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Revisionists facing danger – even death – from Jewish groups?

87-year-old Dr Schaller still fighting for justice - see Newsletter 310


Dr Herbert Schaller, Teheran, Iran, 12 December 2008

“In concluding my Report permit me a glance back into history and a reference to the fact that the forefathers of the Germans of today and the forefathers of the Iranians have already one time successfully cooperated to fight an empire. In the year 378 AD before the decisive Battle of Adrianople between the Goths and the Eastern Roman Empire, Germans established diplomatic relations with the Persian Empire and agreed on a common undertaking against Eastern Rome. As a consequence it could be simultaneously attacked from the North and the East. In this battle the Germans assured their later victory over the Roman Empire and thereby relieved the Persians from Roman pressure. Today the world sees itself once again facing a mighty empire. Therefore, the question has recently arisen of any and all possible forms of peaceful cooperation that could save the lives and freedoms of the peoples of the world.”


A declaration of war on Revisionists?

At the end, T Ardison asked  Klarsfeld what he thought about an opinion now going around, and expressed in particular by the French Jewish intellectual Guy Sorman, which says that the State of Israel could disappear and would therefore constitute finally only a parenthesis in the history of the Jewish people. The water-throwing man answered that, in this case, ‘the Jews would undoubtedly get themselves organized so as to eliminate the Holocaust deniers’. Tout le monde en parle – Everyone talks about it. Channel France 2. 18-19 January 2003.


Israeli Art Students active in Australia

Subject: The Germans are regaining their COURAGE - Public doubt of Holocaust is challenged by 36-year-old German - if 1000 Germans did this, the Holocaust-Shoah Lie would crumble overnight...
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2008 21:33:47 +1030

From FT: “This late afternoon, 20 March 2008,  I had another visit from an art student – male – a few weeks ago it was an art student from Israel. This time it was an art student from Paris.  I again welcomed him with Shalom – and he became a little nervous…I wonder why…unfortunately I did not have time to view his paintings – but he wished to show them to me inside the house…”.


Spelling out the death threat

“Israeli death squads have been authorised to enter ‘friendly countries and assassinate opponents in a move that raises the prospect of political killings in Australia. Agents of the Israeli secret service Mossad have been given free rein to kill those deemed to be a threat to the Jewish state wherever they are hiding … A spokesman for Foreign Minister Alexander Downer yesterday refused to comment on the possibility of Mossad agents operating in Australia.” Sunday Times, 19 January 2003.  


How I Beat Israel's Dual Justice System

By Steven Plaut

Israel has a dual justice system. While operating within a single overall structure of courts and related legal institutions, two separate justice systems exist in the country: one for leftists and the other for everyone else.

One of the worst manifestations of this dual justice system involves protections of freedom of speech. For many years, freedom of speech has been selectively protected in Israel by courts and legal institutions. Under the dual justice system, anti-Israel Arabs and Jewish extremists always enjoy freedom of speech, whether they’re defending anti-Jewish terrorism, calling for Israel’s annihilation, championing lawbreaking and insurrection by soldiers, or even denying the Holocaust. Non-leftists enjoy no such freedom of speech.

Under this system, expressions of non-leftist political opinion by anti-Oslo dissidents constitute “incitement” and “sedition.” After the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, dissidents were carted off by the score (including some rabbis) to face charges of “incitement,” and some did jail time. “Insulting a public official” is defined as a crime in Israel, but the law is selectively enforced, never against leftist Jews or Arabs.

Israel has an “anti-racism” law, making the expression of “racist opinions” a crime. But it is only used to ban and criminalize the expression of opinion by Kahanists. Not a single Arab or Jewish leftist has ever been indicted under it, even for cheering terrorist murders of Jews. Jewish teenage girls have been sent to prison without trial by judges for expressing opinions in protests and Moshe Feiglin was convicted of “sedition” for blocking traffic in an anti-Oslo protest – while Arab politicians openly engaged in espionage and treason are never even indicted.

Which brings me to what some are calling the most important Israeli free speech court case in recent years, one that represents an important victory over judicial bias and the dual legal system. As many Jewish Press readers may know, I have been involved in a long court case that has already run on for six years. It involves the malicious attempt by one of Israel’s worst academic anti-Israel extremists to misuse the dual judicial system to suppress freedom of speech in Israel – my freedom of speech.

The case stemmed from my involvement in exposing and monitoring the anti-Israel extremism of Israeli academics. I work with several websites that do just that, including IsraCampus (

Neve Gordon is a venomously anti-Israel lecturer in political science at Ben-Gurion University (BGU). Gordon was hired and promoted by BGU largely on the basis of the prodigious amounts of anti-Israel political propaganda he churns out and misrepresents as scholarship. He regularly denounces Israel as a fascist, racist, terrorist, apartheid state, and he openly calls for Israel’s elimination (in what Israeli leftist extremists these days call the “one state solution,” but what should more accurately be called the Rwanda solution).

Gordon led an international campaign of defamation against his own army commander, which resulted in attempts to indict that man as a “war criminal” in Europe. Gordon’s pieces are carried on neo-Nazi websites, including one run by Ernst Zundel, the neo-Nazi deported from Canada and now residing in a German prison cell.

Seven years ago I criticized Gordon for repeatedly endorsing the writings and opinions of the notorious Norman Finkelstein, who claims Germany is the victim of Jewish extortion and “Holocaust hoaxsters,” who cheers Hizbullah terror, and who was fired last summer by DePaul University, where he had been employed as a lecturer. (Unlike BGU, DePaul is trying to impose serious academic standards on its anti-Israel extremists.)

I also denounced a group of protesters Gordon joined in Ramallah. They were there – illegally – to interfere with Israeli anti-terror operations and serve as “human shields,” protecting wanted terrorists being sheltered in Arafat’s headquarters. When Gordon was shown on the front pages of two Israeli newspapers embracing Arafat in solidarity, I took to the Internet and dismissed him and his “human shield” friends as a group of “Judenrat wannabes.”

For those remarks, Gordon filed a harassment “libel suit” against me. It was a classic SLAPP suit. SLAPP stands for “Strategic Lawsuit against Public Participation.” It is an anti-democratic harassment tactic designed to suppress freedom of speech. In many parts of the United States there are serious penalties for filing SLAPP suits. That’s not the case in Israel.

Gordon filed his suit in Nazareth court, knowing that many of the judges there are Arabs, some holding extremist political opinions. Gordon’s complaint was that I “libeled” him and damaged his “good name” by criticizing his politics. But Gordon is a public figure, and attacking the public political opinions and activities of anyone in Israel, especially a public figure, is supposed to be protected speech.

Gordon’s entire suit was based on “freedom of speech for me but not for thee,” a fundamental principle in any dual judicial system. Labeling as a “Judenrat wannabe” a public figure whose anti-Israel articles are published by neo-Nazis and who proclaims solidarity with Arab terrorists may be impolite, but it is protected speech in any real democracy.

The suit, which some in the media were dubbing the “Israeli David Irving Trial” with me in the role of Deborah Lipstadt, was assigned to an Arab woman judge named Reem Nadaff. Her husband was at the time the party sidekick of Azmi Bishara, the Arab Knesset member now in hiding outside Israel after having engaged in espionage and providing assistance to Hizbullah when it was bombing northern Israel.

While most Arab judges in Israel are responsible and cautious, this judge simply threw out Israel’s entire set of protections for freedom of speech and imposed her political biases on her ruling. She found I had “libeled” Gordon by criticizing his opinions. Never mind that everything I wrote about what Gordon writes or does was factually correct. She essentially ruled that treasonous pro-terror activities are protected speech, while criticism of them is slander. In her verdict, she went out of her way to endorse Holocaust revisionism, praise Finkelstein, and then – to top it all off – wrote that all of Israel is situated on land stolen from another people.

The dual justice system had struck again, with a vengeance. The judge ordered me to pay Gordon around NIS 100,000 in “damages” and court costs simply for exercising my freedom of speech.

That was approximately two years ago. I filed an appeal, which under Israeli law must be in the same district court (Nazareth). And recently the appeals panel of three district court judges overturned the ruling by Nadaff. It was an unparalleled defeat of the dual justice system and a tremendous near-complete victory for freedom of speech in Israel.

The appeals panel, in overturning the earlier ruling by Naddaf, said that just as Gordon enjoys freedom of speech when he smears Israel, its leaders, and even private persons such as his old army commander, so those who criticize Gordon’s politics must enjoy freedom of speech, even if it takes the form of “impolite” or harsh language.

The panel, however, balked by a vote of two against one from going all the way toward establishing true freedom of speech in Israel. Basing itself on a Supreme Court ruling from last year, in which a journalist was ordered to pay 1 shekel in damages to a Kahanist because the journalist had called him a “little Nazi” on national television, the Nazareth appeals panel ruled that the court should use its powers to discourage use of Holocaust era rhetoric, and so was allowing Gordon to retain 10 percent of what the lower court had awarded him. (The dissenting appeals judge considered use of “Judenrat wannabe” to be legitimate free speech.)

That last part of the appeals ruling shows that the dual justice system in Israel is not yet shut down altogether – something that would also require the firing of Judge Naddaf. Israeli leftists, Arabs, and politicians of all stripes use “Holocaust era imagery” in political discourse all the time and it is protected speech. But for my calling Gordon a “Judenrat wannabe,” the court was allowing him to retain NIS 10,000.

To overturn that remaining vestige of Israel’s selective protection of freedom speech, and to inflict a greater defeat on Israel’s dual justice system, I am now appealing to the Israeli Supreme Court to overturn that clause.

Steven Plaut, a frequent contributor to The Jewish Press, is a professor at Haifa University. His book “The Scout” is available at

He can be reached at's%20Dual%20Justice%20System


10 April 2008

Prof Plaut - Your below item is indeed interesting because I am facing court in Australia at the beginning of June and here the situation is not as defined as in Israel – but free expression is certainly under threat – our Racist law seems to protect Jews only because the Jewish lobby is the only noisy one that succeeds in setting the appropriate dialectic that proves fatal for anyone who refuses to bend to Jewish pressure.

You state: The judge ordered me to pay Gordon around NIS 100,000 in “damages” and court costs simply for exercising my freedom of speech.

I shall be faced with that kind of verdict in June – and perhaps I should look in detail the arguments you used to convince the appeal court that you had a worthy free expression argument…any chance of sending more details about the appeal ruling to me, please?


Fredrick Töben




Iran cleric says Israel behind anti-Islam Dutch film

TEHRAN (AFP) — Israel and unidentified "oppressive powers" are behind the production of an anti-Islamic film by right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders, a prominent conservative Iranian cleric claimed on Friday.  

Ahmad Khatami

"Behind these satanic acts can be found the oppressive powers and the Zionist regime," Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said during a Friday prayer sermon in the capital broadcast by state radio.

"This poor Dutch deputy has made 40 trips to Israel over the past 25 years," Khatami said. "He has himself said he is close to (Israeli President) Shimon Peres and (Prime Minister) Ehud Olmert.

"We see the hand of the Zionist regime behind these satanic acts and we cry 'death to Israel,'" he added.

The 17-minute-long film "Fitna" features shocking imagery of the attacks on New York in 2001 and Madrid in 2004 combined with quotes from the Koran, Islam's holy book, and has sparked outrage in some Muslim countries.

Khatami asserted that the film and the controversial publication in European newspapers of caricatures of the Muslim prophet Mohammed were a reaction against the "blossoming of Islam" in the world but would have the opposite effect to that intended by their authors.

"These films and caricatures are disseminated under the pretext of freedom of information in Europe. This is a great lie of Western liberal democracy, because anyone who speaks out against the official version of the Holocaust is jailed."

On several occasions, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has questioned the truth of the Holocaust and also forecast the demise of Israel.

Last week, Iran summoned Dutch Ambassador Radinck van Vollenhoven to protest about the film.

Iranian media quoted him as saying he had voiced sorrow about the broadcast of the "anti-Islamic" film and emphasising that it was condemned by the Dutch government.

Islamist students are planning a demonstration outside the Dutch embassy on Saturday.


Israel bars UN Palestinian rights envoy after Holocaust comments

Deirdre Jurand at 7:05 PM ET, Wednesday, April 09, 2008  

Richard Falk, UNHRC

[JURIST] The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs [official website] announced Tuesday that it will not allow the new UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) [official website] envoy on Israeli human rights to enter either Israel or the Palestinian territories after he called current Israeli actions against Palestinians a "Holocaust in the making." In a Tuesday BBC interview, Richard Falk [academic profile], who is scheduled to begin his position as Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories in May, defended comments [text] made last year criticizing Israel for policies he said indiscriminately punished an entire group of people and comparing them to Nazi actions in World War II. Israeli officials accused Falk of bias and said that they will bar him from entering the country until a meeting scheduled for September. At the meeting, they plan to ask for an expansion of the investigator's powers that would allow the investigation of both Israeli and Palestinian human-rights violations. BBC News has more. AP has additional coverage.

In October, current Special Rapporteur John Dugard [academic profile] said that the UN must better address human rights violations committed in the Palestinian territories [JURIST report]. He has also previously criticized Israel's continued military presence in the region, comparing it to South African apartheid [JURIST report]. Dugard was appointed in 2001 as an independent expert by the now-defunct UN Commission on Human Rights to investigate Israeli rights violations. Israel and the US have dismissed his reports as one-sided.

Israel to bar UN rights official

Israel has said it will not allow a UN official appointed to investigate Israeli human rights abuses to enter the country or Palestinian territories.

It said it made the decision after Richard Falk told the BBC he stood by comments he made comparing Israel's actions in Gaza to those of the Nazis.

Mr Falk is due to take up his post with the UN Human Rights Council in May. 

The foreign ministry said it would deny Mr Falk a visa at least until a council meeting in September. 

Collective punishment


Foreign ministry spokesman Arye Mekel told the BBC that people in Israel were dismayed by Mr Falk's comments. 

Mr Falk has been employed by the UN to investigate Israeli conduct in the occupied territories, but Israel wants his mandate changed to include Palestinian actions as well. 

Mr Mekel said Israel would request the change of mandate at the September meeting, and "only then will we consider whether to let the rapporteur come here or not". 

Speaking to the BBC on Tuesday, Mr Falk said he stood by his comments, made last summer. 

He said he drew the comparison between the treatment of Palestinians with the Nazi record of collective atrocity because of what he described as the massive Israeli punishment directed at the entire population of Gaza. 

He understood that it was a provocative thing to say but he had made the comments, he said, to shake the American public from its torpor.


Israeli wounded by Palestinian rocket attack in Ashkelon

Israel wants Palestinian attacks on Israelis also to be investigated



World still silent about Gaza holocaust

By our staff writer, Tehran Times, Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Zionists falsified history and exaggerated the number of Jews who died during World War II in order to justify the establishment of the Israeli entity -- and have even convinced some countries to pass laws making it a criminal offense to question the Holocaust myth -- but today the Israelis themselves are creating a holocaust in Gaza. 

The recent Israeli attacks on occupied Palestinian territory have been accompanied by an increase in human rights violations and war crimes. Everyone’s life is in danger in the Gaza Strip. As one Israeli official shamelessly stated, the Zionist regime is massacring Palestinians with the intention of creating a “holocaust” in Gaza. Only two months ago, the Israeli attacks on Gaza made December 2007 the month with the highest death toll in the Gaza Strip for the year.

 The newly established UN Human Rights Council censured Israel for the aggression during its sixth special session in Geneva on January 23 and 24. It also called for urgent international action to put an end to the Zionist regime’s serious human rights violations in Palestine, especially drawing attention to Israel’s military attacks on Gaza and the blockade of the region. But nothing happened.

The UN Human Rights Council also censured Israel during three other special sessions on the human rights situation in Palestine. However, despite their claims about being champions of human rights, most Western countries have refused to vote for UN resolutions condemning Israel for its attacks on Gaza. Unfortunately, such resolutions have repeatedly failed in the past because of objections by the United States and certain European countries, giving the impression that the Zionist regime can act with impunity.


Thus, with the open support of the United States, Israel launched its second major assault on the Gaza Strip in the past three months, which has caused the death of many Palestinians in the bloodiest deadliest time period since the Al-Aqsa Intifada began in September 2000. On March 1, the overall death toll in Gaza was 58, which was the highest in a single day since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada. The highest previous death toll for a single day was 38 on March 8, 2002. Over 116 Palestinians have been killed since February 27, 2008. About half of the victims were civilians, including a number of women and children.


Some of the most critically injured were sent home from Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest hospital, because there was no more room for them. A doctor at the hospital said that the beds crammed hospital corridors and the intensive care unit was overflowing. The doctors union urged its members to cancel leaves and appealed for blood donations. Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), said that the UN shuttered 37 schools which it runs in northern Gaza because of the fighting, and about 40,000 students are affected. The Israelis are inflicting collective punishment on the Palestinians and pursuing a genocide policy in Gaza.

In Syria, exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal described Israeli attacks against civilians in Gaza as “the real Holocaust”. Unfortunately, the United Nations Security Council, the European Union, and the organizations that claim to be defenders of human rights have all remained silent about the merciless assault on the Palestinians and the humanitarian tragedy which is unfolding in Palestine.


The UN Security Council met behind closed doors on March 1 in an emergency session held at the request of the Palestinians and their Arab supporters. The Arab League’s UN observer, Yahya Mahmassani said, “We want a condemnation of the killings from the Security Council. Regrettably, because of the United States’ objection, the Security Council failed to issue even an official statement.” The Zionist regime’s relentless air and land attack on the Gaza Strip is a clear violation of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention of 1949 and Israeli officials must be brought before the International Criminal Court and charged with committing war crimes.


The Zionist regime’s wanton slaughter of the people of Gaza is a new holocaust, and if the situation is not addressed immediately, the violence will most likely spill over to the rest of Palestine. After the UN Security Council’s failure to address the tragic situation in Palestine, the international community is looking to the Human Rights Council, which recently started its seventh session in Geneva, to see how this body is going to deal with the situation.



Spring Fling in Iran? -- Updating World War III

By Captain Eric H. May, Intelligence Correspondent

31 March 2008, 

The very term "global war" is a mere euphemism for World War III.  We are caught up in it now, a vast struggle with no end in sight.  The 2008 United States presidential election won’t change things, since it will simply pit a Republican who truly promises a war without end against a Democrat who falsely promises to end the war.  It will be a meaningless coin toss: heads, war wins; tails, peace loses.

Many intellectuals, both those far to the right and far to the left, agree about this much.  They also agree about the beginning date for the ongoing world war: September 11, 2001.

From a right-wing perspective, 9/11 is the day Al Qaeda terrorists carried out a new Pearl Harbor attack against us.  A righteous sense of national unity ushered in a "post-9/11 reality," and introduced words and concepts now familiar to all of us.  We were protecting our "Homeland" by creating a "Patriot Act" and a "Department of Homeland Security."  We were conducting a "Global War on Terror" against an "Axis of Evil" led by "Islamofascists," before they could carry out an even more devastating attack against us.  The UK and Israel were our best friends in the "Generational War" that had been thrust upon us.

The left wing believes that 9/11 was the day when an imperial US establishment carried out a "false flag" attack against us, then blamed it on Middle Eastern Muslims.  They believe that all the institutions, idioms and ideas born after 9/11 were conceived long before 9/11, and were simply the means whereby a US-based Anglo-Judeo junta could carry out World War III to seize control of the world's dwindling oil supplies and impose a final solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict.  They believe that if there is another 9/11-style attack, it will be carried out by the same imperial establishment that carried out 9/11, and may well bring about martial law, the draft and nuclear war.

Whether World War III was something the Middle East forced upon us, or something we forced upon the Middle East, we are in the middle of it now.  Geostrategists have aptly named it "The Quicksand War," because the more we struggle in it, the deeper we sink into it.  Six years after Bush and his Neocons claimed that they had won the war in Afghanistan, we are still fighting there.  Five years after they claimed to have won the war in Iraq, we are still fighting there, too.  At present, they claim that they have no intention of beginning a war in Iran, even though they regularly remind us that Iran is an original member of the Axis of Evil and an inveterate enemy of Israel.

Before the invasion of Iraq -- while Bush and the Neocons claimed that they were looking for a diplomatic solution to avert the war -- Washington insiders from the government and media whispered among themselves that the road to Jerusalem led through Baghdad.  This meant that success in Iraq would solve the problems of Israel, and it proved that insiders who whispered that the war was all about oil and Israel were correct.  Needless to say, those insiders didn't trouble the American people with their knowledge of the ulterior motives behind the war, nor did they let on that all the posturing and debating about the pending war was a sham.

Given the willingness of our leaders to trick the American people into a war with Iraq five years ago, is there any good reason to believe that they are now being honest about wanting to keep the American people out of a war with Iran?  Have they decided that the only way to win the failing war is to enlarge it?  Have they dusted off the propaganda plan entitled Starting a War with Iraq and changed it, by a single letter, to Starting a War with Iran?

Many insiders believe that the Bush administration has already promised Israel and the Jewish lobby a war with Iran before it leaves office in January, 2009.  That may be so, and there are strong indicators that this spring may have been chosen to begin the war.  My purpose in enumerating them is not to predict an attack on Iran this spring, but only to examine them the possibility of such an attack.


Iraq is deteriorating.  General Petraeus will perform for Congress next week, doing another Pinocchio imitation as he pretends that he is not a puppet -- or is, at any rate, a puppet without strings attached.  It will be a tough act to pull off, though, as Bush's favorite general will have to explain just why it is that, after we have maxed out our military to conduct a surge, the three biggest cities in Iraq are in turmoil.  Mosul, Baghdad and Basra are all exploding -- as is the US "Green Zone," which has come under heavy fire in the last week.  It will be even more interesting if anyone has the gumption to ask him how he can call the surge a success when the Turks are attacking the Kurds in northern Iraq and the Iranian president is welcomed like a savior in the streets of Baghdad.  Petraeus may be tipping Bush's hand by saying that Iran is to blame for the crisis in Iraq.


Israel is mobilizing.  The Jewish state will conduct the largest domestic defense exercises in its history beginning April 6 and lasting all week.  Defense exercises can be indicators of offensive intentions, and an attack on Iran may well be in the works.  It's far-fetched to suppose that the Israelis are worried about an unprovoked Iranian attack against them, since Israel is one of the world's most potent military powers.  It has plenty of state-of-the-art US equipment and a nuclear arsenal of around 200 warheads (another little bit of reality kept from the American people by its leaders).


The hawks are flying.  Earlier this month, Dick Cheney flew to the Middle East to visit Iraq, and then confer with amiable Persian Gulf oil monarchs before reporting to Israel.  The last time Cheney made the rounds with these Arabian petro princes was just before the invasion of Iraq.  Ominously, the day after his visit to Saudi Arabia, that country's controlled media reported that its government was making plans to react to nuclear fallout blowing its way from Iran.


John McCain flew to Iraq for long enough to conflate Iran with Al Qaeda.  He repeated the conflation in Israel.  McCain apologists suggest a string of senior moments, but his comments suggest that Iran is a target.  McCain is an Israeli favorite because he is the son of Admiral John McCain, the officer in charge of the Navy cover-up of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS liberty.  Israeli airplanes and patrol boats strafed and torpedoed the Liberty to sink it and kill all survivors.  It was a classic false flag operation, assisted by the Johnson administration, intended to be blamed on Egypt to bring us into the 1967 Middle Eastern war.  The Israelis may be counting on the old saying "like father like son."


Jewish Joseph Lieberman chaperoned the fuzzy-brained McCain, and whispered guidance into his ear from time to time.  Lieberman was a key senator in starting a war with Iraq, and he has thrown his weight behind those who want to start a war with Iran.  The 2000 Democratic vice presidential candidate enjoys media Teflon treatment for his Neocon-ism, but much of the Internet alternative media considers him an Israel-firster.


Sense has been sacked.  Bush forced Admiral "Fox" Fallon, the CENTCOM commander, from command on March 11.  Fallon was laudable for two strong opinions.  The first was that Petraeus, his subordinate, was an odious Bush League sycophant, "an ass-kissing little chicken shit," to be specific.  The second was that a war with Iran was a bad idea, and that the people who are pushing for it were not considering the national interest -- or at any rate not the US national interest.


These are troubling signs in troubled times.  With April Fools' Day just around the corner clever people should remind themselves that history -- including current history -- has always been full of the same stale jokes.  The setups are the same, but no one remembers; and the punchlines are predictable, but no one sees them coming.


Three generations ago an actor on the world stage explained it all to perfection:


“Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia, nor in England, nor in America, nor in Germany. That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” -- Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering

# # #

Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer.  His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.  For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, refer to his home site at:



Iranians in Germany to visit Auschwitz


Thirty Iranian expatriates living in Berlin will visit Auschwitz in April.

The ex-pats want to show Iran's president, who has denied the scope of the Holocaust, that they have no doubt about the facts of the Holocaust, "the most massive, industrialized extermination in the 20th century," a statement by organizers said.

The trip, from April 11 to 14, is sponsored by the Iranian Dialog Circle of Berlin and the Berlin educational branch of the Heinrich-Böll Foundation, which is associated with Germany's Green Party. The group also will meet with the daughter of an Auschwitz survivor in Krakow and with the leadership of the Krakow Jewish community.

The group said this week that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's questioning of the Holocaust and threatening of Israel, "has introduced a new expression of anti-Semitism onto the stage of international politics."

Iranians are associated with such statements "against their will," the statement said. "That is why many Iranians living abroad, for whom it is easier to counter these false statements about history, consider it their moral and democratic duty to show the public that they do not endorse the policy and ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran."



Germans who still want to be Germans fighting for autonomy

Translated by James Damon –


FROM: Collegium Humanum []

SENT: TUESDAY 12 February 2008 17:44

SUBJECT:  Letter to Frau Charlotte Knobloch

Dear Friends,

In response to the intensified campaign by Antifa (“Anti-Fascists”) and their “helpers’ helpers,” which included a demonstration on 21 December 2007 and another in front of our seminar house on 19 January 2008 followed by numerous half-page denunciatory articles in the Westfalen-Blatt und Vlothoer Anzeiger newspapers, we are now forced to take action -- to no longer merely defend ourselves but to take the initiative and go on the offensive.

This has become urgent since the chairperson of the Mendel-Grundmann-Gesellschaft für jüdisch-deutsche Zusammenarbeit (Mendel-Grundmann Society for Jewish-German Cooperation) in Vlotho approached Frau Knobloch during an award ceremony in Berlin and requested that the Central Jewish Committee support them in their campaign against the COLLEGIUM. According to the Westfalen-Blatt issue of 24 January, Frau Knobloch responded as follows: “In response to the question of the Vlothoer Zeitung, Charlotte Knobloch stated that the Jewish Central Committ would take action against the ‘Collegium Humanum’ and the group of ‘Holocaust’ deniers associated with it.” She said that it is not enough to merely take away the COLLEGIUM’S nonprofit status:

“In order to put an end to their activities, we need politicians who will change the laws.” Subsequently there has been a news report that the City of Vlotho expects the COLLEGIUM HUMANUM to be banned.  The report appeared at the beginning of February on the title page of the Westfalen-Blatt (not just the local page.)

This is the background to our letter to Frau Knobloch.

Please help circulate our letter.


Bretthorststraße 204

32602 Vlotho 05733/7330


30 January 2008

Frau Charlotte Knobloch, Chairperson

Jewish Central Committee of Germany

Tucholsky-Straße 9

10117 Berlin


Frau Charlotte Knobloch!

We read in the Vlothoer Tageblatt issue for 24 and 25 January that the Jewish Central Committee is again interfering in domestic German affairs, and that the COLLEGIUM HUMANUM is now the target of your attack. Frau Knobloch, I am giving you warning. It may be true that you are allowed to betray and deceive the Goyim --  but only if you do not harm the Jews or our Lord! However, every attack you make does more damage: longer lasting damage, damage that can hardly be atoned. God’s patience is not infinite.
As Yuri Slezkine has pointed out, the “Jewish Century” has come and gone. The Blessing of Jacob has been used up and the blessing of Esau is now taking effect: “And it shall come to pass that you, Esau, shall also be a master and shall cast off the yoke of Jacob from your neck.” (Moses 2, 27, 40.) This is happening now. Frau Knobloch, you are more familiar with the Torah than I, and you can better understand the Lord’s threats of punishment if His commandments are not followed. They are as follows:

“28. So will I also inspire terror in you and punish you seven times over for your sins, such that you shall eat the flesh of your own sons and daughters.” (3. Moses 26, 40 -)

Frau Knobloch, if you are so displeased with this country, then you should return to your land of origin. You should return to Asia, since today’s Jews are 90% of Khazar derivation, as your fellow Jew Arthur Köstler has proven. You are not required to live in Germany, this evil land where, as you are pleased to proclaim, six million of your fellow Jews were gassed. Nor are you forced to live in Palestine, where for 60 years you have imposed a regime of terror on the tormented and dispossessed natives. I say “Enough!” -- not just for my German nation, and not just in the name of my God, “true Man and true God,” but enough in the name of your own god as well.

If you continue as you are doing, you will incur the risk of bringing a new Pogrom upon yourselves, a pogrom that would be terrible indeed. Beware of the repeated warnings of our Lord! Prepare yourself for the Day of Judgment! It is not far off and it can no longer be evaded.

Ursula Haverbeck



Leugner des Holocaust verurteilt

Neonazis hatten Flugblätter vor Gymnasium verteilt

Katrin Bischoff


FRANKFURT (ODER). Drei Mitglieder der sogenannten "Reichsbewegung" aus Bernau (Barnim) sind gestern vom Landgericht Frankfurt (Oder) zu Geld- und Bewährungsstrafen verurteilt worden. Ein 70 Jahre alter Angeklagter war nicht erschienen, das Verfahren gegen ihn wurde abgetrennt.

Die Neonazis um den Ex-NPD-Anwalt Horst Mahler haben sich nach Überzeugung des Gerichts der Volksverhetzung und der Leugnung des Holocaust schuldig gemacht. "Sie wurden nicht für ihre Gesinnung verurteilt, sondern weil sie diese Gesinnung öffentlich kundgetan haben", sagte Markus Fritsch, der Sprecher des Landgerichts.

Die Angeklagten hatten im Mai 2004 vor einem Gymnasium in Bernau Flugblätter mit volksverhetzendem Inhalt verteilt. In dem "offenen Brief an den Schulleiter und andere Personen" hatten sie dem Direktor des Gymnasiums unter anderem vorgeworfen, er würde an vorderster Front stehen, um die Jugend "mit der Auschwitz-Lüge seelisch zu vergiften". Unterzeichnet war das Pamphlet mit "Geschäftsführung ohne Auftrag für das Deutsche Reich". Couragierte Schüler hatten damals die Verteilaktion verhindert. Die Angeklagten wurden daraufhin im November 2006 vom Amtsgericht Bernau wegen Volksverhetzung zu Geldstrafen von jeweils 100 Tagessätzen zu je 20 Euro verurteilt. Dagegen legten sie Rechtsmittel ein. Das Verfahren kam vor die Berufungskammer des Landgerichts Frankfurt (Oder).

Ein 41-jähriger Angeklagter erhielt gestern eine Geldstrafe von 100 Tagessätzen zu je 25 Euro, sein 56-jähriger Mitangeklagter muß 140 Tagessätze zu je 20 Euro zahlen, darin enthalten ist auch das Strafmaß für eine Verurteilung durch das Landgericht Potsdam wegen Beleidigung. Der Mann hatte ein dunkelhäutiges Kind beschimpft und war bereits dafür zu einer Geldstrafe verurteilt worden. Der dritte Angeklagte war ebenfalls bei der Beleidigung des Kindes dabei. Er wurde daraufhin gestern zu einer Gesamtfreiheitsstrafe von fünf Monaten verurteilt, die zur Bewährung ausgesetzt wurde.

 Mit seinem Urteil blieb das Gericht unter dem geforderten Strafmaß der Staatsanwaltschaft. Die hatte Haftstrafen von sechs bis acht Monaten gefordert - ohne Bewährung. Die Männer seien Überzeugungstäter und völlig unbelehrbar, sagte der Staatsanwalt.

From: Olga Scully 

Sent: Thursday, 27 March 2008 9:30 PM


The Editor, New Zealand Herald – 16th March 2008.

Dear Sir,

All this talk of economic recession highlights the absurdities of economics and money as taught in schools and universities. There are just as many homes and farms and factories and ships and planes as last year, and pretty much the same numbers of people and skills to operate things.

The laws of nature which make things grow haven't changed.

The world of banking involves the creation and transferring via computers of figures. These days, these figures, legally called bank credit, represent about 98% of developed countries' money supplies. I don't see why the general population should have to pay for the erroneous actions and mistakes of financiers; or of politicians who seem always to be easily taken in by slick-talking financial advisers whose life experiences seem to not extend beyond the study of theories and guessed financial forecasts.

Twenty years of an allegedly free-market and globalisation is proving another failure. Physically, we are one of the richest nations and quite capable of abundance and security for everyone. The 1930s Labour Government used Reserve Bank credit to get this country out of the Great Depression.

We didn't need 'foreign investment" and globalisation, just some commonsense and political commitment. It's time to consider more sensible economic policy options.

Yours Sincerely, Bill Daly, Auckland, New Zealand.



Mahnmal-Sanierung – Die Stelen tragen jetzt Plastikplane, 9. April 2008, 17:21 Uhr

Die blauen Planen wirken, also trügen die Stelen des Holocaust-Mahnmals jetzt Regenkleidung. Tatsächlich sollen die Betonquader vor Nässe geschützt werden, damit sie endlich repariert werden können. Nach nur drei Jahren sind schon Schäden entstanden, deren Reparatur 100.000 Euro

kosten wird.

In leuchtendem Blau präsentieren sich derzeit einige Betonstelen, an denen Risse behoben werden müssen.

Die Sanierung der rissigen Betonquader am Holocaust-Mahnmal beginnt: Einige der insgesamt 2711 Stelen sind mit blauen Planen abgedeckt worden, um sie zu trocknen und vor Regen zu schützen, wie Felizitas Borzym von der Stiftung für die ermordeten Juden Europas sagte. In den kommenden Tagen soll dann ein testweise Spezial-Harz injiziert werden, um die Risse zu schließen.

Gutachter hatten festgestellt, daß bis zu 1900 der Quader Risse haben, teils sind es aber nur winzige Schäden. Zunächst sollen nun rund 50 der Betonquader repariert und Erfahrungen mit der Sanierungsmethode gesammelt werden. Für die erste Runde wurden Stelen in fünf Kategorien ausgewählt – von schlimmen Schäden bis hin zu kaum wahrnehmbaren.
Deshalb ist auch nicht klar, wie viel die Sanierung kosten und wie lange sie dauern werde. Die Kosten für die ersten 50 Stelen übernimmt die Baufirma, die das Mahnmal ausgeführt hatte.

Die Schäden waren im vergangenen Sommer entdeckt worden. Das Mahnmal ist seit 2005 zugänglich. Es hat 27,6 Millionen Euro gekostet. Experten schätzen die Kosten der Sanierung auf mindestens 100.000 Euro. Als Ursache für die Schäden gelten laut Gutachten unter anderem Materialspannungen durch starke Temperaturdifferenzen zwischen Sonnen- und Schattenseite des in dunklem Anthrazit gehaltenen Sichtbetons.




March 2, 2008

Dear Frederick,

I am an Architect and Civil Engineer - and I am now 71 years young.  I have worked in this profession (1) in East-Germany, (2) in West-Germany, and (3) in the USA.  No matter where a building is erected or a simple small addition to an existing building is build, or when just the plumbing or gas pipes inside an existing structure must be altered or changed or renovated . . . in EVERY CASE (and without any exception) an OFFICIAL BUILDING PERMIT must be applied for and issued by/from the local government. These project drawings together with the structural engineering and plumbing drawings, etc., are saved in the archives . . . and they are NEVER discarded.

Even when the Soviets build somewhere after 1945 such strange looking additions, the drawings must be in the archives, including the dates, etc.

Consequently, if you or anyone else wants to know and investigate if any KZ facility (i.e. concentration camp, etc.) had a HOMICIDAL GAS CHAMBER . . . all you need to do is, forward a written letter to the Building Permit Department of each town/city/municipality where such concentration camp is located, and request a COPY of the drawings with the HOMICIDAL GAS CHAMBER, its PLUMBING SYSTEM, its AIR EXHAUST & AIR VENTILATION SYSTEM, its EXPLOSION-PROOF LIGHT FIXTURE & SWITCH SYSTEM, etc.

The directors of these Building Permit Departments will also be able to attest, in writing, IF any of these facilities had properly designed and build homicidal gas chamber, etc.

Then . . . after you collected all these official NEGATIVE REPORTS, you publish copies in the NEW YORK TIMES, THE LONDON TIMES, in Paris, in Rome, and Babylon, etc., and your "friends" with the "Yellow Star" will get DIARRHOEA in their brains !!! And that's then THE END . . . THE FINAL SOLUTION of the Holo Shmolo Babylon Money Extortion Racket.

WARNING:  Prior to publishing these NEGATIVE REPORTS . . . make sure you relocate into a fast moving military-type heavy armor tank . . . guns ready . . . because these dogs with the "Yellow Star" will be after your a..... !!!  -:)))

Any question ?


Sincerely, Wolfram Eric Graetz  Architect & Civil Engineer.



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