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Hitler returns to front page as Nazi era papers hit the streets

- a surge of interest has been reported recently in national socialist pamphlets

Hitler Youth members reading anti-Semitic propaganda in Der Sturmer

Hitler Youth members reading anti-Semitic propaganda in Der Stürmer


The headlines leaping out from German newsstands yesterday were shocking, if a little dated. “Hitler Chancellor of the Reich!” was the lead story on the front of Der Angriff and if readers were in any doubt about the significance of the news they could study the rather histrionic commentary by Dr Joseph Goebbels.

Masterminded by a British publisher, facsimiles of original Nazi-era newspapers are being reproduced and are going on sale across the country. The weekly publication costs €3.90 (£3.50). The start-up print run is 300,000 and kiosks in Berlin are reporting brisk sales.

“Ah, you want the Nazi papers,” said the owner of a newsstand on the upmarket Kurfürstendamm, reaching up to the top shelf where she stacks men’s “special interest” magazines and cigarettes. “Tell me if they have any useful tips.”

A surge of interest in national socialist pamphlets has been reported recently. The daily talk about a return of the Great Depression has stoked up interest in the 1930s and there is fresh curiosity about why the older generation swallowed Nazi propaganda.

“From today you will have a unique opportunity to read what information was available to your grandparents and your parents,” said the historian and editor of the venture, Sandra Paweronschitz. The publisher, Peter McGee, who launched a similar project successfully in Austria describes the publication, Zeitungszeugen (newspaper witnesses), as a platform for discussion in Germany. “It should be read by people who would never read a contemporary history textbook but still value quality analysis of the information,” he said.

Mr McGee’s London-based publishing company, Albertas, is being advised by leading German historical scholars on the Third Reich, including Professor Wolfgang Benz, head of Berlin’s Centre for Research into AntiSemitism. They are part of a ten-member board, whose make-up is intended to banish any suspicion that reprinting Nazi papers was some kind of far-right stunt.

The appeal of the facsimiles in the first instance is to Germans fascinated by the breach of a taboo that has been intact for more than 60 years. In Germany books are removed from the shelves if they bear a swastika, and the Hitler salute is forbidden. Mr McGee has been given special dispensation to reproduce the Nazi propaganda with all its insignia for its historical value.

The current issue is centred on January 30, 1933, when Hitler came to power. Three newspaper are reproduced - Der Angriff (The Attack), a Nazi paper founded by Goebbels, the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, a national conservative paper and Der Kämpfer (The Fighter), the main organ of the German Communist Party – giving a spread of opinion. The three papers come with a wrap-around supplement full of commentary and analysis from the advisory board.

The publishers have tried to fend off potential criticism that they are peddling Nazi propaganda for a new generation. However, the problem will become more pronounced in subsequent issues. The plan is to reproduce completely 150 newspapers up to 1945. In the later publications there will be little internal balance. The Nazis closed down opposition papers and censored heavily. Newspapers such as Der Stürmer (The Attacker) dripped antiSemitic vitriol.

“I am not sure what effect this project will have,” said Ralph Giordano, a novelist and Holocaust survivor. “What I can say is that Hitler, and everything that his name symbolises, may have been militarily defeated but not intellectually.”

A leading member of the Berlin Jewish community was also sceptical about the mass selling of Nazi newspapers. “We’re all a tad nervous,” he said, requesting anonymity. “The Gaza action is propelling thousands on to the streets chanting antiIsraeli slogans – it’s not a great moment to give publicity to Joseph Goebbels.”

From January 13, 2009, Copyright 2008 Times Newspapers Ltd.


Rethinking Zionism

By Philip Weiss

Huffington Post, January 11, 2009

Dana Goldstein, whose thoughtful condemnation of the Gaza slaughter after years of reserve I welcome, is a little uncomfortable with the embrace. She points out that I have identified myself as a non- or anti-Zionist, and says that anti-Zionism is redolent of antisemitism. She's a post-Zionist, she says. Goldstein's comments deserve a response, especially at this moment in intellectual life, when so many people are crowding the doorways of this conversation.

I also used to say post- or non-Zionist to avoid being negative. The playwright David Zellnik told me that anti-Zionist felt to him like a denial of Israel's considerable achievements and I respected David's view. Now I've come to say that I'm an anti-Zionist for several reasons.

First: My feelings are not neutral about Zionism; I don't like it. As a Jew, I think about it a lot and there is nothing I can really feel positive about outside of the Jewish pride and its historical significance of it and its visionary component. All these elements have lost their value: Zionism privileges Jews and justifies oppression, and this appalls me. Saying I'm anti-Zionist is a sincere expression of my minority-respecting worldview.

Second, Post-Zionist strikes me as an evasion. At this moment, Zionism reigns in historical Palestine and in American Jewish leadership. To say you're a post-Zionist is like saying you're a post-Communist during the Stalin purges. You are tastefully separating yourself from the world, dainty as an English person drinking tea with their little finger in the air. Zionism remains a very powerful force in Middle East affairs and American society. It's not helpful to those who are trying to understand these matters to evade this fact or suggest that post-Zionism is actually a real factor in, say, the life of Gaza City. I urge people to take a stand if they find Zionist beliefs that privilege 6 million Jews over 5-6 million non-Jews and that have entailed apartheid on the West Bank and ethnic cleansing a supportable ideology, especially in the age of our mutt president-to-be.

Third, anti-Zionism is an idealistic Jewish tradition. In fact, it draws on the same visionary and If-you-dream-it feeling that Zionism did 100 years ago, before the militants ruined it, and engages the same young restless sensibilities and liberationist feeling as Zionism did by imagining Israel as a state of its citizens, not a Jewish state. We anti-Zionists can say with honor that anti-Zionists like Rabbi Elmer Berger identified the problems with Zionism 60 years ago, accurately when he said that Zionism meant contempt for the Arab population, dependence on a backroom lobby in the United States, and the introduction of dual loyalty into American Jewish life. All true. Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamin and Norman Mailer all opposed Zionism to one degree or another out of concerns with ethnocentrism--didn't like its Is-it-good-for-the-Jews backbeat. These problems are larger today than ever, especially post-Iraq-war and the Iraq war's idiot stepson, Gaza.

Finally, declaring I'm anti-Zionist is a way of trying to make room in American life for this view. Right now being critical of Israel means that you can hurt your business, as a Bay Area professional told the San Francisco Chronicle. True and disgusting. As Jimi Hendrix said when he was a changing attitude: I'm going to wave my freak flag high!

As to the antisemitism point, the American Jewish Committee has said the same thing: anti-Zionism is antisemitism. It thus conflates Jewishness with Zionism, and this conflation is damaging the Jewish experience around the world. When Dana says she worries about the antisemitic suggestion of anti-Zionism, I feel a shadow of censoriousness. There are things you can and can't say. Well, I am an empowered Jew who has never experienced functional antisemitism ever in my life, and my empowerment is also part of this conversation: I insist on speaking about Jewish cultural/financial power in the U.S. as a component of my Zionist critique. Do I think that Jews should be denied power? No! Do I think that there should be quotas on Jewish inclusion in elite institutions? No! Well: I would like Jewish participation in mainstream media roundtables on the Middle East held to 50 percent. That is my quota. These ideas have made some of my readers uncomfortable. They've made me uncomfortable. I grew up in fear of lurking antisemitism. But I have decided in my 50s that these are things I think about all the time as a mature person, however flawed I am, and I think they're important--so I am going to talk about them.

And I would add that shutting down debate in the name of "antisemitism" strikes me as selfish. Our phantom worries about a second Holocaust take precedence over the real evidence that surrounds us of man's inhumanity to man, not just man's inhumanity to Jews. And our phantom worries mean that we cannot address the incredible, everyday, real suffering of Palestinians that has been perpetrated politically in large part by empowered American Jews who are all over the media and political establishment, some of whom limit debate of the issue by citing a possible infraction of our tremendous freedoms. Believe me, when our freedoms are encroached upon, I will howl. Today and tomorrow I howl for the Jewish leadership's actual crushing of the Palestinian right of self-determination



How is it "progress" to threaten the discussion of evidence surrounding the massive financial and psychological assault... the "holocaust"? The aggressive actions to suppress honest investigations are the clearest signs of conceal what cannot be proven with facts/evidence...In other words "he doth protest too much"! Let's discuss and investigate EVERYTHING! "Got freedom of speech or not?"


How stupid can we look? carpet bomb the emotions of people constantly...and then you never need to answer any real questions! Stop being a stupid drone and ask questions about everything important! Why would you "trust" them when they won't even allow honest dialog and investigations? (and that includes 911)



What’s this all about?

Sometimes we receive emails containing allegations that make no sense. We had never heard of this man, nor have we to our knowledge ever used him ‘as an example’, as claimed.

-----Original Message-----

From: douglas card 

Sent: Tuesday, 13 January 2009 3:04 PM


Subject: Anti-Muslims, Anti-Germans, Anti-Semitism


I would like to state in my strongest language that I do not appreciate

your using me as an example of your disgusting anti-Semitism and

hostility towards modern Germany.


I detest all extremists, from Daniel Pipes to you..

Just because I hate Zionist extremists does not mean I have any

sympathy for the likes of you.


Knowing post-war Germany intimately, I know how Germans suffered

through the horrors of their dictatorship and the inevitable loss of

their expansionist war.  German people I loved suffered because of

Hitler's sociopathic nonsense.

For God's sake, leave them alone!  Stop your revancherist nonsense. 

Germans have suffered enough!  Now they have a successful, democratic

society.  They don't need another round of political suicide.



Douglas Card


"Professor Douglas Card, a University of Oregon sociology professor

sued Daniel Pipes for defamation in a $1.35 million law suit when Pipes

and his research assistant labled Card as an "anti-semitic" and "left

wing extremist" who "indoctrinated students" through their teaching.

Pipes and Schanzer tried to force him to provide names of his students

and contents of his class examinations in violation of UO policy.

Ultimately the law suit was settled out of court for an undisclosed



Looking at the Bigotry and Racism of Daniel Pipes and Campus Watch

Against Muslims


A 3 minute look at the article titles on their websites

(, ), is all that is needed to

understand their views of Islam and Muslims. The "Hate Laws" pushed

through legislatures of the U.S. and European countries by Zionists

apparently apply only to non-Zionists.

Joint Statement

Douglas Card, an adjunct professor of sociology at the University of Oregon, complained that he was defamed in a column by Daniel Pipes and Jonathan Schanzer, originally published in the New York Post and later posted on the Campus Watch website. Specifically, Card contended that the column mischaracterized his classroom conduct and an exam he gave in his class. The column stated:

University of Oregon: In a course entitled "Social Inequality," the sociology department's Douglas Card reportedly called Israel "a terrorist state" and Israelis "baby-killers" and insisted that students agree with his view that Israel "stole land" on the final exam. One student said Card bashed Israel and Jews "at every opportunity."

Card has now made the exam in question available to Pipes and Schanzer. They have found that the exam does not state that Israel "stole land." It does contain two questions which refer to Israel. Question 66 is a true-false statement which refers to a statement by Card in his lecture: "Both the Israelis and the Palestinians have been victims of history and both deserve a fair and secure settlement." The correct answer is "true." Question 80 is a multiple-choice question "America and Israel tend to have in common that both are A. Rather rich and successful countries B. Generally "democratic" C. Highly developed, having spread across the landscape and used technology to create wealth. D. There because their newly arriving populations pushed out other people who had already been living there E. All of these." Card graded the exam as stating the correct answer is "E. All of these."

Pipes and Schanzer hold that endorsing answer D is tantamount to saying that Israel "stole land"; it is also historically inaccurate.

Card emphatically denies making the statements in class attributed to him in the column. Further, he condemns anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism. He also condemns professors who use their classrooms to promote anti-Semitic and anti-Israel beliefs and recognizes the danger of espousing such views-particularly on university campuses. Card expresses his horror at the wave of anti-Semitic events around the world in recent years and is especially troubled by the attacks on Jewish students on college campuses.

Based on these statements, Pipes and Schanzer are now convinced that Card does not condone extremism in the classroom.

© 2002 - 2009 The Middle East Forum. Campus Watch contact e-mail:


Poland: Workers find WWII mass grave of Germans

Monday, January 12, 2009 12:45 PM EST
By MONIKA SCISLOWSKA Associated Press Writer

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Construction workers in northern Poland have unearthed a World War II-era mass grave containing what are believed to be the bodies of 1,800 German men, women and children who disappeared during the Soviet Army's march to Berlin.

Poles digging at the site of a planned luxury hotel in Malbork — which was called Marienburg and was part of Germany during the war — excavated a bomb crater at the foot of the city's famous 13th century Teutonic Knights fortress, authorities said Monday.

The workers found a small group of bodies in late October and halted digging to allow prosecutors to investigate. After resuming work weeks later, the workers turned up dozens, and then hundreds, more corpses. They believe more may be found.

It was not immediately clear how the bodies ended up in the crater but initial examinations by Polish and German experts have concluded that they are likely the remains of German citizens still classified as "missing" more than 60 years after the end of the war, town official Piotr Szwedowski told The Associated Press.

Millions of civilians were killed or declared missing during World War II. Many of those who disappeared in the chaos of wartime Europe are still unaccounted for.

"Examination of the remains and the circumstances confirm that these are the missing German inhabitants of Malbork," Szwedowski said. "I have no doubt it is them."

As the Red Army was advancing in early 1945, the inhabitants of Malbork were ordered to evacuate. Some refused, while others were prevented from doing so by the general chaos of the nearing front. The Soviets bombarded the city with heavy artillery in their assault. After the defeated German military retreated, the remaining civilians found themselves at the mercy of Red Army troops. There are no known living witnesses of what happened, Szwedowski said.

The bodies were buried naked without any possessions, he said. "We found no trace of any clothes, shoes, belts, glasses — not even dentures or false teeth," he said.

Some 100 skulls — primarily of adults — have bullet holes in them, suggesting these people could have been executed, but it is still unclear how the others were killed, Szwedowski said. "We don't know if these (civilians) are direct or indirect victims of the artillery barrage but the bullet holes suggest executions in some cases," he said.

More forensic tests will be carried out before the remains are laid to rest either in Malbork or a German military cemetery in Stary Czarnow, near the northwestern city of Szczecin. "These people died in such an inhuman way, were dumped so inhumanely, that we need to bury them in dignity and respect," Szwedowski said.



TodMcInerney  has made a comment on Fredrick Töben's media release 12 January 2009 :


Fantastic ... I have really become bemused why it is illegal to think that the holocost didn't happen the way its portrayed in the history books. You only make thoughts illegal if you have something to hide.


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