You are either ignorant of the facts surrounding the Holocaust, or you are a liar! It's as simple as that because the Holocaust has no reality in space and time, only in memory!

Fredrick Töben - sent Monday, 19 February 2007, 8am – not published.



MP attacks Channel Ten over 9/11 conspiracy film, Monday, September 11, 2006

ABC Australia News Online:

A Labor backbencher has attacked Channel Ten for screening a film on Saturday night about a conspiracy theory that the United States Government staged the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The member for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby [Jewish], says the documentary In Plain Sight was a calculated insult to the American people and victims of the terrorist attacks. Mr Danby says Channel Ten should be ashamed of broadcasting the program, which he says was an abominable act of bad taste. "Ten's major shareholder, Mr Izzy Asper of CanWest, should sack the programming director of Channel 10 for broadcasting this barking mad conspiracy program," he said. "[It] claimed all American political parties, officials, airlines and the news networks were collaborators in a plot to murder their fellow citizens, over 3,000 innocent people, including some of our own countrymen, Australians." "Are there no standards we can expect from Channel Ten? Have they no sense of shame for trying to kill again the memory of those cruelly murdered five years ago by Al Qaeda? "Can you imagine the reaction if a US network produced a similar broadcast about the murders of Australians in Bali? "I'm sure I share the contempt and derision of the Australian people and its Parliament for this abominable act of bad taste by Channel Ten on the eve of the September 11th mass murder [anniversary]."



Abbé Pierre

Henry Groučs (“Abbé Pierre”), champion of the homeless, died on January 22nd, aged 94

TRADITIONALLY most saints are gentle creatures. Those enshrined in French homes, or on prayer-cards stuffed into the missals of elderly churchgoers, are usually St Anthony carrying the child Jesus, or smiling St Thérčse of Lisieux with a bouquet of flesh-tinted roses. Odd, then, that the nearest modern France has come to a saint was a man fuelled and driven by unceasing anger: anger that the poor should suffer and that the rich did not care.

For any man in authority, clerical or lay, a visit from Abbé Pierre was an unsettling experience. First there was the look of him: the coupe zéro haircut under a black beret, the straggling beard, the black cape thrown dramatically across the shoulders, the belted soutane and muddy boots from tramping through slums. Then came the disquieting blue stare, and the surprisingly loud, ringing voice. He was not a large man or a strong one: lung trouble had disrupted his studies as a boy, and he had been advised at 26 to give up the monastic life for his health's sake. His anger surprised even himself; it did not seem in character. But it made him a giant.

Charles de Gaulle summoned him in 1945, after giving him the Croix de Guerre for a brave, clandestine war, to have an appreciative word; Abbé Pierre lectured him on the lack of milk for babies. Almost 50 years later, the elderly priest refused to wear his Légion d'honneur until a crowd of 300 poor African families, sleeping rough on the esplanade de Vincennes in Paris, was given lodging. When Jacques Chirac, hoping to score electoral points, offered to open up empty buildings for the homeless, Abbé Pierre berated him for hypocrisy. With “measured insolence”, he scolded John Paul II for not allowing married priests and for refusing to retire. He would bite people's ears like a flea, he said, and yell, “Wake up!”

France first heard that voice at lunchtime on February 1st 1954. The napkins were tucked in, the spoons poised over the soup, when Abbé Pierre, having seized the microphone at Radio Luxembourg, told his listeners that a woman had frozen to death that night on the boulevard Sebastopol. She had been clutching an eviction notice, served to her the day before. The weather was grim; all over France, thousands more were dying. Abbé Pierre appealed for blankets, food, stoves and money to be brought to his temporary headquarters at the Hotel Rochester. The response was so enormous that not only the hotel lobby, but the disused Gare d'Orsay nearby, were filled to the roof with donations. Army lorries helped distribute them, and the National Assembly voted 10 billion francs for housing for the poor.

The organisation to which the rich brought their jewellery, and ordinary people packets of rice and jars of jam, was still a strangely fluid affair. It was run from a large ramshackle house in Neuilly-Plaisance, a Paris suburb, where Abbé Pierre in 1949 had started taking in the homeless, first in rooms and then, as numbers grew, in shacks in the garden. He had no idea what this project would become. Perhaps it would be no more than a kindly bourgeois gesture, the sort his own wealthy father had made when he went, each Sunday, to wash and shave the poor in the shelters of Lyon.

His colleagues were a strange, quarrelsome band, ex-cons and ex-legionnaires, some of whom had been homeless themselves. To raise funds they picked rags and salvaged furniture, or begged with laundry baskets in the Paris streets. Abbé Pierre called his project “Emmaus”, after the place where two disciples had given shelter to the risen but unrecognised Christ.

Love human, love divine

Emmaus communities caught on and thrived; by 2006 there were 350 of them in nearly 40 countries, 110 in France itself. Abbé Pierre became a thorn in the side of successive French governments, and a year before he died was still lobbying for a law establishing the right to lodging. Yet he did not relish publicity on his own account. After regularly topping the annual poll of best-loved figures in France, in 2004 he asked to be removed from it. Celebrity helped the cause, but it appalled him.

He had little enough to hide: a clutch of Utopian left-wing views, and one dismaying brush with Holocaust denial which seemed the mere misjudgment of old age.

In 2005 he also admitted, in a memoir, that chastity was too hard for him. He had decided to become a monk at 15, and had joined the Capuchins at 19; from then on, the pain of living without sexual love was constant. Indeed, he did not always live without it. He occasionally slept with women and would sometimes, wistfully and innocently, fall into discussions of sex with women who scarcely knew him.

Yet those who imagined him deprived of love were wrong. Abbé Pierre was possessed by it. Priest though he was, he rarely preached or mentioned God by name, a fact that only added to his popularity in proudly secular France. The force he invoked was different. “Despite all the evil that men and women suffer”, he said once, “I believe that the Eternal is Love all the same, and we are loved all the same, and we are free all the same.” Love would absorb him in the end, when his “Sister Death” came, as tenderly as any woman, to embrace him. And it was Love, he said, that made him so angry.

Feb 1st 2007, The Economist © 2007 The Economist Newspaper and The Economist Group. All rights reserved.


Hicks could be back 'by year end' February 18, 2007 01:31pm, Article from: AAP


TERRY Hicks said today it would be absolutely great to celebrate Christmas this year with his son David, but he holds out little hope, despite comments by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer that Hicks would be "back home by the end of the year."

Mr Downer said on Channel 9 earlier today if Hicks' trial went ahead as US authorities had promised, the Adelaide-born Muslim convert could be home this year.

Hicks, 31, was captured with Taliban forces in Afghanistan and is facing charges of attempted murder in violation of the law of war and providing material support from terrorism. He faces life imprisonment if convicted.

"If the trial proceeds and proceeds quickly ... then it'll be possible to get Mr Hicks back to Australia by the end of the year, either to serve in a prison in Australia or of course just to be released, depending on the result of the trial," Mr Downer said.

But Terry Hicks today said the Government was going into its normal spin ahead of an election.

"The bottom line is if it happens I reckon it would be great, whichever way," Mr Hicks said. "But with Mr Downer's comments, why weren't they doing this three or four years ago?"

"All of the sudden we've got the elections and they're putting the pressure on.

"I don't believe the Americans would speed up the system just because of an Australian election."

Mr Hicks said it would be absolutely great for his family to be together at Christmas time.

Let's hope it happens but let's hope it happens the right way. Don't speed it through a system geared to find him guilty.

Mr Downer would not comment on whether the Government was trying to get the Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee back home before this year's election, expected to be held in October or November.

But he did say that the Government had made an arrangement with the Americans, confirmed 10 days ago by the secretary of defence Robert Gates that David Hicks will be able to serve his sentence or the remainder of his sentence in Australia.

"If he's acquitted, of course, he will be allowed to go," Mr Downer said.  

Dick Smith chips in for Hicks fight

BUSINESSMAN Dick Smith has given $60,000 to support the campaign to free Australian terror suspect David Hicks.

Sky News reports the businessman as saying he is angry with the Howard government's neglect of Hicks and plans to give more to help secure a fair trial.

Mr Smith's announcement yesterday came at the same time as the release of a computer generated image of the 31-year-old held at the US military camp in Cuba.

The image shows the strain of five years at Guantanamo Bay.,23599,21245337-2,00.html#


Iran will Holocaust mit deutscher Hilfe relativieren

Die so genannte iranische Holocaust-Stiftung hat von Deutschland, Österreich und Polen Dokumente zum Massenmord an Juden im Zweiten Weltkrieg angefordert. Der Leiter der Stiftung, Mohammad-Ali Ramin, sagte der staatlichen Nachrichtenagentur IRNA, die während der "Holocaust-Konferenz" im Dezember in Teheran gegründete "Wahrheitskommission" werde die Dokumente zur Untersuchung des wahren Ausmaßes der Judenvernichtung auswerten.

Der Akademiker Ramin ist für seine antisemitischen Standpunkte und Sympathien für Neonazi-Gruppen bekannt, spielt aber im politischen System des Irans keine Rolle. Der iranische Präsident Mahmud Ahmadinedschad hatte in der Vergangenheit mit Äußerungen, der Holocaust sei "ein Märchen", und der Forderung, Israel nach Europa zu verlegen, weltweit für Empörung gesorgt. Ahmadinedschad nahm zwar an der "Holocaust-Konferenz" nicht persönlich teil, begrüßte aber bei einem Treffen mit den Konferenzteilnehmern - unter ihnen international bekannte Holocaust- Leugner - die Gründung der "Wahrheitskommission". Der iranische Präsident hatte dem Westen mehrmals vorgeworfen, Untersuchungen zum Thema Holocaust nicht zuzulassen, aber eine Beleidigung des Propheten in Form von Karikaturen als Teil der Meinungsfreiheit einzustufen. (nz), © 2006 SevenOne Intermedia GmbH. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.


In the Matter of Jeremy Jones and Fredrick Töben – again!


1. Töben hearing adjourned: Yoni Bashan, FEBRUARY 8, 2007,

A CONTEMPT-OF-COURT hearing against Holocaust-denier Dr Fredrick Töben was adjourned in the Federal Court of Australia this week.

Justice Michael Moore told the court on Tuesday that he would hear the matter between the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) and Dr Töben – who has allegedly flouted a 2002 order to remove Holocaust-denial material from his Adelaide Institute website – once the defendant had gained proper legal representation.
Dr Töben, who has so far defended himself in the matter, told Justice Moore via video link from Adelaide: “It is a quasi-criminal matter – I’m not competent to handle these matters.”

During the brief hearing, Dr Töben nominated a lawyer in Melbourne who he said would take the case, but was unavailable until May.

Outside court, lawyers for the ECAJ told the AJN they would contact the Melbourne lawyer. If he opts out, they said they would give Dr Töben two weeks to find alternative representation. Earlier this week, the Federal Court ordered far-right Christian pastor Anthony Grigor-Scott to remove Holocaust-denial material from his NSW-based Bible Believers website, a case the ECAJ has been fighting since 2004.

Last December, Dr Toben travelled to Tehran for a Holocaust-denial conference, which had the support of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He spent seven months in a German prison in 1999 for inciting racism.

2. Holocaust denier launches public appeal for cash. By Richard Sproull, February 07, 2007

HOLOCAUST revisionist Frederick Töben will launch a public appeal so he can defend a Federal Court action alleging his Adelaide Institute website raises doubts the Holocaust occurred.

Dr Töben, a retired high school teacher, said while he had financial backing from supporters, his legal defence would be expensive but he would not defend himself in court.

"It's beyond me to defend myself," Dr Töben said. British author David Irving defended himself when he attempted to challenge charges of Holocaust denial in Austria. Irving was jailed for nine months.

Dr Töben, who set up the Adelaide Institute in 1994 to pursue his cause, spent seven months in a German prison in 1999 for inciting racism.

Jeremy Jones - the former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry - has asked the Federal Court to jail Dr Töben for breaching four-year-old court orders because his website suggests "it is unlikely there were homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz".

Mr Jones's legal suit also alleges the website imputes that Jews who were offended by Holocaust denial or challenged Dr Töben’s theories were "of limited intelligence".

It also claims that some Jews "for improper purposes, including financial gain, have exaggerated the number of Jews killed during World War II and the circumstances in which they were killed".

Melbourne solicitor David Perkins is understood to have told Dr Töben he will represent him in the Federal Court action, which commenced in Sydney yesterday. The Australian could not contact Mr Perkins yesterday to confirm his involvement.
Dr Töben said the civil action was an attempt to rein in the freedom of speech. "It really bites deeply into free expression," he said. Dr Töben returned last month from Iran where he was a speaker at a conference on the Holocaust - at the invitation of the Iranian Government - where he dismissed as "mere puffery" historical evidence proving mass killings of Jews by the Nazis' deadly Zyklon-B gas.,10117,21183562-2,00.html?from=public_rss

3. Töben’s lawyer suspended from practice until May, Peter Kohn, ANJ, February 16, 2007

Lawyers for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) have asked the Federal Court of Australia to relist a contempt-of-court hearing against Dr Fredrick Töben, after discovering that the Adelaide-based Holocaust denier’s nominated lawyer has been suspended from practice.

The hearing, which is examining alleged violations of a 2002 Federal Court decision barring Dr Töben from publishing Holocaust-denial material on his Adelaide Institute website and elsewhere, began on February 6, but was adjourned to allow him time to find a lawyer.

Dr Töben told Justice Michael Moore he only had access to one lawyer, and he would not be available until May.

Outside the court, lawyers for the ECAJ told the AJN they would contact the Melbourne lawyer and if he was not available, they would give Dr Töben two weeks to find other representation.

But investigations by ECAJ lawyers later revealed that the lawyer was not available until May because his certificate of practice has been suspended until then.

4. Related matter: Zentai awaits appeal ruling, Nicole Breskin, AJN, February 16, 2007

Accused Nazi war-criminal Charles (Karoly) Zentai is awaiting a Federal Court decision over whether a WA magistrate or a higher court will hear his extradition case.

While he was not in court earlier this week, lawyers for the 85-year-old Perth resident, together with Irish fraudster Vince O’Donoghue, argued that a state magistrate has no jurisdiction in Commonwealth matters.

Tuesday’s appeal to the full bench marked the second time Zentai has taken the claim to the Federal Court, after Justice Antony Siopis rejected the argument last September. The court has reserved its decision in the matter.

Hungary wants to try Zentai over his involvement in the murder of Peter Balazs, an 18-year-old Jew, in Budapest in 1944. Zentai has denied the charges, which were initially raised by the Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

Zentai has long argued that he is too ill to face trial in his native Hungary and his children this week told reporters their father had been in hospital with heart problems twice in the past month.


Press Releases for October 16, 2006

Award-Winning Historian and International Relations Expert Explores the Palestine Dilemma

Robert John places the birth of Israel and the subsequent Arab/Israeli conflict in the context of international politics, world wars and terrorism in "The Palestine Diary.

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 16, 2006 -- In "The Palestine Diary, Vol. 1: Britain’s Involvement 1914-1945," and "Vol. 2: United States, United Nations Intervention 1945-1948, Third Edition," author Robert John has crafted the most detailed history available of the thorny Palestine problem.

When the Jewish state of Israel was formed, it quickly became a battleground between Jews who felt it was their right to be there and the displaced Palestinians who did not. How did the situation in Palestine become so dangerous and how and why did it lead to terrorism in the United States, Britain and Israel? American international relations expert Robert John, after investigating the history of this Middle East powder keg, offers some very concrete and provocative answers.

In this fascinating book, world leaders -- Arabs, Jews, Russians, British, Prime Ministers and popes -- give their opinions about Palestine. From the intrigue of World War I to the actual words delegates spoke at the UN, "The Palestine Diary" is fraught with shocking revelations. The author offers proof that there was an economic agreement concluded between the Third Reich and Jewish agencies. The Jewish state of Israel was forced on the Arab people, John states, even as a promise to the Arabs for Palestine to be an independent Arab state was denied. This is a problem that won’t go away, but a better understanding can perhaps lead to solution.

World historian Arnold Toynbee says of the book, “If the American people are willing to open their minds to the truth about Palestine, this book will help them to learn it and the situation in Palestine might quickly change for the better.” For more information please contact the author at 212-410-6560 and "The Palestine Diary, Vol. 1: Britain’s Involvement 1914-1945," and "Vol. 2: United States, United Nations Intervention 1945-1948, Third Edition" is available for sale online at, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author

Diplomatic historian, human ecologist, lecturer and broadcaster, Robert John is a member of the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations and an honorary life member of Yale University Political Union. He is a Member of the Honourable Society of The Middle Temple Inns of Court  where five signers of the Declaration of Independence also studied law.  Cited by the Military Order of the World Wars, he also received an award for his significant contribution to global education of people from the International Institute of Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, the second highest honor after the Nobel Prize recommendation. Dr. John lives in New York City, New York. email and

Dr Robert John

The purpose of the Palestine diary is to make information from primary sources available to the public, which is otherwise only accessible to special researchers.  To a subject heavy with special interests and special pleading, the Palestine diary allows readers to understand how policies that influence our world, our countries, ourselves, originated.  How most of Palestine became Israel is a lesson for every generation in “the game of nations” for influence and power over others. One learns how fateful national and international decisions may be made by a very few people. But there may be critical times when an informed public could demand a different policy.  That would be democracy. This is why Arnold Toynbee is recommending the Palestine diary in his foreword to the first edition.  It is why it was recommended by the Christian Science Monitor reviewer to be in libraries and universities throughout the world.

World historian Arnold Toynbee (1889-1975) who wrote the foreword to the first edition, had made history, serving in the British foreign office during World Wars I and II and was a delegate to the (1919) Paris Peace Conference. He drafted the document on British Commitments for the Inner Group–Britain, USA, France, and Italy, vol. 1 p. 146.

The late Sami Hadawi, MBE, suggested my interest in conflict resolution focus on Palestine. As a civil servant of the British administration in Jerusalem from age 16, Sami Hadawi had a personal collection of official documents relating to Palestine that he lent me. Why were documents like the Balfour Declaration ever issued? It took me years to dig out the artifacts. The Palestine Diary contains many quotations from these documents.  When it was finished, he donated them to the Institute for Palestine Studies in Beirut.  During the siege of Beirut in 1982, a special unit of Israeli Intelligence removed them and other documents.

William Yale, introduced to me by Hugh D. Auchincloss, a keen supporter of the American University of Beirut, annotated a copy of the manuscript and made suggestions that I incorporated.

I was invited to Stanford University and the Hoover Institution to research the papers left to them by Professor Westermann of Columbia University.  He had been United States adviser on Turkish affairs at the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919. Seated in the sepulchral library, and coming across the Secret document partly included in this edition, volume 1, page 146, I was suddenly angry. In time, in space, in circumstance, far away from the many men, including family members who had voluntarily fought, died or been wounded, believing in British integrity, dishonored by a Welsh demagogue, a legal solicitor for Theodore Herzl, author and promoter of a Jewish State.

I expected the Palestine diary to be published by the Hoover Institution or Stanford University. Recommendation of publication is required from the head of the appropriate department. George Rentz, curator of the Near Eastern section had been helpful and enthusiastic.  The day I brought him the manuscript, he closed the door of his office–unusual in Palo Alto, and said, “If your manuscript is no good, there's no problem.  But if it's good, and we publish it, this university may lose substantial support.  And I like working here, I don't want to have to move to one of those eastern colleges. But leave it here and I'll look at it.”

I still have that copy of the manuscript in the package that he sent back to me with his name on the label.

After Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (born Golda Mabovitz in Kiev, Ukraine) said, “There was no such thing as Palestinians, they never existed,” 23 year-old Leila Khaled, who had been driven from her home in Haifa at the age of four, hijacked a passenger airplane in 1969 to show the world there was! She became the example for individual action in an international armed struggle. A climate of opinion had been created so that the title of this book was the reason why the president of a great American corporation I advised asked me if it was anti-Jewish? “No.” “Could it be thought of as anti-Semitic?”  Anyone who knows Palestinians knows how careful and considerate they are in distinguishing between the Jewish religion and ethnicity and Zionism.  Anti-Semitism condemns Jews because they are Jews.

There is a moment in the film Lawrence of Arabia when Peter O'Toole as Lawrence, asks General Allenby (Jack Hawkins) to confirm that he can promise Sherif Husein of Mecca independence in return for Arab support in destroying the Turkish army. For just a brief, devastating moment, Hawkins hesitates; then his face becomes all smiling benevolence: "Of course!" he says. Eventually shamed by what happened to his and British honor, Lawrence threw away his medals from the British government.

When I line up at an airport to be searched as a potential criminal, I know why this change in international relations has happened—and I am angry that the actions of others have subjected me to this indignity and inconvenience.

The peoples of the Middle East are affected everyday by its history of Anglo-American covert and direct political and military interventions. The Economist Oct. 15, 2001 edition about the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, noted, “the day a British mandate came into force in Palestine, over the heads of unyielding Arab opposition,” quoted from a dispatch from Jerusalem to London’s The Times of 1922. "The Arabs declared a day of mourning throughout the city and the shops were closed as a protest against today's formal proclamation of the Mandate, but no Jews were molested.”—The day was September 11.

Lawrence of Arabia would understand US 911.

This third edition contains a clear definition of antisemitism (vol. 1 PREFACE)

Excerpts from official documents never before made public.

One is a facsimile of the critical page of the secret document of the British Foreign Office that promised independence for Palestine to the Sherif of Mecca in World War I.


 [This Document is the Property of His Britannic Majesty's Government.]


SECRET                                                                                  Political Intelligence Department,               Foreign Office.

                                                Special 3. Memorandum on British Commitments to King Husein//CUT vol. 1 p.146.


A German document shows German intention in 1940 for a Jewish homeland in Madagascar:

Conference of the Commander -in -Chief, Navy, with the Fuehrer on June 20, 1940, at Wolfsschlucht.

also present: chief of staff, O.K. W.

General Jodl,

Commander von Puttkamer.

!, France. The armistice. -- The Fuhrer wishes to refrain from taking any measures which would affect French honour.. The fleet is therefore to be interned at Brest and Toulon according to peacetime disposition.//CUT


In January 2006 British National Archives released these Cabinet notes:

2 July 1943. the Cabinet discussed the situation in Palestine.  The Cabinet agreed that action was needed to damp down the existing agitation, which was being brought on by extremist statements. There was concern that the situation might lead to future military commitments.  The Cabinet agreed a draft declaration by the UK and US governments, which said that no decision on Palestine should be reached without full consultation between both Arabs and Jews.

P.M.  [Winston Churchill]

I´m committed to creation of a Jewish National Home in Palestine.  Let us go on with that; and at end/war we shall have plenty of force with which to compel the Arabs to acquiesce in our designs.  Don´t shirk our duties because of diffies…

 Wavell. [Field Marshal Archibald Wavell]

we have our obligations towards the Arabs … They all believe we gave a pledge for Arab Palestine. Also 2nd part of Balfour Declaration. Pledge in Nov. 1918. And final word in W. Paper. Thus, we have our obligations towards the Arabs. Fr. pt/view of security of B. Empire, present aspirations of Jews in Pal. are a real menace to our position in M/East & subsequently in India.

Most British people did not know that the prime minister, like Lloyd George in the Great War, was pro-Zionist.  Questioning his philo-Semitism was publicly dismissed as being like Nazi propaganda. //CUT

[Field Marshal Archibald Wavell "After the 'war to end war' they seem to have been pretty successful in Paris at making a 'Peace to end Peace.'" (commenting on the treaties ending World War I;)]


Benjamin H. Freedman of the Speyer banking family, whose father was a founding member of the American Jewish Committee, and as a young man had been secretary of the “finance committee to elect Woodrow Wilson” in 1912, showed me a geological report on the estimated value of the mineral deposits of the Dead Sea prepared for Lord Rothschild, made available to him in 1923. It was a time when Lord Mond controlled nickel, the Guggenheims controlled copper, Lord Swathling (Montague) controlled Anglo-Dutch oil, and Oppenheimer monopolized De Beers diamonds and South African gold. President Franklin Roosevelt's son-in-law, Col. Curtis Dall, who had been with Wall Street's Lehman bankers in the 1930s, refers to this in his book, which he gave me, Israel's Five Trillion Dollar Secret, published privately in 1977. “The well-veiled objective of the Zionists backed by the Rothschild financial interests, was to acquire valid title to the Dead Sea, with its vast, inexhaustible deposits of potash and other minerals, estimated by experts to be worth several thousand billions of dollars” (p.11).

On 6 June 1995 Volkswagen motor company signed a contract in Israel for extraction of magnesium from the Dead Sea. vol. 1 p.196.

ORDER THE PALESTINE DIARY from  - the web site of The International Council for Human Ecology and Ethnology or

The first edition of The Palestine Diary has been selling for from $200-$2000.

World historian Arnold Toynbee wrote for the first edition: of The Palestine Diary  

“As an Englishman I hate to have to indict my country, but I believe that Britain deserves to be indicted, and this is the only personal reparation that I can make.  I hope this book will be read widely in the United States, and this by Jewish as well as by non-Jewish Americans the United States government…

"if the American people are willing to open their minds to the truth about Palestine, this book will help them to learn it.  If they do learn the truth, I hope this will lead them to change their minds, and if the American people do change their minds, I feel sure that that government will change its policy to match.  If the American government were to be constrained by American public opinion to take a nonpartisan and line over Palestine, the situation in Palestine might quickly change for the better.  Is this too much to ask for? We cannot tell, but at least it is certain that the present book will be enlightening for any reader whose mind is open to conviction."

Some comments On the Palestine diary:

William Yale, Special Agent of the Department of State in World War I, Adviser to the Department on the Near East in World War II and to the United Nations Organization–

“This book will make history.”

David W. Littlefield, Library of Congress, The Library Journal -

"This is not a personal diary, but the most detailed history available of the Palestine problem . . .the book is so detailed, and the quotations and footnoting of the sources is so extensive that it is a valuable aid to researchers."

John K. Cooley, Middle East Bureau, The Christian Science Monitor -

"It is a most illuminating and useful book. It should be in universities and libraries, and especially in the hands of historians, throughout the world."###

 Postscript: The third edition’s vol. 2 preface includes a psychological analysis of the origin of relative German postwar political behavior.  Robert John is a polymath, including being a former professor of psychiatric education.


Patrick H. McNally -, 18 October 2006 2:22 PM

Operation Sitting Duck III and Jewry`s False Flags

 “Operation Sitting Duck II” took place in 1967 when the JewState and the JewAssA agreed to carry out a false flag operation against the USS Liberty. The unarmed snooper ship was sent close to the Israeli and Egyptian coasts and the JewState`s armed forces were supposed to sink it and have the attack blamed on the hapless Egyptians. [cf. Alex Jones DVD “The Terror Storm”]

The attack would have given the USA military the excuse for a massive attack, invasion, and occupation of Egypt and elsewhere. Unfortunately for the papier-mâché Machiavellis who concocted this treasonous scheme, the overly vaunted IDF [Israeli Death Forces] could not pull off their end of the bargain. Of course, maybe they failed on purpose in order to avoid an American military presence on their home turf. They just wanted endless supplies of free cash, high-tech military weapons, and open-ended diplomatic immunity for their crimes. Or perhaps the IDF chickened out when they spotted an unexpected Soviet vessel. But even though the JewState was caught red handed murdering USA naval personnel, their traitor supporters high in America`s JOG were able to spin doctor the flap and downplay it into an innocent mistake. Actually, the way it turned out was good for the JewState because it showed them their unbelievable control over the JewAssA and was nice preparatory training for what the same types pulled off on 911.

“Operation Sitting Duck III” is now going on right before our eyes as stupid American Whites head their armada of naval vessels off to the Persian Gulf to prepare for their real holocaust against Iran. Are Blacks perhaps smarter? Fewer of them seem to be rushing off to die in our wars for Jews! At any rate, Baby Bush, the top white sock puppet for elite Jewry, needs another “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” to get the green light to bomb Iran far back beyond the Stone Age. After all, there was no depleted uranium poisoning in the Stone Age.

It does not really make any difference whether the JewState itself or its puppet government in D.C. [District of Corruption] carries out this coming false flag operation because the top levels of these two state-terrorist governments have a symbiotic relation.

At any rate, some Las Vegas gambler has probably already set up betting odds on which American vessel and its crew of sucker white stooges will be ignominiously sacrificed in this next step in establishing the JWO [Jew World Odor]. The US Navy has most likely already selected some aging vessel that would soon have to mothballed anyway. That seems to be what they did to prepare for the well foreseen Pearl Harbor Attack, i.e. put outdated vessels as sitting ducks to attract the Japanese attack and safely disperse the newer vessels out in the Pacific.

Most likely the JewState will sink several ships to seriously weaken the USA military because Israeli military strategists certainly see the United States as their main intermediate term enemy and obstacle. That is why Israeli has induced the stupid Whites to overextend themselves in endless suicidal wars for the JewState.


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