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Wacko’s World by David Brockschmidt

Manny Waks, one of the Jewish B’nai B’rith’s Anti Defamation Commission publication editors, and/or one of his front men had a go at my article that appeared in Adelaide Institute’s Newsletter No 329 May 2007: ‘Richard Toye, Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Martin Gilbert and the end of Lies’.

Again it looks as if these types of journalists suffer from the selective memory syndrome and in this case it has gotten the better of them.

Let’s address the points Manny Waks makes in his 2007 submission about me:


  1. Yes, Brockschmidt has read Adolf Hitler‘s Mein Kampf, Der Mythos des 20. Jahrhunderts written by the National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei-NSDAP ideologue with a nice Jewish-German name, Alfred Rosenberg; The Goebbels Diaries, 1933-45, and much more literature written and published during the Third Reich. I have read and reflected on all of it at a time when your father was still jumping over the fence with you.

Manny, you asked me if I had forgotten what Hitler wrote, and to that I say it is not important what political leaders wrote in their younger years, but what they say, write and act on when they are in power, especially during times of war.


  1. It was not German propaganda regarding Stalin’s plan to attack Germany on 6 July 1941 and steam-roll the rest of Europe right up to the Atlantic in order to advance the communist world revolution. This is a very well documented historical fact and it explains Hitler’s desperate attempt to make peace with the western allies in order to have a free hand to neutralise Stalin’s plan and smash Bolshevism in Soviet Russia.


  1. Manny, I think you have conveniently forgotten to read the following books and Stalin’s speeches while he was in power. All that I mention here is confirmed. In order to overcome your historical information gap I shall mention again the books, plans and speeches you need to read in order to make a competent historical judgment.

a.    Martin Allen: The Hitler–Hess Deception

b.    Joachim Hoffmann: Stalin’s War of Extermination

c.    Victor Suvorow: Icebreaker

d.    Victor Suvorow: The Day M

e.    Werner Maser: Der Wortbruch. Here we find Stalin’s famous secret speech before his generals, given at the Frunse Military Academy, Moscow, in 1940.

f.     General Wassilewski’s plan to attack Germany May 1941

g.    Marshall Schukow’s plan to steamroll Europe between May and 6 July 1941.

h.    Gerd Schulze-Blumhof: Der Krieg der viele Väter hatte.

i.     Albert Weeks: Stalin’s Other War. Soviet Grand Startegy 1939 to 1941. This book includes Stalin’s secret speech to his politbureau given on 19 August 1939.

j.     Erkki Hautamaki: Finnland in the Whirlwind.

k.    Hitler’s Tabletalks of 1936-1945, published by DTV.


  1. This is, of course, only the tip of the information iceberg proving that Germany’s attack on Soviet Russia was a pre-emptive strike, similar to Israel’s so-called Six-Day-War in 1967. I was there, Manny, risking my life for Erez Israel. Where were you?


  1. If you want to take on Revisionist scholars and historians you had better make certain you have done your homework, or you can end up with egg on your face. Revisionists work with facts, not with faction and/or fiction.


  1. So, what do you say in response, Manny? We are all eyes and ears. Please educate us, will you? As long as you shoot from the lip and not from the hip, as long as you present fire and waterproof facts, not faction, fiction, opinions and heresay, we are happy to revise everything we write. Every thinking person should revise, and we are sure you do just that. That, of course, will make you a Revisionist. So welcome on board, Manny, for the sake of truth in history.


  1. Let’s stop playing the good, the bad and the ugly game. Political correctness, which is nothing else but intellectual terrorism, is suffocating sensible historical thinking through constant info-tainment and disinformation pumped into people’s brains 24-hours a day by our mass media. The west is turning into an “Axis of Willing Morons”.
  1. Last but not least, for you and your colleagues who are thinking of pulling the antisemite, racist, hater, Nazi, and Holocaust denier card on me, may I offer you two more book titles for the betterment and further education of you and your organisation before you get back to me with the facts. Peter Schaeffer: Jesus and the Talmud, Princeton University Press, 2005; Michael Kellog: The Russian Roots of Nazism. White Emigres and the Making of National Socialism, 1917-45. Cambridge University Press 2006. Remember, Manny, knowledge is power and the Internet is the weapon of Revisionist mass instruction.


History’s Memory Holes by David Brockschmidt

The official Holocaust-Shoah history, taught world-wide in schools and universities, is like the Ozone holes above the North and South Poles. They shift constantly, getting bigger or smaller, according to the needs of the Holocaust-Shoah industry.

Let’s start again with the victim figures for Auschwitz I-Stammlager and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. According to the International War Crimes Tribunal, Nurnberg in 1945-46, the French submitted a victim figure of 8 million, which is only related to the Auschwitz camps. The same applies to the following victim figures: 4 million deaths as alleged by the Soviet Union, which were officially recognized by the Nurnberg War Crimes Tribunal, and remained valid until 1989. Then the official figures for Auschwitz were reduced by the Polish authorities to one million. Because of world-wide Jewish pressure and protests, the Polish president, Lech Walensa, issued an order to increase the victim figure from one million to 1.5 million.  Today, the actual Auschwitz plaques carry the figure 1.-1.5 million.

In May 2002 the chief editor, Fritjof Meyer, of Germany’s left-wing Der Spiegel, which is Europe’s largest news magazine, published an article in the Osteuropa, titled ‘Die Todeszahlen von Auschwitz’, wherein he reduced the figures even further, by another one million, to approximately 500,000, of those 360,000 were gassed.

As the victim figures have shrunk so dramatically so have the size of the Zyklon B gas insertion holes in the underground homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz II-Birkenau, Krema II and III. According to the ‘Pope’ of Holocaust-Shoah history, Professor Robert-Jan van Pelt, the four holes in the ceiling of Krema II, mortuary I, were reduced by van Pelt from 700x700mm2 to approximately 50x50mm round, the size of a tennis ball.

These four gas insertion holes were also ‘moved’ from the middle of the ceiling next to the underground concrete columns, and then to the edge of the roof!

Further, van Pelt informs his readers that before the Nazis destroyed the underground mortuary-gas chamber, the four tennis ball-size holes were filled with cement and then blown up. Does that make any sense?

To his credit, one should say that in his book Auschwitz: From 1270 to the Present, published in 1996, at pages 363-64, he admits that the so-called homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz-Stammlager was a re-construction, built after World War Two, symbolically representing what happened at Auschwitz II-Birkenau, where supposedly the real homicidal gas chambers operated. Fritjof Meyer, of course, has changed not only the victim figures from 1.-1.5 million to approx 500,000, as previously mentioned but also transferred van Pelt’s homicidal mass gassings outside of Auschwitz II-Birkenau camp into two farm houses – the red and white house, or Bunker I and II. In an unpublished section of his essay, which Meyer gave to historian Werner Maser, the latter quotes Meyer by saying that there is no historical proof that these two farm houses ever existed.

So, here we go again, the story is continually changing. Now let’s have a look at what another eminent Holocaust-Shoah historian, Professor Deborah Lipstadt has to contribute to this historical matter.

Professor Lipstadt used the building plans of the SS Bauleitung – construction office – of Auschwitz-Birkenau, which ‘the stupid Nazis forgot to burn’. She calls them ‘the blueprints of genocide’. Now, all of a sudden, the holes are not on top of the alleged homicidal gas chamber ceiling anymore but have been moved to a side wall and turned into air vents of the underground facility. According to the plans these air vents, which really existed, could never have been used as Zyklon B gas insertion holes.

Then another change occurs as Professor Lipstadt continues her research. She reports on discovering in the underground mortuary, windows which could only be opened from the outside. On photos we have seen Mortuary I was nearly underground and there are no visible windows at all! Lipstadt’s ‘blueprints of genocide’ do not show them either. How these non-visible underground windows could be accessed and opened from the outside remains a mystery, indeed a miracle.

It took these eminent Holocaust-Shoah historians more than 60 years to come up with such contradictory research results, but at the same time telling the world that the Holocaust-Shoah is the most researched piece of history in the history of mankind.

Another controversy regarding the underground mortuary I at Krema II raised by Professor Lipstadt is the conversion of the body chute where the corpses were slid down into the mortuary awaiting cremation. She points out that this chute was converted into steps and this proves that the victims walked to their death. The conversion from chute into steps is shown in the plans, but there may be another explanation for this. It seems never to have occurred to anybody post World War Two, especially during the typhoid epidemics in the camp, which not only affected the prisoners but also staff and medical personnel, that these steps could have been used to carry corpses on a stretcher into the mortuary instead of sliding them down the chute. The latter operation could have been more efficient.

The factual evidence provided by van Pelt and Lipstadt and the contradictions it contains indicates that their version of homicidal mass gassings at Auschwitz II-Birkenau has more holes than a Swiss cheese!

This is, in my opinion, shoddy investigation. It is only water on the mills of Nazis and of Holocaust deniers who say: “It is better to be a Holocaust denier than a Holocaust liar”.

Eminent Holocaust-Shoah historian, the late Raul Hilberg, told the world just before his death in 2007:

“The Holocaust has only been researched by twenty per cent so far. The Revisionist historians and scholars are actually helpful for us because they force us to have another look so we can revise our own research and results”.

May I suggest to Professor Robert-Jan van Pelt and Professor Deborah Lipstadt, and all the other official Holocaust-Shoah historians, to go back to work and honour Professor Raul Hilberg’s suggestion to tackle the other 80 per cent the unresearched part of the Holocaust-Shoah.

It has taken these official court historians over 60 years to come up with lots of contradictions within their 20 per cent research of the topic, which means it could take another 280 years in order to have the Holocaust-Shoah fully researched, if they get it right next time!

I personally believe it is a scandal using Holocaust liars – like the Swiss Benjamin Wilkomirski who said he was in Auschwitz II-Birkenau and is a Holocaust survivor but actually had never left Switzerland. Professor Deborah Lipstadt is still telling the world that the contribution of such liars like Wilkomirski – and there are hundreds of them – is still a valuable source of information for teaching Holocaust-Shoah history. It seems that ‘true lies’ rule supreme. I recall Jewish activist, Professor Eli Wiesel, when questioned by his Rabbi while writing one of his books: ‘But is it true, Eli?’ Wiesel’s response was: ‘Sometimes truth are lies, and lies are truth’.

The other option in order to shorten the research of the 80 per cent unresearched part of the Holocaust-Shoah, would be to agree with Fritjof Meyer’s 2002 report and/or Gitta Sereny who in 2001 told the world that Auschwitz I and II were not death or extermination camps at all.

That, of course, would bring people into conflict with the laws in many countries, especially Europe, that protect the official version of the Holocaust-Shoah narrative, regardless of what Meyer and Sereny have written. You would be prosecuted either as a Holocaust liar and/or a Holocaust denier. The ‘logic’ of these lawmakers is simple regarding the official Holocaust-Shoah version: 1 + 1 = 6. If you don’t believe that, regardless of what the evidence shows, they can arrange to give you at least five years of recreation and rehabilitation behind bars.

So much for freedom of expression and freedom to pursue scientific and historical research in what is termed the democratic world.

It is Galileo Galilee and Giordano Bruno all over again.

Henry Ford said “History is bunk”. Let’s try to find truth in history through an historical example, naming the Turkish-Armenian Holocaust: “The Turks say it did not happen. Right?! – which makes the Turks in the eyes of the Armenians ‘Holocaust deniers’. The Armenians say: ‘It did happen’, which makes the Armenians in the eyes of the Turks ‘Holocaust liars. Right?!

So Professors Lipstadt and van Pelt, let’s go back to work, kick some dust and find truth in history. People don’t want to believe anymore, they have a right to know.



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