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From the Foreword of the book to be released at the end of September


'The Afghan Problem' and their camels

by I. Murray, P. Bianchi, M. Bloomfield, P. Bridge


Hesperian Press, PO Box 317, Victoria Park, 6979. Western Australia,


"Afghans" created many problems in the Australian bush of the 1890s



In the last twenty years there has been a rash of books on “Afghans” in Australia. Most are marked by a combined reluctance of the authors to do extensive documented research, and a fawning approach to the subject matter. That most are written by those influenced by the mental degeneracy that started spreading through academia in the 1960s, gives some idea of the origins of the psycho-histories by which we are now epidemically infected.

The term “Afghan” is of course broadly generic, rather than specific. It covers a wide range of southern ‘Asiatics’ from places as widespread as Algeria, Syria, Afghanistan, and India. Their religion, though primarily Moslem, was as diverse as their origins.

Gus Luck, one of the earliest European cameleers quotes Ossman, a leading camel man, in his autobiography, The Outback Trail.  White men think because some men got dark skin him camel man. My men, one was a hawker in India, another was coby [dhobi, a washerman] in Calcutta, another did something else. They not understand camels.”

The problems of deliberate pollution of critical water supplies, monopolisation of watering points to exclude white teamsters, undercutting of living wage transport rates, minimal cooperation with the ‘infidels’, and other problems are detailed in this text.

Countering this were the importance of the vast transport structures built up by Tagh and Faiz Mahomet which kept costs down in the face of the profiteering of the likes of I. J. K. Cohn.


However it will be seen in this collection that this turbulent and erratic group was marked by dissension, murder, contempt of the host peoples, and a general lawlessness.

The ‘Afghan problem’ of a century ago was resolved by a combination of factors:–

– The rising nationalism of Anglo‑Irish Australians.

– The restriction of alien immigration that threatened the hard fought freedoms that made Australia the envy of the world, to the extent that our freedoms influenced the 1905 revolution in Russia.

–The end of the gold rushes.

–Introduction of modern transport.    

–Public realisation of the irreconcilable differences between an aggressive anti-Christian minority and our society.

–World War I and the fight against the Turks, in which Allied POWs were treated at a similar level to the later Japanese barbarity.


“The Stranger within my gate,

He may be true or kind,

But he does not talk my talk­

I cannot feel his mind .......


Let the corn be all one sheaf­–

And the grapes be all one vine,

Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge

By bitter bread and wine.”

                                                        - Kipling


Now those hard-taught lessons have been forgotten, and we have to learn again, the hard way, that empires and multiculturalism are the enemies of a stable developing culture and its people. This empire is not one run by bad or misguided men of our own blood, but by vampires whose interests are only in their dane-geld and the demonic power that they wield.

The subtle weapons of propaganda and bribery are not understood. Those who resist are defamed by terms such as ‘racist,’ in public campaigns carried out by the alien controlled mass media and their myrmidons, the presstitutes. The public must remember that ‘sticks and stones,’ (which it has now increasingly come to) but ‘names will never hurt me,’ and educate themselves through the study of real history, rather than accepting rosy palliatives or abuse from the manipulators. Read Ezra Pound, et al.

Inevitably, the interests of Empire, aka globalism, and its acolytes, clash with that of economic nationalism. There are those who view all those below them in social status, or not of a self chosen sect, as not more than slaves, whether they are black, white, yellow, or brindle, and want total control and slave labour wherever their tentacles grasp. This elitist monetarist view is intimately associated with war and conquest, slavery, free trade, economic looting, cultural degeneration, malthusianism, eugenics, zionism, and general parasitism. This is the East India Company back as a zombie death curse upon all the world.


“If pain, like fire, gave off smoke, the world would be shrouded in eternal darkness.” Abu T-Hasan Shahid.


The problem in the dumbed-down society of the West is that few people understand or realize the incestuous intricacies of this system, and support one or more of its many pillars without understanding the consequences of their ignorance.

In this Dantean pit individuals and groups both serve and conflict with the interests of international finance and with each other. Knowledge of what each group represents is essential for the survival of each, and to the defeat of the financial overlords. Despite the anti-Moslem propaganda spewed out daily by the mainstream press, the teachings of the Koran are in many cases complementary to that of the New Testament. It is an early heresy that has developed its own life. However the best propaganda is the half-lies. The hidden teachings of the third party are the odd-man. It is prohibited by law in Australia to expand on this and the literate reader will, no doubt, realise that sometimes the greatest revelations are, as in classical music, between the notes. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, with limitations. Distance makes the heart….

The modern world is the fight between national development in the interests of a nation’s people, and the looting of the financier networks.


Privatisation of our national assets is piratisation. Free trade is not fair trade.


This applies to all nations. The freedom of all countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine included. While many of the brainwashed will demur, the corollary of freedom and independence – national development and fair trade – of these nations, is that the attractions of emigration will disappear. While the predators rule this will not happen. The conclusion is obvious.


Precisely the characteristics that make these people undesirable in a primarily Christian society, are those that make them a heroic people in the eyes of all those committed to the demise of globalism and its masters. They are, paradoxically, in their own countries, our first line of defence, while here they are an ever increasing fifth column. The Thermopylae of the 21st Century stretches from the Balkans to the Khyber Pass through societies that are dangerous, dysfunctional and degenerate, but what happens here defines our future as free nations. None loved the Spartans, but they held to the death, and saved the future West, as did the national socialists against the red beast in the 1940s. Another paradox, the Empire, built on Greek thought, has been debased by followers of a death cult founded in ancient Babylon, while the descendants of the dominions of Darius are now the embattled defenders of that national sovereignity so prized by the Greeks.


The rise of Islamic fundamentalism as a political force is a derivative of London’s intelligence operations for the last two centuries. Examine carefully the role of the older Muslim Brotherhood and the Young Turks, and a later front, Al Qaeda. Primarily it was aimed at the destabilization of those nations where there were commercial or strategic interests of the City of London and its associates. As an example: – Karl Marx, deluded cultural flotsam, plagiarist, hack writer and pedophile, was controlled by Urquhart of the British Museum, whose earlier career was that of a Moslem chieftain in the Caucasus, baiting the Russian Bear. The results of this became evident in the Crimean War and in the financing of Lenin and Trotsky et al from the banks of London and New York. At least Berlin had a strategic reason for accommodating Lenin.


London, inheritor of Venetian duplicity and degeneracy, has done to itself and the West, what Venice was planning – the sale of Europe into slavery by the Mongols/Islam.


Interesting, and revealing, is that while the Taliban fundamentalists destroyed the worlds largest opium crops when they came to power, the invasion by US-NATO forces to implement the new oil pipeline from the central Asian republics, has led to immense crops harvested and exported via the British Government supported ‘alliance’ and distributed by the Kosovo Liberation Front (the Albanian mafia) and the current NATO backed leaders of Kosovo, among others. This is identical to the Vietnam era SE Asian drug crops used by CIA operations for off-the-books operations elsewhere, including Australia. All attempts to eradicate the Afghan crops have failed due to British Government intervention. Nothing has changed in over 200 years.


Radical groups, financed by criminal operations controlled by the West, are used against all who do not pay total obeisance to the financial powers. Before 11 September 2001, the greatest concentration of Islamic terrorists was based in London, where they were protected by the British Government, and deployed on terrorist attacks in the Middle East. By that time they had served their purpose and were ready to be sacrificed as patsys for the real terrorists in that immense cabbalistic false flag operation run by the ‘invisible hand.’ Previously where chameleon operatives were to be deployed, they were left wing fronts, such as the Red Brigades, and Operation Gladio run by NATO.

Australia has not been immune. Port Arthur and Bali were also false flag operations to control the perceptions of Australians. Nothing focuses the mind like having ones crutch in a crush.


In this shadow world nothing is as it seems. As the poet of Naishapur said,


“For in and out, above, about, below,

‘tis nothing but a magic shadow‑show,

play’d in a box whose candle is the sun,

round which we phantom figures come and go.”


My touchstone in dealing with the mainstream media is ‘The more bull dust there is, the more it is bull dust.’ Anyone who believes that ‘the Arabs did it,’ is not only by definition clinically insane, suffering from extreme cognitive dissonance, but willfully ignorant, and immoral. In this irrationally psychopathic world, it is time for the curtains to be rent and the puppeteers exposed. Our lives and that of the Earth depend on the Truth.


P J Bridge, 25 August 2008



The Goldfinger lies keep on rolling in about that stupid gassing story!



Amazing escape from Auschwitz gas chamber

Gena Turgel entered the gas chamber at Auschwitz and lived to tell the tale

Great-grandmother: Gina Turgel


In the winter of 1944, the 21-year-old was made to strip naked with her mother inside the concentration camp's extermination block and wait, but miraculously the deadly poison was never released. "We were trembling. I didn't know where we were. Inside, it looked terrible. A woman came in that I recognised from a previous camp. She was very shocked I was there and went out again. "We waited a while and then water came through the walls. It was wonderful. For many weeks we had had no water on our backs. We were all drinking it.

"As we came outside, the women there said how wonderful it was to see us. They screamed with happiness. I didn't understand what they meant. I said 'What are you shouting about?' "They said 'Don't you know? You were in the gas chamber.' I lost my voice. I couldn't produce any saliva."

Gena puts her survival down to a "power over a power" and believes that God was watching over her. "The woman who came in. I never saw her again. Perhaps she did something." More than 60 years on, the great-grandmother still cannot believe how lucky she was to escape death. "Many times, I have to touch myself to check I'm really alive. One appreciates life so much." 

Found love

The 81-year-old found something in the death camps that she never expected - love, in the form of her husband Norman. A Jewish soldier with the British Intelligence Corps, Norman Turgel was one of the first liberators to enter Belsen on April 15, 1945 and was charged with rounding up the SS commanders.

Gena, whose surname then was Goldfinger, was imprisoned in the camp after being sent there from Auschwitz.

During late 1944 and early 1945, some 60,000 Jewish inmates from other concentration camps were transported to Belsen in north-west Germany.

When the liberators arrived they found more than 20,000 naked corpses of prisoners, who had starved to death, lying unburied on open ground. Many survivors were ill with typhus.

Gena showed Norman around the camp's makeshift hospital wards where she was working as a nurse and a few days afterwards he invited her to the officer's mess. For the Sergeant, it had been love at first sight. "When the door opened, the tables were decorated with white cloths and flowers, which I hadn't seen for six years," Mrs Turgel said.

"I asked Norman whether he was expecting any special visitors. He said 'This is our engagement party'. I didn't know the man, but he was very stubborn. When he first met me, he made up his mind." She added: "He had beautiful eyes. I didn't hate him but I was terrified of what I was letting myself in for."

Her persistent suitor refused to give up and the pair were eventually married six months later. The bride's dress was made out of a British parachute and is now housed in the Imperial War Museum. The couple were married in a surviving Jewish synagogue in Germany used during the war as a cattle shed. Journalists greeted their arrival in England, keen to report the love affair that had blossomed amid the horrors of Belsen.


Siblings executed

Gena was born in Krakow, Poland, in 1923. The Nazis began bombing the city in 1939 and by the autumn of 1941 the family had been forced to move into a nearby cramped, squalid ghetto for Jews.

For Gena, it was the execution of four of her siblings which haunted her in the years afterwards. "My eldest brother went down to the sewers to go to the French resistance. He was caught and shot. My other brother was shot in the ghetto," she said.

In 1941, her 17-year-old sister Miriam was murdered after the Nazis caught her trying to bring food into the Plaszov camp, where the family had been taken. "We had to carry wood for the bodies to be burned. Imagine how my mother felt carrying wood for her daughter to be burned. "My sister used to sleep on my left side. My arm is always in a constant chill, even now."


Moved on foot to Auschwitz

In December 1944, Gena, her mother and her other sister Hela were moved on foot to Auschwitz, walking for three weeks in freezing temperatures as low as minus 20C. After a few weeks and her encounter with the gas chamber, Gena and her mother were transported to the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany and then shortly after to Bergen-Belsen.

They were forced to leave Hela behind and never saw her again. Gena, who now lives in Stanmore, Middlesex, wrote a book about her experiences called I Light a Candle. Norman, who died nearly ten years ago, contributed a chapter about what he had witnessed.

Gena was awarded an MBE in 2000 for services to the Holocaust Foundation. The couple had worked hard to educate children about genocide. On January 27, Holocaust Memorial Day, Gena will show the Queen to her seat at the ceremony for survivors in London.

The memories of what happened are still all too vivid. "I try to be occupied all the time," she said. "I have two daughters and a son, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. It's a wonderful feeling to have family and to see it all - I was so thankful to God for that."



Cambridge academic says he would not tolerate Jamaican neighbours

By Aislinn Simpson and Jessica Salter. 01 Sep 2008

George Steiner asserts that racism is inherent in everyone Photo: AP


A Cambridge academic and novelist was at the centre of a race row after saying that he would not be able to tolerate living next door to Jamaican neighbours "playing reggae all day". George Steiner, 79, said he believed racism was inherent in everyone and that racial tolerance was merely skin deep. The playwright and critic Bonnie Greer labelled him a "cranky old man", while Muslim groups accused him of an "offensive and lazy" racist generalisation.

But other academics defended his honesty and right to express such views, saying they were a valuable addition to an important debate. "It's very easy to sit here, in this room, and say 'racism is horrible'," he said from his house in Cambridge, where he has been Extraordinary Fellow at Churchill College since 1969. "But ask me the same thing if a Jamaican family moved next door with six children and they play reggae and rock music all day. Or if an estate agent comes to my house and tells me that because a Jamaican family has moved next door the value of my property has fallen through the floor. Ask me then!" Mr Steiner, whose Jewish family fled to America from Paris before the Nazi invasion of 1940, adds: "In all of us, in our children, and to maintain our comfort, our survival, if you scratch beneath the surface, many dark areas appear. Don't forget it."

American-born Ms Greer said: "He is wrong. People are aware of differences in other people, but being racist is being someone who sets out to harm someone based on the colour of their skin. "George Steiner can talk about his own feelings and talk about what is specific to himself, but to talk of a Jamaican family like that, this is Britain in 2008, what is he talking about? "He is a cranky old man and he should sit down and have a cup of tea. It's quite clear that he doesn't know what racism is."

Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, expressed surprise at Mr Steiner's comments, saying his multicultural background and research into the Holocaust, should have made him more tolerant than most. He said: "Steiner appears to have made some rather lazy and offensive generalisations about entire groups of people such as Jamaicans. You would think he - of all people given his background - would know better by now."  

But Dr John Allison, a South African-born law lecturer at Cambridge, said it was important to be open about racism. "There are subtle forms of racism and less subtle forms, but anything that provokes debate about the issues and gets them into the open is a good thing," he said.

Dr Robert Berkeley, deputy director of equality campaign body The Runnymede Trust, said: "I think it's good to recognise your own racism - and everyone has their prejudices - so that you can deal with it. Racism is something we struggle to talk about enough, and I am always happy for there to be a debate, provided no one is victimised as a result. But I don't agree with his view."

Although Cambridge University has worked hard to shed its white, middle-class image and take on more multicultural staff and students, only 16 per cent of Cambridge students are from ethnic minority backgrounds and roughly similar levels of staff. The city itself is overwhelmingly white. Official figures from the 2001 census reveal that 91 per cent of the city's population is white British, compared to 87 per cent nationwide, while the black and Asian populations combined make up little more than one per cent.

Dr Oke Odudu, a British-Nigerian law lecturer at Cambridge, said he has never encountered racism during his time there. "The atmosphere of the university is tolerant and the student population is extremely diverse," he said. "I never encountered any discrimination. It's a place where, if you are judged, it's going to be on the basis of academic performance, not your background." Mr Steiner's interview with a Spanish newspaper followed the publication of his latest novel, My Unwritten Books, which is a semi-autobiographic work featuring graphic details of his sex life.

At his current home, a substantial redbrick detached 1930s house in Trumpington, the leafy suburban outskirts of the city, he is likely to be safe from noisy neighbours, whether white, black or otherwise. All the properties on his road are set well apart, interspaced with large, well-tended gardens. Asked by the Daily Telegraph if he now regretted what he said, Mr Steiner said:"No I do not, but I do not wish to comment further."



Fredrick Töben’s Reflections: The Matter of becoming a Mensch

1. One of the premises on which my world view rests is the physical fact that humans are a part of nature and that it is wishful-thinking and an unreasonable assumption to regard humans as superior and better to the fauna and flora/natural processes, which in fact reveals a limited view of human nature. My all-inclusive view of human nature may have been inculcated into my value system because since the late 16th century my family has been a farming family, which has been intimately connected to the natural life cycle of birth – marriage – death! The motivational impulse that some derive through the them-us dialectic, often spiced with hatred, is still foreign to me. I cannot hate a whole race or ethnic group, as Jew Jeremy Jones claimed when he began to launch his legal action against me in 1996. His claim that I was doing my work on the Jewish Holocaust-Shoah because I hate Jews is a nonsense which, of course, sprang from his Talmudic mindset, as was so graphically expressed in Jewish-Bolshevik-Soviet excesses in Russia. There, upon Bolshevik power assumption, the first law to be enacted made anti-Semitism a capital offence. It was an attempt to protect Jews as a group because they were the driving force behind the extermination of the Russian Tzarist Romanov family – on 17 July 1918, now over 90 years ago!

Likewise, I cannot hate individuals, not even someone like Jeremy Jones who has been legally persecuting me for over 12 years. I pointed this out in written submissions to both the HREOC commissioner and to Justice Branson at the Federal Court of Australia – all to no avail.  

2. These base motives of hatred and envy are, of course, what drove the failed Marxist ideology and its successor, radical feminism. In both the attempt is made to sheet home the inevitable pain life’s journey of three-score-and-ten-years brings with it. Marxist/feminist ideology is set in a life and death struggle dialectic: thesis = capitalism/man; antithesis = workers/woman; synthesis = communism/androgynous persons. Now since 16 September 2008 we can add to that the demise of capitalism; but those in the know have always maintained that both communism and capitalism are just the two sides of the same coin, i.e. an artificially set dialectic process, much like the latest 2001 dialectic process 9/11 and its watered down version of WMD 2003.

3. The above ideologies did not disappear as the Soviet Union faltered, but re-morphed within western democracies where they are presented as a positive, liberating us from oppression, bringing us freedom, democracy and equality. Upon reflection, however, these concepts ring hollow when we look at the current state of the world where such concepts that once made up the post-Marxist/Freudian/Feminist ideology, which still dominate most western multi-cultural democracies, simply do not reflect the reality of what people are doing and what they want. The left-right political divide is exhausted and fails to account for what actual impulses are driving world politics.

4. A visit to monocultural countries such as Iran and Japan reveals how wholesome and enriching human interaction can be, where abject poverty and especially intellectual poverty are generally unknown, and where outright exploitation through usury is not state policy. There is resistance to paying CEOs millions while abject poverty flourishes among the population.

5. Let me reflect a moment on what farmers think about when they hear the word ‘ideology’.  A sheep farmer, for example, would think about matters of black or pink nose as part of an awareness of the fact that stock breeding is of primary importance. A decision needs to be made: to go for either fine wool or fat lambs. Sadly, such a decision is not solely up to the farmer because the ‘free-market’ manipulators determine that, much as their speculations are currently determining food and oil prices. As an aside, it is a fact that over 90 per cent of international capital flow is engaged in speculative activity, not productivity! Hence the current anticipated crash!

5.1 Now to my sheep story. In Australia and New Zealand during the 1870s the Corriedale sheep was developed through selective breeding from cross-bred progeny of pure Merino and Lincoln sheep, thereby creating a dual purpose sheep with good meat characteristics and commercial wool production. As the Corriedale rests on over a hundred thirty years of line breeding it is sufficiently established as a hybrid vigour sheep.

5.2 To capitalise on this hybrid effect a farmer needs a breeding plan otherwise he increases the possibility of confusion and mongrelisation, i.e., a mixing of male and female sheep, thereby losing the competitive edge in the market place as far as production improvement is concerned. The full benefit of hybrid vigour is not reaped if the lambs are being suckled by a pure bred female. Using a hybrid female and selected pure bred sires is beneficial for better lamb production. In-breeding results when a sheep has an ancestor in common within the last 3 or 4 generations resulting in undesirable characteristics. The trait that suffers first is the reproductive capabilities, followed by its survival – much the same as in the human species.

5.2 Genetic manipulation is a matter of fact in sheep breeding. For example, in 1909 Thomas Bond in Lockhart NSW was breeding sheep using Saxon/Peppin Merinos crossed with Lincoln rams. Then in 1984 an historic meeting of about 14 stud breeders was held in Lockhard and the Bond sheep breed was formally established. Twenty-four years later only about 8 studs remained and of those only 3 or 4 are still active. A bond sheep has similar characteristics to Corriedale except that Bond, like Merino, has a pink nose, while Corriedale has a black nose.

5. 3 Generally, farmers must remember that in the long run there is always the need to return to type otherwise degenerative characteristics develop. For example, in one breeding program a farmer obtained from CSIRO – the Australian government research station at Armidale, NSW –  three Booroola rams, which were specifically bred for their high fecundity, to produce 1 to 4  lambs.  A halter is placed around a ram’s neck containing a coloured crayon so that when the ram mates it leaves a mark on the sheep’s back. In this way a farmer finds out which ewe was mated by which ram. In this example, the farmer found that one colour was not found on the ewes but rather on the other two rams instead, meaning that one ram was homosexual and did not mate with the ewes. Another ram left his colours on the ewes and on the one ram, meaning he was bisexual. The CSIRO replaced the homosexual ram without any fuss because, so the explanation, among the highly bred rams such thing happens. With the introduction of another heterosexual ram the bisexual ram performed well with the ewes.

5.4 A word about wool production. Compared with cotton or oil products, wool is three times more expensive to produce. If oil prices continue to increase, then the cost of synthetic products based on oil will also rise. This may re-invigorate the ailing wool industry, perhaps as a boutique-cottage industry where all kinds of sheep breeds will be around.

5. 5 What happens in the animal world of breeding also occurs within humans where in-breeding, among other things, can become a problem. For example, twin males who mate with outside-the-group females will have different offspring. Here we would have to find out if mother or father were pure breeds whom we would class as F1 = first filial generation. A breed can only be developed by increasing the level of homozygous genes within its population. In order to maintain a breed it is essential to make sure that all these genes remain homozygous because 50 per cent of hybrid vigour is lost in F2s. 

5.6 A final comment of a political nature: Had Adolf Hitler’s eugenic program succeeded, then there would perhaps be now over 300 million Germans – horror of horrors! – and the Nordic peoples would not be in danger of disappearing on account of having lost their self-preservation instinct through incessant global propaganda that aims to break down the self-preservation mechanism. Abortions and a reduced procreation urge – the homosexual world demeaning those who seek to procreate as “breeders” - has been weakened in Europeans and so the destruction of this breed is almost guaranteed – unless?

6. It is still a normal concern for whites/Europeans – and ironically expressed often by those who have NOT themselves procreated – to view with concern the anti-white racism that clearly contradicts all the nonsense spouted forth from the ideologically-driven western democracies about freedom and democracy.

7. Why should it be a moral imperative for Europeans to self-destruct by not breading anymore, or by mixing with non-Europeans? Why are Jews, for example, especially since the end of WWII and since the founding of the racist Zionist state of Israel, UP-breading, to create a white, blond, blue-eyed group of Jewish people?  And why are they especially interested in conquering the Germanic peoples – as is attempted through the controlling of the German legal culture through which the original Germanic peoples are mentally condemned to extinction? Hence Horst Mahler’s important imperative that Germans, who still want to be Germans, will need to kill the Jewish God who saturates Germanic cultural endeavours in the form of the Fremdherrschaft/foreign domination of German life, especially in the form of the Holocaust-Shoah ideology.

7.1 Of course, in Norse mythology the end was the Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods as Valhalla burned, which is so well presented in Richard Wagner’s opera cycle Der Ring – unless the Europeans make a determined effort to snap out of their current stupor consisting of political correctness and multiculturalism.

8. The following articles are instructive:


8. 1 From: Mel Fowler

Sent: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:21 PM

Subject: A Bad and Unhealthy Thought

 "A Bad and Unhealthy Thought" means:

Consider thinking of the Holocaust (an enormously inflated psychodrama served up to the world continuously for the past 50 years) as, at bottom, a secret vision of a future event, something that it is believed will happen in the future, rather than something that has already happened. I believe Jews have always seen themselves as facing a future Holocaust or, to put it another way, Jews have always suffered from a mentally pre-figured Holocaust. One may see it as a form of self-deception.

A mentally pre-figured Holocaust of Jews should be understood as an elaboration of the ancient theme of Jews as victims, an idea of profound importance within the psychic structure of Jews. The concept had to become secret when, by an enormous expansion of the narrative of Jewish suffering during World War II, the claim of a Jewish Holocaust during WW II was asserted. This, more than anything else, dramatically props up and supports the pose that Jews, from the beginning of their history, have been the victims of others.

The program by some Jews to take dominion of the world rests on two elements of Jewish self-characterization or Jewish ideology, the presumption of Jewish supremacy and the status of Jews as world-class victims –neither of which can be said to be attractive to the non-Jewish world. Selling the theme of Jews as victims, will not succeed if the claim of a Jewish WW II Holocaust is rejected. You can see why Jews cannot yield to Holocaust revisionism.

A Bad and Unhealthy Thought: Holocaust is an unspoken, secret idea some people have of that which they expect will be imposed upon them in the future - a prospective not a retrospective fate. Holocaust is a bad and unhealthy thought, which should be washed out of the mind altogether.


8. 2 Man beheaded while traveling across Canada on Greyhound bus. A 40-year-old man has been charged with the horrific stabbing and decapitation of a fellow Greyhound bus passenger returning home from a carnival in Western Canada. New details on accused in bus beheading: Rosemary Westwood and Elise Stolte , August 01, 2008

EDMONTON - An Edmonton man charged with murder in the beheading of a Greyhound bus passenger worked as a newspaper delivery man. Vince Weiguang Li, 40, worked in the Clareview area delivering the Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun and the National Post until he left his contract position in April, said his former employer, Vincent Augert. He returned to delivering papers in the Concordia area in July. Augert said Li called him three weeks ago, saying he had a job interview in Winnipeg. That was the last time Augert and Li spoke to each other.
Li is accused of stabbing and decapitating Tim McLean, 22. McLean died Wednesday night on the bus near Portage La Prairie. McLean had been working at Capital Ex in Edmonton and was taking the bus back home to Winnipeg.

A 40-year-old Edmonton man was identified by RCMP this morning as the man charged with the fatal mutilation of a fellow passenger aboard a Greyhound bus Wednesday. Vince Weiguang Li appeared in court in Portage la Prairie Friday, charged with second-degree murder.
James Turner/Winnipeg Free Press

A 40-year-old Edmonton man was identified by RCMP this morning as the man charged with the fatal mutilation of a fellow passenger aboard a Greyhound bus Wednesday. Vince Weiguang Li appeared in court in Portage la Prairie Friday, charged with second-degree murder. James Turner/Winnipeg Free Press

Augert discovered Li was the man accused in the killing today after another employee recognized Li's name in the news. Augert looked the story up on the Internet and identifed Li through photos posted on news websites, he said. "It's him," he said, adding two of his employees also said they were "99.9-per-cent sure" that it's him, he said. Li delivered newspapers on Monday. On Tuesday, he "fell off the face of the earth," Augert said. Augert called Li's cellphone and said a woman calling herself Li's wife called him back. "She says to me that 'I don't know where he is, he had to leave town, it was an emergency,' " said Augert.

Augert said Li had worked at a McDonald's restaurant. His delivery supervisor called him a "nice guy," Augert said. Li appeared in court in Portage la Prairie, Man., today to face a second-degree murder charge. Judge Rocky Pollack asked that Li be held in custody pending a court-ordered psychological evaluation. Pollack indicated he wasn't prepared to make that order until Li had an opportunity to talk to a lawyer.
When asked by Pollack if he wanted a lawyer, Li said nothing, keeping his head down the entire time. However, when the judge asked him if he was exercising his right not to speak, Li reportedly nodded his head. Li is being held in a Winnipeg detention centre and is under constant video surveillance. The Edmonton RCMP's major crimes unit has been asked to help police in Manitoba investigate, K-Division spokesman Craig Albers said today. Li's next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday. With files from the Winnipeg Free Press, © Edmonton Journal 2008

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Tim McLean: Man beheaded while traveling across Canada on Greyhound bus

Tim McLean was stabbed 40 -50 times before being beheaded. The accused assailant, Vince Weiguang Li, faces second-degree murder charges in the death of Tim McLean, 22, a Winnipeg native, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have announced. In a brief court appearance, Li, his face bruised and swollen, his right hand wrapped in a large bandage, did not speak and only nodded yes or no to questions from the judge.

According to reports, McLean had been listening to music and texting friends and family, his cheek pressed against the window of the bus when his assailant struck suddenly, stabbing him repeatedly in the chest with a "big Rambo knife."  After pulling out a hunting knife and stabbing McLean as many as 40 or 50 times, witnesses said, Li displayed the victim's severed head to horrified passengers who had already fled the bus.  The shocking story has focused worldwide attention on the small Manitoba town of Portage La Prairie, where the bus was forced to stop. The 37 passengers, including several children, who escaped the vehicle after the bloodshed began were later taken to a nearby hotel by the Canadian mounted police.


8.4.2. Nothing, nothing ...continued watching the movie or the real-life murder - what's the difference? Note how witnesses could report the details of what was happening, but did nothing to stop the murder. It is easy to overpower one person -

8.4.3. That’s the result of multi-culturalism/hurt feeling culture propagated by the Human Rights Commission racketeers before whom truth is no defence, and where moral and intellectual failure of nerve is the norm.

9. What follows is Gamila Zahran’s regular email service, Arabian Sights, wherein valuable insights are found about this vexed problem of human differentiation. The following spells out an aspect of global suppression and it blames the white/European mindset rather than differentiating such phenomena by pointing out that two world views operate here: one works with nature as would the national socialists, and one works against nature as would the Talmudists who cannot step/think outside their conceptual prison and behold the wonders of human nature/nature/the pulsations of the universe but are locked up in a written textual vortex from which the only escape is madness/self-destruction or oppression/killing of others.

10. The extract from the below text spells out this ‘Jewish’ mindset:

“ …I've lived in the West and non-West long enough to know that Race (White Supremacy) is the quintessence, the prime operative category of the present global order. The present order is predicated entirely on White Supremacy as 'ursprung', or foundational essence. Focusing on Capital alone (as Marxists tend to do) obscures at least as much as it reveals. It is clear to me that the oppression(s) of capital are sublated by, and operate within, white supremacy. It is my contention that any and every specific site of oppression anywhere on the world stage can be traced, ultimately, to a single root, to wit: white supremacy. This may seem grossly reductionist (and I suspect that you are frequently accused of reductionism and naive over-simplification) but it isn't. It is, quite simply, the heart of the matter. ….”

- Read on below Gamila Zahran’s email send…


From: Gamila Zahran Sent: Wednesday, 30 July 2008 10:50 AM
Subject: Arabian Sights(2008-07-29) White ownership : Property is Racism...and a response

Arabian Sights....


Unless we call one white man, by name, a ‘devil’, we are not speaking of any individual  white man. We are speaking of the collective 'white' man’s historical record. We are speaking of the collective 'white' man’s cruelties, and evils, and greeds that have seen him act like a devil toward the 'non-white' man. Any intelligent, honest, objective person cannot fail to realize that"

"I might point out here that colonialism or imperialism, as the slave system of the West is called, is not something that is just confined to England or France or the United States. The interests in this country are in cahoots with the interests in France and the interests in Britain. It's one huge complex or combine, and it creates what's known not as the American power structure or the French power structure, but an international power structure. This [racist western] international power structure is used to suppress the masses of dark-skinned people all over the world and exploit them of their natural resources."

Malcolm X

"The concept of race and alleged racial superiority fit into a social requirement of a thoroughly exploitative period in the 'development' of Western (European) man. The idea of race was developed in direct response to the exploitation of other people, to provide both a pretext and a justification for the most unjustifiable conduct, the enslavement, murder, and degradation of millions of human beings"

Dr. Ashley Montagu - Quoted from The Fallacy of Racial Superiority

"England, the great chief of the commercial world, possesses a power that enforces a grave responsibility. She has the force to civilize.  She is the natural colonizer of the world. In the short space of three centuries, America, sprung from her loins, has become a giant offspring, a new era in the history of the human race, a new birth whose future must be overwhelming." England's remaining task was to "wrest from utter savagedom those mighty tracts of the earth's surface wasted from the creation of the world - a darkness to be enlightened by English colonization."

Samuel Baker  - The Hearts of Darkness: How European Writers Created the Racist Image of Africa


 In case you missed it...A MUST READ...White ownership : Property is Racism

Manuel Garcia Jr.

"The operation of capitalism over the last five hundred years has yielded the result that the greatest share of the world's wealth, and the firmest grip on the control levers of the world's economy and politics, are held by the white race. Any group photograph of the leaders of the G8 nations will give you a clear idea of the current ethnometrics of the bounty of the Garden of Eden.
The domestic scene in the United States reflects the global situation: whites own and control, non-whites scramble for work and life's necessities. We are speaking here in generalities, not absolutes (social absolutes are rationally impossible).
To see the racial-tribal pith of capitalism we only have to list the many names it has taken over time: the exploration for trade routes in the 15th century led to the North and South American "conquests" during the 16th century (the destruction of Native American civilizations), the "mercantilism" of the 17th century (e.g., the Dutch East India Company, the African slave trade), the "colonialism" of the 18th century (e.g., the British Empire), and the "imperialism" of the 19th and early 20th centuries (e.g., the Opium War and Chinese concessions, the annexation of Hawaii, the Spanish-American and Philippine Wars).
When the "eminence grise" of the United States, Dick Cheney, speaks about a "clash of civilizations" he is using white tribal language for the war against Islam, which is today's primary impediment to the ambition for global control by white tribal leaders. It is the mania for control, rather then merely religious bigotry or fanatical avarice, that fuels the drive for white supremacy. The Iraq War of 2003 to the present is just the latest incident in a millennium-long drive for white tribal control that probably started with the European 'Christian' Crusades and the Spanish war against Islam from about the 11th century.
In national and world societies where wealth -- property -- is racially and ethnically concentrated, the defense of property is the defense of racial preference in favor of the dominant tribe; and the primacy of property (e.g., corporations, "capital") over individuals, in the administration of government, laws and "justice", is the protection of white supremacy"...  


A GREAT RESPONSE, that is as equally a MUST read...

Gopal Mukerjee, Pune, India

Hi Manuel,

You're right on the money again, pun intended. You get to the heart of the matter in conflating property (control of all resources and means of production) and race (white supremacy). Your use of the terms 'white supremacy', 'white tribalism' instantly sets you apart from other thinkers on the Left. I've noticed that much of the Western Left avoids Race and White Supremacy like the plague. Instead, the focus is on capital and the generalized oppression(s) of oligarchies, power elites and so forth. I'm in my early forties and I've lived in the West and non-West long enough to know that Race (White Supremacy) is the quintessence, the prime operative category of the present global order. The present order is predicated entirely on White Supremacy as 'ursprung', or foundational essence. Focusing on Capital alone (as Marxists tend to do) obscures at least as much as it reveals. It is clear to me that the oppression(s) of capital are sublated by, and operate within, white supremacy. It is my contention that any and every specific site of oppression anywhere on the world stage can be traced, ultimately, to a single root, to wit: white supremacy. This may seem grossly reductionist (and I suspect that you are frequently accused of reductionism and naive over-simplification) but it isn't. It is, quite simply, the heart of the matter.
You are absolutely dead-on when you point out that Islam, or the Islamic world, is the Tribe's last and final barrier. Take out them dang Muzzlems and the world is theirs to keep. The Tribe inherits the earth. Here in India, Islam has had a long and unsavory history of repeated conquests and gargantuan massacres. The world Hindukush (see any map of South Asia) means 'slaughter of the Hindus'. Nevertheless, 'Indian culture' at the present time is a syncretistic amalgam of Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, Christian and Sikh influences. And many Hindus (myself included) understand (explicitly or inchoately) that Islam is the last barrier between Them (Massah-Boss-Bwana-Sahib-Effendi) and Us (all the darkies of the Third World). I believe this is understood instinctively by most in the Poor South, which explains why most of us cheer lustily when the Iraqi resistance does its thing or when Hezbollah kicks the living shit out of the IDF. We Are All Hezbollah read a protest banner when Lebanon was being bombed. That about sums it up. Needless to say, the quarrel is not with individual 'white' people. Whiteness is not so much a matter of pigmentation as it is about attitudes/institutions. Whiteness is above all a 'structure of attitude and reference' to quote the mighty Edward Said. It is a congeries or cluster of powerful institutions crystallized in a solvent of deep-structural attitudes. I realize I'm preaching to the choir here but I thought I'd say it anyway.

You make another very important point about 'outsourcing' as a species of modern slavery. The point hits rather close to home here in India where software coolies are now legion. What we have here is a vast phalanx of clueless, thoroughly depoliticized functionaries who positively revel in their cooliedom. And no one represents this phalanx better than Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. If you think Tony Blair is a whore (possibly the Whore of Babylon), you should take a look at Singh. It is my considered opinion that this sorry excuse for a man has a wretched, deviant, senile and whimpering sort of erotic/racial fixation on Emperor George W. Bush. Singh's interaction with Bush isn't based on policy. It's based on a visceral need to perform fellatio, a pathic and demented yearning for racial/sexual abnegation. Singh is the ultimate House Negro, a Third World prison-bitch primus, an alpha Gunga Din in a land of Gunga Dins. Not Bush AND Singh but Bush/Singh, Hegel's Master/Slave dialectic made flesh. In other words, expect nothing from the Indian subcontinent (or is it in-continent?).

Two centuries ago, Macaulay of the Raj set out to create a nation of brainwashed and worshipful Natives who loathed themselves (and despised their own culture) while worshipping the white man and his works. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams and Singh is the living embodiment of that success. Expect no resistance, therefore, from this neck of the woods. It's upto the 'Islamists' now and a handful of Fidels and Chavezes. The war in Iraq (and the imminent attack on Iran) has the tacit and explicit support of the West as a whole. The Tribe has decided that it's time to show them uppity niggers who's Boss. Yes, it IS about peak oil and a terminal grab for the earth's resources. But it is, above all, a naked, brazen, no-holds-barred assertion of white supremacy, a last-ditch attempt to turn back the clock to those halcyon days when the Man reigned supreme with his Bibles and bullets.

 The attempt has already failed, however. Iraq and Afghanistan have together delivered a savage kick to the crotch. Iran will weigh in with a rather dramatic and bloody decapitation. Not long from now Bush's epitaph, visible above the ruins of the Empire, will read: I am Ozymandius King of Kings; look upon my works ye mighty and despair.

 But there'll be no time despair. We'll be too busy celebrating.
I wish you a golden retirement and happy times with your family. That's what it's about in the end. Thanks and bye for now. Sincerely,
Gopal Mukerjee.


Arabian Sights

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From the Archives Thursday November 22nd 2007

Eugenics under the microscope

Darryl Macer is a Unesco bioethicist who co-authored the recent UN study into reproductive cloning. In it he explains that the cloning of humans is not yet safe and can't be morally justified. Here, he talks about his work as an intermediary between the fields of science and ethics and explains why international governments must come to an agreement about whether to ban human cloning or find ways to protect the rights of cloned individuals

Lead article photo

Human embryo clone, used for stem cell research. Photograph: Nicola Mcintosh/Newcastle University

I started out studying biochemistry but became interested in bioethics after reading a work by Martin Luther King Junior, which was probably a strange way to be introduced. It was a book about social justice called Strength to Love, and it made me realise how important it is that society uses its knowledge to construct a just, ethical society.

I was also interested in the exchanges taking place between people who thought science was a good thing and those who were against it. There was a lot of early debate on genetic engineering and reproductive technology in the 1980s, and there seemed to be two different groups in society who couldn’t talk to each other. I felt it would be useful to become an intermediary between the technophiles and technophobes, those who like knowledge and those who dislike it.

I took a PhD in molecular biology because I wanted to understand the way scientists think, but the day I submitted my thesis I left the laboratory for good. I felt I couldn’t continue working as a lab scientist when there were so many interesting social questions to look at. I started to read philosophy and history of medicine full time.

Some people thought it was a bit of a waste of a laboratory scientist, but after a few years it became clear that bioethics was an interesting area in itself. I’ve never looked back. I still find that there are a lot of scientists working on the production of knowledge, but very few on how we should use it in society.
I am a Christian but I don’t find it hard to reconcile religion with science. As a scientist, I’ve worked with people of many different faiths and backgrounds – naturalists, Buddhists, Muslims and agnostics. There are basically two types of question: the scientific type, which is open to falsification, or disproving; and another, more important kind of question, like why is loving people better than hating them? I don’t really find any conflict between the two types. It’s wonderful to try to understand the natural world and use technology for the good of people and the environment, but that's just it: it has to be good, it has to stay within a moral framework.

It would be unethical to attempt to clone human beings at the moment, simply because it’s unsafe. But we need to work out how we’re going to govern it because inevitably in the future it will be technically safe and possible. How would concepts like human dignity approach it? To make large numbers of clones is an affront to that dignity. But it could be done ethically; maybe in cultures where cloning is the only accepted way to assist families with reproduction. Some Islamic societies, for instance, wouldn’t consider using artificial insemination but at the same time would accept cloning.

Right now, technically, reproductive cloning probably couldn’t succeed, but I’m sure that some people are attempting to do it. I’m certain that embryos are being cloned for therapeutic research. There will always be those who justify medical research on embryos on the grounds that it helps fight against diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Finding the middle ground is difficult and it’s the challenge of ethicists to do that. We try to look at the issue from the perspectives of different faith systems as well as those of the scientific world.

In 1993 I conducted a poll called the International Bioethic Survey, which asked ordinary people about ethical dilemmas, and one of the questions was whether they would be for or against genetic enhancement in their children. An interesting finding was that in Thailand and China there is a lot of support for eugenic engineering. In western countries there seems to be a tolerant attitude towards modifying genes for medical reasons and yet a deep suspicion of doing it for enhancement purposes, but in Asia there isn’t that distinction. The philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism and Confucianism don’t seem to lay down laws against trying to make ourselves better than we are.

One of the things that drove me and my co-authors to write our report on human cloning recently was the way the issue was being treated in the UN. In 2005 there was supposed to be a convention to ban reproductive cloning; it had unanimous support, but when some countries tried to ban embryo research as well we ended up with a split decision and a weak declaration. It was a missed chance and one of our main points in the report was that the UN has to do a better job at governing cloning.

The danger is that we’ll come to accept the idea of consumer children, or think that we can select our children from a supermarket catalogue – or we might clone in order to replace someone we've lost. That attitude is wrong because clones are inevitably different to the human being they came from. Even if there are a hundred clones from one person, every one of them is going to be an individual and has to be treated as such. The same is true even for a cyborg or any sort of future artificial intelligence creation. It may sound crazy, but they’re all beings.

• Darryl Macer was interviewed by Anna Bruce-Lockhart       


Adolf Hitler explained – in German!

Ein Mensch kann daran erkannt werden was er tut, nicht notwendigerweise was er sagt, sondern TUT. ALLES was Hitler tat war für sein Vaterland. ALLES war mit einem rein Deutschen Geist durchdrungen. Er war Kriegsheld und guter Kamerad. Er bereicherte sich nicht, ganz im Gegenteil er lebte frugal und gab sein gesamtes Vermögen durch sein Buch Mein kampf erworben der Deutschen Wohlfahrt.

Er begründete und finanzierte aus eigener Tasche die Brustkrebsforschung (des Todes seiner geliebten Mutter wegen). Er war ein Mann der allerhöchsten kulturellen Stufe, anerkannt als solcher von x-beliebigen  Ausländern wie z.B. David Lloyd George oder Lord Rothmere, damals ein wichtiger Englischer Politiker. Er war ein guter Maler, Möbel Designer, Archtitekt, beherrschte x-beliebge wissentschaftliche Gebiete, war ein guter Poet, hervorragender redner und ein anständiger Mensch. Er gab den Anlass zum VW und eine Skizze von ihm aus dem Jahre 1924 sieht verblüffend aus wie der VW von Prof. Porsche. Er gab den Impetus zum Bau der Autobahn, das erste Langstreckenstrassennetz der Welt; nicht nur das, es war von einer Schönhei geprägt welches niemals widerholt worden ist und wurde Umweltfreundlich gebaut als diese Konzept noch nichtmal existierte. Er war seinen Freunden und seiner Frau treu bis ans bittere Ende.

Er besass weder Haus, noch Bank Konto, noch Automobil, er war in jeglicher Hinsicht schlicht. Er verbat das bestialische Schachten von Tieren und verbat die grausame Vivisektion. Er förderte die Künste und kreiierte damit die Weltführende Kunst schlechthin welche von den Amerikanern geziehlt zerstört oder gestohlen wurde. Unter seiner Leitung war die deutsche Jugend kerngesund und der Deutsche Mensch der glücklichste auf Erden, die Kriminalität in Deutschland war praktisch non-existent und Gerichte mussten geschlossen werden da keine `Arbeit´ mehr für sie existierte - ALL das von Ausländern widerholt gesagt und nierdergeschrieben.

Unter seiner Regie errang Deutschland binnen der kürzesten Zeit den Nummer Eins Rang in der Welt in praktische jeder Disziplin; unter seiner Regie veranstalteten Deutschland die bei weitem schönsten, fairsten und erfolgreichsten  Olympischen Spiele aller zeiten. Er, der `Rassist´ wurde von Jesse Owens über allen grünen Klee gelobt und verehrt. Über 95 % aller Deutschen verehrten ihn, man kann sagen loebten ihn, denn er war der Erlöser  und schworen ihm FREIWILLIG die Treue.

Dieser Gigant aller Giganten wurde durch Heimtücke im eigenen Lager gestürzt, denn ohne Schweine wie Niemöller, Canaris, von Moltke und anderen Bibel-sprüche klopfendem Unrat hätte Deutschland trotz allem den ihm aufgezwungenen Krieg gewonnen. Da zu behaupten, oder anzudeuten er wáre ein Jidd gewesen ist nicht nur lächerlich, sondern ist beleidigend. Geschichtler wie Zeitgeisthuren Toland usw. haben diese ungeheuerliche Lüge in den Taum gestellt und solchem Gesindel nachzuplappern ist schlechtweg unanständig. Gerry Frederics


Satirical outrage, Weekend Australian, 9-10 August 2008

A French satirist sparked a tug of war over free speech and anti-Semitism after he published a column on the engagement of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s son to a Jewish heiress. Maurice Sinet, a veteran cartooniat who goes under the pen name Charlie Hebdo after he wrote that Jean Sarkozy planned to become Jewish before marrying Jessica Sebaoun-Darty. “He’ll go a long way in life that little lad,” Sine added.

According to The Independent, the Sarkozy and Sebaoun-Darty families threatened to sue the magazine for alleged anti-Semitism. When the magazine’s editor asked Sine to retract, he replied: “I would rather cut off my balls.”

“France is divided again over power and the Jews,” Roger Cohen observed in The New York Times. “It’s not quite the Dreyfus affair, at least not yet.”

In an open letter in Le Monde, 20 writers and politicians  including Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe, Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellie Wiesel and philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy defend the paper’s decision to sack its satirist. Levy, in a front-page commentary drew out the ugly side of French history from 19th-century anti-Semitic tracts about money-grubbing Jews through the Dreyfus affair to innuendo about Sarkozy’s partly Jewish heritage. “We have not made too much of the Sine affair,” Levy wrote, adding that Sine was poisonous to the point of unacceptability.

But columnist Jean-Marie Laclavetine, writing in the same paper, defended Sine. “We can’t breathe in this country any more,” he complained. “We need the outrageousness of someone like Sine.”

In the leftist weekly Marienne, Philippe Cohen said Sine was typical of a large number of intellectuals, especially on the Ledft, who camouflaged their anti-Semitism under the guise of anti-Zionism. Laurent Joffrin, editor of Liberation, agreed that Sine’s gibe reeked of anti-Semitism, “the Association of the Jew, money and power in one phase which stigmatises the arrivisme of an individual”.

Le Nouvel Observateur was dismayed that Liberation had supported Sine’s sacking. “What has happened in france?” it asked. “The answer is clear. This matter concerns Jews. And in the past humour at the expense of Jews has been known to end badly.”



Australia issues first license to clone human embryos

Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:08am EDT. By Michael Perry

SYDNEY (Reuters) - The Australian government has issued its first license allowing scientists to create cloned human embryos to try and obtain embryonic stem cells. The in vitro-fertilization firm Sydney IVF was granted the license and reportedly has access to 7,200 human eggs for its research.

If the firm is successful it would be a world first, the Australian government's National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), which granted the license, said on Wednesday. Scientists in other countries have made stem cells they believe are similar to embryonic cells using a variety of techniques, but none have been able to extract embryonic stem cells from cloned human embryos.

An Australian ban on the research, known as therapeutic cloning or somatic cell nuclear transfer, was lifted in December 2006 after a rare conscience vote in the national parliament.

But the use of excess IVF embryos and the creation and use of other embryos in research is restricted by law through national legislation. Human cloning for reproductive purposes is banned.

Chair of the NHMRC's licensing committee, Dr John Findlay, said Sydney IVF's research would be closely monitored.

"They have been given a license to do therapeutic cloning," Findlay told Reuters, adding the scientists are not licensed to reach the fetal stage. "They can go to the stage called blastocyst. They must stop at that point," he said. The blastocyst is a very early-stage embryo not yet implanted into the womb.

Findlay said scientists will try and create stem cells from patients who have abnormalities or create stem cell lines which will be compatible with patients which have given the cells.

Initially, any stem cells extracted would be used to test new drugs to fight diseases such as muscular dystrophy and Huntington's disease, and later therapeutic cloning would be used to produce body tissue matched to patients.

The director of Australians for Ethical Stem Cell Research, David van Gend, criticized the issuing of the license, saying new technology meant cloning was no longer necessary.

"We have regulations in Australia such that the abuses of cloning wouldn't happen here, we will not get live birth cloning," he told local radio. "We won't get cloning right through to the fetal stage in order to use them for organ transplants, but if we teach the world how to clone you can be quite sure it will be used in less rigorous jurisdictions."

Somatic cell nuclear transfer is a technique in which DNA from the nucleus of an unfertilized egg is removed and replaced with the nucleus of an adult cell such as a skin cell. The technique can be used to create cloned embryos in order to derive embryonic stem cells for therapeutic purposes, but can also be used for reproductive cloning.

There are several types of stem cells. Embryonic stem cells, made from days-old embryos, are considered the most powerful because they can give rise to all the cell types in the body.

Sydney IVF said only eggs that were unusable for IVF because they were immature or had not been fertilized properly, and which donors had given consent for, would be used in the research.

The firm said it will use three different types of cells, embryonic stem cells, cumulus cells attached to the collected eggs, and skin cells, to produce the cloned embryos.

Sydney IVF was the first, in 2004, to extract stem cells from Australian IVF embryos, and has since extracted and grown 10 more colonies of embryonic stem cells this way.

(Reporting by Michael Perry; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani)



Living with NATURE not against NATURE


Says one little piglet to another little piglet: “You know, the farmer’s feeding us so well because when we’re grown up he’ll want to eat us.” Replies the other little piglet: “Don’t be stupid, you must be one of those who believes in conspiracy theories!”


Odin was hand-raised at the zoo. And after he was weaned, his British trainer Lee Munro discovered his remarkable skill.


a lump of meat was thrown into a pool of water, Odin would happily dive in after it. 'He makes a funny face and it's actually to close his nostrils to stop the water from going into his nose.  

'Odin loves the water and he loves food,' he said. 'Not all big cats will dive and swim underwater even for meat treats.'  


White tigers are the most rare. They get their white color from an unusual and extremely rare genetic combination.



Conspiracy Theory – a cat sleeping with a mouse!


FT asks: Did you know that “As a member of the EU, Lithuania is obligated to research and reconcile its role in the Holocaust”?


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