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Mannheim, Germany,15 November 2007 – 14 January 2008  



Sylvia the Proud German Patriot  


Day 18 of the “Holocaust” Trial of Attorney Sylvia Stolz

In Mannheim Kangaroo Court, 14 January 2008

Sylvia’s Verdict, Sentencing and Arrest


Hail Sylvia!


In case the Court is unwilling to suspend proceedings, Attorney Bock moves that he be released from his duty to defend Sylvia, saying he does not want to serve as a fig leaf for such a disgraceful and dishonorable show trial.



 “In the Name of the People!”  - Yes, But Which People?




Several hours have now passed, but I still cannot believe what I witnessed between 1 and 2 O’clock this afternoon. Perhaps I am a bit slow to catch on; but I could never have anticipated, even in my wildest dreams, what those three BRDDR judges did to Sylvia. When I arrived in Mannheim before 9 am I did notice that there was a larger than usual number of police vehicles - 3 paddy wagons - parked in front of the courthouse. However, I assumed this was because of the larger than usual crowd of visitors and reporters. As it turned out, the reason for the massive show of force was something quite different. It was the spectacular arrest of Attorney Sylvia Stolz immediately upon the reading of the verdict, which was staged as a “photo op” for maximum coverage by the “poodle media.”



Today the usual “security” fun and games begins early on account of the crowd and is carried out without incident. Courtroom Number One, the big one, is filled to overflowing with some visitors having to wait outside. Horst Mahler is in he audience as well as Andreas from Berlin and a large number from far away, including Claude from Paris, our French translator. There are at least a dozen representatives of the mainstream media who have ignored Sylvia’s trial, except for publicizing government commentary. Rhein-Nekar TV is among those present today. The only familiar faces are “Gorilla” of BILD, the blonde from dpa - Deutsche Presse Agentur, Mack from Mannheim Morgen and someone named Willenberg, an independent journalist who covered the last week of the trial. There are 6 “Staschu” [Staatschutz = political police: the updated equivalent of the old “Stasi” - Staatsicherheit - of DDR days] as well as 3 armed bailiffs and 8 uniformed police agents in the courtroom, more armed agents and more intimidation than usual. Several apprentice jurists or interns are also present. They are students preparing for their second state exam, sitting in the section reserved for official reporters. Sylvia is here with her two attorneys, as is District Attorney Grossmannn.

Scheduled to begin at 1:00, the session gets underway at 1:04 as judges Glenz, Bock and Lindeman come marching in. Glenz immediately blurts out “In the Name of the People...”


[Which “people” does he have in mind? I doubt very seriously that these BRDDR functionaries would get away with sending Attorney Sylvia Stolz to prison and disbar her from practicing law if the German people had anything to say about it! Incidentally, I read on Friday that Judge Schwab, who presided over the trial of Germar Rudolf, sentenced a REAL criminal to three years in prison for raping a seven-year-old child!]

Sylvia protests against Judge Glenz’s bullying and makes one last attempt to submit an evidentiary motion. Glenz, who did not allow a single evidentiary motion during the whole trial, responds with his inevitable NEIN! For some time Sylvia continues protesting while Glenz continues threatening, both speaking at the same time. Sylvia’s attorney Bock does not give the final address, as was agreed last session. Everyone has to stand up as Glenz reads the verdict and the sentence. Sylvia is found guilty of coercion, disparagement of the state, and illegally consulting with Attorney Horst Mahler. The Court sits down and everyone else is allowed to sit as well.


Glenz reads through his Begründung - grounds or basis, reason for judgment - for the sentencing, beginning with Sylvia’s disbarment. For the regular visitors there is nothing new in this. The verdict and sentence have been obvious from the beginning, from Glenz’s rejecting all of Sylvia’s motions. Glenz recites his official fairy tale about “historically proven state organized genocide of Jews,” which was “proven” by the victors of World War II during the Nuremberg show trials. Next, he devotes considerable time to condemning “false and unsubstantiated Revisionist historiography,” the “Revisionist conception of mankind,” and Revisionists themselves. Glenz says that Revisionists hide, omit, lie and even deny “Holocaust.” He says they call it a lie made up by Jews. 


Then he takes shelter under the umbrella of Section 130 of the BRDDR Penal Code, the source of his despotic powers. Section 130 reads as follows:


[Section 130 Incitement of the Masses

Any person who, in a manner likely to disturb the public peace, assails the human dignity of others in that he

1. provokes hatred against sections of the population;

2. calls for the commission of acts of violence or the taking of arbitrary measures against the; or

3. vilifies, maliciously disparages or defames them;

shall be liable to imprisonment of not less than three months or more than five years.]


Glenz charges that Revisionists are not willing to accept and acknowledge official Offenkundigkeit - Manifest Obviousness. Then he says their “perverted picture of mankind” ultimately leads even to questioning the legitimacy of the BRDDR!


[Here we have it – “Das ist des Pudels Kern!” as Faust would say -- the question of the legitimacy of the present regime. The political elite has always known the BRDDR lacks legitimacy, and now this realization is spreading throughout the general population.] 


Then Glenz tries to compare Auschwitz and Dresden, saying there is no more rubble and the Frauenkirche has been rebuilt, but he apparently loses his train of thought. He proudly emphasizes that he has consistently forbidden the introduction of documentary, empirical, or forensic evidence in Sylvia’s trial. He says that Sylvia, a defender of Revisionists, deliberately acted in a disruptive manner. In fact, she continues to do so, and to deny “Holocaust” as well.


Glenz says there is a danger she will continue her criminal activities. He says that German society can be protected only if she is immediately disbarred.


Then Judge Glenz talks about the legal bases for his verdict. Several counts of her indictment did not come under Section 130, such as collaborating with Horst Mahler, disparaging state organizations and functions with expressions such “Show Trial” and “Talmudic Inquisition,” and by comparing this trial to the Nuremberg Military Tribunal. “Coercion,” another of the counts that did not come under Section 130, refers to Sylvia’s admonition that under international law the BRDDR is not a legitimate government, since the victors of World War II never signed a peace treaty with Germany. The puppet governments they imposed were never approved by plebiscite, therefore the laws of the Reich are still the legitimate government, even though the Reich in unable to enforce its laws at present. Sylvia’s reference to Feindbegünstigung - Aid and Comfort to the Enemy - presumably refers to Laws 90a and b of Reichsgrundgesetz - Basic Laws of the Reich.


Glenz announces that Sylvia is exonerated on the count of filing an illegal complaint following her forcible ejection from the Zündel trial, since “culpability” could not be confirmed. Again, there is nothing new here.  Glenz says the Court has taken into consideration Sylvia’s “deficient sense of legal accountability” that resulted from Fremdsteuerung - manipulation - by Horst Mahler. He opines that she does indeed evince Sektiererverhalten - sectarian conduct, but says that this conduct is not delusional since she is able to go about her daily tasks unassisted. He says the Court considered the Sylvia has no previous convictions, but then calls her stubborn willful. He says that in the Zündel and Reinecke trials she deliberately exceeded limitations placed on the Defense by the High Court, as was demonstrated in the Reinecke trial before Potsdam County Court. He says the total composite sentence, derived from a basis of two years incarceration plus corresponding fines, amounts to a total of three and a half years incarceration. Glenz accompanies this announcement with customary legalistic obfuscation. He says that no comprehensive appeal is possible to the High Court. The only possibility is consideration of possible procedural errors, and the appeal must be submitted within a week. After preparation of the written verdict, one month will be allowed for the grounds of appeal.


Then comes the shocker: Glenz reads a warrant for Sylvia’s immediate Untersuchungshaft - investigatory arrest - and the police haul her off! Suddenly it becomes clear why there are so many unformed police at the courthouse today. While the media were present, the government wants to intimidate the public with the spectacle of another wrong thinking Revisionist being hauled off to prison.  It’s like having Germar Rudolf hauled in and out of court in chains, during his trial.


The Glenz’s ostensible reasons for “busting” Sylvia in court are as follows.


1. Her disbarment leaves her without a source of income. Perhaps our benevolent BRDDR is afraid Sylvia would have to walk the streets, and this is its newest version of guaranteeing her existenzielle Grundsicherung - social welfare. The government takes away her livelihood and locks her up and the taxpayer can support her in one of its ‘prison shelters” rather than a homeless shelter. When I was in Bruchsal Prison ten years ago, each prisoner was costing the taxpayer over 2500 Euros, around $5000, per month, and that amount has increased considerably. It would easily provide for four individual households.


2. Glenz rules that there is continuing danger to “Society” that Sylvia will continue her revisionist agitation. She herself has said she would do so. 

For many years Sylvia has agitated for freedom of speech, open investigations of “Holocaust,” demand for a peace treaty with the victors of WWII, a convention to draw up a real German Constitution, etc. This must be avoided at all costs, because it would put the BRDDR out of business!


3. Glenz says that there is a real danger of Sylvia’s absconding, since she has no firm domestic ties. He says that Horst is just a companion, and he, too, is going back to jail for saying “Heil Hitler.” Furthermore there are still foreign countries that have not yet outlawed freedom of speech, whose citizens might assist Sylvia in continuing Revisionist activities. He specifically mentions Mrs. Ingrid Rimland Zündel in the US and Dr. Fredrick Töben in Australia.



We assume that Sylvia will be taken to Heidelberg Prison, where her address will be: Oberer Fauler Pelz (JVA), (D) 69117 Heidelberg. Horst Mahler says he will keep us posted concerning new developments and Sylvia’s visiting privileges. As far as I know, Attorney Ludwig Bock will continue as her attorney.


Write to:

Frau RAin Sylvia Stolz


Oberer Fauler Pelz

D - 69117 Heidelberg





Warning to German Readers!

Do not allow your outrage to make you “pour your heart out” in expressing your indignation to the Glenz court. These high and mighty BRDDR judges have a very thin skin! They are easily offended, and they have draconian powers under the provisions of Section 130. An example of this is another upcoming trial in Mannheim Kangaroo Court. In addition to the trial of Attorney Jürgen Rieger of Hamburg, Mannheim KC is preparing to stage a “lesser trial” against a former airplane pilot who wrote an indignant letter to Judge Meinerzhagen a.k.a. “Doctor Nein.”  Doctor Nein himself filed the complaint, and he wants to fine the indignant airplane pilot 5,000 Euros, US$8500.

The pilot is contesting Dr. Nein’s charges, so there is going to be another “Section 130” trial in April or May. This one will be in Mannheim County Kangaroo Court rather than Mannheim District Kangaroo Court. County courts have just one judge, and this one will presumably be Judge Nein. This time it will be possible for the pilot to appeal to District Kangaroo Court as well as other courts, which promises great fun for BRDDR judges and great expenses for BRDDR taxpayers. The rationale seems to be that, since the Deckert-Leuchter Trials of 1991–95, Mannheim has to maintain its pre-eminent position among kangaroo courts.


Günter Deckert - Weinheim an der Bergstraße den 14. January 2008



About Günter Deckert

Günter, born in Heidelberg in 1940, is a former secondary school instructor in English and French. In 1989, on basis of Berufsverbotsgesets - law forbidding employment of ex-convicts - he was denied his retirement benefits after being fired by  Baden Württemberg School District. This was in clear violation of state pension guarantees. Consequently his retirement income is less than 1/3 of what his pension would be if it had  not been illegally revoked. Günter was a member of Weinheim City Council affiliated with the NPD - National Party - from 1976 – 99 and a member of Weinheim County Council 1989 – 99.

On account of his conviction under Section 130 he was not allowed to run for political office until 2005. In 1976 he was declared an Honorary Citizen of Michigan City in the USA for his contributions to German American Friendship Committee, specifically in connection with student and youth exchanges. He was a participant on the Olympia trip of German Youth Athletics in Rome 1960 as Region Champion from North Baden. There is more information about Günter in Wikipedia, much of it unfortunately incorrect. A detailed curriculum vitae is available on request, in either German or English.



I wish to express my thanks to translators J. M. Damon in Austin, Texas and Claude Virieu in Paris for their generous contributions of time and effort. They have helped to break the “Conspiracy of Silence” of the mainstream German media, who either ignore “Holocaust” trials or restrict their reporting to politically correct commentary approved by the BRDDR. I wish to thank all those who, each in his own way, have contributed to the effort of publicizing the Stolz trial by posting my reports on their homepages and websites and printing them in newsletters and newspapers, so that the world can learn of the injustices performed on the stage of Mannheim Kangaroo Court.

Thanks to all my friends and sponsors, without whose encouragement and economic assistance I could not have reported on this trial!



Hail Sylvia!


A Personal Note about BRDDR Prisons: I am personally familiar, from the inside, with the prisons in Mannheim, Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Tübingen, Heimsheim bei Pforzheim, Asperg Prison Hospital near Ludwigsburg and especially Bruchsal. My familiarity with the System allows me to appreciate the ordeal and the predicament of Sylvia Stolz. I am speaking on behalf of many German patriots when I express my highest regards and sincere appreciation for Sylvia’s efforts. I hope and pray that she may continue to persevere, because the “System” will leave no stone unturned in its attempt to break her. I hope and pray that she will be able to return to our patriotic Revisionist community healthy and undaunted in body and spirit.



A Final Note

Please note that my reports are neither a simultaneous transcription nor a complete account of everything that was said. They reflect my personal impressions as I experienced them. I ask that whoever refers to these reports, in whole or in part, include my name as the author. Please consider that compiling these reports takes at least four hours of my time. Driving to and from Mannheim takes even longer and in addition, costs considerable money. I can donate my time, but money is very scarce. Every trip to Mannheim including gasoline, parking and a light lunch costs me around 35 Euros. If you are able to make a small contribution to help offset these expenses, I ask that you transfer the amount to: Konto 134345-754/G. Deckert – Postbank KA, BLZ 660 100 75, Vermerk „LG MA/SSt.“



Holocaust revisionist's lawyer jailed. Tue, 15 Jan 2008 11:18:35

A German court has sentenced the former lawyer of Ernst Zündel to three and a half years in prison for denying the Holocaust herself.

In addition to 3 1/2 years in prison, Sylvia Stolz has also been banned by the court from practicing law for five years.
During the trial of the Holocaust revisionist scholar, Ernst Zündel , Stolz called the Holocaust "the biggest lie in world history".

Stolz has reportedly read a newspaper article to the court about the appearance of world renowned Israeli artist, Gilad Atzmon in Bochum.
In a public statement, Atzmon is quoted as having said that the written history of the Second World War and the Holocaust are a "complete forgery, initiated by Americans and Zionists".
Stolz represented 67-year-old Zündel in his first trial in Germany and was banned from the court for allegedly trying to sabotage the proceedings.
Zündel's second trial ended in February, 2007 with his conviction for denying the Holocaust and was sentenced to the maximum five years in prison. MT/BGH.


Holocaust-Leugnung: Sylvia Stolz noch im Gerichtssaal festgenommen und abgeführt. Ein letzter Hitlergruß. Von unserem Redaktionsmitglied Steffen Mack  

Mannheim. Es sollte ihr letzter großer Auftritt sein. In blauem Kostüm und hohen Stiefeln sitzt Sylvia Stolz vor dem Mannheimer Landgericht. Rund 100 Zuschauer sind zur Urteilsverkündung gekommen, die meisten offenkundig rechtsextremistischer Gesinnung. Eine dreiviertel Stunde später wird sich Stolz per Hitlergruß von ihnen verabschieden. Aber bis dahin ist ihr selbstgefälliges Lächeln verschwunden.

Dieser letzte Verhandlungstag beginnt so, wie die meisten davor verlaufen sind. Als der Vorsitzende Richter Rolf Glenz das Wort ergreift, quakt die Angeklagte dazwischen, will wieder Anträge stellen. Eine Weile reden beide gleichzeitig. Stolz schweigt erst, als Glenz ihr droht, sie aus dem Saal entfernen zu lassen.

Nicht zurechnungsfähig?

Dabei dürfte Stolz auch das Urteil die Sprache verschlagen haben: dreieinhalb Jahre Haft plus fünfjähriges Berufsverbot als Rechtsanwältin. Stolz zeige "fanatischen Hass gegen alles Jüdische", bestreite den millionenfachen Mord während der NS-Zeit wider besseres Wissen, volksverhetzende Äußerungen seien ihr "ein wesensbestimmender Grundreflex", so Glenz. Als Verteidigerin des Holocaust-Leugners Ernst Zündel habe sie Richtern und Schöffen am Mannheimer Landgericht mit der Todesstrafe gedroht - wegen "Feindbegünstigung" gemäß den laut Stolz nach wie vor gültigen Gesetzen des Dritten Reiches.

Glenz erinnert an Stolz' Schlußwort, in dem sie Adolf Hitler einen "Erlöser" nannte und mit Jesus Christus verglich. Wer so rede, gelte im landläufigen Sinne als "nicht zurechnungsfähig". Das Gericht interessierten indes nur strafrechtliche Kategorien. Ansatzpunkte für psychische Störungen oder "krankhafte seelische Abartigkeit" oder Ähnliches habe man nicht gefunden.

Mit gefalteten Händen lauscht Stolz zurückgelehnt der Urteilsverkündung. Ab und an ruft sie etwas dazwischen. Glenz verhaspelt sich ein paar Mal. Seine ruhige, bedächtige Art der Prozeßführung wurde von dieser Angeklagten äußerst strapaziert. Obwohl Stolz die Vorwürfe gegen sie im Prinzip nie bestritt, waren 15 Verhandlungstage nötig. Das sei "allein ihre Schuld", betont Glenz. Die 44-Jährige habe alles getan, das Verfahren zu sabotieren.

Überraschend Untersuchungshaft

Das Strafmaß bleibt sechs Monate unter den von der Anklage geforderten vier Jahren. Doch verhängt der Vorsitzende Richter - von Staatsanwalt Andreas Grossmann gar nicht beantragt - sofortige Untersuchungshaft wegen Fluchtgefahr. Zwar habe Stolz wiederholt erklärt, für ihre Überzeugung bereitwillig ins Gefängnis zu gehen. Sie verfüge aber offensichtlich weder über "tragfähige familiäre Verbindungen" noch über berufliche Perspektiven. Überdies sei ja auch ihr Lebensgefährte Horst Mahler nach mehrfachem Hitlergruß zu einer (noch nicht rechtskräftigen Haftstrafe) verurteilt worden. Und bei der internationalen Vernetzung der Rechtsextremen nennt Glenz die Gefahr groß, daß sich das Paar ins Ausland absetze.

Einige jener "Netzwerker" zeigen sich vom Urteil ähnlich geschockt wie die umgehend abgeführte Stolz. Sie beschimpfen beim Hinausgehen Journalisten und andere Prozeßbeobachter. Polizisten drängen dazwischen, ein Mann wird vorläufig festgenommen und zurück in den Saal geschoben. Seine Frau hämmert von außen gegen Tür: "Ich hab' doch nicht einmal den Autoschlüssel . . ."

Eine ältere Dame fragt Grossmann empathisch: "Wo bringen Sie denn die Frau Stolz hin?" "Nach Heidelberg ins Untersuchungsgefängnis", antwortet der Staatsanwalt. Als die Rentnerin verlangt, er möge gefälligst Briefe von ihr an Stolz weiterleiten, schüttelt er den Kopf.

Es dürfte nicht lange dauern, bis Grossmann den nächsten Rechtsextremisten vor Gericht bringt. Das wird wohl der Hamburger NPD-Anwalt Jürgen Rieger sein. Den darf Stolz nicht verteidigen. Vielleicht grüßt sie ihn ja im Geiste mit dem rechten Arm durchs Gitterfenster.


Engineer Wolfgang Fröhlich to be sentenced to total of 6 years and 5 months. Write to:

Wolfgang Fröhlich

JVAJosefs Str./Wikenburggasse 18-22, A-1082 Wien, Österreich


Ehemaliger FPÖ-Politiker als Holocaust-Leugner verurteilt

Der ehemalige FPÖ-Politiker Wolfgang Fröhlich ist in Wien zu vier Jahren Haft verurteilt worden, weil er den Holocaust geleugnet hat. Dabei saß er deshalb zuvor schon monatelang hinter Gittern.

Wien – Der bereits zweimal wegen Leugnung des Holocausts schuldig gesprochene ehemalige FPÖ-Politiker Wolfgang Fröhlich ist von einem Wiener Gericht zu weiteren vier Jahren Haft verurteilt worden. Er hatte die Judenverfolgung während des Zweiten Weltkriegs in einem Brief an die Bischofskonferenz und an Papst Benedikt XVI. Als „satanische Lüge vom Massenmord“ bezeichnet.

Außerdem wollte Fröhlich mit einem Volksbegehren das Gesetz abschaffen, das es unter Strafe stellt, Nazi-Verbrechen zu leugnen oder zu verharmlosen. Der österreichischen Nachrichtenagentur APA zufolge plädierte der ehemalige Wiener Kommunalpolitiker auf „absolut nicht schuldig“.

Der 56-Jährige saß seit 2003 wegen ähnlicher Taten bereits 23 Monate lang hinter Gittern. Bereits ein halbes Jahr nach der vorzeitigen Entlassung hat er nach Erkenntnissen des Gerichts wieder E-Mails verschickt, in denen er die Existenz von Gaskammern im Dritten Reich anzweifelte.

Nun droht Fröhlich eine Haftstrafe von insgesamt sechs Jahren und fünf Monaten, da das Gericht auch eine zur Bewährung ausgesetzte Strafe zurücknahm. Das Urteil ist noch nicht rechtskräftig. Fröhlichs Verteidiger kündigte Berufung an.



Dr Robert Faurisson to face trial:  

>>On 24 January 2008, the day before my 79th birthday, I have been asked to appear before the criminal investigation department enquiring, at the request of former President Jaques Chirac, into my 11-12 December 2006 Teheran Holocaust Conference address.

I shall be obliged to repeat that it is normal for a "Super liar" - a name given to him by a famous satirical TV program - to go on relentlessly protecting a Super lie, that of the alleged genocide of the Jews and of the alleged Nazi gas chambers.<<



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