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Reflections on the Aboriginal Problem in the Northern Territory

Fredrick Töben, Darwin 23-24 March 2007

Just a couple of days and nights spent in Darwin, the largest top-end city of Australia, enabled me to get a feel of what is going on here. There is a large tourist–transient population of young individuals that is working here for a while as it makes its way through Australia. Besides the significant presence of defence personnel here, there are also thousands of Australians working in the service and mining industries that are largely drawn from the territory's own 250,000+ individuals. I am reminded that it was about such a number of Europeans who made Rhodesia with its six million indigenous Shonah and Mtabele a functioning country by forming a buffer between these two warring groups, something that since Zimbabwe’s independence in 1980 has again erupted.

On a much smaller scale the Northern Territory has similar problems and according to some prominent individuals who wish to remain anonymous Darwin as a city will not be able to maintain its current status because the frontier mentality will continue to pervade everything that happens here. 

For example, a glance at some of the head and by-lines of the Friday, 23 March 2007 edition of Northern Territory News bear this out, but let’s begin with the editorial:

>>Editorial: Calm solution to clan feuds

There are several long-running, violent clan feuds raging across the Northern territory. Most are confined to remote communities, although they are no less terrifying for the victims for that. But a seven-year dispute at Yuendemu has even led to pitched battles in the streets of Alice Springs.

A mediation service combining indigenous and non-indigenous ways of resolving arguments has been set up by the Justice Department. The elders from the warring families will be brought together to settle disputes over the table and through a traditional ceremony called Mawul Rom.

This will sound a bit touchy-feely for many Territorians.

After all, these families are committing crimes - bashing people, trashing houses, torching cars and generally indulging in riotous behaviour. But it is always harder to feel violent towards someone you have met over tea and biscuits than to someone facing you across a dusty township square armed to the teeth.

Justice Minister Syd Stirling seems to have great faith in Mawul Rom - he says it could be an >enormously effective and powerful tool< to end the violence. It should be acknowledged that the new mediation service shows that solutions are being sought from within the indigenous community, rather than imposing them from outside.

Having said that, it should be made clear to feuding families that they are breaking the law and if they don't settle their disputes by talking to each other, they will face the full force of the law.

...and another thing

The packs of wild dogs at East Point should be controlled before the wallaby population is wiped out.


The Northern Territory News

GPO Box 1300

Darwin NT 0801 <<

Most of us do not have the time or interest to read a newspaper in full, and so we skim through the papes by glancing briefly at the headings. Here is a selection of headings, sub-headings and first liners of articles featured in The Northern Territory News:

1. Lifer sent back to jail. NT's longest-serving prisoner behind bars again.

2. Here's mud in your eye. Six-time champion Gordon Fern has just two words for his rivals heading into tomorrow night's NT Mud Racing Championships - >I'm back!<

3. I'm coming back. Mayor threatens to return before charges are settled. Darwin's Lord Mayor has threatened to storm back into his office before his criminal charges have been settled because he is being frozen out of council business.

4. Numbers up but 207 head south.

5. Our crocs are feeling the heat. Heat is on: Research has found crocs have amazing in-built temperature gauges.

6. Alice amazes. Alice Springs is the >adventure capital< of the Territory, according to a $2.1m tourism campaign.

7. Court told late guilt plea >self interest<. A homosexual man who raped a woman after abducting her off the street waited until a week before the start of his trial to plead guilty, Darwin's Supreme Court heard yesterday.

8. Pilotless spy plane test. The plan to have pilotless surveillance planes patrolling north Australian waters has taken a giant step forward.

9. Pine Gap >not legitimate<: protesters. Four protesters charged with breaking into a top secret Australian spy base did not believe it was a legitimate defence facility, an NT court has heard.

10. Unlawful sex plea. A territory man made his 14-year-old >promised wife< pregnant, A Darwin court has heard. The 29-year-old man pleaded guilty in the NT Supreme Court to having unlawful sex with the teenager. The court heard the sexual relationship began in March 2004 after both their families arranged the relationship under traditional law. The girl fell pregnant when she was only 14. Defence lawyer Chris McGorey said the sexual intercourse was consensual. The man also pleaded guilty to hitting the girl on the head with a tree branch. He will be sentenced on Monday.

11. Cops >refuse to be riot escorts<

12. Call for 60 GPs. Overcrowding at Royal Darwin Hospital could ease if the NT health system gets a boost of 60 GPs.

13. CLP redundancy >hit list<. The CLP was yesterday accused of >declaring war< on public servants.

14. School access comes under fire. Up to 500 indigenous Territory children do not have access to secondary school, a Federal MP said - Not providing school places for indigenous children was genocide, Territory Aboriginal activist Tracker Tilmouth said yesterday.

15. African student digs NT hospitality. African student Arrey Besong thinks the Territory is as cool as ICE. The 32-year-old is the first Cameroon student to study hospitality at Charles Darwin University after winning a scholarship by THE ICE - the Tourism and Hospitality International Centre for Excellence.

16. NT jail rate triple national average.

17. Business warns of card scam.

18. Driver hits traffic light.

19. Cattle station workers dry up. Labour shortages are crippling the Territory's $100 million cattle industry.

20. Council warns smokers. Alice Springs has declared war on cigarette butts as part of a national crackdown.

21. No jail time after teen rapes boy. A teenage petrol sniffer who raped a five-year-old has been allowed to walk free.

22. Border police set up. A police station to be manned by territory and Western Australian police will open today. The $3.67 million multi-jurisdictional police facility is in the WA community of Warakurna, about 100km from the NT border.

23. Power to the poor. MP says land release may ease homeowner crisis. The Federal Government has proposed taking over the Territory's power to release land to ease the housing shortage. But the NT Government said a flood of new blocks would >devastate< the property market.

24. Who do you vote for if neither party should win?

25. Rail cyanide protest. Sydney: Green groups plan to stop a goods train that they say is carrying cyanide in northern NSW.

So, what’s new?

At this point it is all too easy to pull out the race card and contextualize any social commentary by referring to racial disparities, by claiming Australia's Aboriginals belong to stone-age peoples and thus we cannot expect any personal development from them. Although such a view is in parts factually correct it is static and fails to account for the many individual exceptions that transcend this stereotypical view of Aboriginals — and it can quite specifically also be applied to any non-Aboriginal peoples. Note that the adjectival form of the noun Aborigine >Aboriginal< is preferred when reference is made to Australia's Aboriginal population.

Two fundamental human principles usually collide when factual, empirical observations about human behaviour are abstracted.

1. Difference: It is an undisputed fact that each human individual is a >unique< being, much like each grain of sand does not resemble another. I say this because I am an identical twin, and I know that my brother and I are indeed two separate individuals who, however, share a common genetic background. One day I shall write a book about being an identical twin, and it should prove a best seller, especially if I include therein all the nonsense, lies and myths that surrounds the twin phenomenon! It would be a good yarn but much like the >Holocaust< it would only be factually true in the mind/memory and not in space and time. In our current language use >Difference< is not directly addressed but rather indirectly when individuals are invited to >make choices<.

2. Equality: The concept of >equality< is a guiding principle used by those who wish to eliminate any human differences. [A better word to use than >equality< would be the concept of justice!] On the one hand government policy celebrates individuality, for example through Common law principles that cherish the individual's right to property. On the other hand the equality concept enshrines a deficiency principle that creates a bureaucratic dependency syndrome - BDS - escape from which for an individual can be a harrowing and painful experience. We saw this recently when Australian terror suspect David Hicks participated in the >plea bargaining< at Guantanamo Bay in order to get out of this hell-hole and return home to Australia.

Further, if we add to the above a little >false consciousness< into the equation by adopting static >class thinking< and you have a dialectic charged with envy, malice and hatred that aims to destroy anyone who dares to dance to a different tune than that played by those who control the prevailing orthodoxy. For example, those who believe in the >Holocaust< and in >class< are doubly bent on eliminating, even terminating those who refuse to believe in these categories. The current convictions of Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zündel in a Mannheim court speaks for itself.

Hence, applying this destructive dialectic process leads to disaster and tragedy for all those caught up in it, something that concerned citizens in the Northern Territory have observed for decades. So much so that the compassionate, the idealists and even the opportunists who have settled in Darwin and other major population centres of this last frontier territory of Australia, now are prepared to throw in the towel on propagating >equality< and to admit that their policies have not produced the desired results.

The problem lies with those who have adopted the Marxian dialectic that sets out to eliminate the contradictions contained within the dialectic, such as the >class enemy<. In the true Hegelian dialectic it is a matter of >Aufheben<  - of >conserving< the difference and merge them within a new synthesis. There is none of the nonsense of >killing< those one opposes. At a less defined moment the matter could be regarded as reaching a compromise with one's opponent. For example, in Teheran the traffic situation is, literally, chaotic - until you realize that in such density hundreds more accidents should be happening. Why does this not occur? Pure self interest. It is in each driver's self-interest not to have an accident, and so there is little road rage present where individuals claim right of way through force.

In the Northern Territory's situation the static model with which one has attempted to resolve the Aboriginal problem has failed because individuals are still self-destructing because they have no sustaining moral and intellectual values that would see them survive life's normal trials and tribulations. The >race card< comforts some of those who have become victims of life, but it does not help them develop a home within their own mind.

Fortunately for those who still retain compassion for their fellow citizens there is a way out of this >pussy-footing policy quagmire< by calling upon and further developing communal structures with some renewed effort.

This does not mean simply to continue swimming along with the current Australian voluntary model of clubs and communities where moral, social and legal principles are actively propagated by those who consider themselves still to be concerned citizens. For example, to date anyone who shows social and other communal potential is >invited< to join various service clubs, such as religious groups, service clubs such as Apex, Lions, Rotary, Freemasons - and a host of other self-improvement clubs where public speaking, singing, researching, mere socialising, conservation, etc. unites individuals to participate in some common goal beneficial to Australia's overall wellbeing. When such activity leads to thriving community contentment, then there is the home-grown Australian honours system that publicly will celebrate such individuals' achievements.

What is needed to get things moving along a desired path in the Aboriginal communities is a patriotic approach, dare I say it: a national approach to bring individuals into a social and national framework that develops individual respect and national pride within all Australians.

Many an Aboriginal person has a depression to fight as well, stemming directly from the >broken spirit< of the consequences of surviving European settlement – but not only!


In 1984 then Prime Minister Bob Hawke prided himself in getting the Labor Party's policy on Aboriginal advancement going. The ATSIC bureaucracy was disbanded last year after about 20 years of following an apartheid-kind of separate development, which benefited its bureaucrats but failed to help the fringe dwellers. The fraudulent dream of a separate Aboriginal nation reached its peak with individual Aboriginals traveling overseas on >Aboriginal< passports.

The separate nation dream, as celebrated within the failed policy of multiculturalism, has now been dreamt out and decisively abandoned. The visible result of having adopted the dream was that nothing changed for the traditional Aboriginals, except that those who had the opportunity of becoming a bureaucrat did well in their personal life. After all, what kind of ideal is it to romanticise the lifestyle that has individuals sitting in the sand and participating in >dreamtime<, when it is quite obvious that such individuals also wish to participate in the consumer society by having a home, a car, a fridge and a cold can of coke!

Further, there is a specific nasty and mean mental mindset about in Australia that celebrates disadvantage as a virtue, thereby blocking individuals from developing their full potential by continuing to imbue them within a slave-mentality mindset of >hand-outs without effort<. A nation that nurtures its homeless by >keeping< them homeless, is in trouble. There is no excuse to tolerate anyone sleeping, as they do in the USA and elsewhere, in doorways, abandoned buildings, in parks or under bridges.

I note there are individual multimillionaires who sponsor and promote globally the >Homeless World Football Cup<. I wonder in whose interest it is to nurture a >homeless mentality<. It certainly cannot be in the interest of those who have not the ability to find and maintain a home.

Perhaps the Prussian model of military organisation, as was adopted by the USA and Israel military, needs to be considered here. Some form of national service is imperative for individuals to experience so that they can lay a claim to their home, to Australia.

In this context one may even consider the >Arbeit macht Frei/Kraft durch Freude< model without its prejudiced perversions that the >Holocaust< myth imbued it with.

I immediately hear cries of >racist<, >antisemite<, >hater<, >Holocaust denier<, >Nazi<, >xenophobe<, >terrorist< even.

Fortunately I known the usual suspects who make use of these words because they delight in switching-off critical thinking, then by any means enjoy intimidating anyone from daring to think independently about pressing social and economic issues facing Australia.

I would be interested to hear your suggestions on this vitally important matter.


Fredrick Töben at Darwin’s Plaza Hotel waiting for the Airport Bus – looking somewhat tired of travelling.



European court starts Norway war children hearing

Thu Mar 8, 2007 5:45AM EST



STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) - Europe's top human rights court started hearing charges on Thursday of human rights violations leveled against Norway by nearly 160 children of a Nazi program aimed at creating an "Aryan elite".

The application was lodged with the European Court of Rights in 2003 after the Oslo City Court rejected a case by seven of the applicants, notably because their claims came too long after a statutory time limit. Norwegian courts upheld that ruling.

Joined by 152 others, who were also born during World War Two to a Norwegian mother and a German father, they are now asking the European court to rule on whether their human rights were violated due to the discrimination and hardships they faced toward the end of the war and afterwards.

"The applicants complain about the treatment they suffered as war children as well as the authorities' failure to take any remedial measures subsequently," the European Court of Human Rights said in a statement.

"They claim the violations are continuing in the sense that they are still reminded in negative terms of their origin and value."

Between 10,000 and 12,000 so-called "war children" were born in Norway to Norwegian mothers and German fathers, with a number of them registered as children of "Lebensborn" or "font of life" -- a project launched by Heinrich Himmler's SS to produce children who were deemed racially and genetically pure.

Many children from the Lebensborn homes, particularly in Norway -- which was seen as home to the most Aryan stock -- were socially ostracized after the war.

The European Court of Human Rights said the applicants claimed that many mothers of war children were marginalised, had difficulties in obtaining employment and often had their children adopted or placed in foster homes or institutions.

It also said many of the Norwegian war children were deprived of their original names and identity, subjected to discrimination, harassment and ill treatment and left with psychological problems and registered disabled at an early age.

The court said the cases included that of a woman who was regularly locked up when she was a child, sometimes with a dog chain to await her foster father, and had a swastika marked with a nail on her forehead when aged nine or 10.

One man was placed in psychiatric institutions until 1965 without his mental health being assessed, another was placed in a special school for mentally retarded children where he was raped by two men, and one woman was sexually abused by her teacher in front of her class.


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Children of war – Krigsbarn

Randulf Johan Hansen -

In 1999 Mr Randulf Hansen wrote a number of letter wherein the told the story of the much forgotten and much mistreated Norwegian children who were born during World War Two as the resulted of a union between a Norwegian woman and a German soldier.


The title of this letter has a Norwegian word added because that name was given to between 8,000 and 12,000 young Norwegians after the war. They became “krigsbarn” or children of war. All Norwegian governments since WWII have been at war with these innocent results of contact between German soldiers and Norwegian women, whatever any Norwegian official might tell you, if you contacted them.

But before I tell you the story I need to remind you of the motto which the Norwegian King Haakon chose when he became king of Norway:

 “ALT FOR NORGE!” - “Everything for Norway”

This sovereign fled the country at a time when the country and it’s inhabitants needed him most – he fled to Britain where he sought refuge, from what I do not know, to be among his freemason friends and Jewish mentors.

The king felt it more proper to sit in England drinking whiskey than to be with his countrymen, women and children – people who had sworn allegiance to their king.  The king’s cousin, the King of Denmark stayed in Denmark with his subjects throughout the war and nothing happened to him or his family.

The King of Denmark used to ride through Copenhagen once a day, so the story goes. This was to hearten the people of Copenhagen in their time of need.

The King of Norway was never seen either in London or in any other place during the war because he was probably too drunk from whiskey or spending his days with the whores the Jews provided him with.

This king had a government headed by a man called Nygaardsvold. When the king and his government left Norway on June 7, 1940 they said: “We will continue the war from another country!” They said this knowing that they had asked the Defence Chief of Norway, General Ruge, to start negotiations with Germany regarding a capitulation.

When they came to Britain, a Jewish run state – not an Aryan nation – they proclaimed a law which abolished all Norwegian marriages, and allowed Norwegian men to remarry English girls, or girls from any other country, but mainly English girls. After the war this law was referred to as “Lex Nygaardsvold” among Norwegians, and it took a lot of hard work to cancel it. A lot of Norwegian women remained in Norway waiting for their sailor husbands to return,  or husbands who for various reasons had fled the country. Only after the war did they learn that they were no longer married, and many children waited for fathers who did not come home to them because these fathers had a new family when they returned in May 1945. A lot of Norwegians who fled the country or because they had been sailors could not come home, made use of “Lex Nygaardsvold” to get themselves a new wife.

The law was a demand of the British government because they did not want to have a lot of women and children without support after the war. This fact, for those who are interested, can be read in documents from Nygaardsvold’s years in Britain. None of the Norwegian historians who have mentioned “Lex Nygaardsvold” have explained the background of this law.

King Haakon sanctioned the law!

The exiled Norwegians, soon after they arrived in Britain or Sweden for that matter, started to refer to young Norwegian girls who had German boyfriends as tyskertoes – German tarts. Throughout the war this name became the only name exiled Norwegians used. I have met a lot of these women both in Germany and Norway and I must say that none of them were or are tarts.

Some of the women coming to Norway as wives of Norwegians after the war actually were tarts. Not long after they came some started up their old business and were arrested by the police but as they were brides of “war heroes” they got no jail sentences.

A lot of the Norwegian girls who made friends with German soldiers married their German friends during and after the war. They were all moved to Germany – mothers and children – actually they were expelled from Norway. These Norwegian women and children all lost their Norwegian citizenship and have never been able to get it back. Some of them have applied for it many times – their applications have always been turned down.

Personally I don’t understand why they ever applied to get back citizenship from a country which treated them so badly, but I do not want to judge them or their behaviour.

Many Norwegian girls ended up in the DDR, German Democratic Republic, and they suffered much.

Another curious fact is that if a German male before 1963 wanted to visit Norway he had to prove he had not lived in Norway between 1940 – 45.


Between 8,000 and 12,000 Norwegian children with a German father were born in Norway during or shortly after WWII. These children and their mothers were placed in homes called Lebensborn. These were homes where the mother could rest before the childbirth and live with her child after the birth. Jewish propaganda after the war described these homes as establishments for Aryans who would be used to refresh German blood. Any normal human being would understand that a nation of some 3,000,000 inhabitants could not be used to refresh the blood of a nation of some 70,000,000 inhabitants – only Jews can say or think such things.

In late 1943 the Norwegian exile Government started to plan what they were going to do with the children of German soldiers and members of Nasjonal Samling – Quisling’s national party-  after the war. They appointed two committees, one with a head office in Sweden and one in Britain. The result of these committees was an elucidation which is known as “Krigsbranutredningen – Elucidation of the Children of War.

In this elucidation both the children and their mothers are referred to as mentally ill or retarded. For the mothers, this was in addition to them being tarts. In long debates the elucidation showed what harm these children might be to Norwegian society and what harm they could do to other children if they remained in Norway. The “good” Norwegians even saw these children as a group of people who would start marching and become a fifth column in Norway if the government did not handle them “correctly”.

The Children of War who were left in Norway

They even spoke of exporting them to Australia as orphans and to find parents who were interested in adopting them. They contacted the government of Australia to ask if they wanted to have the children, but got no answer. It never happened, but a lot of the children, those whose Norwegian families did not want to take care of them, were sent to Sweden as orphans and adopted by Swedish families. Some children were even fetched from Germany, where they lived with their grandparents, after 1945 and sent home as orphans to Sweden and Norway. In the orphanages in Norway many of them were mistreated and abused. All this happened in the name of the good Norwegians who “won the war”.

In ordinary life these children were free for anyone who wanted to abuse them. If their mothers or grandparents went to the police they were laughed at and told to leave. No laws could or would protect these children from the abuse – which was supported by the government and leading politicians.

German money to support the children

In 1959 West Germany wanted to send money to these children and to pay Norway for their upbringing. Various politicians, one of them the former leader of the resistance, Jens Christian Hauge, was against such payment and demanded that the German state pay the money to Norway and let the Norwegian politicians divide the money as they saw it suited Norway best.

The end of that story was that no money was given to the children with German fathers, but the former leader of the resistance and his colleges got their share and the rest ended up in the pockets of the state.

In total Germany paid over 60 Million DM, over US$ 30 million, in 1961 – an enormous sum of money – which could have secured the lives of the children of German soldiers.

By the way since 1945 Norway has been visited by troops from many NATO countries and all have left children. None of these countries have paid any alimony money to the Norwegian mothers even if the names of the fathers are known. None of these children are referred to as mentally ill nor are their mothers called tarts! But then again these soldiers mostly come from Britain and the USA – and one cannot refer to a girl who consorts with an ally as a tart. That would bring bad names on all the allied girls who came to Norway after WWII.

 German soldiers paid alimony money for their children

In the early 1950s some Germans tried to send alimony money to their Norwegian girl friends and children. None of these monies were ever paid either to the mothers or to the children – the money ended up in the pockets of the local sheriff or police chef.

Recent studies have shown that the local sheriff or police chief never bothered to notify the mother or start looking for her if she had moved. And he did not notify the German or Austrian father not to send money – no, he and his local resistance group need money for their yearly celebration of the “End of the War” and their “Victory over Nazism”.

 Today’s Norway’s Prime Minister – Bondevik – and the Children of War

On January 1, 1999. Bondevik, Norway’s Prime Minister, asked the Children of War for forgiveness for all the abuses various Norwegian governments and Norwegians had done to them, but he did not offer any money to alleviate the pain and loss these children have suffered.

Reading this about Bondevik you must remember that he is a Jewish proselyte and lover of Jews, and that he has given Norwegian Jews and their rganizations over 450 million Norwegian kroner – some 60 million US$. This money was compensation for the losses the Jews claimed they suffered due to the Germans in Norway – this money comes in addition to the 110 million Norwegian kroner, almost 14 million US$ which the Jews got in 1947.

What did Norwegians do to these children?

A swastika was branded in the forehead of a girl with a glowing iron bar. Before she was branded three men raped her. She was 13 years when this happened. The men who abused her were never prosecuted. They did not prosecute Norwegians for abusing a child with a German father!

A boy was raped and misused by his stepfather, another was misused by his schoolteacher. Neither these nor any other abuses were ever prosecuted.

None of the children who were placed in orphanages ever got proper schooling. Why should the Norwegian government pay for the schooling of retarded children – children whom they did not want.

The government of 1947 even had a psychologist examine the children that were placed in orphanages. They were all “found” to be retarded.

Knowing Norwegian psychologists – it was a Norwegian psychologist who claimed the novelist Hamsun to be retarded after WWII – one easy can evaluate the ability of these psychologists.

What can we do today?

Please write letters to Norwegian Consulates or Embassies and ask what Norway will do to compensate the Children of War for the abuses Norway has inflicted on them.


In this week’s letter I will continue the story of the Children of War, a really sad story for Norway! Earlier this week the Government replied to the children’s claim for indemnity after destroyed childhoods, atrocities from official members of government, rapes, sexual abuse and debasement both from official members of local governments as well as the government of Norway. You may remember I told you that the Prime Minister of Norway, Kjell Magne Bondevik, in his latest New Years speech, asked these children for forgiveness regarding the treatment they had been exposed to.

Last autumn eight children of war filed a lawsuit against the government for an indemnity. The government’s answer was:

“There is not enough proof that the children were abused or mistreated!”

The Government rejected the lawsuit because they said the claims were past the statute of limitations.

To me it is impossible to understand the governmental claim that the demands the children have raised with the government should be considered obsolete as none of the post WWII Norwegian government has been willing to discuss the misuse of these children or the atrocities towards them. For over 55 years these children have been a nonentity in Norway. Nobody has accepted them or even spoken about them – they have not been regarded as full members of the Norwegian community.

They say the children should not ask for an indemnity and not file a lawsuit. Further, they want the stories of the children of war to be left to historians. This group of academics has ignored the children for over 50 years. Their fates should now – according to the Minister of Social Affairs – be investigated by those who earlier did not want to hear about them.

 Jews living in Norway and their compensations

Some of you might remember that I have written about the compensations which the Norwegian government has paid to Jews living in Norway. In 1947 the Jews got back their properties, valuables and NOK 110 million – US$ 14 million - in today’s money. In 1998 they received another NOK 450 million – US$ 56 million. The Jews never had to prove they lost any money! But then again the Jews had people like Elie Wiesel, the Hambros of both Norway and Britain and Edgar Bronfman, president of the World Jewish Congress in addition to all Norwegian newspapers to promote their case.

Who speak for the children of war?

The children of war have nobody to speak for them except their advocate. The proofs they showed are the knowledge everybody has regarding what happened, and the various papers different governments have written regarding these children.

 Loss of money sent by German/Austrian fathers to their children

After 1950 some of the fathers did send money for the upbringing of their children. None of these monies ever reached the children or their mothers/step-parents. Such money is ordinary handled by the local sheriffs. In some cases it has been proven that the sheriffs stole the money. Even this the government doesn’t want to prosecute in a lawsuit.

I do understand why the government doesn’t want a lawsuit from the children of war.

Atrocities towards children of war

After the war some of the children were placed in over 200 orphanages throughout the country.

Some of the children who were placed in orphanages were washed in either very hot or very cold water to wash out the German in them. Others were fed so much food for breakfast that they vomited – for supper they were given that vomit. The manageress of one of the orphanages in the early 1950’s was rganizat to five years imprisonment.

In another orphanage the children had to goose step march in the corridors while the attendants whipped them. Some of the children had their hair torn out instead of being given a haircut.


This was a social arrangement which was started by Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler in 1935. These were homes for mothers where they could rest both before and after the delivery and learn how to take care of their children. It was never meant to be and never was a home for the purification of the German race.

In Norway about 10 homes were in use during the war. All the homes were located in beautiful locations around the countryside with very fine views. All these homes are today, as they were just after the war, among the best tourist hotels.

After the war Jews started a lie campaign saying that these homes were to purify the German race and that Norway had a special place in this purification. As I said in my last letter:

How could Norway with only 3 million inhabitants be a vein for the purification of two nations with over 90 million inhabitants. Such lies could only be invented in Jewish minds.

International Eyes on Norway

The American TV company ABC News with their producer Harry Philips were in Norway to document the Lebensborn houses in Norway. Mr Philips had meetings with some of the children of war.

In March BBC will come to Norway with a team to document the same.

ABC will show the result of their visit in March or April on their program 20/20. But ABC will focus on the lies regarding the Lebensborn, not on the children of war. Personally I do not expect the US company will tell the truth regarding how the Lebensborn were treated by various Norwegian governments.

Let me stress to you that I am no krigsbarn!


 As World War II ended Jews in conjunction with Communists, Socialists and other riffraff gave some Norwegians new people to persecute and abuse. In two previous letters I have told you about the children of War or Krigsbarn – children with a German father and a Norwegian mother. They were only one of the groups which were persecuted – others were members of the Nasjonal Samling, Quisling’s party, and their children – NS barna – Children of NS members.

Even if the atrocities towards the NS-children never reached the same inhumanity as that towards the German/Norwegian children, tyskerbarna, the NS-children were fair game for whoever wanted to harm them; from teachers and clergymen to other children and their parents. Some of the NS-children were not even allowed to enter higher schools of learning.

The bishop of Oslo, Eivind Berggrav, and his colleague from Trondheim, Arne Fjellbu, did not allow either NS-children or tyskerbarn/German-children to be rganiza.

Since I have already written about the tyskerbarn I will mainly concentrate on the NS-children in this letter. The NS-children were never as badly treated as the German –children. The NS-children had relatives who could and would protect them – these relatives were grandmothers/fathers who were not members of the Nasjonal Samling. The fathers and mothers of these children were both imprisoned if they were members of Nasjonal Samling. If only one of the parents was a member the other remained free but could do nothing to protect their children.

Since I have already written about the tyskerbarn I will mainly concentrate on the NS-children in this letter. The NS-children were never as badly treated as the German –children. The NS-children had relatives who could and would protect them – these relatives were grandmothers/fathers who were not members of the Nasjonal Samling. The fathers and mothers of these children were both imprisoned if they were members of Nasjonal Samling. If only one of the parents was a member the other remained free but could do nothing to protect their children.

First let me tell you something about Mr Fjellbu:

As you know, Germany invaded Norway on April 9, 1940. On that day they opened discussions with the political leaders of Trondheim regarding enlargement and improvement of the two airports, Vaernes and Lade, outside of the town. Mr. Fjellbu’s oldest son had volunteered to fight and was up in the mountains of Snosa some 190 km. North of Trondheim. As the work progressed and the airports were about to be completed bishop Fjellbu sent a message to his son to come home. The son obeyed his father, but did not tell the other soldiers why he deserted and left his comrades in the lurch.

Neither during nor after the war was Fjellbu’s son tried for his desertion. Certainly not after the war – his father protected him!


If you remember my first letter on this topic I told about an interpretation which the exiled government initiated during WWI regarding the children of war. The NS-children were also looked upon as potential rebels which society had to protect itself against. I

n some cases the NS-children were placed in orphanages, sometimes in the same ones as the German-children. Here these children were not allowed to communicate or have contact in other ways with their families. None of them knew why they were in the orphanages.

A lot of the NS-children, there were about 250,000, never learned to read and write properly.

Those who lived with their family were fair game when they walked home from school. The rabble kicked, hit and tortured them, and there was nothing they or their families could do to stop these atrocities. If they reported these events to the police they only laughed and did nothing. The school authorities did nothing to protect them either.

A lot of today’s 45 years and older Norwegians do remember the atrocities against the NS-children but do not want to be reminded that they participated. In my last letter I should have mentioned that today’s Minister of Justice, Odd Einar Doerum, during his schooldays was among those who persecuted NS-children and German-children. Mr Doerum was not a popular child, but he compensated for his unpopularity by being a leader when it came to persecuting NS-children and German-children.

There is a lot of proof that intelligent NS-children, children who later in life managed to get a good education, were failed by their teachers to prevent them from getting a good education. Some of these children even managed to gain the highest education Norway or any other country can offer.

If the NS-children when they grew older wanted to stand up to the mob attacking them they were reported to the school and police. The police loved this because then they had cause to persecute both the children and their families once more. NS-children should not protect themselves from the mob. They were the training good democrats needed as children to become proselytes of the Jews.

Throughout the last 55 years some NS-children have wanted their stories to be told, but no newspaper wanted to print them. Some books have been published but these books have never gotten good press unless the books contained a lot of negative words regarding their parents and their political opinion. A denunciation of the political thoughts of Nasjonal Samling and Quisling are what is expected by the NS-children if they want to be listened to by Norwegian proselytes.

An impartial evaluation of the NS-children’s school days and their experiences as children have never been desired officially in Norway. Questions regarding these things have been asked of the different political parties. They have all answered: “We do not want to handle this. To us it is not a problem.” A question was asked of Norway’s former prime minister Mrs. Gro Harlem Bruntland, now the leader of the UN’s office for Health – WHO, regarding the atrocities against NS-children after WWII. She answered: “Your father/mother lost the war, what did you expect? You were treated as you should, you lost!” Well, Mrs Harlem Bruntland’s father must be a Marrano, Harlem is not a Norwegian name. (Marrano meaning a rganiza Jew. Harlem comes from the town of Haarlem in Holland. Holland allowed a lot of Spanish Jews to live there after Spain expelled the Jews for looting and other illegal behaviour.) Mr. Gudmund Harlem, Mrs Harlem Bruntland’s father, and his family were in Sweden during WWII. He held various positions in several socialist governments after the war.


Being as many as 250,000 the NS-children could have been a political power in today’s Norway. But these grown ups were so badgered as children that they do not dare to stand up either for their rights or for the political movement they once were told of by their parents. Nor do they dare to demand judicial appeals for their parents – new judicial examinations that would free their parents from the debasements they once suffered from the Norwegian judicial system.

Jews in conjunction with Socialists and Communists after the war badgered, tortured, persecuted and suppressed the NS-children so that they would never think of asking that their rights and properties be returned to them. Remember, a lot of the NS-families lost their farms and landed properties, properties that had been in their families for many hundreds of years. It was contrary to the constitution of Norway to take landed properties from a convicted man/woman, but this was not a subject which bothered politicians in Norway after WWII. The only thing which these scoundrels thought about was how to persecute their political opponents and their families.


Next time you hear that Norway has given money to a humanitarian cause, please think of the way this country has treated her own inhabitants and is still treating them.

I am awaiting the political turn-around which must come to the western hemisphere and what that might bring to all politicians in Norway as well as other countries. I do not think any of them will survive that revolution.

Remain a patriot, and stay true to the original constitution of your country wherever you live. Never forget the values your great-grandparents and their parents fought and struggled for.


As World War II ended Jews in conjunction with Communists, Socialists and other riffraff gave some Norwegians new people to persecute and abuse. In three previous letters I have told you about the children of War or Krigsbarn – children with a German father and a Norwegian mother.

Read what I have written on the topic at  ------------------

To day I can tell you that the Norwegian Ministry of Social and Health Affairs have refused to pay damages to over 57 children of war. The Ministry state the reason for their refusal that the cases are become obsolete and that it is impossible to find out how bad the children were treated.

This is the last I wrote ---------------------

Children of War – Krigsbarn, V

As World War II ended Jews in conjunction with Communists, Socialists and other riffraff gave some Norwegians new people to persecute and abuse. In four previous letters I have told you about the children of War or Krigsbarn – children with a German father and a Norwegian mother.

To day I will continue the story by showing you how the Norwegian government in conjunction with the Jewish CIA used the Norwegian Children of war as guinea pigs for medical experiments with LSD and other drugs.

As you all know by now some of the children were placed in lunatic asylums were they were treated as demented. During the late 50’s and early 60’s as the American based and Jewish ran CIA wanted to test out LSD, mescalin and other drugs effect in controlling the minds of spies and soldiers they, CIA and Norwegian medical authorities, started to use the children of war in these experiments – experiments that lead to the death for at least 5 of the Norwegian children of war. These drugs were used to control the minds of people and to get a person to say and do things against their will. Some of the outcome of the experiments were to find out if it was possible to force the mind of any person to do things against it’s own will – mind control is the name one should use. The Switz based company, Sandos, was fabricating the LSD on behalf of CIA, in fact Sandos was the only company fabricating LSD at the time.

CIA have published it’s experiments with the drugs, but the Norwegian government have kept all the experiments closed and refuse to disclosed the results of the experiments, they even refuse to talk about them.

The advocate, Randi Hagen Spydevold, for the Children of war’s lawsuit against the Norwegian Government for mistreatment after WW2 have demanded all information regarding the experiments to be made available to the public. But in good Jewish practice the information are kept closed and the government refuse to talk about their treatment of the Norwegian Children of War.


Knowing the Norwegian soul and love and care for children I can assure this si not the way Norwegians treat their own or their neighbours children. To a Norwegian the children is the most valuable things in his/her life their lives. Children are/were a blessing to every family.

But looking at the various books written by Jews living in USA during or just after WW2, one get a view of how the Jews looked and look upon Germans and Aryans – the Jews wanted to kill as many as possible of us. Just read the Morgentau-plan or any of the other books I have quoted from in my letters to you. Or if you still should doubt the Jews intense lust to kill Aryans/German just read this, which is part a the daily orders to the Soviet soldiers said and written by the Jew Ilja Ehrenburg:

The German are not human beings. As of to-day the word German is a swearword. If you during a day kill a German then that day has been a good day for you. For us there is nothing more jolly then to see German corpses.

These words of the Jewish killer, Ehrenburg, led to thousand and thousands of German children – mainly yung girls were killed by the Soviets during WW2. You have all seen pictures of young girls, age below 7 laying in streets or highways after they have been raped, maltreated and killed by Soviets troops after their families had been driven out of their homes. Personally I think the Jew Ehrenburg engaged Jews to mistreat German children. To any Jew mistreating of goijm are natural – part of his/her upbringing and rabbinical education.

For those of you who have not seen these picture: send me a mail and I will send you some of the pictures.


Norway had – as a part of the Jewish control of the country – let more then 800 Jews settle. Some of these jews came from Eastern Europe and were acquainted with Ehrenburg’s speeches. As they needed jobs they were placed, by the authorities, in jobs were they had special skills. Some of them ended up in the state’s health care. As the state’s health care were responsible for the mistreatment of the Children of War it is easy to understand why many of these children were used in experiments who benefited the Jewish CIA and other Jewish organizations.

No other Western European country took so many Jews compared to her population as Norway. Norway fed and housed the Jews – and later, as you have read from my letters – gave them a bundle of money for losses they claimed the suffered during WW2.


British Historian David Irving delivered this speech in Budapest, today in the afternoon under sunny skies,

at the front of approximately 10,000 people at Heroes Square, Budapest, Thursday, March 15, 2007

"I bring you greetings from all the friends of Hungary in my country, England....the Hungarians who live in England -- and there are many who fled from the first communist regime in 1956 -- and from all your friends and admirers, and there are many of these too.

There is one ugly truth -- and it is a bitter truth -- which links our two great countries: We now both have Prime Ministers who lie. One of them, my own Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has so far still to confess it.

These are bad times for freedom.  Perhaps one day Englishmen like me will be seeking freedom in Hungary!

Because the lights of freedom -- the right to think what we like, to say what we think, and to print and publish what we say -- are slowly dimming as the ugly light of enforced socialism is dawning again.  

I know what I am saying.  

Governments do not like historians, and they like those of us who write real history even less.

They prefer the kind of writer they can

buy with money, or bribe with knighthoods and peerages - Sir and Lord.

You know that something is foul with your own government when you see it bringing in two-hundred foreign police troops to help it stay in power. 

You know then that your government is, in real history, in the hands of a foreign power.

For all the 400 days that Austria held me in solitary confinement in prison in Vienna, since you last saw me here -- punished for an opinion on history that I had expressed sixteen years before -- the British government made no protest.

We were once a great world power.  Some powerful Hungarians even wanted to have our Lord Rothermere as the next king of Hungary A great world power no longer, we have been destroyed by the foreign enemies within. 

Jack Straw was Britain's foreign minister when Germany first demanded that I be turned over to them for punishment:  he secretly agreed -- I have seen the documents -- but he could not get his hands on me because I was in freedom in America...and Straw went to the same school as ISome comrade!

We are now all part of Europe, and one European country can mistreat any other European country's citizens as it pleases.  Petöfi Sandor must be turning in his grave!

Several of my good friends, writers like me, are in prison in Germany right now, and have been for years, because of what they wrote and believed to be true:  I mention today the names only of Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf, the scientist.

What hypocrisy! In today's world, the system of international law that was so pains- takingly and carefully created for the Nuremberg Trials, is now in ruins.

The innocent are in jail.

The guilty are in the seats of power. 

The electoral system in the democracies has been twisted and distorted to ensure that the criminals gain office -- not ordinary criminals like those who walked the prison yard with me in Vienna, but the mega-criminals in the pay of Big Money and foreign powers.

Will we ever see them in handcuffs?  Don't make me laugh!

George W. Bush and Tony Blair, the leaders of the USA and Britain, launched a criminal attack on Iraq in 2003, a few months before I spoke on the last occasion at this spot. 

Under the rules of Nuremberg, what they did was precisely the same as what Hitler did from 1938 to 1944:  they have attacked countries for their own purposes, and invented the pretext to justify their actions.

The world's newspapers and television stations have shamelessly trotted along beside them, applauding vigorously.

Shall we ever see Blair and Bush hang for their crimes, which have caused the Holocaust in Iraq today?

A Holocaust which has caused the deaths of over 600,000 innocent people, and far more if we leave include those killed by the Sanctions Campaign which preceded it.

We shall not see them hang; they even deny that this Holocaust has occurred!

Bush says he has only killed 30,000 so far; that is his best estimate.  He and Blair are the REAL Holocaust deniers, not the historians like me. 

Yes, in Washington and London the guilty are in the seats of power.

Can you tell me that it is any different now in Hungary?  Are the days of Rakosi, Revai, Gerö and Farkas returning? You tore the evil out of the heart of your Hungarian flag then.  If the evil must tear it out again.The world will never forget:  You cast the first stone in 1956 that led to the end of the Soviet Empire of Evil. It is for you, the ordinary people of Hungary, to protect your freedoms, just as you paid for the world's freedom then...with your own blood. Szabadsag!

I leave you with this message, written in the spirit of Petöfi Sandor: "There is one word that is even more important than freedom--for a country as small as Hungary.  And that is Independence!  Függetlenség."

"Protect your independence first; otherwise all is lost."


International anti-Ahmadinejad campaign launched

By Jeremy,  21/Mar/2007 11:22

JERUSALEM (EJP)--- Two Jewish organisations have launched an international campaign aimed at enlisting hundreds of thousands of Internet surfers to speak out against Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Holocaust denial.

The web-based operation has been initiated by the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Ahmadinejad has created massive concern throughout the world not only for his comments denying the Holocaust but also for his perceived anti-Semitism. In a now infamous speech in October 2005 Ahamdinejad threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”.

And in December 2006 the president threw his support behind a controversial conference of Holocaust deniers held in Teheran, the Iranian capital. Shlomo Molla, Head of the Department for Zionist Institutes in the World Zionist Organization, who initiated the campaign, said that “the words of the Iranian President are provocative and we must not ignore them. The aggressive antisemitic campaign led by Ahmadinegad, which is influencing millions of people, is not less dangerous than Iran’s attempt to develop nuclear weapons.

Great influence

“The Iranian president’s speeches have exerted great influence on millions of Moslems throughout the world, including Europe, the U.S. and on many other groups who are developing a hatred towards Jews and Israel,” the WZO and Jewish agency said in a joint statement.

The statement claimed that this is the “first attempt to deal in an organized fashion with the subject of antisemitism, Holocaust denial and hatred of Israel, while most of the world is focusing today on slowing the nuclear capacity of Iran.”

Surfers will be called on to demonstrate solidarity with the struggle against anti-Semitism and join a world-wide virtual protest against “the aniti-Semitic policy led by Ahmadinejad”. Protest letters can be sent directly to the e-mail of the Iranian Foreign Office. The organisers say their goal is to increase public awareness in Israel and around the world of the danger of the Iranian threat not only to Israel but to the entire world, and to create a coalition of groups in the world that will fight against antisemitism.

For more information click on –


Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler – 20 April

Is it in order for me to make this entry in our newsletter? Will the enemy now fabricate the thought of claiming that I am an admirer of Adolf Hitler because I dare mention his name? If we have any objectivity at all, then it is only a natural thing for me to tempt those who have already given me all those names: >hater<, >Holocaust denier<, >antisemite<, >racist<, >neo-Nazi<, >xenophobe<, perhaps even >terrorist<. Why should we let ourselves be intimidated by the >haters< of truth, by the >Holocaust liars<, by the >antisemites< who continue to exterminate the Palestinians, by the >racist< Zionists, by the corporate internationalists who hate >nationalists<, et al?

We live in a time that much resembles the 1930s, when Adolf Hitler committed the greatest crime of all: he dared to disconnect the German economy from the international financial network of debt finance, thereby liberating all Germans from a massive slave system. Once again it was pleasurable to work because one’s sweat and toil remained within the community, within the country. That is what the autarky principle of national self-sufficiency is all about.  It does not mean world dominance or world conquest, but it certainly means that the current internationalists would lose their power over nations who would like to do it their own way – as did the Japanese government when it, too, adopted the National Socialist economic model. But then it was time to drop a bomb on to them and break the people’s spirit so that they would submit to the International predatory capitalism model that is currently plundering the world in gay abandon!



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