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German Destiny

Address by Dagmar Brenne at the Inverell Forum, 10 March 2008

Ladies and Gentleman here at Inverell. I wish to thank the organisers of the Inverell Forum for giving me the opportunity to speak today on the subject of the German perspective of the Second World War. I have a profound sense of destiny at this time, during these twilight days of White Civilisation and today I want to give you a history lesson in broad brush strokes.

In the 1930s my country Germany elected a chancellor. I won't mention his name as his name upsets some people. He was the head of a party, whose name I won't mention either, for the same reason: it upsets people. Now from this man and from the party, much evil was emanating throughout Germany, so much so, that the good people of the world were very concerned and saw it necessary to band together to fight this evil. Yes, Good fought, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good fought Evil in the 1930s and as it is well known: Good won! This is, broadly speaking the official storyline of WW2.

On 24 March 1933 there appeared the now famous headline in the London Express saying: JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY! I want you to take note of the date: 1933. Basically it means, that all Jews, wherever they lived in the World, even in Germany (!), were at war with Germany! This is predating any concentration camps or any of the things that Germans were supposed to have done to Jews. It is like a prophetic presentiment. [I discount W Benz’s reflections about this declaration – see Wikipedia:  .]

Now, I need to tell you, this war is still on-going. It is raging unabated. The declared outcome and purpose of this war, starting in 1933 is: Germany MUST perish. We have not perished yet, but the people who call themselves Judea are still working on it. Germany has no peace treaty. Nor do I ever expect to see one.

But, ladies and gentlemen, the war started quite some time earlier. Margaret Thatcher tells us that a war ensued between England and Germany in 1871, a trade war in this case. In the 1870s England was the foremost industrial nation and along came Germany with manufactured goods of excellent quality, excellent after sales service and excellent reputation, even to this very day: Made in Germany! The mark of excellence!  Germany gained markets in Asia and in Africa. England's envy was aroused and the hierarchy, the people from the ''City of London” sat together to do something about the situation. Three wars were being planned: WWI – Germany was to be defeated and Germany was to be made into an agrarian society in a dismembered Europe. WWII – Germany was to be defeated and Germany/ Europe was to be cut up some more and Germany was to be the number one criminal nation, on whom all belligerence could be pinned. The culprit nation, just as we see it today.

And, my dear audience, if you have missed out on WAR No.1 and WAR No.2, you will not miss out altogether. World War No.3 is sure to come and is not far off. The situation in Europe in the 1930s was like this: On the other side of the border, in Russia, was a massive build-up of armies, the Russian Communists, the Bolshevik Marxist entity, ready to over-run the rest of Europe. This godless Marxist Colossus had killed, according to Solzenitzyn some 66 Million Christian Russian white people, a fact that had not gone unnoticed in Germany, and these communists were now poised to juggernaut Europe. The slaughter to be wreaked was unimaginable and the only ones that stood in the way was Germany. Here I need to mention the many volunteers from other nations, who heroically stood by Germany in this fight.

And then, Ladies and Gentlemen, there was Poland. Polish people started to kill Germans in great numbers. There were enclaves of Germans in Poland which came about like this: In the days of

August the Strong, 1670-1733, who was both the king of Saxony and who became the king of Poland, when he changed his religion, many Germans were called into the country to cultivate the soil. Germans are good at that. This included my mother’s family who heeded that call.

To get a handle on the caliber of Polish people I just want to ask you to name five world-famous Poles!? Can you do it? Now the Poles were killing many Germans. Who has heard of the Bromberg Bloody Sunday? To get the situation into perspective: the Germans had far more reason to invade Poland, to stop these massacres than America had for invading Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo or Iraq. But when Germany invaded Poland it was England that declared war on Germany in 1939.

When we look at Germany's situation in the 1930s we have: JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY. We also have the Communist threat in Russia and little Poland killing multitudes of ethnic Germans in Poland and in German border regions. Germany did not have to try very hard to find some implacable enemies at that time.

But I understand, in a spiritual, intuitive way, why World Jewry declared war on Germany: Judea declares War on Germany. It's not pleasant, grateful, loyal to Germany nor civilised, but understandable.

There exists a profound incompatibility between Jews and Germans. It is anchored in the DNA of the species, far beyond the ken of the average person. Amazingly the Jew understands this far better than the German. It is a mentality of: US OR THEM. Germans always think it is something they have DONE, while the Jew knows instinctively it is something the German REPRESENTS.

Here I need to speak of three points in regards to the Germans:

1. Germany, in the centre of Europe, is the womb, the fountain head of White Civilisation. Whether anyone understands it or not: the Germans are the stewards and caretakers of White Civilisation. In Germany were the Celts, the family of people that extended to France, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and other countries.

In Germany were the Goths, whose immense kingdom extended into Italy, Spain, France, northward into Scandinavia and from there into Russia. The title of the King of Sweden to this day is: Rex Gothae et Vandalorum - King of the Goths and Vandals.

In Germany were and still are the tribes of the Angles and Saxons, who went into England and became the Anglo-Saxon nations.

The Jews, I need to tell you in this context are NOT white people. A number of their own kind, for example, Benjamin Friedmann and Arthur Koestler, and the historian, H.G. Wells, confirm that Jews are Asiatics, related to Mongolians and Turks.

2. The Germans call their country THE FATHERLAND. This is a declaration of legitimacy, as a father makes a child legitimate. A child with a father is not illegitimate, is not a bastard.

A father speaks of the head of the house, the provider, the protector, the lawgiver and of order. Germany is a patriarchal society, the family line goes through the father's side.

The Jews have a matriarchal society. The family line goes through the mother. A profound difference in outlook on life.

3. The Germans as stewards of White Civilisation were the only ones in all recorded history with an AWARENESS of their white Aryan racial family. They elected an emblem, that had been the sign of life and good fortune since ancient times, to underline this awareness and fight for it.

It appears that others were quite happy to mix and mingle in the multi-cultural genetic pool.

Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't know about your world view, but to me – he who despises his birthright, he who pays no heed to Father and Mother, he who cares not for his ancestry is cursed according to the tenets of my faith. And it appears to me, that white society is labouring under a curse, when I see the rampant disowning, the disenfranchising, the massive disinheriting of our people in all lands, the countries of our White Civilisation.

I now have come full circle with my speech. When GOOD fought EVIL and GOOD won, why, I ask, has this not led to great prosperity, well-being and peace? When good fought evil and good won, why do we see so much poverty, crime, immorality, hopelessness and suicides? So many fatherless children?

When Good fought Evil, why has it turned out so BAD, when Good won?

Maybe, Ladies and Gentlemen, they told you a lie, when they told you that it was GOOD that had won!


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The Painfully Silent Genocide of The German People

By Michael James, on the border of Switzerland, 26 February 2008

There is a strange feeling of despair that is sweeping Germany, but as with all things that are uniquely German, or at least address fears that cannot be articulated lest they betray a cultural peculiarity incompatible with politically correct European or American sensibilities, nothing is said that makes sense to ordinary citizens. It is only sometimes whispered.

The banks in Germany now stand on the verge of collapse, and despite the best assurances of the financial elite, we all know that hard times are soon upon us. But it's still a whisper. The International Jewish money power has all but eaten the substance of a fiat money system that, despite its modicum of probity based upon the nominal integrity of a commoditised financial system, had at least promised an element of surety in a world that placed its faith in promissory notes and digits on a computer screen that seemed real. But let's not mention the Jews. This is Germany.

In America, the people look to their new saviours to rescue them from the disaster that awaits them, a crisis that will most assuredly reveal itself at a personal level on the single default of a month's salary. Clinton, Obama, McCain, and Huckabee: the hucksters and charlatans of a Judeo-Freemasonic financial deception; all of whom know that the only avenue of escape is war. A New Deal and New War. But this time the only deal you'll get is war.

We know this already in Europe. America is no longer a real producer economy, but an exporter of war and death. Although Americans are only beginning to feel the inflationary incursions on their purchasing power caused by the greed of a handful of rapacious Zionist bankers, millions of Europeans are bringing less food to the table, week by week, month by month.

If your news staple is CNN or the BBC, you probably won't realise that hundreds of thousands of Germans are now suffering a level and degree of poverty unknown since the time of the Weimar republic. You've probably been sold the story that everything is just swimmingly fine and Germans are amongst the most affluent people in the world. What your Jewish journalists, who in any case have a vested interest in selling the myth of untold German riches to fill their reparations coffers, are not telling you, is that vast numbers of ordinary hard-working Germans are not only working for a pittance, but are finding it almost impossible to feed their families adequately and meet their housing and energy bills.

Although the official statistics and the astonishing lies that daily boast of a 'buoyant economic recovery' speak of a nation adequately inured against the worst ravages of poverty and its ability to survive any meltdown on the financial markets, the unspeakable truth never mentioned in any popular broadsheet is that untold numbers of native German children are now going to bed hungry, deprived of even remedial healthcare and a normative standard of education, simply because parents are no longer able to pay clinic visitation fees or cover the costs of schools meals.

According to the latest AWO-ISS report, 10 percent more German children fell below the poverty line in 2006. Wages in real terms (minus inflation) retain the same purchasing power they had in 1987. The despised euro has almost all but decimated consumer purchasing power. Between 2001 and 2005, the cost of most food products increased by almost 100 percent, despite the bare-faced, criminal protestations to the contrary on the part of the former Minister of Finance, Herr Eichel, who was himself found guilty of tax evasion.

Just two weeks ago, an unemployed 58-year-old man, unable to live with dignity on the paltry Hart IV social security benefits he claimed after losing his job was found dead in Sollingen. He had starved to death. On the 19 April 2007, a mother and son, unable to make ends meet on social security also met the same fate. Such stories are not isolated cases, for although social security payments are sufficient to put bread and jam on the table, there remains little else beyond which a man may claim for himself a modicum of dignity in life. The government has now chosen to repress all news reports relating to recipients if Hartz IV payments who end up committing suicide or dying by means of anorexia. There a hundreds of such stories.

Alternatives, which are hard to come by, allow recipients to supplement their meagre handouts with so called 1-euro-per hour jobs, surely the most demeaning and insulting way to treat a human being worthy of meaningful and creative work.

Any yet billions of German tax euros are sent monthly into the coffers of Tel Aviv banks that purport to act as agents of the increasingly millions of Jews miraculously still alive and claiming compensation for a an alleged 'holocaust' against Jehovah's superlatively shining people. Even the grandchildren of the ever burgeoning numbers of so-called 'holocaust' survivors are getting in on the act, claiming that their parents stories of untold grief have traumatised them to a point wherein only financial compensation can act as a palliative to their incomparable distress.

Whenever I travel to Berlin, or Munich, Hamburg or Basle, I note without almost any exception that those who are able to pay premium rates on almost anything they desire are not German. Since 1992, I have noticed the remorselessness slide of German citizens into a class that is now placed somewhere between second and third. I despise Berlin the most, for it is there that I see the financial extravagances extended to newly arrived Jews who contribute absolutely nothing to German culture and come here only to despise, belittle and destroy everything that is decent about the character of the German people.

While Germans in the 1970s were once, for western anti-communist strategic purposes, held-up as the beneficiaries of one of the mot generous welfare systems in the world, they are now suffering humiliating levels of poverty unseen since the post-war period, during which time the British and American occupying forces deliberately denied entire urban populations access to nutrition, clean water and medicine.

Fantastical as that may sound, simply scour the internet for real life reports on the hardships caused by the post-2002 'Hartz IV' security benefits reforms (which sometimes forces the unemployed to work for I euro an hour) and verified reports of families who have been found starved to death, or who have chosen suicide, as a way out of their financial misery, necessitated by mass closures of once thriving German concerns expatriated to cheap-labour east European markets generously subsidized by the Marxist traitors in Brussels. And, of course, all at the expense of the German taxpayer.

Last week, the German mainstream media, boasted with great fanfare, the findings of an overpaid German parliamentarian who apparently gave credence to the fact that an unemployed German and his family could live reasonably well on discount food purchased at one of German's cut-price stores. Thillo Sarrazin, one of Germany's most slippery and overweight socialist economists and, incidentally, a member of the the SPD's Friends of Israel, fabricated a dietary plan based on outdated inflationary figures to prove that a man and his family without work could afford to feed themselves on the pittance now extended to Germans unfortunate enough to be born with white skin and blue eyes and no prospects. His calculations left out necessities such as toothpaste, soap, disinfectant and toilet paper, and physicians also criticized the diet as singularly lacking in essential minerals and vitamins.

On the same day, the German Foreign Ministry agreed to increase its financial commitment to fighting Israel's war in Afghanistan by spending an extra 1.5 billion euros in boosting support for its northern and southern flanks in response to an obscenely aggressive letter written by an American Mafia thug called Robert Gates, who superciliously claims to be 'the US Secretary of Defense'. Extra financial commitments were also made to Israel in the same week, although they were not specified: and all this at a time when German banks are falling like dominoes under the cascading sub-prime derivative collapse caused by New York's financial Shylocks, costing German taxpayers untold billions in increased taxation and inflation; and the state is still loathe to prosecute pilfering, tax-dodging billionaires, such as Zumwinkel, for fear of offending their Zionist paymasters

Vast sums of cash are being channelled into projects to promote multicultural 'community action programmes', and extortionately large sums of money on comfortably accommodating immigrants into Germany's anti-German society are on a roll while foreign aid to corrupt African and Asian states has been increased for the third year running. The City of Berlin is pouring unlimited funds into Gay and Lesbian education projects while parents are being forced to subject their children to lessons in 'homosexual awareness' in state schools. Yet Germans are going without work, real nourishing food, properly funded schools, and security for localities plagued by foreign gangsters who think nothing of murdering seniors on subways because "he looked at me the wrong way."

There is now existent within Germany a loathing for the ruling political class that as yet does not translate into any form of national revolutionary resistance. People are afraid. They are afraid losing their jobs. They are afraid of being labelled politically incorrect. They are afraid of losing their children to the state for expressing views that could have them certified as mentally unstable. [What's the first thing Bill White, Phil_88 and Bluvens accuse their detractors of? Insanity, that's what.]

Elections are routinely rigged and everyone knows it, yet the arse-whore press and the state subsidized TV news media that remains resiliently silent, preferring instead to distract citizens with perverse game shows that subject contestants to the most humiliating, demeaning trials and tribulations, all for laughs, high ratings and the promise of an exotic holiday in a destination that promises mindless boozing and unlimited sex.

There are times when I sit alone on my balcony by moonlight and gaze out over the fir trees toward the pastures, shrouded in mist and lost in the silence of a village forfeit in time, and I wonder if this is the world in which I was meant to be born.


Michel James is a retired ex-journalist and translator who left England in 1992. He now lives alone in an isolated log cabin directly on the border of Switzerland and Germany.


Swastikas in Jerusalem

By Dalia Karpel, 28 February 2008


With its lovely stone buildings, red-tiled roofs, old pine trees and picturesque alleyways, Jerusalem's German Colony is an enchanting area. But in the 1930s, a branch of the Nazi Party operated openly in this pastoral neighborhood, established by the Templers, who belonged to a messianic religious cult that came to the Holy Land from Germany in 1868. How many of them were Nazis? Were they just a tiny minority, as Templer scholar Alex Carmel claims? German journalist Ralf Balke researched the matter and found that in 1939, the Nazi Party in Palestine had 350 members, out of a total of 2,100 German inhabitants.  

In 1869, an agreement between the Ottoman Empire and Prussia permitted Germans to buy land in Jerusalem, and Matthaus Frank, a Templer, purchased plots of land in Emek Refaim. His house was the first to be built in the Colony, in 1873, and that same year, the Templer Committee decided to build the movement's spiritual center in Jerusalem.

By 1910, the German Colony had about 400 inhabitants. For the most part, they eschewed farming and worked as craftsmen and merchants. The Colony also boasted three inns, a Templer bank, a flour mill and a bakery. There was a general physician, an apothecary, two obstetricians and a well-known painter. Architects, engineers and builders from the colony also played an important part in building western Jerusalem. David Kroyanker's new book, "The German Colony and Emek Refaim Street" (published jointly in Hebrew by the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies and Keter) provides a fascinating, photograph-filled history of the German Colony from the 19th century to the present, and also suggests walking tours of the area focusing on prominent Templer architects and builders.

Kroyanker, an architect and researcher who worked on this project with his wife Leora, devotes a chapter of the book to the Nazi period: "In the Shadow of the Swastika: 1933-1939." In addition to previously published materials, like the writings of journalist and author Haviv Canaan, Kroyanker relies on new, compelling sources from private archives, such as Templer manuscripts and memoirs published in Australia in German, and adds rare photographs that are being publicized for the first time.

Kroyanker was intrigued by the human side of the German Colony's history. His book describes the customs and ways of life of this group of people whose arrival here from south Germany was akin to "landing on the moon." They settled on rocky farmland that was purchased from the Arab village of Beit Safafa and built a "model settlement."

"Look at the family photos and you'll see that they look like they stepped out of a late 19th-century magazine," he says. "They were photographed in Jerusalem dressed in their finest clothes in order to represent a European way of life in the heart of the baksheesh [a tip or bribe] wilderness. In some of the memoirs, you see their contemptuous attitude toward the Arabs because of the baksheesh culture, which was a problem that particularly bothered them."

Kroyanker stresses in his book that until Hitler came to power, the Templers and their Jewish neighbors enjoyed good relations. The Germans patronized the Jews' shops and went to Jewish doctors, while Jewish business owners stocked products from Germany and the cinemas screened German films. There were also partnerships between businessmen and merchants from the two communities.

Not all the Templers were swept up in the nationalist fervor after the Nazis' rise to power in Germany. There were some, primarily from the older generation, who worried about Nazi ideology taking precedence over the Templer ideology of messianic longings and the striving to create a Christian religious utopia. Kroyanker quotes an article from the Templer journal Warte, which criticizes Nazi ideology, saying "It ought not to be viewed as Christian, since it is founded on an Indo-German faith that leads to idol worship." But that didn't stop the growing support for Nazism.

Heil Hitler

The founder of the Nazi organization in Palestine in 1933 was the architect Karl Ruff, from Haifa. Nazi party branches were established in Haifa, Jaffa and Jerusalem and in several other Templer colonies. The Jerusalem branch was the largest; in April 1934, it had 67 registered members (the Haifa branch had 48). Ludwig Buchhalter, a teacher in the Templer school in the German Colony, was appointed head of the branch; he received instructions from Berlin and worked in coordination with the German consulate.

In April 1934, Buchhalter hosted a party for local residents at the party headquarters in Jerusalem to celebrate Hitler's birthday. The event began with a performance by the boys choir from the Schneller orphanage. "After that, Buchhalter, the branch leader, called for everyone to honor the 45-year-old fuehrer with a triple Sieg Heil salute. Of all the fuehrer's qualities, he emphasized the man's humility." Buchhalter also read aloud a chapter from the book "With Hitler on the Road to Power."

On May 1, 1934, the consulate hosted a festive reception and "it was decided that the members were now obliged to greet one another with a Heil Hitler greeting and straight-armed salute on the street, too, on condition that the greeting would not be interpreted as a provocation to others." Buchhalter summoned the party members to the Sport Club in Katamon, for a meeting with the chairman of the Nazi party in Stuttgart, who had come for a visit. That location was also used for lectures by professional Nazi propagandists, who promised their listeners that victory was assured and that they need only be patient.

Until 1934, a British branch of the Scouts operated in the German Colony and held varied activities, for boys and girls separately. The youths went on hikes and erected tent camps in the Wilhelma Templer colony, learned Morse code, knot-tying and first aid, and sang British songs. In 1934, the club was converted to a branch of the Nazi youth movement, the Hitler Jugend.

Haviv Canaan, who was an officer in the Mandate police at the time, described in his writings what Kroyanker calls "a typical National Socialist street scene in the second half of the 1930s": "Visible through the open windows of the mostly one-story houses was old but distinguished furniture, and the walls were adorned with pictures of leaders of the Reich. On the sides of the balconies, under the roof, swastika flags lay folded."

The architect and builder Hermann Imberger used to stroll down the Colony's main street every Sunday, with a swastika band around his arm, and the Arabs he passed "saluted him with admiration."

The residents, wrote Canaan, who were almost all Templers, "gazed with curiosity upon the new policeman who came to guard their safety, and it was obvious that they were uncomfortable with the fact that this policeman was a Jew. I clearly sensed looks of scorn and incredulity. A few days later, I noticed that when they passed by me, the German residents would salute each other with a loud 'Heil Hitler' and a Nazi salute."

Kroyanker also tells about the resistance that existed within the community to the Nazi activity: Philip Vorst, head of the Templer Association, banned the Nazi salute from the schools in 1935. Hala Sakakini and her sister, daughters of the renowned educator Khalil Sakakini, attended the Templer school, and Hala wrote about it in her memoir "Jerusalem and I: A Personal Record," which was published in English in 1990: "In 1935, secret gatherings of the German students began happening. Within a few months, the gatherings became open and full of fervor. We soon learned the names of the groups to which they belonged - the boys in the Hitler Jugend and the girls in the League of German Girls. They had symbols and a special uniform that was ordered from Germany."

Aviv Canaan described in hismemoirs how frightened he felt when he saw "members of the Hitler Jugend practicing signaling and hand-to-hand combat in the rocky fields of the Katamon neighborhood. The British would just shrug their shoulders and say: 'It's Scouts. Why not?' At the time, I saw this minority with its arrogant pride and its worship of the fuehrer, how ecstatic it became at the sound of every hysterical screech on the German radio, celebrating the conquests of the Saar, Memel, the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia."

Ban versus ban

During the Arab revolt against the British, which began in April 1936 with a general strike that lasted six months, some Arabs saw the Templers as prospective allies in their struggle, and hoped that Nazi Germany would conquer Palestine from the British. Buchhalter told the German journalist Ralf Balke, whose book about the Nazi party in Palestine was published in 2001, how he would travel without any problem in his car, which had a Nazi flag attached, through areas that were under Arab control. And that once, when he forgot to remove the flag from the car, he "entered an area under Jewish control and came under fire from Jewish vehicles."

Sakakini writes that the German children were sympathetic to the Arabs and, during recess, would throw stones at the Jewish buses that passed the school. But the school principal, Wilhelm Eppinger, refused to join the Nazi party. In October 1937, when it was decided that the school was to be merged with the school of the city's German Evangelical community, Eppinger was dismissed and replaced by Philip Vorst, who by this point was going along with the Nazis. Vorst exhorted the parents, students and teachers who assembled for the school's grand opening to cooperate with one another in keeping with the lofty spirit of Adolf Hitler. The school had 89 pupils then: 51 Germans, 27 Palestinians and the rest a mixture of Britons, Austrians and Americans.

In her book, Sakakini described the changes that occurred in the curriculum. Young teachers recited political and patriotic poems to the students. The German Ministry of Information and Propaganda encouraged Palestinian students to attend the German school in order to create a cadre of pro-German leadership that would govern an independent Palestinian state in the future, reports Kroyanker, quoting from a document in the state archives. Palestinian pupils made up about a quarter of the student population and were also able to study Arabic there.

Buchhalter, the head of the local Nazi branch, used to threaten residents of the Colony who didn't adhere to the Third Reich's anti-Semitic demands. Because of the attacks on Jews in Germany, the Jews in Palestine declared a ban on German businesses. Architect Gottlieb Bohrle, a German Colony resident, was a partner with Matthaus Frank and Eliezer Lipman, a Jew, in a business on Bethlehem Road that sold lumber and coal. Bohrle was also the owner of the Orient Cinema. In late 1934, the Jewish cinema owners in Jerusalem, including the proprietors of the Edison, Zion and Eden cinemas, together with their counterparts from Tel Aviv and Haifa, appealed to the film distributors in the country and to the committee that imposed a ban on the screening of German films, arguing that Bohrle was "an agent of Hitler."

Bohrle hired the services of a Jewish attorney, Dr. Mordechai Buchsbaum, who demanded that the cinema owners withdraw their claim, "in view of this accusation having been made solely for commercial purpose in order to be rid of a new competitor, despite your knowledge that Mr. Bohrle has no connection whatsoever with Hitler's agents and that he has proven throughout his life and by all of his actions that he has no connection with haters of Israel. Your action has caused offense to my client and is liable to cause him further damage and losses."

The management of the Zion Cinema responded immediately: "We hereby inform His Honor that we never thought to insult anyone, and Mr. Bohrle in particular, whom we do not know at all; and it is only from the above letter that we learned that the aforementioned person runs a cinema in Jerusalem. In our opinion, the expression 'an agent of Hitler' is not a term of insult, and if Mr. Bohrle is offended by this expression, then we greatly regret it and ask his pardon."

Business with Jews

About a year later, Bohrle rented out the cinema to Eitan Belkind, who continued to operate it after changing its name to Efrat. Bohrle got himself in trouble with his Nazi neighbors, too. In January 1936, he received a threatening letter from Buchhalter: "The local leadership of the National-Socialist party was astounded to learn of the rental of your cinema to Jews. In this context, we direct your attention to the fact that the sale of German property within the German Colonies currently requires permission from the party's Foreign Organization, and this applies in any case concerning a sale to non-Aryans with German citizenship."

Buchhalter noted that he was sending copies of his letter to the party leader in Germany and to the party's Foreign Organization: "In this regard, you should take note of the potential consequences of your moves for you and your family. In the hope that you, as one of the nation, place the interests of your nation above your own, in accordance with the fuehrer's principle of 'the common good before the individual good.' Signed: Heil Hitler!, Ludwig Buchhalter, branch director."

At the end of his letter, Buchhalter adds: "P. S.: We ask that you keep this letter confidential, and ensure that it does not come into Jewish hands."

This bit of correspondence was found amid the extensive estate of Aryeh Gini, an architect who worked in the Jerusalem municipality and dealt with city planning until the 1990s. His father perished in Auschwitz, and he was raised by his grandfather, Ben-Zion Gini, who was the first city engineer in Jaffa, starting in 1911, and then the city engineer in Jerusalem, from 1917 on. Aryeh Gini collected documents, maps, letters and photographs related to the city and to the Templers. Some of the photos and letters published in Kroyanker's book come from his archive, which is now in the possession of his widow and his son, television and radio personality Yoav Ginai.

Gottlieb Bohrle is one example of a Templer who refused to join the ranks of the Nazi party. In a letter he sent to his attorney, Buchsbaum, in August 1950 from Australia, where the British had exiled the Templers during World War II, he wrote that his home and his assets, including the cinema, had been confiscated and transferred to the custodian of absentee property. He asked Buchsbaum, who was also his friend, to try to rescue his property. He repeatedly declared that he had never been a Nazi, that he had opposed the Nazi regime and even received threats from the Nazi party branch. He added that he was treated like a traitor because he refused to fly the Nazi flag in front of his cinema.

From the letters in Gini's collection, from which Kroyanker quotes, it appears that Bohrle declined to screen Nazi propaganda films in his cinema, and that the Jerusalem Nazis responded by banning people from patronizing his business, which brought him to the brink of bankruptcy. After his daughter married a man who was opposed to the Nazi ideology and even invited some of his Jewish friends to their wedding, the Templer community informed him that his presence was no longer desired at the Sunday prayer services.

Beginning in 1935, the Nazi party branches in Palestine instructed the Germans not to employ Jewish workers, and also recommended dissolving any business partnerships with Jews. The Frank flour mill and bakery at 24 Bethlehem Road was run by Matthaus Frank and his son Edwin in partnership with Eliezer Lipman, a Jew from Safed who lived in the Jewish Quarter in the Old City. Lipman had started out as a hired worker and gradually become a partner and friend.

In 1914, Frank helped Lipman obtain Austrian citizenship and thus he was able to avoid being conscripted into the Ottoman army. In the 1920s, the Lipman family moved to a Templer house in the German Colony, which they rented. The chief baker in the bakery was an Arab, and during the 1929 riots, he warned Lipman of the danger that awaited him and his family, and they stayed away from their home for several days.

Aharon Lipman, writes Kroyanker, told about how his father's partnership with the Frank family was ended. In 1935, Edwin Frank returned from Germany with his Nazi fiancee. Eliezer Lipman was invited to a festive dinner, where he was politely informed that, despite his loyalty and diligence, the partnership had to be dissolved, because of the prohibition on maintaining business ties with Jews.

During World War II, shortly before members of the Frank family were arrested and deported to Australia, Lipman was asked to watch over their assets until their return to Jerusalem. In a secret agreement, Lipman pledged to return their property to them upon their return to Palestine after the war. In return, he was promised that when Rommel and the German army conquered Palestine, they would do their utmost to ensure that the Lipman family was not harmed.

Enemy property

Ludwig Buchhalter reported to the Nazi leadership in Berlin about the possibility of selling two German properties to Jews - the buildings of the Bikur Holim compound and the Schneller orphanage. Kroyanker has also written a fascinating article, as yet unpublished, about the sale of these properties.

Kroyanker says the first structure in the Bikur Holim compound is the impressive building of the former German hospital, which was built in the late 19th century by a Christian order of nuns. The monumental building was designed in the style of public buildings in southern Germany, and features a charming bell tower in the center. "My position is not to oppose the sale of the existing hospital, since no one will be harmed by this," Buchhalter wrote to Berlin on January 4, 1936. "On the contrary, a future profit could be made by selling it to Jews ... A similar problem is the sale of the Syrian orphanage (Schneller), which is also completely surrounded by Jews ... Both of these institutions would benefit from a successful sale, which would make it possible for them to be rebuilt outside the city."

Representatives of the Zionist movement, writes Kroyanker, wanted to explore the possibility of buying the hospital. The architect Wilhelm Hecker, who was active in the movement's institutions and served as an advisor to the National Committee (Hava'ad Haleumi), wrote on August 11, 1937 to Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, then president of the National Committee: "I have just received a letter from the president of the aforementioned hospital, from Germany, and she will soon return to Palestine and then it will be possible to conduct negotiations on this matter ... It will be possible to buy the lot of the German hospital cheaply."

That same year, Dr. Eberhard Gmelin, director of the German hospital, who was also active in the local Nazi party, began dismissing the Jewish doctors who worked at the hospital. In the end, the Zionist movement did not purchase the building, which remained in the Germans' hands until the outbreak of World War II, and then became "enemy property." From that point on until the establishment of the state in 1948, it functioned as a hospital of the Mandatory government.

The Schneller complex, which has housed a large military base since the end of World War II, is now one of the most valuable real estate assets in the city. The compound, which abuts the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Geula and Mea Shearim, comprises about 150 dunams and includes, in addition to several buildings of historical and architectural value, open areas intended for construction of new residential neighborhoods for the ultra-Orthodox. Because of an ongoing dispute between the army and the Israel Lands Administration, says Kroyanker, none of the many plans for the site that have been proposed over the past 30 years have been put into effect, and the area remains untouched.

Kroyanker: "In 1860, Johann Ludwig Schneller, a Protestant German missionary, founded the 'Syrian Orphanage,' which became a well-reputed educational-philanthropic institution, primarily because of the professional training it provided to the youths who resided there, most of whom were Christian Arabs. In the 1930s, the Schneller institution also became a center of Nazi activity in Jerusalem. Ernst Schneller, the founder's grandson, represented the Augusta Victoria Foundation here at that time, which worked to promote German nationalism. The Schneller printing house produced the Nazi party stationery and party members were entitled to a 10 percent discount. Because of the Schneller family's Nazi ties, the British secret police eavesdropped on their telephone conversations, and monitored their movements."

From secret police documents from 1936 to 1939, Kroyanker learned that the Schneller institution attempted to import weapons and ammunition from Germany, in order to train Arabs. In 1938, a booklet published by the Schneller institution included an article by Ludwig Schneller describing the feeling of suffocation at the German institution due to the proximity of Jews in the surrounding area, and expressing some blatantly anti-Semitic views:

"The Zionists specifically chose the area of the Syrian Orphanage in Jerusalem ... Our institutions are like a remote island in the turbulent sea of Jews. The entire surrounding area, which until now was a rural ara, is about to be declared an autonomous Jewish suburb. Subsequently, they will definitely gain the ability and the necessary legal means to expel us according to their will. The Jewish mayor will then have the legal authority to change the rural land tax we paid up to now to an urban tax and to increase it five-fold in this way. He will have the authority if he so wishes to pave a road 42 meters wide in our territory and to appropriate for this purpose, without compensation, the large area required. He will have the legal authority to take all of our territory, which, over 70 years of ongoing work, we have transformed from a desert and hills into splendid gardens and groves, and declare it to be public parks and thus we will no longer have any control over them.

"Moreover, these settlements (neighborhoods) of Jews from Eastern Europe are not only full of dirt, but also of a very low moral level, such that their proximity is not fitting for educational institutions. For these reasons, we were compelled to decide, already a few years ago, to retreat from the Jews ... We found a place for ourselves, and after extensive examination, the area has been found to be extremely suitable. It is near the Mar Elias monastery, on a high plateau with its white building standing like an outpost in the mountains. Before the land prices soared we were able to buy the large part of the needed area at a relatively inexpensive price. A special advantage of this land comes from the fact that, by law, it can never be purchased by Jews, since the lands that border it are Church property and will never be sold to Jews."

Schneller's plan never came to pass. Buchhalter lived a long life, says Kroyanker. He died two years ago, over the age of 100. "Until his dying day, he never regretted a thing. As part of the reparations agreement, the Templers received compensation from the State of Israel. Buchhalter got $60,000 for his house in the German Colony.


So no freedom of speech for fascists? By Ian O'Doherty, Friday February 29 2008

There's no question that notorious Holocaust denier David Irving is a nasty, vicious little man with serious issues. Lots of them. Let's be honest, when the courts decide that it is okay to refer to you as a Holocaust denier, a falsifier, a liar and a bigot, then you may need to take a long look at yourself.

But the news that he is to take part in a debate in UCC next month has sent some people around the bend.

Irving has been invited to speak at Irish colleges before, but those useful idiots of the far Left have always managed to censor him and already there are plans to organise a mass protest and block him from talking.  According to their argument, Irving should not be allowed to talk because he is a fascist, and therefore must be muzzled.

It's an interesting argument, but a rather inconsistent one. After all, Muslim extremist Anjem Choudhary, a man who has called for the destruction of the West, the execution of gays and adulterers and wants to destroy Israel and kill all Jews, was allowed to attend a debate in Trinity College a while back.

How many of these brave anti-fascist campaigners were there? Not one.  So, it's okay to campaign against a discredited gobshite who thinks the Holocaust never happened but they couldn't be bothered protesting against a dangerous man who actually wants to start another Holocaust?  You gotta love the Left. And what's the debate in UCC about? Free speech, of course. Maybe someone could explain the word "irony" to them.


Holland has long had a tradition of being the most tolerant country in Europe -- because, according to one Dutch friend of mine, "all our crazies went to South Africa centuries ago" -- and while it has given us such excellent treats as their fine coffee shops and 24 hour live sex shows, this pathological tolerance also has its downside. Just ask Pim Fortuyn or Theo Van Gogh.

But as more Muslims enter Dutch society, one local bank has decided to be more welcoming than their competitors.

Fortis Bank will no longer give free piggy banks to kids who open an account there, while they have also dropped the bank's mascot, Knorbert The Piggy Bank. According to a spokesman, they took the decision because: "Knorbert does not meet the requirements that the multicultural society imposes on us".

This is, of course, an excellent idea. And while we're at it, why don't we ban The Muppet Show in case someone is offended by the sight of Miss Piggy? And maybe we should ban commercials for bacon as well. And don't even get me started on the most offensive kids story ever -- The Three Little Pigs.


The horrific murder of two young Polish men by some little toe-rag in Drimnagh has prompted people to once again examine the issue of teen violence. What's causing a generation to turn feral? Is it drink? Drugs? The fact that they don't go to Mass?

Well, according to some commentators, these are contributory facts but not the real reason. The real reason, we're told, is violent computer games and DVDs are turning people into vicious nutters.

This, of course, is quite terrifying because last night I watched Hostel, Saw II and played Medal Of Honour on my PS3. Should I just save everyone the hassle and hand myself into the cops now before it's too late?


Readers of yesterday's column may recall the story of the British holiday maker in the Dominican Republic who had his old chap unceremoniously chopped off.

But there might be more to the story. The man has been unable to help police with their investigation because, he claims: "I wasn't drunk, but I think I have amnesia caused because of the shock of what's happened." His girlfriend, who wasn't in their hotel room when the attack place, later commented: "It could be worse."

It could be worse? What the Hell could be worse than having your willy chopped off?  Honestly, some women. I very much doubt her boyfriend agrees.


If there's anything more amusing than watching Hillary Clinton become more shrill and unlikeable as she watches her campaign implode in about as quick a time as it takes for her husband to take his trousers off, Barack Obama looks like he's laughing all the way to the nomination.

But it won't be all plain sailing and surely the best news the Clinton camp has received in weeks comes with the revelation that Obama has a new endorser -- Louis Farrakhan.

Farrakhan, you may remember, is head of the Nation Of Islam, and claims that white people "aren't fully evolved human beings"; has called Judaism "a dirty religion"; and, perhaps most worryingly of all, he believes that the Prophet Elijah is circling the earth in a giant spaceship shaped like a wheel.

But then, on the other hand, Obama's rival john McCain gratefully accepted the endorsement of televangelist John Hagee, who believes that America should bomb Iran, that you should not negotiate with Muslims and that the end times are upon us, at which point Hagee and his followers will be lifted up to heaven by a divine light while the rest of us stay here in torment. Which is nice.


Man’s long journey – A 150,000-year walk from Africa to Australia

Book review by Nigel Adlam, Northern territory News, Saturday, 1 March 2008 –

Aboriginal people first arrived in Australia – quite probably not far from present-day Darwin – about 45,000 years ago. Some authorities put the date at 10,000 years earlier. But whatever the truth, man colonised Australia a long time ago. It was quite a journey. After decades of often rancorous debate among archeologists and palaeontolists, it is now widely accepted that man came out of Africa – indeed, DNA testing shows that “Eve” was grandmother to us all only 10,000 generations ago. Homo sapiens walked from East Africa , through the Middle East, across India, down the Malay Peninsula, along Indonesia and over to Autralia. The journey took about 150,000 years. That extraordinary migration – and all the great migrations of mankind that followed – form the subject of Origins, a fascinating compilation of studies. Origins, which is edited by British migration expert Russell King, is what I like to call a “core book” – a must-have read because it acts as a base for understanding so much more about our world. It covers man first standing on his hindlegs, the spread of humanity throughout the world, the development of language and the great migrations in history, including the invasion of Rome by Vandals, the Anglo-Saxon takeover of Britain and the Mongol march on Europe. Each chapter contains a useful timeline and good photographs. Origins provides a broad sweep of history, enabling readers to understand what world-shaping event goes where. It is then so much easier to fill in the finer details of history as you wish. Origins is one of those worthy liberal-minded works. But, as so often happens, its liberalism collapses in the face of one subject: Israel. The horroras that followed the particion of India in 1947 are told in all their gory detail. But Palestinians forced out of their homes and off their land at gunpoint by foreign Jewish settlers are said merely to have been “displaced”. Ethnic cleansing was obviously too confronting a phrase. Origins, edited by Russell King, published by ABC Books, RRP $45.  



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