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Voice of Palestine

Indonesian Society for Palestine Freedom

Freedom and Return:

Palestine and 60 Years of Ethnic Cleansing

14-15 May 2008, University of Indonesia, Jakarta



Fredrick Töben

The Oppression of a People

Palestinian Right of Return: Its Legal and Moral Principles


1. Introduction – science and values

Nothing in life is perfect, only God is perfect, and so it follows that scientific research does not produce absolute results but only approximations to some theory of truth. Any scientist who does not append to his results a possible error becomes absolute in his research and thus has developed an ideology.

The post-Marxists-feminist, global warming/climate change Internationalists who attempt to change human nature by fitting facts into a theoretical scientific shroud stifles that creative impulses and kills the human spirit.

In Iran I learned that everything is religion, and everything is politics. However, in our ‘free and democratic’ western world we believe we can separate and dissect processes for the sake of discovering and inventing things that were not known to us before,  are independent of what we believe. In other words, if our consciousness disappears, if individual humans die, the physical world still exist without them, and that is the domain of science, but not only! 

In 2000, South African President, Tabo Mbeki, held an 13TH INTERNATIONAL AIDS CONFERENCE DURBAN  

He courageously resisted the Internationalists, and the multi-national pharmaceutical industries from exploiting his  people by justifiably questioning the validity of the HIV=AIDS hypothesis. He had also invited dissident AIDS researchers, Peter Duesburg, USA, and Eleni Eliopolous, Australia.

President Mbeki was subsequently vilified as an AIDS denier, in the USA by the financially powerful AIDS lobby, which is so absolute in its statements.  This lobby performs in the same manner as those who propagated the absolute ideology statements of Marxists: anyone who refuses to believe in their HIV=AIDS hypothesis and offers proof to the contrary that HIV does not cause AIDS, must be re-educated so as to see the error of his ways. For such ideologues science becomes a religion, an absolute belief system – and in such an environment scientific knowledge cannot grow and develop, it becomes destroyed. Public vilification in this nature is encouraged by the international media under the guise of “freedom and democracy”.

There always will be numerous scientific fads advocated by absolutists who call themselves scientists, but whose habit for some ulterior motive goes beyond merely finding out the truth of a matter. They set out to save their theory and so twist observable facts into it. Take the cosmological big-bang/black hole theories that became popular 30 years ago. Only recently eminent scientist Stephen Hawking admitted that his three decades’ work on black holes was futile, which makes him a good scientist.

Remember how those who perpetrated the 9:11 insider job claimed that it was an 'Arab terrorist' conspiracy against the USA, and those who refuse to believe this official conspiracy theory are just 'conspiracy freaks'? It reminds me of William Cooper who seeks to discredit those who refuse to accept official conspiracy theories such as that 9:11 was done by Arab terrorists. In 1999 he wrote: "Conspiracy theories are like blakc holes; they explain everything, sucking in facts the way black holes suck in matter. And, like black holes, each conspiracy theory is a portal to another universe that paradoxically resides within our own. Everything you've ever known or experienced, no matter how "meaningless," once it comes in contact with that universe, is enveloped by it, and is then cloaked in sinister significance." With the Black Hole theory gone, Cooper now needs to look for truth rather than label individuals as "conspiracy theorists".

What is forgotten by those who sneer at conspiracy theories is the physical fact that wherever two or more individuals get together, a ‘conspiracy’ is afoot because it is in the nature of the human beast to gather and smithy plans of action.


An artist’s impression of a black hole

2. Scientific uncertainty – astronomy & the electric universe

In their 2005 book, Thunderbolt of the Gods: A radical reinterpretation of human history and the evolution of the solar system – ISBN 0-9772851-0-3 - David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill  point out how Isaac Newton’s force of gravity postulated space to be a vacuum. Now we know the predominant force in the universe is not gravity but electricity, meaning that solids, liquids and gases are joined by plasma. 

The Gravitation theory did not anticipate or explain electric fields in space. According to the scientific method, if an hypothesis, if a theory’s predictions do not come about, then that theory must be discarded and a new one adopted – and so electric cosmology was born as a scientific discipline.

On page 11 in their book they state: “Before new findings disproved these beliefs, they were so “obviously true” as to discourage challenges. It is easy to confuse theoretical assumption with fact. And today the tendency often conceals a tacit belief that, despite the mistakes of previous generations, we have the big picture right and the remaining task is simply to tidy things up a bit. The actual situation in the sciences calls for openness to new possibilities…”.

The model of the electric universe results in  not feeling disconnected from what goes on in deep space and magnetic fields, are the proof of the existence of the electric universe!

Donald E Scott, in the introduction to his book, The Electric Sky, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2006. ISBN 0-9772851-1-1, wrote in the first two paragraphs; “A revolution is beginning in astronomy and cosmology that will rival the one set off by Copernicus and Galileo. The stream of increasingly bizarre pronouncements coming from astronomers and cosmologists has recently encountered a series challenge. This challenge is led by a cadre of scientists and engineers, several of whom were Nobel Prize winning pioneers. They are offering simpler, verifiable explanations about the makeup and functioning of the cosmos. Their new ideas, in more ways than one, are electrifying the discourse in astrophysics.

The defenders of the present cosmological realm are resisting this intrusion into their once exclusive domain. But on-going discoveries about how electric plasma behaves in space are relentlessly forcing dramatic changes in the way we view the universe. The discipline of electric plasma physics – which until lately has been outside the realm of astronomy – is quickly displacing many of the outmoded theories of traditional cosmology and astrophysics. We now know that cosmic space is full of electricity (electrical plasma) and over the last several decades the study of this form of matter has developed into an established body of scientific knowledge.”

Revisionists, who are researching the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah, can readily relate to this statement; which Revisionist cannot identify with the following:

”The stream of increasingly bizarre pronouncements coming from astronomers and cosmologists has recently encountered a serious challenge”.  

And what about the fact that all this had been foretold by the Serbian Nikola Tesla whose inventions were stolen by the US and the man was persecuted...

After the end of World War Two in 1945, Revisionist began to challenge the Holocaust-Shoah, unlike that coming from astronomers and cosmologists, these Historians and learned men,  met with vicious legal persecution,  as that encountered by Copernicus and Galileo and Kepler. All three compromised somewhat their world view when the blow-torch was applied to them. Kepler escaped personal persecution but for that he had to defend his mother from witchcraft charges.

Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake for refusing to recant, for refusing to compromise with the civil authority that was acting on behalf of the Catholic church to kill Bruno?

I mention these facts so that current Revisionists and Historians, can contexture their defamed reputation and personal suffering as something that comes with their profession; being an independent and dissidenting thinker can bring pain and gain.

That facts keeps changing, as well as theories, and opinions, world views are forever developing and evolving as more and more information comes available, is a constant and continuing human brain development. The historical myth called the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah began in the 1970s when the word ‘holocaust’ was first used.

The reporting of  factual historical events and incidents as written in many books, has given rise to the alleged detail of the German war machine exterminating European Jewry in homicidal gas chambers during World War Two.

When Revisionists study closely what has been  reported as both factually/physically contains an element of truth, but  then is augmented by exaggerations and contradictions, which are backed up by outrageous fabrications and monstrous lies as envisioned in the minds of personal, unreliable witnesses . It is these lies that overwhelm any reader to the point of responding emotionally and believing the incidents to be true.

A number of European countries have enacted laws that protect such fabrications.  Myths and legends do contain an element of truth while too many of the Holocaust-Shoah horror stories are merely intended to shame and destroy the pride of the German people. Only by exposing the factual truths, can Germans relieve themselves of the shame and blame that was placed upon them, however, the courts of law have refused to listen to them. To this day the re-education program implemented by the Jews, who alone, have committed venal crimes for centuries, aim to get Germans to relinquish themselves as Germans, who would then become a non-entity in the human drama of survival at the expense of the Jews, who themselves, for over 2000 years had become non-entities throughout the world when their God dispersed them from their supposedly promised land. The Jews and their willing helpers who sustain and maintain this Holocaust-Shoah fabrications through legal prosecution/persecution,  in the name of some human rights. While the human rights are being ignored of those who refuse to believe in such monstrous lies that Germans systematically exterminated six million Jews in huge chemical slaughterhouses.

3. Legal and moral reflections

There is a LAW that politicians especially call upon whenever they attempt to introduce a cause, or find a cause, that has not been sufficiently explained why that certain cause needs to be done, and which the people really don't need or want.   Whenever a ‘battle-of-the-wills’ between individuals cannot be privately resolved through reasoned argument, a recourse of last resort is going to court, ‘the law of the land’  to be settled; but when that happens on the world stage, we have a physical punch-up, though a war. Hence my stressing of the Anglo-American-Zionist bully-boy nature, and needless attack on Iraq, and again, possibly soon on Iran.

 Australia’s legal system is based on British Common Law, under which an individual has moral, social and legal responsibilities called duties. However, an individual has no legal duties, to rescue, or save another person, in distress, especially if done at the risk to one’s own life, is often considered to be a hero who has fulfilled his moral duty towards another human being.

There are thinkers who reject the notion of morality. Ludwig Wittgenstein, a language philosopher, invited Sir Karl Popper, a philosopher of science, to address one of his seminars at Cambridge University. When he introduced his guest speaker, Wittgenstein stated that if we would correctly used our language, then all our problems would disappear.

To that Popper responded: “What about moral problems?”

Wittgenstein picked up a fire poker and waved it at Popper, exclaiming: “There are no moral problems!"

Popper responded: “What about the moral problem when a host threatens his visitor with a fire poker?”

Wittgenstein threw down the fire poker and stormed out of the room. Reports on this incident vary, depending on whether you support Popper’s or Wittgenstein’s version of events.


4. British Common Law vs. European Civil Law

The European legal system differs to that of the British Common Law, by means to weaken Common Law to bring it in line with Civil Law. All too often the basic difference is reflected in the fact that the former is inquisitorial---where the judge participates in the investigative process that aims to find the truth of a matter---while the latter is an adversarial process; here the judge listens to opposing sides present a case, and then he balances the facts, and at times, with help of precedent cases, draws conclusions wherefrom to deliver a judgment.

This difference of such a legal process reflects in human behaviour: for example, in Germany, if a man is seen standing on his head in a public place, people will stop and question why is he doing that?

In England, if a man stands on his head in some city square, people will walk by and merely utter: “He’s mad!”

The Common law system protects an individual’s personal rights more so than does the Civil Law system where the general well-being of society is highly valued. Social unrest is quickly stifled in the latter, while in the former public protests and dissent are tolerated as part of an individual’s rights as long as such a protest remains non-violent and cannot be captured by the concept of ‘sedition’, and then that person is criminalized.

Thoughts are not yet criminalized within Common Law countries, such as in the United Kingdom, the US and Canada, and other Commonwealth countries. I say ‘not yet’ because we are well on the way to this; and the way it is done, is through deception and through conceptual confusion whereby a conceptual prison is built through stealth.

Canada has pioneered the criminalizing of individuals on racial grounds. It is now purely aimed at individual Europeans, such as Marc Lemire, who wish to retain their cultural identity, are then labelled ‘Nazi’.


5. Conceptual Prisons

Western democracies pride themselves for having among their liberties, free expression, which since the 1970s has slowly and subtly been withered away through the use of manipulating certain words to alter the meaning of certain human rights as a ‘discrimination’ .

In many countries it now illegal to discriminate, which has always been a human right, against anyone on grounds of race, ethnic background and sexual preference. This has brought great confusion, and much  worry to those who are seriously concerned, and motivated, about being fair and just to their fellow humans.

The concept of ‘discrimination’ is now a political tool to subdue the critical thinkers, because the act of thinking has become an act of discrimination. Far better is it to use the concept of justice when there is a need to settle a battle-of-the-wills, as judges do when they hand down judgments that are ‘policy’ judgments, which prevents  opening the flood-gates of litigation.

The concept of ‘multi-cultural’ is a most deceptive term for ‘multi-racial’. Different races and ethnic group are "multi-cultural" functioning in all societies, otherwise its fabric disintegrates into a dominate mono-culture society.

Add that concept to a ‘democracy’ and we have a political mish-mash spin-off that does not serve the people very well. For example, the USA model of democracy has not helped the people in Iraq where democracy is in variance to their culture of thousands of years, and that is why the People’s Republic of China has adopted ‘democracy’, with its China-style!

6. Democracy and free expression

In so-called free western liberal democracies, if you refuse to believe in the ‘Holocaust’ story you are defamed, abused and/or imprisoned:

1.Hater – free v hate speech; 2.Holocaust denier; 3.Antisemite; 4.Racist; 5. Neo-Nazi; 6. Xenophobe; 7. Nationalist; 8. Terrorist  

Anyone who compares President George Bush with Adolf Hitler is a fool!

In the recent past Jewish groups around the world, and those enslaved to the Jewish thought impulses have followed Professor Alan Dershowitz’s example and split the concept ‘free expression’ into ‘free speech’ and ‘hate speech’.

These defamatory concepts are used to shut up an individual and stifle open debate on one of the most contentious historical topics – the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah:

Hater = someone I disagree with – hate literature = Talmud.

Holocaust denier = challenge the truthfulness of a story and no room for denial.

Antisemite = language concept = not against Arabs.

Racist = wishing to belong to one’s own folk/cultural group

Nazi = National Zionist – Patriot/Nationalist vs Internationalist / predatory capitalism / consumerism/hedonism

Xenophobe = why fear foreigners?

Terrorist are called Freedom Fighters by those who believe their violent cause is just.

The German people are quite good at vilifying themselves. They must be about the only nation on earth that vilifies, no, curses more likely, its own war dead. Any nation that does not honour its own war dead is morally and intellectually bankrupt and has sold its soul to the Devil.

Germans are re-educated slaves to international predatory capitalism and hedonism/nihilism

Germans vilify, defame, curse their war dead as ‘Nazi murderers’. Why do they do this? Only if a people do not have any self-respect can such shameful behaviour come about. But then I forget that for over 60 years, since the end of World War Two, Germany is still an occupied country without a peace treaty, where media censorship ensures that any positive German element that emerged during 1933-45 must remain suppressed. Re-education has been a success for those who hate Germans and anything they have produced.

Some German judges are Freemasons; some Germans are patriotic nationalists who, for whatever reason, like to greet their friends with an outstretched arm, and some add the words: “Sieg Heil”. Both Freemasons and German nationalists use the same greeting-salute, and the difference is that judges criminalize nationalists for using the “Hitler-salute’! Horst Mahler knows all about this kind of hypocritical justice = injustice…

But there is more. A number of internationalists talk about “the fascist global state” and US President, George W Bush, is often called a “fascist”. Combine this with the fact that Jewish Holocaust-Shoah documentaries have been flooding our media for decades, and that so-called “Holocaust deniers” are routinely imprisoned, then, Australian intellectual Peter Myers asks:

“How credible is it then to argue that Nazis and Fascists are running the world? It is not. The Political Correctness and Thought Control of our time is Left, not Right. Gay Marriage, the Feminist sex-war against men, Open Border immigration & trade, Hollywood decadence, and the World Court - all these would be anathema to Hitler. Why then say that he’s running the show? This kind of analysis is not only intellectually erroneous and misleading, but also shows a lack of courage.”

Remember, Adolf Hitler’s only crime was to disconnect from the international capitalist system, just as Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Zimbabwe did. We now know that internationalists hate people to be free of financial enslavement.

Malaysians and Indonesians, among others, have their story to tell about George Soros and his global Open Society institutes’ activities!

How to lose an argument - pull out the NAZI card!

  Pulling out the NAZI card to silence your opponent


Bill O’Reilly versus Godwin’s Law, which states that as an argument grows longer, the probability of a NAZI analogy being made approaches one. As a corollary, the person to use the analogy loses the argument. Bill O’Reilly may never have won an argument.


7. The 9:11 tragedy

Since 9 September 2001 a new dialectic conceptual trick/deception has been imposed on the world: international terrorism.

Remember what happened at the UN conference on Racism & Xenophobia, on 28 August-7/8 September 2001 in Durban, South Africa?

Israel stood condemned as an apartheid, Zionist, racist, European colonial entity. This shocked the so-called liberal, democratic free western world to its foundations for whom the creation of the state of Israel is the atonement for evil perpetrated upon Jews during World War II – the period called the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah.

Four days later, 9:11 happened where a bunch of so-called Arab terrorists attacked the USA, and the whole Muslim world stood condemned, Islam was branded a terrorist religion.

Now we know more about the so-called false-flag operations, that 9:11 was an insider job, that 7:7 London was an insider job, that the Bali bombing was a warning shot to Australia to stay on-side with the Anglo-American-Zionist world warfare operations in the Middle East that are primarily, but not only, still sustaining the State of Israel – all at the expense of the Palestinian people.


8. Moral/ intellectual courage/integrity

Only one world statesman/government dared to challenge the truthfulness of the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah – the Islamic Republic of Iran’s president, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and on 11-12 December 2006 he held a conference that aimed to REVIEW matters related to the HOLOCAUST.

All liberal western democracies had politicians and academics crying out in agony at the prospect of anyone daring to question the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah.

The President of Columbia University shamed himself and the USA by openly insulting Dr Ahmadinejad who had been invited to address that university.  Anyone who insults a guest is breaking the fundamental moral law of hospitality, which imposes upon a host certain duties to retain basic forms of civil behaviour – meaning that it is immoral, bad, outright evil, to insult your guest before a world audience.

The Iranian position about its moral right and duty to question/review the historical event that is the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah is quite clear. All historical events are questioned on a regular basis – are revised as new information comes to hand, as locked archives are opened. All thinking individuals are constantly revising their stock of knowledge because our knowledge about every aspect of life always grows.

Dr Ahmadinejad: “Is the Holocaust not an historical events?”

Answer: “Yes.”

Dr Ahmadinejad: “Then, why not like all historical events, question and re-evaluate the Holocaust?”

Answer: “Hater, Holocaust denier, Antisemite, Nazi, Racist., Xenophobe, Terrorist.”

As early as the 1990s it was Robert Faurisson who pushed the idea that countries under attack from the Anglo-American-Zionist forces would be wise to use the Revisionist argument on the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah as a cheap but devastating weapon.  In a letter  on January 18, 1991, to the Iraq ambassador in Paris, he wrote: "Le révisionnisme est l'arme atomique du pauvre - Revisionism is the nuclear weapon of the poor"; in: Robert Faurisson, Ecrit révisionnistes 1974-1998, vol. III, p. 1253.

9. Sacrilege

Why is the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah a taboo topic in the free and democratic western world where free expression is the hallmark of political expression? Why is it that in this world anything can be questioned, ridiculed and denied? Anyone can be free to deny the existence of God, but not free to question the veracity of the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah?

One reason is that if there was such freedom, then the war crimes perpetrated by the Allies during WW II would re-surface – and this would liberate Germans from a false guilt trip.

For daring to speak openly about this historical taboo topic a number of individuals, free-thinkers, dissenters, Revisionists, have been and are imprisoned, especially in democratic Germany and Austria: Sylvia Stolz, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel,, Gerd Honsik, Wolfgang Fröhlich, and soon in France Georges Theil. Both Theil and Fröhlich attended the Teheran Holocaust conference.

In Australia anyone who refuses to believe in the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah is not immediately criminalized, but instead an economic death sentence is imposed. For example, Revisionist Richard Krege attended the December 2006 Teheran conference, then upon his return home to Canberra, was dismissed from his government job at Air Services Australia, a job he had held for almost ten years.

In 1999 I spent seven months in Mannheim prison because during my second world Revisionist research trip I visited German judges and public prosecutors to learn at first hand what their laws were all about – and also to find out for myself what kind of individuals these Holocaust enforcers were. I found out at first had – I was arrested in a public prosecutor’s office, a man whom I had visited two years earlier in 1997.

From this experience I learned that German judges write up court proceedings subjectively, i.e. there is no objective reporting and matters raised in court are not absolutely privileged as is the case in Common Law countries. This means you cannot defend yourself because by presenting a vigorous defence, as is the case in Common Law countries, this is regarded by the judges as evidence of your guilt. By not showing contrition/remorse at refusing to believe in the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah, you are compounding your guilt.


10. Evil Germans and Adolf Hitler

Particularly in Germany there is an inordinate fear that the National Socialists will rise again. But such a fear is merely an excuse for those in power to remain unaccountable in their continued dismemberment of the German nation. After all, just over 60 years after the end of World War two, Germany remains a defeated country that still has no peace treaty with the countries with whom it signed an “unconditional surrender” on 7/8 May 1945.

Germans have been re-educated through the myth and lies that make up the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah narrative. The German world-view is now self-destructive in that it consists of consumerism/hedonism/nihilism. Germans may have a good time, find pleasure in any shape and form, self-destruct through drugs, but they dare not ask basic historical questions.

Anything good that came out of National Socialism is regarded as evil. Recently we have seen a frenzy of dismissals of public figures because they crossed the taboo line. For example, Eva Herman, a talk-show host stated that during the National Socialist years motherhood was highly valued. She lost her job. Another game-show host was instantly dismissed from her job at Pro 7, a German television network owned by a Jew. What was her crime? While talking with a man on the phone, she let slip that Arbeit macht frei work liberates – this being the motto on the Auschwitz concentration camp gates.

Now, the Olympic Torch relay was an idea that came from Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists and it was first introduced during the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. Any German who is proud of this fact will be charged for condoning/lessening “the crimes” of the National Socialists. This is the madness that has afflicted the German people. They must deny their own heritage, their traditions, their very existence.


11. The Jewish Holocaust-Shoah – kills thinking

To this day Germans apologize to the world for being Germans because they believe that their parents/grandparents committed the systematic murder of European Jewry where the murder weapon was a homicidal gas chamber, or as Prof Robert Faurisson called it – ‘massive chemical slaughterhouses’. 

That this is all nonsense can be read up in Prof Arthur Butz’s classic of 1976: The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, and Germar Rudolf’s 2004 book: Lecturer on the Holocaust.

Interestingly, during Germar Rudolf’s 2006 trial at Mannheim, the judge permitted Germar to submit evidence from his Lectures on the Holocaust, but then promptly put the book on the Index of banned books in Germany.

Recently a Mr Dirk Zimmermann sent three copies of Rudolf’s book to three prominent public figures, then promptly turned himself in to the local police for having committed a crime. His reason for doing this, he says, is that he must have the freedom to doubt the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah.

Zimmermann is right, of course, because if you are not permitted to doubt, then you cannot begin critically to think about any historical topic, you cannot independently think about anything at all.

Further, the moral virtue of truth-telling is criminalized by the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah enforcers in Germany and elsewhere in the world, even in Australia. This denial of truth as a defence in any proceedings is a massive blow to humanity itself.


12. TRUTH is no defence

Truth is not a defence in any Jewish Holocaust-Shoah trials. Any society that throws truth away as a guiding principle will ultimately destroy itself. Where there is no truth concept, trust cannot flourish and relationships break down.

Germar Rudolf’s 2006 Mannheim trial was also the first time that a Revisionist had made a full submission to court without this attracting extra punishment. This partially fulfils the Common Law principle of Natural Justice, i.e. giving someone a right of reply to allegations levelled against them.

Rudolf did not do what Ernst Zündel did in his trial at Mannheim - make a final concluding submission to court. So the judge was rather lenient in imposing a 30 months sentence on Rudolf, especially considering that Rudolf is one of the leading Revisionists in the world today. His ‘Holocaust Handbook’ series of over 21 volumes contains the Revisionists’ theoretical ammunition that Holocaust-Shoah believers has to challenge in order to sustain the veracity of their own narrative.

In his closing submission in open court Zündel compounded his ‘guilt’ by stating that were any evidence forthcoming, for example, evidence that proved the existence of the homicidal gas chambers, then he would be quite prepared to change his views on the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah. In Common Law countries anything stated in open court is privileged and cannot attract criminal sanction as happens in German courts.

By making such a statement to the court, Zündel of course challenged the very core of the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah belief system/ideology/religion. Such a ‘violation’ then attracted the maximum penalty of five years prison. Imagine, this man is a peace-loving man who has done no harm to anyone. All he wants to do in life is to clear his German people from this guilt-trip called the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah.

Physical evidence: Fredrick Töben at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Krema II

One key proof of the murder weapon-homicidal gas chamber narrative is the existence of gas insertion holes at Krema II, Auschwitz-Birkenau. In 1997 I visited the site and physically looked for these holes – and could not find them. During the early 1990s the death figure was reduced from 4 million to 1.-1.5 million but the total of 6 million deaths remained the same. Then Fritjof Meyer in 2002 stated the gassings did not occur at Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp but in two farmhouses outside of the camp – Bunker I and II. Where exactly these farm houses were located has not been determined!

13. The Palestinian Holocaust – and the myth of the Jewish people

Everything I have mentioned so far about the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah and how Germans, Revisionists and anyone who refuses to believe in this narrative is persecuted, is relevant to what has happened to the Palestinian people since the founding of the Zionist, racist, European colonial entity called Israel.

There is even a parallel with the growing 9:11 Truth Movement where individuals who are familiar with the Holocaust-Shoah narrative can see a similar pattern of deception operating.

Likewise, the various support movements for Palestine have individuals that are gatekeepers whose job it is to keep out of such movement so-called ‘Holocaust deniers’.

Although all peoples need their myths and legends, the myth that directly impacts on the Palestinians is the myth of the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah and the myth of the Jewish people. Recently Shlomo Zand published in Hebrew, in Israel: When and How Was the Jewish People Invented. He makes the point that there is indeed a Jewish religion but there is no Jewish peoples as such.

For example he states that the Jewish communities in Spain were originally Arabic-speaking peoples who converted to Judaism as they drove out the Christians. He claims the Biblical Exodus is fiction, a myth, and hence the Israeli national identity that goes back to these times is a pretext that merely justifies the Palestinian genocide.

Likewise it is with the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah, which has become Israel’s prime propaganda weapon - being used as a sword and as a shield - and by exposing it as a massive fabrication this will liberate the Palestinian peoples.

Decades ago Ernst Zündel stated that if only Revisionists would be consulted about their sphere of expertise, then here is a relatively cheap weapon to be used by Palestinians finally to regain that which has been taken from them through horrible means.

14. The Holocaust-Shoah has no reality in space and time – only in memory

It has become common now for Palestine friendship organisations to spring up all over the western democracies. We have such in Australia, but many are run by Jews and their helpers who make certain that so-called ‘Holocaust deniers’ are refused membership.

This means that there is an attempt to incorporate the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah as a myth for Jews within the Palestinian peoples’ history. But there is more. Now in Israel there are ultra Orthodox Jewish communities whose women fully cover their face – burka - something that is not in their tradition, but is a purely Islamic tradition.

The Holocaust-Shoah is a death cult that is uninspiring and ugly. It incites hatred against the German people and anything to do with Germany and German culture – much like the Palestinians have been vilified over these past 60 years.

The Holocaust-Shoah is slowly exterminating Germans as a people, as a Volk. To this day Germans do not honour their dead of World War Two. The younger generation of Germans is set out to have a good time – drugs, sex and rock’n roll – and to consume goods they don’t need, and to have holidays, and to shun anything that reminds them of the rich German cultural heritage.

Germans are sick people because they feel unnecessarily guilty about what they are alleged to have done to Jews during World War Two. No-one denies that Jews suffered, but they were not the only ones.

14. Beauty*Truth*Honour*Justice*Discipline

1. The following is an embodiment of the Übermensch idea of National Socialism’s concept of Beauty, Grace, Modesty. 

2. It does not mean any kind of superiority over another person or culture but rather pushing oneself to the obvious innate human limits.

3. All humans participate in life-giving processes and the following act is a celebration of the Godliness within all of us.

4. Mind and body are in harmony within the self and with that of another human being.

5. It is a pity some Jews, Christians and Muslims shy away from celebrating such ideals – but understandable because today everything in our now-now world culture has been trivialized and sexualized for the sake of the consumer pleasure dollar.

Few younger individuals appreciate that developing their human potential requires discipline and hard work, and of course some innate talent, that becomes the driving force sustaining such work for a life-time. 

Godly Glory where Body and Mind are One in Beauty        



The Ugliness and Evil that is the War in Israel-Palestine; a Palestinian boy cradling his mother as she dies from a bullet. So, too, is the Holocaust-Shoah an ugly, evil death cult spreading hatred against Germans and justifying the Palestinian Holocaust.



No more wars for Israel


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