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And the hate goes on – the world can’t do without Adolf Hitler who still rules!


The politics in the Charles Zentai case: bending to Jewish pressure?  

A view from Court 9, Magistrates Court, Perth, Western Australia


Charles Zentai last year attending to his matter of legal persecution initiated by Dr Efraim Zuroff

Ugliness Exposed



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Nazi hunter calls for Zentai's speedy extradition

Australian Jewish News
Staff, August 21, 2008

DR Efraim Zuroff, the man who brought the allegations against Charles Zentai to the world’s attention, has called on the alleged war criminal to be extradited “as quickly as possible”. Zentai, 86, was granted bail on Wednesday, August 20, afternoon by the Federal Court after earlier being found eligible for extradition by Magistrate Barbara Lane. It is understood that Zentai’s lawyer will appeal the decision.
Dr Zuroff, the Israel director of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, welcomed Magistrate Lane’s decision. “Today’s decision brings us a giant step forward toward achieving historic justice,” Dr Zuroff said. “Our thoughts are with the family of Peter Balazs, who Zentai is alleged to have murdered in Budapest in November 1944.
It is only thanks to Peter’s father Dezso and his brother Adam, who collected the evidence of Zentai’s [alleged] role in Peter’s murder, that the Wiesenthal Centre was able, more than three years ago, to track down the person [believed to be] responsible for the crime.”
Late on Wednesday, it was reported that Zentai was released on a $50,000 bail. A Federal Court judge decided that because of his failing health and the fact that his family and friends all live in Australia, there was little risk of him fleeing the country. He was ordered to stay near his Perth home and had to surrender his passports. It was also reported that Bob Debus, the minister for home affairs, will make the final call on Zentai’s extradition, rather than Attorney General Robert McClelland.


Swedish teachers lack Holocaust facts , Published: Aug. 20, 2008 at 10:59 AM

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Aug. 20 (UPI) -- A Swedish government agency says a majority of teachers in the country have an inadequate knowledge of the World War II Holocaust. The Living History Forum says seven out of 10 teachers failed a Holocaust history questionnaire prepared by the agency, The Local reported Wednesday. Of 5,081 teachers who took part in the exercise, the Living History Forum says only two teachers correctly answered all the questions. "History teachers need to have all the facts, or you cannot explain the Holocaust's background properly and therefore would not be able to put it into context with other genocides going on today," says Johan Perwe, the agency's press secretary. Despite an apparent lack of facts, Perwe says the teachers displayed an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards the idea of teaching their students about the Holocaust carried out by Nazi Germany. "Ninety-eight percent of teachers think that Holocaust history lessons are incredibly important and four out of five teachers consider the Holocaust a great way to introduce students to ethical discussions," he said.


Doctor calls for Mayor to stand down for inquiry , bY GLENN ELLARD , 20/08/2008 8:37:00 AM

SHOALHAVEN Mayor Greg Watson has been called on to step down as the community’s leader until an investigation into his infamous “good Jew” comments has been finalised. Nearly four months after Cr Watson made comments to a public meeting about being “a good Jew” to “screw the last dollar” out of a deal late in April, the Department of Local Government is continuing to investigate what was said and whether the comments breached codes of conduct. However, on Monday respected Nowra medical practitioner Dr Danny Harmelin called on Cr Watson to step down from his position, questioning the message Cr Watson’s position as Shoalhaven Mayor was sending about the council not only to the local community, but also to business and civic leaders throughout Australia.


Dr Harmelin claimed the comments revealed Cr Watson as “an unsatisfactory individual to be mayor”. Issuing his call to council and the South Coast Register, Dr Harmelin said, “I can’t understand how he’s still functioning in this role while there’s this serious issue unresolved.” Dr Harmelin said he was appalled when the comments were made at a public meeting, particularly as anti-Semitic sentiments had made a huge impact on his life. He revealed his parents were both Holocaust survivors, while his grandmother was among the thousands murdered in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, and his grandfather barely survived being in the Mauthausen concentration camp.


Cr Watson’s words and conduct were “an affront to their memories and the memories of the millions of others who were murdered on the basis of their race,” Dr Harmelin said. And he questioned Cr Watson’s capacity to lead in the wake of the comments. “I don’t think it’s acceptable that a person who expresses racist views remains in public office,” Dr Harmelin said. “It is offensive that the mayor has not reviewed his position and that he continues as a publicly funded official after his racist remarks.”


Dr Harmelin said the comments would have brought an immediate response had they been made by an elected official in any other level or sphere of government. “Had it occurred in State or Federal Government there would have been no discussion – that individual would not have continued in that position,” he said. The deputy director general of the Department of Local Government, Ross Woodward, said Cr Watson’s behaviour was still being investigated. While the words used by Cr Watson, and his explanations made in following weeks which members of the local Jewish community said exacerbated the situation, were all cut and dried, Mr Woodward said determining whether the behaviour breached codes of conduct was more difficult. “It’s a fairly complicated matter,” he said.


Departmental officers were looking at whether Cr Watson’s behaviour fell within what the Local Government Act, or indeed council’s own conduct code, described as misconduct, according to Mr Woodward. He revealed the investigation may also spread out to look at other legislation to see if that had been breached. “We haven’t had anything like this before,” Mr Woodward admitted. Cr Watson yesterday refused to comment on Dr Harmelin’s call for him to step down.


Move to block Hezbollah's 'terror TV' , Barney Zwartz, August 21, 2008

AUTHORITIES are trying to stop an anti-Semitic satellite TV station broadcasting into Australia from Indonesia — which has already rejected US efforts to take the channel off the air. It is the third time Australia has acted against al-Manar, a channel owned by Hezbollah, the militant Shiite Muslim Lebanese political party. The United States lists it as a banned terrorist organisation. Australia lists only its armed wing, the External Security Organisation. Al-Manar promotes and raises money for terrorism, particularly against Israel. It has just started broadcasting again into Asia and the Pacific from Indonesia, using a company part-owned by the Indonesian Government, and is available to people with satellite dishes. The station is viciously anti-Semitic — perpetuating the medieval "blood libel" that Jews use the blood of Christian children in their Passover meals — as well as anti-Israel and anti-US. Hezbollah triggered a war with Israel in 2006 after kidnapping two Israeli soldiers.

Al-Manar's political talk shows feature guests from terrorist organisations. It has shown the decomposing bodies of Israeli soldiers. It also screens mundane programming, such as educational children's shows. Australian Arabic Council chairman Roland Jabbour said it was hypocritical for a government that believed in freedom of speech to ban al-Manar. He said the channel was very popular and widely watched by Arabic speakers in Australia. "Hezbollah's political wing represents many people in the Lebanese Parliament, and there's nothing military about the television station," he said. He added that "nearly every television channel from the Middle East" can be viewed in Australia, and that others were more likely to advocate violence.

Australia-Israel Review editor Tzvi Fleischer said al-Manar's reappearance was of deep concern. "It's not only a fund-raising and recruiting tool for a terrorist organisation but is very anti-Semitic, with some very nasty stuff. We hope the authorities look hard at whether they can stop it."

Alerted by The Age this week to al-Manar's presence, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) yesterday confirmed it had begun inquiries.

Al-Manar is banned in the US. A US embassy spokesman in Jakarta last week confirmed it had made representations to Indonesia about the station. "The US Government has expressed, and will continue to express, its concerns about Hezbollah and al-Manar television worldwide, and remains firmly opposed to their exploitation of the media to promote terrorist acts," he said. Indonesian Communications Minister Muhammed Nuh said: "We can't stop anyone here as long as they aren't violating our regulations. "The US Government has no right to intervene in Indosat's affairs" a reference to the satellite broadcaster. The Indonesian Government owns 14% of the satellite company and has the right to veto strategic decisions, according to a media report.

In 2004 ACMA stopped a Sydney-based provider transmitting al-Manar as part of a package of Arab stations. In January this year ACMA alerted a Thai company that was broadcasting al-Manar into Australia. The company dropped the station. Yesterday ACMA spokesman Donald Robertson said the authority imposed program standards on terror-related content after investigating al-Manar in 2004. Mr Robertson could not say exactly what ACMA proposed to do about the Indosat broadcasts. He said the authority's legal power to enforce anti-terrorism standards was not confined to Australia. "ACMA may still issue a notice to an overseas service provider directing it to comply with the act," he said.

A spokesman for Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said the minister was aware of ACMA's inquiry and he would work with the authority as the matter developed. According to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, al-Manar, launched in 1991, transmits 24 hours a day worldwide and is bankrolled by the Iranian Government. The station regularly broadcasts speeches by Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and fatwas (Muslim legal rulings) endorsing suicide bombing as legitimate.

Greg Barton, Monash University professor for the study of Indonesia, said the West had little prospect of getting Indonesian co-operation. "It highlights the diminution of soft power for the West in general and America in particular as a direct result of Iraq," he said. Professor Barton, an adviser to Abdurrahman Wahid when he was Indonesian president, said: "I can't see President Yudhoyono listening to the Americans on this one."




Fredrick Töben comments on:

Judgment Day at Magistrates' Court, Perth, Western Australia in Matter:

Charles Zentai v Republic of Hungary

20 August 2008  

Australia has its first judicial SCHREIBTISCHTÄTER 

- no uproar in court from Zentai's family

Preliminary Comments:

1. Today, Wednesday 20 August 2008, at 10:15AM in the Perth Magistrates' Court before 39 individuals in court, Magistrate Barbara Lane handed down her four-page typed judgment in the Charles Zentai extradition case, thereby becoming Australia's first bureaucratic administrative 'perpetrator' because she bent to Jewish pressure.

2. Prefacing her reasons for judgment with a statement that revealed her absolute failure of moral nerve, she stated that her job as a magistrate was to make an administrative decision that did not go towards finding the Respondent, Charles Zentai, guilty or innocent of the alleged crime as stated in the Republic of Hungary arrest warrant.

3. She merely had to determine whether the administrative steps had legally been followed and whether according to that procedure the 86-year-old man was eligible for surrender. 

4. She detailed the allegations made against Mr Zentai and found that they fell under a reciprocal Australian law concerning manslaughter or murder.

5. Then she detailed the effect of the various rules and regulations governing extradition procedures between Australia and Hungary and found they, too, were fulfilled.

6. Magistrate Lane also found that the Respondent's legal counsel did not offer any convincing evidence that would prove any of the exception - race, religion, political views - could be relied on to determine otherwise.

7. All the requirements had thus been satisfied. Her determination: frail 86-year-old Charles Zentai is legally required to be extradited to face the murder 'war crimes' allegations in his native Republic of Hungary.

8. She apologized to legal counsels that she did not have time formally to type out her orders but she was busy yesterday and this morning, thereby, of course, preventing an immediate injunction so as to enable an application of bail to be made. Instead Mr Zentai was from Court 9 transported to prison where he will be held on remand until his extradition - but his legal counsel has 15 days in which to lodge an appeal.

9. The magistrate threw out the Common Law principle of habeas corpus - and much more. The magistrate ensured that her action was legal and so she can claim that she only did her job. But the effect of her decision has taken away a man's freedom/liberty.

10. Sadly, family members stated they had faith in Australia's legal system, thereby shying away from engaging in any overt political activity. The following incident is telling: On Monday morning court adjourned for a brief 15 minutes because Mr Zentai had a medical condition, and needed to go to the toilet. The Magistrate disappeared into her room and the crowd flowed out of the court room. I saw Mr Zentai standing alone near the lift looking for a toilet, and someone had informed him that the male toilet was on Floor 8. Mr Zentai patiently waited for the noticeably slow lifts to arrive. I approached Mr Zentai and began a brief conversation with him. He was aware that on Dr Efraim Zuroff's hit-list of the Top 10 'Nazi War Criminals' he, Charles Zentai, was No 7. I then noticed that the disabled toilet door on Floor 9 was open and walked MR Zentai to it, re-assuring him that he had all the time in the world and should not hurry doing his business. Details of our conversation may be revealed at a later date because his son did not like to be associated with me - something understandable if an individual still believes that the bending to Jewish pressure is irrelevant. After the hearing Zentai's son emphasised to the waiting press outside  court that his father never belonged to the party and never supported the Germans. Such comments, of course, do not switch-off Jewish vengeance because it is read as defeatist rhetoric - and the kill continues, never mind that it's a frail old man.

PS: Later during the afternoon, after posting $50,000, Mr Zentai was granted bail and released from prison.

Contextualising Comments:

1. Informed observers in this matter concerning the pursuit of so-called 'Nazi' war criminals will claim that this is a political judgment to appease the World Jewish Lobby and its helpers in whose interest it is to keep the absurdities of the so-called vengeance-justice wheels turning. Few individuals in so-called western democracies voice their concern about the fact that such acts of vengeance/violence means legally persecuting, deporting and imprisoning dissidents, for example 93-year-old Erich Priebke in Italy, Wolfgang Fröhlich and Gerd Honsik in Austria; Sylvia Stolz, Horst Mahler, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel, et al, in Germany; Siegfried Verbeke and Vincent Renouard in Belgium; Robert Faurisson and Georges Theil in France; Marc Lemire in Canada.

2. The above individuals know that their persecution is politically motivated and that it is internationally orchestrated, a global campaign, to suppress freedom of expression in all those individuals who refuse to believe in the dogmatic version of the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah, which dictates no dissent will be tolerated and that all peoples must believe that during World War Two Germans systematically exterminated European Jewry mainly in homicidal gas chambers.

3. All this legal terrorism, among other things, aims to support the Zionist racist state of Israel whose foundations rests on the Holocaust-Shoah narrative with which it seeks to deflect from the horrors perpetrated upon the Palestinians by the Israeli settlers under cover of their Israeli Defence Force. That we are witnessing brutal ethnic cleansing, something Germans are charged with having perpetrated upon European Jewry during World War Two, seems to leave individuals in most 'western democracies' rather unmoved. In fact, Christian Zionists especially in the USA daily pray that Judgment Day will quickly come about and the Kingdom of God is established in Jerusalem - Al Qods - with its resulting mass conversion of Jews to Christianity.

4. But the world political scene is not stable - as we saw with General Musharaf's abdication from the Pakistani presidency on 18 August 2008. Then, there is the most unexpected event that began on 8 August as the world settled down to watch the commencement of the Beijing Olympic Games with the ethnic troubles in Georgia flaring up as Georgian forces attempted to suppress its two break-away provinces. Russia's military pre-emptive strike into Georgia in order to protect its minorities, recalls that the falsely-believed start of World War Two was begun by Germans as they attempted to protect their own ethnic minorities from being slaughtered by the Poles. I am reminded that the Anglo-American-Zionist forces in March 2003 also launched such a pre-emptive attack on Iraq, but they did it on the deliberately contrived  fictitious pretext that Saddam Hussein's government possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. No wonder the Anglo-American-Zionist's push for war with Iran over its nuclear program does not seem to come together, even less now that the Iranian President, Dr Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, recently completed a visit to Nato ally Turkey.

5. Thanks to our weapon of mass instruction - WMI - which is the Internet, we can still resist Professor Alan Dershowitz's attempt to split freedom of expression into free speech and hate speech by publishing dissenting views and opinions. But for how much longer? That is the question I am asking now as I await Justice Bruce Lander's judgment in my matter heard in the Federal Court of Australia, Adelaide, on 5-7 August 2008. I expect the judgment may be handed down some time in September 2008.

6. Like the Zentai judgment my matter, which centred on a contempt of court charge, will reveal if Jewish Talmudic legal principles have finally overcome and railroaded into oblivion basic principles of British Common Law.

7. In the Zentai case it was an allegation of murder but which publicist Dr Efraim Zuroff has turned into a 'war crimes' matter. How a 64-year-old murder case can effectively be prosecuted is of interest to all. Unfortunately Zuroff has marketed this matter in a most distasteful manner by including Mr Charles Zentai into his TOP 10 list of most-wanted war criminals. How anyone can receive a fair trial after this passage of time is beyond my comprehension. But then, under Talmudic law basic Common law principles such as innocent until proven guilty do not grip, much like the Holocaust-Shoah trials in Germany, Austria, and elsewhere. The fact that one has been summoned to court is enough proof that the defendant is guilty. What judges in witch trials had to assess is the contrition, the remorse and regret that an accused displays. If the will is unbroken and the accused refuses to recant, then first he is hung drawn and quartered before having his head chopped off. Those who recant will be blessed with a quick death. That's where we are at in August 2008 when it comes to Jewish-inspired trials of alleged non-Jewish war criminals and non-Jewish dissenters who refuse to believe in the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah narrative.

8. In my case there is the narrow legal contempt of court charge and where the matters of facts about the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah have become irrelevant. This will, however, not prevent propagandists for Jews to claim that so-called 'Holocaust denier' Töben received justice. In the past the words used by Jeremy Jones, the Applicant in this action is that Töben, like any Australian individual, must obey the law!

9. Then there is the local Adelaide Magistrates' case brought by the Police prosecutor against a man who falsely reported that his young son went missing. Now the father has been charged with 'creating a false belief', as if such a thing can be done because the charge should read that the father has created -told false facts. This brings to mind the 1984 charge that Ernst Zündel was convicted of in Canada in 1985 and 1988: 'spreading false news', until the Canadian Supreme Court struck it down in 1992 on grounds this 17th century British Common Law conflicted with Canada's legal understanding of free expression.

10. Finally, in my case before Justice Lander in Adelaide, the Applicant's counsel claimed that my attitude of mind is clearly expressed in my dictum, which I posed on our Adelaide Institute website as a moral problem: Do I tell the truth or do I obey the law? Mr Jeremy Jones, former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry as the Applicant, had his legal counsel state to Justice Lander that because this statement-question is placed on our website it proves that I am wilfully breaking Australian law. Counsel himself revealed his own Talmudic inspired mindset, which operates under a death-dialectic process that we saw operating in the Marxist-Feminist mindset: either I obey the law or I tell the truth! There is only one winner, so to speak, and a loser! I operate under the Hegelian dialectic that mirrors human nature's process in, for example, the procreation process where the opposite of thesis-antithesis, of father and mother, is conserved in the synthesis, the child. The Marxists set out to kill their opposites, the class enemy and the feminists would like to castrate the male and thereby create the new androgynous person, neither/both male and female. In both instances we have on display false consciousness at work. Hence, I have no problem in synthesizing truth and law, of which the Kantian Categorical Imperative speaks volumes, because this process makes civilized dialogue possible.  

Fredrick Töben, Perth, Western Australia, 20 August 2008  

PS: Please note that Charles Zentai, after a few hours in custody was granted bail at $50,000.


Alleged war criminal loses extradition hearing, ABC News, Wednesday August 20, 2008

An 86-year-old man from Perth has been taken into custody after a magistrate ruled he was eligible to be extradited to Hungary to face a charge of murdering a Jewish teenager during World War II. Charles Zentai has spent the past three years fighting the request from the Hungarian Government to be returned to face a charge of murder.

Today, Magistrate Barbara Lane ruled that all administrative requirements had been met for the extradition. Despite today's decision the final ruling on Mr Zentai's fate rests with the Federal Attorney General. Mr Zentai's lawyers can also appeal to the Federal Court. Mr Zentai vehemently denies any involvement in the murder.

Father shattered

Outside the court, Mr Zentai's son, Gabriel Steiner said while today's decision was expected it is still very difficult for the family and his father. "I could see he was pretty shattered," he said. "I mean looking at his family from a distance and wondering if he is ever going to see them again. It's tragic to see an 86-year-old man in poor health being carted off like that."


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Nazi accused charged under 'wrong law'

Alana Buckley-Carr, The Australian,  August 19, 2008

ACCUSED Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai has been charged under the wrong legislation and it could prevent him being sent back to Hungary to face a murder charge, a court has been told.

The 86-year-old yesterday faced the Perth magistrate who will decide whether he will be sent to Hungary to face allegations he participated in the murder of a Jewish teenager on November 8, 1944.

Mr Zentai, who has lived in Australia since 1950, was a 23-year-old warrant officer in the Hitler-aligned Hungarian army when he is alleged to have grabbed teenager Peter Balazs from a tram for not wearing a yellow star signifying that he was a Jew. He is accused of taking part in a four-hour fatal bashing of Balazs, before weighting his body and throwing it in the Danube River in Budapest. The court was told yesterday that Balazs was no stranger to Mr Zentai. Balazs lived in the town of Budafok -- now part of Budapest -- where Mr Zentai was born.

Mr Zentai's lawyers told magistrate Barbara Lane the legislation under which their client had been charged was not valid at the time of the alleged offence. Grant Donaldson SC said that, although the 1878 Hungarian Criminal Code was valid at the time, Mr Zentai had been arrested under legislation that did not come into effect until 1945, a year after the alleged offence.

Commonwealth prosecutor Michael Corboy SC said that, under extradition proceedings, the magistrate was not permitted to delve into foreign law. He said whether the legislation was valid was a matter for the federal Attorney-General. Ms Lane is due to hand down her judgment tomorrow, determining whether Mr Zentai is "eligible for surrender" after the Republic of Hungary submitted an extradition request in 2005. If it is deemed that the great-grandfather should be extradited, the final decision will lie with Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus.

Mr Zentai's son, Ernie Steiner, said the trip back to Hungary would kill his father, who was admitted to hospital last week with heart problems. Mr Steiner said that, if the magistrate decided his father should be extradited, the family could appeal against the decision to the Supreme Court or Federal Court. But the final decision rested with Mr Debus. "My father is completely innocent," Mr Steiner said. "He was never a Nazi, never a member of the fascist Arrowcross, never involved in anything to do with the Holocaust, detested the German occupation of his country and he had many Jewish friends in Hungary. "We have faith in the Australian legal system but have no trust in the Hungarian Government who are willing to pursue an innocent (86-year-old) man to this extent.",25197,24203766-5006789,00.html



Fredrick Töben reports from Perth 

18 August 2008


Remember from Newsletter No 407, The Last Nazi Hunter’, the note about a BBC Radio 4 FM broadcast on 5 August and repeated on 10 August 2008? Jonathan Charles presented a profile of Dr Efraim Zuroff, chief ‘Nazi’ hunter of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, Jerusalem, as he travels across Europe in feverish ‘pursuit of alleged former war criminals. Although most senior Nazis are now dead, Zuroff believes that there are tens of thousands of lower-ranking officers who have never been investigated and he’s still offering large rewards for information’. 


Zuroff even has a Top 10 List of so-called ‘NAZI’ war criminals, and No 7 is an 86-year-old man living in Western Australia, who today, Monday 18 August 2008, had his extradition-deportation hearing in the Perth Magistrates’ Court.


Of course, those who value peace will recall that yesterday 21 years ago, on 17 August 1978, British agents murdered the 93-year-old Rudolf Hess at Berlin’s Spandau Prison, which soon afterwards was demolished so that it would not become a shrine for individuals who still admire Hitler’s deputy for trying to bring about an end to the war by flying solo to Scotland. But we now know that Britain and the international capitalists needed the war, just as the USA’s persistence to invade Iraq in March 2003 would go ahead no matter what Saddam Hussein attempted to do in complying with ever more absurdly stated US demands on his Iraqi administration.


Before commenting on this Perth criminal trial, let me briefly reflect on what kind of mind it is that has developed the ‘Nazi-hunting phenomenon’. Surely, anyone who makes a living from bounty-hunting frail old men, as does Dr Efraim Zuroff, will also – if there is such a thing as justice – receive his just deserts from the same hell that is the Zuroff mindset.


I maintain that it is itself an injustice to continue this World War Two vendetta against soldiers who did their duty. Such pursuits merely confirm what Revisionists have claimed all along: this is not about universal justice but about particular Jewish vengeance. And then it is also about victors’ justice aimed at Germans and those individuals of other nationalities who were inspired by the ideal of Germany’s National Socialism program.


What was the National Socialist attraction? The aim was to enable individual nations to pull themselves out of the depression and liberate themselves from  international predatory capitalism’s clutches – in a climate much like that which exists right now as the USA financial crisis deepens and continues to suck the life-blood out of individuals and nation states alike. The socio-economic model was the mono-cultural structure, which had racial uniformity, as opposed to that which has been operating in the world since 1945 and its hallmark is the phenomenon that over 90 per cent of its capital use is speculative while less that 5 per cent is actually used productively. Such a monoculture was regarded by the international financial system as anathema where the multicultural model prevails to this day. The justification of this cassino type of economy rests on the deceptive conceptual framework where ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ make up the feel-good hedonistic consumer society, where in fact the only real freedom we have is the freedom to go shopping – but only if you have money to spare.

There is money to be made in this business of hunting down any of the men listed on Zuroff’s top 10 list. And that is where this whole matter gets messy because Charles Zentai has not been eligible for any kind of government legal assistance because he has looked after his own business affairs and is too well off to be eligible for such state assistance. Further, the Australian Hungarian community offers him moral support but very little, if any, financial support since government agencies in Hungary and Australia began to drag him through court after court because Zentai claims he is innocent of the allegation that he killed a young Jew in Hungary in 1944.

Sometimes I wonder whether Zuroff is not aware of this injustice because he must know that Simon Wiesenthal – das Scheusal as the Germans call him – based in Vienna had a miserable success record and his work was marked mainly by failure after failure and the destruction of innocent men’s lives, as for example, the US auto worker, John Demjanjuk.

A closer look at the facts of the Zentai case reveals an oddity: What has a war crime to do with an allegation of a bashing and the killing of a man? That is murder, pure and simple. It is obvious that the aim in this case is to enshrine the ‘war criminal’ conceptual framework within Australian law so that Common Law principles can be defeated. By stressing that it was a Jew who was allegedly killed by Zentai 64 years ago in Hungary the whole extortion racket, of which Zuroff is a master, can globally continue to flourish, with the German government still to this day leading by example as to how disgustingly to best bend to Jewish pressure – and continue to pay for something that happened during war-time.

As an aside, let’s recall that the USA has extended legal protection to all its soldiers fighting overseas. This means no US soldier who violates any of the principles of the Geneva Conventions can be prosecuted. This does not mean that the USA in, for example, Guantanamo Bay, cannot subject its captured enemy soldiers to war crimes trials. Now the USA is also using an airbase near Stuttgart in Germany as an extra-territorial base - pity the poor German men and women who fall prey to these fighting men, of which the Japanese can also tell a tale of woe.

The Zentai case began when Zuroff started to agitate against Hungarian national living in Australia, Charles Zentai. Hungarian prosecutors began their work and a military judge signed off on the matter on 3 March 2005. In due course, in a response to receiving from the Hungarian Embassy in Canberra a request for extradition in the form of an arrest warrant on 8 July 2005 then Justice Minister, Senator Chris Ellison, signed the paper that initiated the process against Zentai – and arrest, remand and bail has been his lot since then.

The legal battle to date focused on resisting this request to surrender Zentai to Hungarian authorities, in particular whether a Magistrate had the power to hear such a matter. The Australian High Court decided that a Magistrate could hear the matter.

And so on 18 August 2008 about 24 citizens filled the public gallery of the court room situated on the 9th floor of the Perth Magistrates’ Court. Senior counsel for the Hungarian government opened his case by presenting the legal argument, that an 8 November 1944 event should be judged according to a law established by the Hungarian legislature in 1945 together with an 1887 Hungarian law, and then that the killing of a young Jew ‘who refused to wear his yellow star’ be regarded as an ‘unlawful killing’ act within the obligations flowing from the 1997 Australia-Hungary Treaty parameters, i.e. the dual criminality parameters have been fulfilled – what is unlawful in Hungary is unlawful in Australia.

Counsel for Charles Zentai maintains that such reasoning does not follow because what happened in 1944 was not illegal, and retrospective law does not apply. Hence, so he stated in court, Counsel for the Applicant, the Hungarian Government, raises the 1887 law to get over that difficulty.

The Magistrate indicated she would hand down judgment in two days' time, on Wednesday, 20 August 2008.


Outside court Charles Zentai’s son, centre in white shirt, proclaims his father’s innocence, stating his father was not in the area at that time, having left a day before the incident happened. Mr Zentai refused to speak with the media and was walked off by family members, above right, 4th from left.  




Alleged war criminal fights extradition from Australia


If Charles Zentai is sent back to Europe, he would be the first Australian to ever be extradited over alleged war crimes.


PERTH (AFP)---An 86-year-old alleged war criminal accused of torturing and murdering a young Jewish man in World War II faced a last-ditch fight against extradition from Australia to Hungary on Monday.

Charles Zentai is accused of beating to death teenager Peter Balazs in 1944 in Budapest while serving as a soldier in the army of his native Hungary, then allied with Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. The allegations against Zentai, which he denies, have been brought by the Jewish human rights organisation known for tracking down alleged Nazi war criminals, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre. Zentai, having migrated to Australia after the war ended, was living quietly in the western Australian city of Perth before the Hungarian government began extradition proceedings in March 2005.

If Zentai is sent back to Europe, he would be the first Australian to ever be extradited over alleged war crimes. He appeared Monday in the Perth magistrate's court after losing a series of appeals against Hungary's bid to extradite him.
Prosecutor Michael Corboy told the court that Zentai recognised Balazs, 18, who was not wearing the compulsory yellow star identifying him as a Jew, as someone from his own home town. "He recognised this person as someone who resided in (Budafot, near Budapest)," Corboy told the court. Zentai and two accomplices then took Balazs to a military base and assaulted him from three o'clock in the afternoon until the evening hours before throwing his body into the Danube river, Corboy said.
Outside the court Zentai's son, Ernie Steiner, issued a statement saying his father was completely innocent and had not been in Budapest on the day of Balazs' death in November 1944.
Steiner said his father was never a Nazi, detested the German occupation of Hungary and had many Jewish friends.
Zentai, who moved to Australia in 1950, is alleged to have escaped to Germany after the war by passing himself off as a refugee. The court heard that criminal proceedings against him started in April 1948 when an arrest warrant was issued. The hearing is expected to take three days. 


Zentai's fate hangs in the balance

Andrea Hayward and Chris Thomson, August 18, 2008 - 4:56PM

A Perth magistrate will decide on Wednesday whether alleged Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai can be surrendered to Hungary to face charges he murdered a teenage Jew. Hungary has alleged 86-year-old Zentai, a pensioner and former mental health nurse, was one of three men who tortured and murdered 18-year-old Peter Balazs in Budapest in November 1944 because he failed to wear a yellow star which identified him as a Jew. Zentai, from the southern Perth suburb of Willeton, has fought a lengthy battle to avoid being extradited to face the charge, including a failed High Court bid to avoid an extradition hearing.

Magistrate Barbara Lane heard submissions from lawyer Michael Corboy who represented the Republic of Hungary and Zentai's lawyer Grant Donaldson today in the Perth Magistrates Court today.

Mr Donaldson said Australia's treaty with Hungary included a 1945 decree which meant the offence of which Zentai stands accused was not an offence at the time it was committed in November 1944. "It is a reading of which this treaty is obvious," Mr Donaldson told the court. "That offence had to be an offence on the eighth of November, 1944. It was not." But Mr Corboy said there was nothing in the treaty which needed to be considered by the magistrate and the focus was simply to identify if Zentai was eligible for surrender to Hungary to face the charge.

If Ms Lane determined Zentai was eligible for surrender, Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland would have to make a decision to whether extradition was granted, Mr Corboy said. Hungary has pursued the extradition of Zentai, 86, since an arrest warrant was issued in 2005.

He was a member of the horse-drawn train division of the Hungarian royal army. Hungary claims Zentai recognised Mr Balazs, who was from Zentai's home town of Budafot, and along with two other soldiers beat Mr Balazs for hours until he died. It was alleged that the three then attached a ballast to his body and threw it in the Danube River.

Zentai shuffled into the courtroom with the help of a walking stick and quietly listened to proceedings assisted by a hearing aid. If extradited, he would be the first Australian to face Nazi war charges. Konrad Kalejs died in 2001 before he could be extradited to face a trial over alleged crimes.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre lists Zentai at number seven on its list of the 10 most wanted suspected Nazi war criminals. Zentai has rigorously denied he was involved in the murder.

Outside the court Zentai's son Ernie Steiner issued a statement saying his father was completely innocent. Mr Steiner said his father was never a Nazi, detested the German occupation of Hungary and had many Jewish friends. He said his father was not in Budapest on the day of Peter Balazs' arrest and death.

- with AAP 


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Swiss expert to examine Austria-based Croatian Nazi suspect, 22/Aug/2008

VIENNA (AFP)---A Swiss psychiatric expert is being called in to determine whether alleged Croatian Nazi war criminal Milivoj Asner is unfit for questioning as Austrian doctors claim, a daily reported on Friday. In order to fend off accusations that Austria is shielding 95-year-old Asner, Marc Graf will examine the suspect, the Kleine Zeitung quoted Norbert Jenny, spokesman for the regional court in Klagenfurt, as saying. "We've now asked a well-respected Swiss expert to examine Asner so that it can't be claimed that Austria is fudging," Jenny said. Public prosecutors had proposed asking Graf to examine Asner and the expert will be officially appointed by the judge in charge of the case next week, Jenny added. Graf is a psychiatric and psychotherapy specialist and is deputy chief of the department of forensics at the university pyschiatric clinics in Basel. He is also a member of a Swiss expert commission for assessing dangerous criminals. So far, four separate medical reports in Austria have concluded that Asner suffers from dementia and not fit to be questioned.

Efforts to extradite Asner -- who has been living in Klagenfurt since 2006 under the name Georg Aschner -- to Croatia were dropped as result of those reports. But Nazi hunters have repeatedly questioned the reports' findings, especially after pictures were published in the British newspaper The Sun showing Asner and his wife relaxing on a terrace among Euro 2008 football fans. Asner, the "fourth most wanted Nazi" on the list of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, is accused of having organised the deportation of Serbs, Jews and gypsies to Nazi concentration camps, where most of them died. He allegedly served as police chief under the fascist Ustase movement, which governed Croatia during World War II in alliance with Nazi Germany.

The director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Efraim Zuroff, recently accused Austria of being "a paradise for war criminals." Asner has given a number of interviews in recent months in which he does appear to be lucid. In June, he told Austrian public television ORF he was ready to surrender to Croatian authorities.

Original article:




The secular religion of “the Holocaust”, a tainted product of consumer society

Robert FAURISSON, August 7, 2008

The religion of “the Holocaust” is a secular one: it belongs to the lay world; it is profane; in actuality, it has at its disposal the secular arm that is a temporal authority with dreaded power. It has its dogma, its commandments, its decrees, its prophets and its high priests. As one revisionist has observed, it has its circle of saints, male and female, amongst whom, for example, Saint Anne (Frank), Saint Simon (Wiesenthal) and Saint Elie (Wiesel). It has its holy places, its rituals and its pilgrimages. It has its sacred (and macabre) buildings and its relics (in the form of cakes of soap, shoes, toothbrushes …).

It has its martyrs, its heroes, its miracles and its miraculous survivors (in the millions), its golden legend and its righteous ones.

Auschwitz is its Golgotha. For it, God is called Yahweh, protector of his chosen people, who, as said in one of the psalms of David (number 120), recently invoked by a female public prosecutor, Anne de Fontette, during the trial in Paris of a French revisionist, punishes “lying lips” (by, incidentally, sending them the “sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of juniper”).

For this religion, Satan is called Hitler, condemned, like Jesus in the Talmud, to boil for eternity in excrement. It knows neither mercy, nor forgiveness, nor clemency but only the duty of vengeance. It amasses fortunes through blackmail and extortion and acquires unheard-of privileges. It dictates its law to the nations.

Its heart beats in Jerusalem, at the Yad Vashem monument, in a land taken over from the natives; in the shelter of a 26-foot high wall built to protect a people who are the salt of the earth, the companions of the “Holocaust” faith rule over the goy with a system that is the purest expression of militarism, racism and colonialism.

A quite recent religion whose growth has been meteoric

Although it is largely an avatar of the Hebraic religion, the new religion is quite recent and has exhibited meteoric growth. For the historian, the phenomenon is exceptional. Most often a religion of universal scope has its origins in remote and obscure times, a fact that makes the task of historians of religious ideas and institutions rather arduous. However, as luck would have it for that type of historian, in the space of fifty-odd years (1945-2000), right before our eyes, a new religion, that of “the Holocaust”, has suddenly come into being and proceeded to develop with astonishing speed, spreading nearly everywhere.

It has conquered the West and intends to impose itself on the rest of the world. Any researcher interested in the historical phenomenon made up by the birth, life and death of religions ought therefore to seize the occasion, never so much as hoped for, thus offered to study from up close the birth and life of this new religion, then calculate its chances of survival and the possibility of its demise. Any specialist of war watching out for indications of a coming conflagration would owe it to himself to survey the risks of a warlike crusade such as the one into which this conquering religion may take us.


A religion that embraces consumerism

As a rule, consumer society places religions and ideologies in difficulty or danger. Each year, growth in both industrial production and business activity creates in peoples’ minds new needs and desires, truly concrete ones, lessening their thirst for the absolute or their aspiration towards an ideal, factors that religions and ideologies feed on. Besides, the progress of scientific thinking makes people more and more sceptical as to the truth of religion’s stories and the promises it gives them. Paradoxically, the only religion to prosper today is the “Holocaust” religion, ruling, so to speak, supreme and having those sceptics who are openly active cast out from the rest of mankind: it labels them “deniers”, whilst they call themselves “revisionists”.

These days the ideas of homeland, nationalism or race, as well as those of communism or even socialism, are in crisis or even on their way to extinction. Equally in crisis are the religions of the Western world, including the Jewish religion, and in their turn but in a less visible manner, so are the non-Western religions, themselves confronted by consumerism’s force of attraction; whatever one may think, the Moslem religion is no exception: the bazaar attracts bigger crowds than the mosque and, in certain oil-rich kingdoms, consumerism in its most outlandish forms poses an ever more insolent challenge to the rules for living laid down by Islam.

Roman Catholicism, for its part, is stricken with anaemia: to use Céline’s phrase, it has become “christianaemic”. Amongst the Catholics whom Benedict XVI addresses, how many still believe in the virginity of Mary, the miracles of Jesus, the physical resurrection of the dead, everlasting life, in heaven, purgatory and hell? The churchmen’s talk is usually limited to trotting out the word that “God is love”. The Protestant religions and those akin to them are diluted, along with their doctrines, in an infinity of sects and variants. The Jewish religion sees its members, more and more reluctant to observe so many peculiar rules and prohibitions, deserting the synagogue and, in ever greater numbers, marrying outside the community.

But whereas Western beliefs or convictions have lost much of their substance, faith in “the Holocaust” has strengthened; it has ended up creating a link – a religion, according to standard etymology at any rate, is a link (religat religio) – that enables disparate sets of communities and nations to share a common faith. All in all, Christians and Jews today cooperate heartily in propagating the holocaustic faith. Even a fair number of agnostics or atheists can be seen lining up with enthusiasm under the “Holocaust” banner. “Auschwitz” is achieving the union of all.

The fact is that this new religion, born in the era where consumerism expanded so rapidly, bears all the hallmarks of consumerism. It has its vigour, cleverness and inventiveness. It exploits all the resources of marketing and communication. The vilest products of Shoah Business are but the secondary effects of a religion that, intrinsically, is itself a sheer fabrication.

From a few scraps of a given historical reality, things that were, after all, commonplace in wartime (like the internment of a good part of the European Jews in ghettos or camps), its promoters have built a gigantic historical imposture: the imposture, all at once, of the alleged extermination of the Jews of Europe, of camps allegedly equipped with homicidal gas chambers and, finally, of an alleged six million Jewish victims.

A religion that seems to have found the solution to the Jewish question

Throughout the millennia, the Jews, at first generally well received in the lands that have taken them in, have ended up arousing a phenomenon of rejection leading to their expulsion but, quite often, after leaving through one door, they have re-entered through another door. In several nations of continental Europe, in the late 19th and early 20th century, the phenomenon appeared once more. “The Jewish question” was especially put in Russia, Poland, Romania, Austria-Hungary, Germany and France. Everyone, beginning with the Jews themselves, then set about looking for “a solution” to this “Jewish question”. For the Zionists, long a minority amongst their coreligionists, the solution could only be territorial. The thing to do was to find, with the accord of the imperial powers, a territory that Jewish colonists could settle. This colony might be located, for example, in Palestine, Madagascar, Uganda, South America, Siberia, … Poland and France envisaged the Madagascar solution whilst the Soviet Union created in southern Siberia the autonomous Jewish sector of Birobijan.

As for National Socialist Germany, she was to study the possibility of settling the Jews in Palestine but wound up realising, from 1937, the unrealistic nature of the idea and the great wrong to the Palestinians that such a project would entail. Subsequently the 3rd Reich wanted to create a Jewish colony in a part of Poland (the Judenreservat of Nisko, south of Lublin), then in its turn, in 1940, it seriously considered creating a colony in Madagascar (the Madagascar Projekt).

Two years later, beset by the necessities of a war to wage on land, sea and in the air and taken up with the more and more distressing concerns of having to save German cities from a deluge of fire, to safeguard the very life of his people, to keep the economy of a whole continent running, a continent so poor in raw materials, Chancellor Hitler made it known to his entourage, notably in the presence of Reichsminister and head of the Reichskanzlerei Hans-Heinrich Lammers, that he intended to “put off solving the Jewish question till after the war”.

Constituting within her a population necessarily hostile to a Germany at war, the Jews – in any case a large portion of them – had to be deported and interned. Those able to work were made to do so, the others were confined in concentration camps or transit camps.

Never did Hitler either desire or authorise the massacre of Jews and his courts martial went so far as to order the death penalty, even in Soviet territory, for soldiers found guilty of excesses against Jews. Never did the German State envisage anything else, as concerned the Jews, than “a final territorial solution of the Jewish question” (eine territoriale Endlösung der Judenfrage) and it takes all the dishonesty of our orthodox historians to evoke incessantly “the final solution of the Jewish question” and deliberately evade the adjective “territorial”, so important here.

Up to the end of the war, Germany kept on offering to deliver interned Jews to the western Allies, but on condition that they then stay in Britain, for example, and not go and invade Palestine to torment “the noble and valiant Arab people”.

There was nothing exceptional about the fate of Europe’s Jews in the general blaze of war. It would have deserved just a mention in the great book of Second World War history. One may therefore quite rightly be astonished that today the fate of the Jews should be considered the essential feature of that war.

After the war it was in the land of Palestine and to the detriment of the Palestinians  that the upholders of the “Holocaust” religion found – or  believed they’d found – the final territorial solution to the Jewish question.

A religion that, previously, groped along with its sales methods: Raul Hilberg’s recantation

I suggest that sociologists undertake a history of the new religion by examining the extremely varied techniques in line with which this “product” was created, launched and sold over the years 1945-2000. They can thus measure the distance between the often clumsy procedures of the beginning and the sophistication, at the end, of the packagings designed by our present-day spin doctors (crooked “com” experts) for their presentations of “the Holocaust”, henceforth a compulsory and kosher mass-consumer product.

In 1961, Raul Hilberg, first of the “Holocaust” historians, “the pope” of exterminationist science, published the first version of his major work, The Destruction of the European Jews. He expressed in doctoral manner the following thesis: Hitler had given orders for an organised massacre of the Jews and all was explained as somehow coming of those orders. This way of displaying the merchandise was to end in a fiasco. With the revisionists asking to see the Hitler orders, Hilberg was compelled to admit that they had never existed. From 1982 to 1985, under the pressure of the same revisionists asking to see just what the magical homicidal gas chambers, in technical reality, looked like, he was led to revise his presentation of the holocaustic product.

In 1985, in the “revised and definitive” edition of the same book, instead of taking an assertive, curt stance with the reader-customer, he sought to get round him with all sorts of convoluted phrases, appealing to a supposed taste for the mysteries of parapsychology or the paranormal. He expounded on the history of the destruction of the European Jews without in the least bringing up any order, from Hitler or anyone else, to exterminate the said Jews. He explained everything by a kind of diabolical mystery through which, spontaneously, the German bureaucrats told themselves to kill the Jews to the very last.

“Countless decision makers in a far-flung bureaucratic machine” took part in the extermination enterprise by virtue of a “mechanism”, and did so without any “basic plan” (p. 53); these bureaucrats “created an atmosphere in which the formal, written word could gradually be abandoned as a modus operandi” (p. 54); there were “basic understandings of officials resulting in decisions not requiring orders or explanations”; “it was a matter of spirit, of shared comprehension, of consonance and synchronization”; “no one agency was charged with the whole operation”; “no single organization directed or coordinated the entire process” (p. 55).

In short, according to Hilberg, this concerted extermination had indeed taken place but there was no possibility of actually demonstrating it with the aid of specific documents. Two years previously, in February 1983, during a conference at Avery Fischer Hall in New York, he had presented this strange and woolly thesis as follows:

“What began in 1941 was a process of destruction not planned in advance, not organized centrally by any agency. There was no blueprint and there was no budget for destructive measures. They were taken step by step, one step at a time. Thus came about not so much a plan being carried out, but an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus-mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy”.

To sum up, that vast project of destruction was executed, magically, by telepathy and by the diabolical workings of the “Nazi” bureaucratic genius. It can be said that with Hilberg, historical science has thus turned cabalistic or religious. 

Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, at their end, wanted to set off on the same road of fake science when they called upon French pharmacist Jean-Claude Pressac for assistance. For several years the poor Pressac strove to sell the tainted product in a pseudo-scientific form but, realising the imposture, in 1995 he did a complete turnaround and admitted that, all things considered, the dossier of “the Holocaust” was “rotten” and fit only “for the rubbish bins of history”; such were his own words. The news of his change of heart was to be kept hidden for five years, emerging only in 2000 at the end of a long book by Valérie Igounet, another Shoah peddler, entitled Histoire du négationnisme en France (Seuil, p. 652).

A religion that has at last discovered the up to date sales techniques

It was then that the spin doctors came onto the scene. What with the product having become suspect and potential customers starting to ask questions, the “Holocaust” religion’s management had to steer an altogether different course and give up defending the merchandise with ostensibly scientific arguments: their new approach would be a resolutely “modern” one.

It was decided to set only the very least store by efforts at logical argumentation and to replace serious research with appeals to sentiment and emotion, in other words with art: the cinema, theatre, historical novels, shows, story telling (the contemporary art of throwing together an account or framing a “testimony”), the media circus, stage designs in museums, public ceremonies, pilgrimages, worshiping of (false) relics and (false) symbols (symbolic gas chambers, symbolic numbers, symbolic witnesses), incantations, music and even kitsch, the whole thing matched with assorted ways of forcing people to buy it, including various kinds of threats. The filmmaker Steven Spielberg, a specialist in dishevelled and extraterrestrial fiction, has become the leading instigator for holocaustic films as well as for the casting of 50,000 witnesses.

In order to sell their tainted product better in the long term, our fake historians and real junk dealers have sought and obtained the primary school “franchise”, with which they instil a taste for “the Holocaust” in the very youngest clientele: for it’s in the earliest years that appetites are acquired, making so that, later on, the customer need hardly be enticed: he’ll demand on his own what he enjoyed as a child, be it sweets or poison.

Thus has it come to be that no one involved could care less about history: all serve the sole cause of a certain Remembrance, that is a jumble of legends and slanders that give the public the pleasure of feeling good and righteous, ready to sing the virtues of the poor Jew and curse the intrinsically wicked “Nazis”, to call for vengeance and spit on the graves of the defeated. At the end it only remains to collect a flood of cold hard cash and receive new privileges.

Pierre Vidal-Naquet was but an amateur: in 1979, he had shown himself from the outset to be too basic, too rough in his “Holocaust” promotion. For example, when asked by the revisionists to explain how in blazes, after a gassing operation with hydrogen cyanide (the active ingredient in the insecticide “Zyklon B”), a squad of Jews (Sonderkommando) could enter unharmed into a room still full of that terrible gas, then handle and remove up to a few thousand corpses infused with poison, he, along with 33 other academics, replied that he simply need not provide any explanation.

The Spielberg Miracle

Spielberg, a more skilful man, was to show in a screen drama a “gas chamber” wherein, for once, “by a miracle”, the showerheads sprayed… water and not gas. Subsequently, in his turn, Vidal-Naquet had, quite awkwardly, attempted to answer the revisionists on the scientific level and made a fool of himself. Claude Lanzmann, for his part, in the film Shoah, sought to produce testimonies or confessions, but his result was clumsy, inept and hardly convincing; that said, at least he’d grasped that the main point was to “make movies” and occupy the public forum. Today there is no longer a single “historian” of “the Holocaust” who makes it his business to prove the reality of “the Holocaust” and its magical gas chambers.

All of them do like Saul Friedländer in his latest book (L’Allemagne nazie et les juifs / Les années d’extermination, Seuil, 2008): they leave it as understood that it all existed. With them history becomes axiomatic, although their axioms aren’t even drawn up. These new historians proceed with such self-assurance that the reader, taken aback, doesn’t realise the trick being played on him: the smooth talkers go on endlessly about an event whose reality they haven’t established in the first place. And so it is that the customer, believing that he’s bought some goods, has actually bought the smooth talk of the one giving him the sales pitch. Today’s world champion of holocaustic bluff is a shabbos goy, Father Patrick Dubois, one hell of a trickster whose various productions dedicated to “the Holocaust by bullets”, notably in the Ukraine, seem to have reached the very peaks of Judeo-Christian media hype.

A success story of the great powers

A veritable success story in the art of selling, the holocaustic enterprise has acquired the status of an international lobby. This lobby has blended with the American Jewish lobby (whose flagship organisation is the AIPAC) which itself defends, tooth and nail, the interests of the State of Israel, of which “the Holocaust” is the sword and shield. The mightiest nations in the world can hardly allow themselves to annoy such a network of pressure groups which, under a religious veneer, was at first a commercial concern only to become later on military-commercial, constantly pushing for new military adventures. It follows that if other countries, called “emerging”, want to be in good graces with a certain more powerful one, then they would be well advised to bend to its wishes.

Without necessarily professing their faith in “the Holocaust”, they will contribute, if need be, to the propagation of “the Holocaust” and to the repression of those who dispute its reality. The Chinese, for example, although they have no use at all for such nonsense themselves, keep well away from any calling into question of the “Jewish Holocaust”; this enables them to pose as the “Jews” of the Japanese during the last war and so point out that they too have been victims of genocide, a formula which, they think, may open the way to financial reparations and political profits, as it has done for the Jews.

A particularly mortal religion

The future trouble for the religion of “the Holocaust” lies in the fact that it is too secular. Here one may well think of the Papacy, which, in centuries past, drew its political and military strength from a temporal power that, in the final analysis, ended up causing its downfall.

The new religion is hand in glove with, all together, the State of Israel, the United States, the European Union, NATO, Russia, the big banks (which, as in the case of the Swiss banks, it can force to knuckle under if they show unwillingness to pay out), international racketeering and the arms merchants’ lobbies. This being the case, who can guarantee it a solid base in the future? It has made itself vulnerable by endorsing, de facto, the policies of nations or groups with inordinate appetites, whose spirit of worldwide crusade, as may be particularly noted in the Near and Middle East, has become adventurist.

It has come to pass that religions disappear with the empires where they used to reign. This is because religions, like civilisations, are mortal. That of “the Holocaust” is doubly mortal: it spurs countries to go on warlike crusades and it is rushing to its doom. It will rush to its doom even if, in the last instance, the Jewish State vanishes from the land of Palestine. The Jews then dispersed throughout the world will have only one last resort, that of bewailing this “Second Holocaust”.


NB: Already in 1980, in my book Mémoire en défense contre ceux qui m’accusent de falsifier l’histoire (“Statement of case against those who accuse me of falsifying history”, La Vieille Taupe, Paris), I dealt with “the new religion” of “the Holocaust” (p. 261-263).

In 2006 I wrote two articles on the subject: “La ‘Mémoire juive’ contre l’Histoire ou l’aversion juive pour toute recherche approfondie sur la Shoah” (“‘Jewish Remembrance’ versus History, or the Jewish aversion to any thorough research on the Shoah”) and “Le prétendu ‘Holocauste’ des juifs se révèle de plus en plus dangereux” (“The Alleged ‘Holocaust’ of the Jews is proving ever more dangerous”).

Both of those pieces have recently been published in Etudes révisionnistes, vol. 5 (595 p.: p. 61-71, 86-90), available from Ed. Akribeia, 45/3, Route de Vourles, F-69230 St-Genis-Laval, France, 35 euros. 

The second may be found in English translation at


Translator’s note: the italicised English words are in English in the original.


French Revisionist Vincent Reynouard somewhere in European exile in YouTube video broadcast, August 2008



Pandas rescued/nurtured at the Wolong breeding ground after the great earthquake in China.  


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