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Fredrick Töben says

After the recent Einfeld judgment I expect no legal mercy from the FCA. So, wish me luck on 16 April 2009 … perhaps this will be our final newsletter, and for the record this on 16 April 2009 was the front page of AI’s website:

  Nothing is more galling than to fight with facts and arguments against an adversary in the belief that one is dealing with his understanding, when in reality one is dealing with the will, which obdurately closes its mind to the truth. One must understand that reason applied against the will is like seed sown on bare rock, like light arrows against armor, like the storm wind against a beam of light.  - Arthur Schopenhauer 

Judgment in matter Jones v Töben on 16 April 2009 Federal Court of Australia, Adelaide, at 14 hours. 


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Please be advised, unless stated otherwise, any communication with Adelaide Institute is considered to be a public act.


Dr Fredrick Töben's disclaimer:

"I am operating under a Federal Court of Australia Gag Order that prohibits me from questioning/denying the three pillars on which the >Holocaust-Shoah< story/legend/myth rests: 

1. During World War II, Germany had an extermination policy against European Jewry; 

2. of which they killed six million; 

3. using as a murder weapon homicidal gas chambers. It is impossible to discuss the >Holocaust< with such an imposed constraint. I therefore am merely reporting on matters that I am not permitted to state. 

For example, if I state the >Holocaust< is: 

1. a lie; 

2. six million Jews never died, or 

3. the gas chambers did not exist, then I would claim that I am merely reporting on what expert Revisionists such as Professors Butz/Faurisson, et al, are stating in public. 

Anyone who refuses to believe in these three pillars of orthodoxy will face a world-wide group of enforcers who will use any means to destroy dissenting voices. The problem is that these pillars are not set in concrete, though attempts at setting them in legal concrete have been under way for decades - without success.

The latest victims imprisoned for refusing to BELIEVE in the >Holocaust-Shoah< narrative are Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel & Sylvia Stolz in Germany; Siegfried Verbeke in Belgium, and Wolfgang Fröhlich & Gerd Honsik in Austria. 

If you wish to begin to doubt the >Holocaust-Shoah< narrative, you must be prepared for personal sacrifice, must be prepared for marriage and family break-up, loss of career, and go to prison. This is because Revisionists are, among other things, dismantling a massive multi-billion dollar industry that the >Holocaust-Shoah< enforcers are defending, as well as the survival of Zionist-racist Israel. So, do not cry when the knock on the door takes you away from family and friends. Such experiences can be character-building. Revisionists are not foolish or naive but realistic as befitting someone who still cherishes such life-affirming ideals as Love, Truth, Honour, Justice, Beauty! 

Some definitions: 

a. An antisemite is someone who condemns Jews because they are Jews, something I reject in my maxim: >Don't blame the Jews, blame those that bend to their pressure<. 

b. The term >antisemitic< is itself a problem because it refers to language-type and refers to the Arabic-speaking peoples, not just the Hebrew-speaking peoples; both peoples use a Semitic language. 

c. An antisemite is someone the Jews hate.

d. Antisemitism is a disease. You catch it from Jewish behaviour.

If you seek to create Beauty-Love, Honour-Justice and Truth, then feel free to enter Adelaide Institute's website.    


Dear Supporters

Herewith copies of emails sent to the Federal Court of Australia, and the replies received:  


From: Adelaide Institute

Sent: Wednesday, 8 April 2009 2:37 PM

Subject: Overseas visit

Dear Associate to The Honourable Justice Lander

I would be pleased if you advised His Honour that I am about to depart for overseas and I plan to return by the end of August 2009. The last time I advised of same, see below, you may recall I was arrested at Heathrow Airport on 1 October 2008 and detained for 50 days before being released without charge.

I shall be spending some time in Washington, DC, where my book about my arrest on an European Arrest Warrant will be launched. To date I still have no actual conviction against my name, and the matter for which the German authorities attempted to have me extradited from Britain is regarded not a ‘moral turpitude’ matter in the USA.

However, should I be found in contempt of court in Australia, then that is a criminal matter and I would be precluded from ever visiting the USA again, as was the case with a journalist who, upon refusing to disclose to a court his source of information on a matter, was found to be in contempt of court. Subsequently, this particular journalist could not accompany the Prime Minister’s contingent to the USA.

The German authorities have advised that they are pursuing me – and so I can expect the European Arrest Warrant/ Interpol to be enforced wherever it is accepted, as it is in Dubai!

Submitted for your consideration.

Sincerely Fredrick Töben


German Translation by:

From: AlexandervL

Sent: Wednesday, 8 April 2009 9:12 PM

To: Wahrheitssucher - undisclosed recipients

Subject: Australien: Neues von Töben - Will in Washington ein neues Buch vorstellen / News from Töben - will launch a new book in Washington

Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

An den Gehilfen des Richters Lander

Ich würde mich freuen, wenn Sie Herrn Richter darauf hinweisen würden, daß ich nach Übersee verreisen werde und ich plane Ende August 2009 zurückzukehren. Beim letzten Mal, als ich dies in ähnlicher Weise ankündigte, siehe unten, wurde ich, wie Sie sich vielleicht erinnern, am Flughafen Heathrow am 1. Oktober 2008 verhaftet und für 50 Tage festgehalten, bevor ich ohne Strafe freigelassen wurde.

Ich werde einige Zeit in Washington D.C. verbringen, wo mein Buch über meine Verhaftung mittels des europäisches Haftbefehles vorgestellt werden wird. Bis zum heutigen Tage gibt es gegen mich keine tatsächliche Verurteilung, und die Angelegenheit, weshalb mich die deutschen Behörden von Großbritannien aus ausgeliefert wissen wollen, wird in den VSA nicht als „moralische Schändlichkeit“ betrachtet.

Sollte ich aber in Australien der Mißachtung des Gerichtes schuldig gesprochen werden, dann ist das eine strafrechtliche Sache und ich wäre davon ausgeschlossen, jemals wieder die VSA zu besuchen, so wie es mit einem Journalisten geschehen ist, als er einem Gericht nicht preisgeben wollte, was seine Informationsquellen gewesen waren, und dadurch der Mißachtung des Gerichtes schuldig gesprochen wurde. Danach war es dem Journalisten nicht möglich, den Premierminister in die VSA zu folgen.

Die deutschen Behörden haben darauf hingewiesen, daß sie weiter hinter mir her sind – und deshalb kann ich erwarten, daß der europäische Haftbefehl bzw. Interpol überall dort angewendet werden kann, wo er angenommen wird, so wie es in Dubai der Fall ist.

Zu Ihrer Würdigung übergeben.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Friedrich Töben


From: Samuel Rogers

Sent: Wednesday, 8 April 2009 3:50



Subject: RE: Overseas visit


Dear Dr Toben,

Thank you for advising the court of you travel arrangements.

I note that you have not advised of a date on which you intend to leave the country. Please be advised that judgment in the matter NSD 327/2001 Jeremy Jones v Fredrick Toben will be handed down next Thursday 16 April 2009 at 2pm (Central Standard Time).

The Court will require your attendance on that date.

Kind regards,

Samuel Rogers

Associate to The Honourable Justice Lander

Federal Court of Australia


From: Samuel Rogers

Sent: Thursday, 9 April 2009 8:38 AM

Cc: Janet Rice

Subject: NSD327/2001 Jones v Toben

Dear Parties,

Further to previous communication, please be advised that judgment in this matter will be handed down on Thursday 16 April 2009 at 2pm (CST) in Adelaidewith videolink to Sydney.

Please respond to confirm receipt of this notification.

Kind regards,

Samuel Rogers

Associate to The Honourable Justice Lander

Federal Court of Australia



From: Adelaide Institute  
Sent: Friday, 10 April 2009 8:41 AM

To: 'Samuel Rogers'


Adelaide Institute

Subject: RE: NSD327/2001 Jones v Töben

Thank you for this – I shall be at FCA, Adelaide on 16 April 2009 at 14 hours.

Fredrick Töben  

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Germany Can’t Question Swedish Journalist

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / SCANPIX

Göran Lambertz, Swedish Chancellor for Justice, says no to Germany

A German prosecutor wants to question the Swedish TV-journalist who interviewed the Holocaust denier, Bishop Richard Williamson. But the Swedish Chancellor of Justice, Göran Lambertz, says no. Williamson, a deeply conservative catholic minister, caused international offence as he told Swedish Television that during the Holocaust only 300.000 Jews had died, instead of the officially estimated 6 million. Also, he claimed that none had been sent to gas chambers. 

The interview was carried out in Germany, where it is illegal to deny the Holocaust and soon after an investigation was begun against Williamson. According to the Swedish news agency TT, the German prosecutor now wants the Swedish authorities to make the journalist disclose more details regarding the interview.

As the Chancellor of Justice in Sweden is the sole authority on freedom of speech legislation, the matter rests with him. And the answer is no.

The reason is that Williamson hasn’t committed a crime under Swedish law. Not a suspect, he is protected by the clauses in the Swedish constitution on protecting media sources.

According to TT, the chancellor does not see anything wrong with Swedish Police approaching the journalist to ask him if he is willing to disclose anything else. And if the Germans aren’t happy with his decision, he refers them to the government. (RM) 

© Copyright Sveriges Radio 2009  


French comedian to face trial for anti-Semitism

Dieudonne Mbala Mbala will go on trial for having an actor dressed as a Jewish deportee award a prize to a Holocaust denier during a comedy show.

PARIS – A French comic will go on trial in May on charges of anti-Semitism after he awarded a prize to a Holocaust denier during a comedy show, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Dieudonne sparked outrage when he had an actor dressed as a Jewish deportee present the prize for "unrespectability and insolence" to Robert Faurisson, an academic who has denied the existence of the Holocaust.

Far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, who recently caused an uproar for again calling Nazi gas chambers a "detail of World War II history," was in the audience during the show on 29 December at one of Paris' biggest concert halls.

The Paris criminal court will begin hearing the case on 5 May, the prosecutor's office said. The black comedian, whose full name is Dieudonne Mbala Mbala, has over the past years been ordered to pay several fines for inciting hatred. Dieudonne, 42, faces a possible sentence of six months in prison and a maximum fine of EUR 22,500 if convicted.

In September 2007, he was fined EUR 7,000 after he accused Jews of "memorial pornography" for their remembrance of the Holocaust during a press conference in Algeria in 2005. In the same conference he attacked "the Zionist lobby which cultivates the idea of their unique suffering ... and has declared war on the black world."

In March, the comedian born to a Cameroonian father again caused a stir after he announced plans to run as an "anti-Zionist" candidate in the June elections to the European parliament. Dieudonne is to answer charges of causing offense to a group of persons based on their origin, ethnic background, race or religion, a judicial source said.

Several city councils had decided to cancel shows by the comedian over the past months and Culture Minister Christine Albanel called it a "provocation" that "is hurtful and offensive".

AFP / Expatica


“The radical reinterpretation of incitement against Jews by the Chancellor of Justice in Sweden.

European Jewish Press, 03 April 2006

EJP publishes an Opinion written and signed by four Jewish Swedish personalities about the “radical reinterpretation of incitement against Jews by the Chancellor of Justice in Sweden.”

Discussions about the limits of freedom of expression are running high right now, not least because of the Muhammed cartoons in Danish Jyllandsposten. The EU Council states in a controversial message on the 27th February, that it acknowledges and regrets that these cartoons were considered offensive and distressing by Muslims across the world and that a spirit of respect for religious and other beliefs should prevail.

It is a crime in Sweden to express derogatory statements about ethnic, racial, national, religious and sexual minorities or to incite hatred and violence against them. Simultaneously the limits of what one can express in Sweden against Jews are being expanded gradually. All Jewish institutions in Sweden are being continuously guarded because of threats directed to Jewish individuals as well as to Jewish institutions, and the Jewish communities spend 25% of their budget on security.

The hate website Radio Islam continues to spew forth its coarse Anti-Semitism, spread lists of Jews (real or imagined) and conspiracy theories on its site without the security police or the prosecuting authorities doing anything about it. When the radical right-wing party the Sweden Democrats on the other hand, had one of the Muhammed cartoons on its web-site, it was closed down after a quick and direct intervention by an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the beginning of this year, the Chancellor of Justice*, Goran Lambertz, discontinued his preliminary investigation against the great mosque in Stockholm. Cassette tapes had been sold in the bookshop of the mosque with a violently Anti-Semitic contents.

After a couple of broadcasts on the 26 and 27th November last year, the Stockholm mosque was reported to the police.
In his decision to discontinue the preliminary investigation Lambertz wrote that “the lecture at hand contains statements that are strongly degrading to Jews, among other things, they are throughout called brothers of apes and pigs.” Furthermore a curse is expressed over the Jews and “Jihad is called for, to kill the Jews, whereby suicide bombers - celebrated as martyrs - are the most effective weapon”.

The Chancellor raises the question whether the statements “should be judged differently, and be considered allowed, because they are used by one side in a continuing profound conflict, where battle cries and invectives are part of everyday occurrences in the rhetoric that surround the conflict.” Lambertz thought that the “recently mentioned statements in spite of their contents are not to be considered “incitement against an ethnic group according to Swedish law”. His conclusions were that the preliminary investigation should be discontinued because this case of incitement against Jews could be said to originate from the Middle East conflict. That is, in spite of the calls for ”killing the Jews”, these statements are not a crime in the legal sense in Sweden, because of the current conflict in the Middle East, according to the Chancellor of Justice. The logical conclusion is clear. If one mentions Palestine in hate speeches and calls for mass murder against Jews, one risks nothing in Sweden. 


Andres Carlberg   Lisa Abramovics           Jesper Svartvik

What are then the situation for the Jews of Sweden? The Jewish communities spend 25% of its budget on security measures. No Jewish events, social, religious and cultural, can take place without extensive security measures. One wonders what the appointment of the Jews of Sweden to be a national minority according to the European Council Convention, together with Samis, Romas, Swedish Finns and Tornedal Finns?
Official Sweden wants to cut down on the little aid there is, to Jewish institutions for security; schools among others, and refuse absolutely to take over any responsibility for the security measures that even security police reports deem necessary. Jewish cemeteries in Stockholm and Malmoe have been vandalized recently.

 The Chief of police in Stockholm wants to remove the cement impediments in front of the great Synagogue of Stockholm.
Jews are being harassed and persecuted in certain suburbs of Stockholm only because of their Jewishness and many have been forced to move to get away from the harassment.

What are then the situation for the Jews of Sweden? The Jewish communities spend 25% of its budget on security measures. No Jewish events, social, religious and cultural, can take place without extensive security measures. One wonders what the appointment of the Jews of Sweden to be a national minority according to the European Council Convention, together with Samis, Romas, Swedish Finns and Tornedal Finns?
Official Sweden wants to cut down on the little aid there is, to Jewish institutions for security; schools among others, and refuse absolutely to take over any responsibility for the security measures that even security police reports deem necessary. Jewish cemeteries in Stockholm and Malmoe have been vandalized recently.

 The Chief of police in Stockholm wants to remove the cement impediments in front of the great Synagogue of Stockholm.
Jews are being harassed and persecuted in certain suburbs of Stockholm only because of their Jewishness and many have been forced to move to get away from the harassment.

In May last year the Minister for Justice, Thomas Bodstrom, stated in Parliament that the police and the prosecuting authorities should give top priority to hate crimes as e.g. incitement against Jews. The reinterpretation of the law by the Chancellor of Justice gives the absolute opposite message. If this interpretation will turn into practice the threshold for the expression of hatred and incitement against Jews will be nearly eradicated.

The most frightening thing about this decision is the resounding silence that it has generated.

Chairperson of the Information committee of the Jewish Community in Stockholm

Anders Carlberg, President of the Jewish Community in Gothenburg
Lena Posner-Korosi President of the Central Jewish Council and of the Jewish Community in Stockholm

Jesper Svartvik, Theology Professor, President of the Swedish Committee against Anti-Semitism

*The Chancellor of Justice is the Government's counsellor in legal matters. It is not a political post. One of his tasks is to ensure that the limits of the freedom of the press and other media are not transgressed and to act as the only public prosecutor in cases regarding offences against the freedom of the press and other media.


Suspected Nazi can stay in US for now: officials. AFP , 9 April 2009

CHICAGO (AFP) — Suspected Nazi guard John Demjanjuk can remain in the United States while an immigration court considers his latest appeal against extradition to Germany, US officials said Wednesday.

"It is a subject for the courts at this point," said Pat Reilly, a spokeswoman for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

"When he is removable -- when he no longer has legal recourse -- we will remove him."

Demjanjuk, who changed his name from Ivan to John after emigrating to the United States in 1952, is wanted in Germany on charges of assisting in the murders of thousands of Jews at Sobibor death camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

He was stripped of his US citizenship in 2008 and last month, US officials began the process of extraditing the now-stateless Demjanjuk to Germany to stand trial for crimes allegedly committed more than 60 years ago.

His lawyer won him a brief stay of deportation last week while immigration officials debated whether to reopen the Ukrainian-born former autoworker's "removal" case.

That stay expired Wednesday, but officials said they will await the outcome of additional motions filed Tuesday before they take action.

"We'll file a response and see what happens from there," US Department of Justice spokeswoman Laura Sweeney told AFP.

Demjanjuk's lawyer has argued that the octogenarian is in poor health, and that jailing and trying him in Germany would cause him pain amounting to torture.

His family has also filed motions in Germany requesting that the government reconsider its extradition request.

"We're trying to stop what we believe to be an inhumane action," Demjanjuk's son John Jr told AFP.

"There is zero chance that my dad will face trial in Germany," said the younger Demjanjuk, who expects a decision on the extradition appeal "at any time."

"There remains a chance that he will be deported to Germany. But if he is deported to Germany, he will live out his remaining days in a German hospital, not in a court of law."

German prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Demjanjuk last month, accusing him of complicity in the murder of at least 29,000 Jews at Sobibor death camp, where he allegedly served between March and September 1943.

Former wartime inmates of Nazi camps in occupied Poland in 1977 identified Demjanjuk as the brutal Ukrainian prison guard "Ivan the Terrible" during a US Justice Department investigation.

Demjanjuk was sentenced to death by a court in Israel, but the penalty was overturned five years later by Israel's Supreme Court after statements from other former guards identified another man as the sadistic "Ivan."

Demjanjuk's son said the current case against his father is based upon the same flawed and false evidence which led to his acquittal in Israel.

"They had the wrong guy in Israel and they're going to get the wrong guy in Germany," he said in a telephone interview.

"Nobody to this day, nobody ever will be able to provide evidence that he was involved in the killing of one person."

He supplied the court with a video of an examination of Demjanjuk by a physician hired by immigration officials to determine if he was fit to travel.

In the video, Demjanjuk speaks of his fears of how he will cope in Germany after the doctor helps him back into bed.

"What happens to me over there? You don?t care," he said according to a transcript supplied by his son.

"Because who goes behind me (when) I need help? I have here my family to help me. Who help me over there, huh? Just think, just think. This is the torture. That‘s the torture."

Ohio's Demjanjuk renews fight against deportation

3 hours ago, 10 April 2009

CLEVELAND (AP) — An elderly Ohio man accused of being a Nazi death camp guard has renewed his fight against deportation to Germany. The attorney for John Demjanjuk told the immigration appeals board Thursday that the U.S. government may have used misleading arguments in pushing to deport his 89-year-old client.

John H. Broadley argued that deporting Demjanjuk to face trial would amount to double jeopardy.

Demjanjuk was found guilty in Israel of war crimes and crimes against humanity in 1988. That conviction was later overturned.

The U.S. government says Demjanjuk was never acquitted.

Broadley also questioned why the government withheld results of Demjanjuk's recent medical exam. The defense has said that Demjanjuk's poor health would make deportation torturous.

Copyright © 2009 TAP


Amy Aremia write to the Pope

To: "VISnews - eng - txt"
Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 8:45 AM Subject: VISnews 090408

After reading Pope Benedict's message, how could most of the world, and the People condone the lies and misleading propaganda  which is being enforced and is an attack on Christianity???  Is it not time to pick up the Cross to show the world that the only outcome of such acts will be the destruction of the Christian world, by a "Jewish" people, who have destroyed what is said in at least five Books of the Old Testament, where their God constantly reprimands them for their evil ways and disobedience, until He finally takes away the promised land only to make them roam the world without a country...They have been taking their revenge ever since....It is time to take a firm stand ---this is not meant to be anti-Semitic,  or anti-anything,  but time to defend the Christian faiths which has brought freedoms (including freedom of religions), liberties and the right to pursue happiness and to better their station in life as free human beings.
To force the Pope to bow down to their demands makes an insult against the Catholic Religion.   The "Hate Laws"  that have been foisted upon our (US)State Department to enact  and criminalize anyone who speaks out and question their "Holocaust"  should be repealed for the basic purpose of such laws are  to destroy every non Jew and their religion as an anti-Semitic criminal while ignoring the genocide of more than 18 million during the Bolshevik Revolution and the genocide of  more than 80 million in China, plus all the other wars fought to destroy  humans are obscured....

Time is running out to dissolve the political bands connecting the world, and destroying  the separate and equal pursuit, which, as human beings, the people are entitled to. The U.S. Constitution gave to the people their just powers and constent on how to be governed....not twisted to a dictatorship and tyranny by a few.

Pope Benedict can do a great service and help to bring back realistic sanity by showing up the evil power to dominate the world.  Their active political influence has diminished the rule of separatioin of church and state, or government and religion.  This is fast taking over the peoples' attention, while the real purpose is to destroy both as they instill a one-world global power which is fast replacing the dignity and freedoms of once free people.

A.P. Aremia


From ADC: ADC Op-Ed on Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East in Today's Chicago Tribune

Rounded Rectangle: American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

Please see the ADC Op-Ed below from this morning's Chicago Tribune on nuclear weapons in the Middle East. If you would like to continue the discussion started by this piece by writing a letter to the editor, you may do so by using this online form. Letters should be under 200 words and all contact information must be included for the letter to be considered.

Nuclear restraints

Yousef Munayyer, April 9, 2009

It was nearly 25 years ago when Israeli nuclear scientist Mordechai Vanunu exposed his nation's secret nuclear weapons program to the world through The Sunday Times of London. Now, days before he is due to be released from captivity in Israel, an American president dared to envision a world free of nuclear weapons. In the Middle East, however, things seem to be heading in the opposite direction.

While the Israelis have stuck to a strategy of nuclear ambiguity, neither confirming or denying possession of nuclear weapons, experts around the globe estimate the Israeli stockpile to be in the range of 70 to 300 nuclear warheads, reports the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The Israelis have also taken pre-emptive and provocative steps to ensure nuclear dominance in the region by carrying out attacks in Iraq and Syria.

Despite the fact that the Israeli nuclear capability has contributed to the end of conventional interstate war in the region, animosity remains steady as battlefields shift. Increased asymmetrical warfare is on the rise and although Israel remains conventionally superior to its non-state enemies in the region, it has failed in eliminating the threats they pose.
Iran also continues to test Western patience by perpetuating its nuclear program. While Iran claims its nuclear program is peaceful, policymakers here often suspect otherwise.
The Middle East has enough problems and certainly does not need another, deadlier, weapons race. But an Iran-centric non-proliferation policy is myopic and dangerous and will likely lead the region into further destabilizing conflict.

A better approach is reviving an effort for a Middle East free of all weapons of mass destruction. Recalled in UN Security Council Resolution 687, the creation of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East would go a great distance toward providing security for states in the region and re-establishing faith in the international legal system.

To do this, the international community, led by the United States, would have to put equal pressure on Iran and Israel to open their facilities for full inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency and dismantle all nuclear weapons programs and eliminate all stockpiles.

This will not be easy for Israel to accept considering its history in the region and the solid track record of deterrence its weapons program has had with surrounding states.

However, these concerns can be allayed by strong security guarantees by the United States to retaliate against any state that launches a nuclear attack against Israel. A nuclear attack on Israel by a Muslim majority state is also deterred by the significant, and larger, number of Muslim kin who would be killed in such an attack.

This policy would have to go hand in hand with a resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, which has in recent years become a proxy battleground for the United States and Iran and has only resulted in the unnecessary deaths of countless innocents.
The alternatives to a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East are grim. It is unlikely that sanctions will halt a hurting but sustainable oil-exporting Iran, and military options cannot guarantee the desired outcome without the likelihood of ground operations or regional conflagration.

 Eight years of disastrous U.S. foreign policy has contributed to the rise of a defensive Iran, the realignment of states in the Middle East, a perpetuated Israeli/Palestinian conflict and an increase in asymmetrical war throughout the region. The U.S. has a responsibility and a major national security and economic stake in setting the Middle East on a different course.
If President Barack Obama envisions a world free of nuclear weapons, he can begin by evenhandedly enforcing non-proliferation policy in the Middle East with Iran and Israel. Obama will get much further with this strategy than an Iran-only approach, which comes off to Middle Easterners as hypocritical, hegemonic and deceitful.

Yousef Munayyer is a policy analyst at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in Washington.



FROM: Adelaide Institute

Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 5:29 AM

Subject: Competitors pull the Nazi card and people bend to Jewish pressure


Defence contractor suspended over neo-Nazi link

Asher Moses, April 6, 2009 - 1:50PM

One of Australia's largest Defence Department-linked companies has suspended a contractor over her alleged links to an international neo-Nazi group.

Nicole Hanley, a bid support manager for Thales - which has hundreds of millions of dollars in Department of Defence contracts - is alleged to have been involved as an administrator of the neo-Nazi web forum Blood & Honour.

The claims have been made by whistleblower site Wikileaks, which has published a hacked database containing private messages between the group's members.

According to the Wikileaks private message trail it is claimed that Hanley has published a detailed online diary of her travels to Europe last year, which included attending several neo-Nazi skinhead gatherings, visiting Adolf Hitler's birthplace, placing flowers on his parents' grave and collecting Nazi memorabilia.

"Hearing/joining in with so many hundreds of people chanting Sieg Heil together is something that will stay with me forever," she allegedly wrote.

The online messages allegedly reveal that Hanley has also hosted international Blood & Honour activists at her house in Canberra and dated several neo-Nazi skinheads.

Blood & Honour, which promotes neo-Nazi music and events, was founded in Britain in 1987 and has been outlawed in Germany and Spain. Its Australian chapter is organising a pro-Hitler gig in Perth for Anzac Day.

In one of her online messages, Hanley is reported as saying that she would like to become "more active in supporting B&H Australia".

"I think that with my skills and background I would have a lot to offer," she wrote.

"Nothing would make me happier than to see B&H Australia become stronger and larger. I would also love to see the skinhead scene in Australia return back to the size and strength of the glory days."

Even though the Department of Defence conducted background checks on all Thales contractors, claims about Hanley's links with neo-Nazi skinhead groups were unknown to Thales or the department until provided copies of the private messages.

Thales immediately began an investigation and suspended Hanley, who is in her 40s, saying it took security "extremely seriously".

It said the matter had been referred to "appropriate authorities for further investigation".

"The person in question was a contractor engaged through an employment agency," a Thales spokeswoman said.

"The contract has been suspended and all access to Thales IT and equipment removed."

The Department of Defence said it could not comment on security allegations relating to specific people, but would have concerns about employees known to have links with nationalist extremist or racial organisations. It would not comment on Hanley's security clearance level.

In another message attributed to her she discussed how she listened to a white supremacist online radio show.

Reached at her home on Friday and this morning, Hanley refused to comment on the allegations and threatened legal action over any future reports based on the material published by Wikileaks.

"I'm under legal advice not to speak to you," she said, before hanging up.

Thales, which refused to give any further details about the investigations or about Hanley, generates about $1 billion in revenues annually and specialises in high technology defence products such as electronic warfare, munitions and protected mobility vehicles.

Mat Henderson, a volunteer with Australian anti-racism group Fight dem back, said bad economic times were always a fertile recruitment ground for racist groups.


Nicole Hanley, a bid support manager for Thales 


Politicus: New Racism and Its Antecedents

By JOHN VINOCUR, April 7, 2009

PARIS — Late last month, Jacques Chirac had a street near the Palestinian government offices in Ramallah named after him — in recognition, the town’s mayor said, of his support for the “Palestinian cause.” Very much at the same time, the former French president was making a speech here about the spread of anti-Semitism, the negation of the Holocaust in “many countries” — unmistakably, those of the Middle East — and how the region would never find peace without Arab recognition and acceptance of Israel.

The juxtaposition of events is rare. It goes to Mr. Chirac’s popularity in parts of the Arab world and his history of making clear statements about France’s responsibility in the World War II destruction of Europe’s Jews. That gives him a fairly unique place in talking about the relationship of racism and anti-Semitism to the Arab-Israeli conflict.


Just as singular: the audience for his remarks at a conference to combat Holocaust denial included President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal, who is also chairman for the next three years of the very active and influential Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

Of course, Mr. Wade’s presence could have been a courtesy to an old friend. Or, more positively, a gesture that suggests somewhere down the line (maybe way, way down) there might be a desire in a corner of Muslim leadership to ease an ancient animus.

The timing is intriguing.

Mr. Chirac’s speech came just before the Obama administration announced it would seek a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council, which the Bush administration boycotted as a sham. And it pointed to an attempt later this month by the United Nations — without the United States, Israel, Italy and Canada, nonparticipants for now — to hold a review conference on racism, called Durban II, which could effectively obliterate the anti-Semitic stamp that marked the first such meeting in 2001.


Mr. Chirac said he had no intention “to place on Muslim countries a responsibility” for the Holocaust “that isn’t theirs” but stressed the importance of “making the Shoah known while removing it from the silence that people have built up around it in many countries.” “It’s been hidden,” he said, “because referring to the Shoah in these countries has risked creating sympathy for the Jews and Israel.” Now, according to Mr. Chirac, “the continuous conflicts in the Middle East serve as a pretext for a new hatred of Israel. It’s in the process of becoming a new hatred of the Jews, and this hatred is spreading.”

After the speech, The Associated Press reported, Mr. Wade signed a declaration in favor of a dialogue and educational program to counter Holocaust denial in Arab and Muslim countries.

This is hopeful — and more so if you look at it in light of Turkey’s decision over the weekend to drop its objections to the appointment of a new NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who, defending freedom of speech as Denmark’s prime minister, refused to condemn newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

But maybe that does it for obvious glimmers of light.


A next step toward turning down the volume of hatred that fuels the Arab-Israel conflict would be finding a consensual redefinition of racism at that Durban II conference April 20-24 in Geneva. It remains a long, tedious way from reality.

This week, participating governments, with the United States and the OIC possibly in the background, will work on a revision of a draft declaration, presented March 17 to replace an earlier version that the State Department described in February as “going from bad to worse” and “not salvageable.” 

This time, the substitute draft no longer singles out Israel. But in line with a statement by Navi Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner of Human Rights, that the 2001 Durban Declaration must be accepted “without reservation,” the new draft still reaffirms the relevance of the 2001 statement, hardly a guarantee of progress.

On Monday a spokesperson for the U.S. Mission to Geneva said the State Department remained concerned about language in the draft that reaffirms the “highly problematic” 2001 document. While referring to “significant” improvement in the draft, a five-point statement also pointed to difficulties involving freedom of speech issues and a concept of “defamation of the religion” that had come under discussion.

Other sources said the Americans sought reassurance about the possibility of a repetition of what the high commissioner called “virulent anti-Semitic behavior” on the Durban I sidelines by nongovernmental invitees.

So where does that leave things before a final preparatory meeting April 15-17?

I asked Mark Malloch-Brown, the British minister for Africa, Asia and the United Nations. Talking about the acceptability, with modifications, of the latest draft, he said, “It’s not what we’d write. But it’s pulled us back from the brink” of walking out. “It’s damage limitation.” 

Which sounds a lot like leaning toward a compromise.

As for the United States, one supposition argues that the administration would not have announced its desire to come into the Council if it planned to boycott the racism conference just before standing for election May 15.

In a case of least resistance, the U.S. approach could be to find manageable wordings — to hell with their ambiguity — resulting in a joint document with the representatives of Islam and the third world. But that raises the risk of producing a statement vague enough for bigots and oppressors to ignore.

Strangely in all of this, the Italian government, whose prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is rarely thought of as a man racked by conscience, may turn out be the toughest of Durban II’s refuseniks.

Maurizio Massari, spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, sounded as if Italy were totally comfortable with the notion of having a no-go stance. “We hope it leads to a more courageous position” from the other Western countries, he said. “A desire for solidarity should not lead to a sacrifice of principles.”


WW II winners also filled mass graves - Feature

DPA, 2009-04-08

The officers were buried in a separate grave, presumably because they were separated from the soldiers and executed last.  The victims were troops of the 392 Infantry Division, set up by the German command in Croatia in August 1943 and placed under the leadership of Lt. General Hans Mickl.

The division was composed of Croats and the "Volksdeutsche," members of the German community in Yugoslavia, with officers being from the German army, the Wehrmacht. The unit was colloquially called "Blue Division" after the grey-blue colour of its uniform.

The soldiers buried at Harmica were captured in late April 1945 by partisans under command of Josip Broz Tito, who later became the lifelong president of Yugoslavia.

Cicak said his organization is currently collecting evidence on nine mass graves in northwestern Croatia from the Second World War, three of them located and six still unfound. Along with German and Croat troops, the graves are believed to hold "many civilians," he said.  One of the recently uncovered graves, exposed during construction work on a river embankment near Cakovec, northwest of Zagreb, is believed to hold 1,500 Croat soldiers killed in June 1945. Little work was however done on it, as no money for an investigation was available.

During World War II, Croatia was nominally an independent state, but was in effect run by Berlin and implemented Nazi laws. It even ran an extermination camp for Jews and enemies of the regime at Jasenovac, 100 kilometres east of Zagreb.

The rest of the then Yugoslav Kingdom was dismembered and governed by various occupational forces from the German World War II bloc, like Italy, Hungary and Bulgaria.

After claiming victory in Yugoslavia, Tito's Partisan force took brutal revenge not only on German soldiers and the large German minority living mostly in northern Croatia and Serbia, but also on local members of wartime authorities.

Following the war, the new authorities brought ethnic Germans to concentration camps and eventually drove the survivors out. In the end, only a few thousand, out of several hundred thousands living in Yugoslavia, remained.

The smaller Italian minority in Croatia suffered a similar fate, which remains a sore issue in Zagreb's relations with Rome to the present day.

Croatian President Stjepan Mesic said mass graves must be explored, but warned against "overblowing.

"The criminals responsible for the dead in those graves should be processed and punished," he told the online edition of the Jutarnji List daily. "But any exaggeration ... is harmful to Croatian people.  But mass executions of people from the losing side in Second World War were not limited to Croatia - last month a grave with hundreds of mummified corpses, also victims of the Partisans, was found in an abandoned mine in Slovenia.

Speaking recently in the wake of that discovery, Croatian Interior Minister Tomislav Karamarko estimated the number of mass graves - any with five or more bodies - at 600 in Slovenia, 840 in Croatia, 90 in Bosnia and "who knows how many more" strewn across the entire region.  "Many knew about these crimes in the wake of the World War, but had to keep silent under a totalitarian regime," Cicak told the German Press Agency dpa. "It is that (much) more outraging when somebody today says how we should not investigate each and every crime of Partisans.",ww-ii-winners-also-filled-mass-graves--feature.html


From: Wolfgang Mueller Sent: Thursday, 9 April 2009 9:47 AM

Subject: Ezra Levants critique of Canadian Hum Rights MUST READ a LIFE and DIGNITY SAVER

Dear Friends,

Run, don't walk, to the nearest "CHAPTERS" book store (in North America) or order above author's book: "SHAKEDOWN" from McClelland & Stewart ( for address details see: " for about CAD 28.00 plus Shipping and Handling.

It is about How the Canadian Government is undermining Democracy in the Name of HUMAN RIGHTS, with a foreword by MARK STEYN.

This book describes in detail,  how so-called Human Rights COMMISSIONS, on the federal and provincial levels,  have succeeded in erecting a powerful dictatorship over the people in Canada, which regulates any kind of behaviour, which any would-be complainant does not approve of or desires to force onto other peoples or organizations.

The mechanism is that,  anyone can complain to these HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSIONS (HRC) about any perceived or real physical or psychological hurt or so-called discrimination or insult no matter how absurd, without incurring any cost to himself but resulting in great financial losses  job loss, home invasion etc. to a person or organization who is being complained about. 

SOME of the "judges" in these Tribunals do not have any legal training.  They are mainly former political Activists. The result is that,  traditional legal procedures, principles and penalties are applied  completely arbitrary. For example "Magna Carta", rules of evidence. assumption of "innocent until proven guilty", the right to face the accuser, the right to be present at one,s trial, the right for a speedy trial etc. are completely ignored in most cases. And the normal or regular legal profession, who would handle these complaints, has not reacted with one peep even though the HRC.s are acting in direct competition with them. Indeed, some Law Society member have even sued Mr. Levant. Of course, they may not have known, that some Ontario HR tribunal members make around CAD 160,000 a year

The result is a 100% conviction rate, mainly against poor, young people, who don't have the finances to hire a lawyer. ONE HRC succeeded even with foisting a completely incompetent person on the RCMP and made them pay a hefty compensation for having his feelings hurt. Another one forced the MacDonald's Hamburger Chain to absolve her from having to wash her hands, while on Duty and gave her a financial award.

The most dangerous convictions have occurred in the name of alleged offences against the CANADIAN RIGHT to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. I have always felt that this Right should be ABSOLUT AND TOTAL. Any restriction is usually a sign that a certain group wants to preserve their special interests or has something to hide.

At the same time, we have Canadian Soldiers die in Afghanistan to bring Democracy to this country.

I am afraid, these shenenigans will destroy Canada's world wide good repudiation of being a fair arbiter in conflict situations and will expose us as hypocrites, instead.

Please look at Mr. Levant's website:, if you don't believe me. Be Prepared to be shocked.


Why Arabs are Backing Sudan’s Bashir

Karin Friedemann (Letter From America)

10 April 2009, Khaleej Times

Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir, despite being indicted on March 4, 2009 on seven counts of war crimes by the International Criminal Court, was given a “hero’s welcome” by the Arab League Summit hosted by Qatar last week. The 22 nations warmly supported Al Bashir with a resolution opposing the dubious ICC arrest warrant.

Bashir called the ICC an “undemocratic institution that ... applied double standards, targeted the weak and gave a blind eye to the criminals.” Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, also present at the summit, likewise objected to the ICC. “Why do they not order the capture of Bush? Why not order the arrest of the president of Israel?”

“If anything happened to Omar Al Bashir and Sudan ended up in chaos, the whole of Africa will sink into chaos,” warned Shaikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Amir of Qatar.

Amr Moussa, the Arab League Secretary-General, said that the arrest warrant was aimed “at undermining the unity and stability of Sudan.”

In response to the arrest warrant, which was issued at behest of “Save Darfur,” an activist coalition mobilised by pro-Israel organisations committed to pressuring the US administration to treat Sudan like Iraq, Al Bashir evicted 13 western NGOs from his country.

Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report comments, “Any government in the world that believes it has been targeted for regime change by the United States and its allies would be foolish to allow western-based nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) to operate freely in its territory.”

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, “Almost the entire Arab and African world supports Sudan against the ICC, arguing it is a biased and political tool that only targets Africans and infringes sovereignty.” “The allegations at the ICC have nothing to do with reality, and we will use our friends in the United Nations to stop them,” says Abdel Malik Al Naiem, spokesman for the Sudanese Embassy in Cairo. “In one year we will Sudanise all the aid on the ground and we can fill the gap in food distribution within one year because the Sudanese Red Crescent already distributes 45 per cent of the food in Darfur,” Al Bashir promised during a recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

China and Russia back the central government in Khartoum and support local peace agreements between Sudan’s warring tribes while the US, Britain, Israel and France materially support insurgent militias and promote increased foreign intervention with massive, internationally coordinated propaganda. Michel Massih, Al Bashir’s leading attorney points out, “I have never heard in my legal career of a chief prosecutor that launches media campaigns against a defendant, regardless of the nature of the charges.”

Columbia Professor Mahmood Mamdani, whose new book ‘Saviours and Survivors’ just came out, says he began to look at the issue of Darfur in 2003. He was struck by the rapid globalisation and the fact-indifference of the Save Darfur movement, which consistently misrepresented the facts in a media blitz.

Mamdani points out in a recent IslamOnline interview with Ismail Ikashkash: “The Save Darfur movement does not educate the people… about what issues drive the conflict. So they know nothing about the politics of Darfur, the history of Darfur, the history of the conflict. All they know is that … Darfur is a place where ‘evil lives.’”

In his book, Professor Mamdani describes in detail how the Save Darfur Coalition presented itself primarily as an inter-religious coalition promoting Islamophobia by implicitly creating a division of responsibility among faiths:

“The Christian faith packets were the most explicit: They spoke of ‘divine empowerment’ and ‘the burden to save’…The Jewish faith packets emphasized the special moral responsibility of Jews as ‘quintessential victims’ to identify genocide whenever it occurs…Muslims were asked to fight oppressors in their midst.”

Save Darfur board chairwoman Gloria White-Hammond, an African-American Christian minister in Boston who has been groomed to promote Zionist politics by Israel advocacy group “The David Project,” met with President Obama and his Sudan envoy General Scott Gration, before their recent trip to Sudan. She and Save Darfur president Jerry Fowler pressured Obama to revive Sudan’s internal conflicts and to threaten Khartoum with further international isolation.

America imposed economic sanctions on Sudan in 1997, but peace in Sudan requires foreign investment and political reform. Sudan has the largest underground freshwater lake in all of Africa. With some technology, Sudan could become the Breadbasket of Africa. Bush made it illegal for American-allied businesses to invest in life-saving infrastructure, and even threatened a delegation of African-American businesspeople with criminal prosecution for discussing investment ideas with President Al Bashir.

President Obama will have to choose between continuing Bush’s policies, which leave millions of Sudanese civilians in mortal jeopardy, and which have earned America international scorn, and reconciling with an international community whose support for the people of Africa is destined to grow.

Karin Friedemann is a Boston-based writer on the Middle Eastern affairs§ion=opinion&col= 


Are Jews a light unto the Gentiles? Read on ...


Women in Israeli government? Not if Photoshop can help

Friday, 04.03.09, The Associated Press

JERUSALEM -- Two women serve in Israel's new Cabinet, but some Israelis would rather not see them. Newspapers aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jewish readers tampered with the inaugural photograph of the Cabinet, erasing ministers Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver. Ultra-Orthodox newspapers consider it immodest to print images of women. The daily Yated Neeman digitally changed the photo, moving two male ministers into the places formerly occupied by the women. The weekly Shaa Tova simply blacked the women out, in a photo reprinted Friday by the mainstream daily Maariv. No response was available from the two papers. During the election, campaign posters featuring female candidate Tzipi Livni were defaced near ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.


In this combination of an originally transmitted image,top, and a digitally altered image that appeared in the Israeli ultra-orthodox newspaper Yated Neeman , show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center left, President Shimon Peres, center right, and members of Netanyahu's new government as they pose for an official photo at Peres' residence in Jerusalem Wednesday, April 1, 2009. In the bottom photo from the newspaper Yated Neeman,female cabinet ministers Limor Livnat, to the right of Netanyahu, and Sofa Landver , to the left of Netanyahu have been removed and replaced by Ariel Atias and Moshe Kachlon respectively.Two women serve in Israel's new Cabinet, but some Israelis would rather not see them. Newspapers aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jewish readers tampered with the inaugural photograph of the Cabinet, erasing ministers.

In this combination of an originally transmitted image, top, and a digitally altered image that appeared in the Israeli ultra-orthodox newspaper Yated Neeman, show Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center left, President Shimon Peres, center right, and members of Netanyahu's new government as they pose for an official photo at Peres' residence in Jerusalem Wednesday, April 1, 2009. In the bottom photo from the newspaper Yated Neeman, female cabinet ministers Limor Livnat, to the right of Netanyahu, and Sofa Landver, to the left of Netanyahu have been removed and replaced by Ariel Atias and Moshe Kachlon respectively. Two women serve in Israel's new Cabinet, but some Israelis would rather not see them. Newspapers aimed at ultra-Orthodox Jewish readers tampered with the inaugural photograph of the Cabinet, erasing ministers.

Menahem Kahana,Yated Neeman / AP Photo


Dysgenics of a Communist Killing Field: The Croatian Bleiburg

Tom Sunic, March 15, 2009

In the study of communist terror different methods from different fields have been applied, ranging from the fields of political science, historiography, philosophy, to international justice. An impressive number of books about communist crimes have enabled observers to grasp this unique phenomenon of the twentieth century, which inevitably brings about a large and emotional outcry, followed by constant haggling about different body counts. Whether it is former communist Cambodia, or former communist Poland, in the minds of many citizens of former communist countries, communism is a synonym for an inhumane political system.

Despite the fall of communism as an ideological and political-legal system, the com- munist ideas of egalitarianism and the belief in permanent economic progress are still alive, albeit in other forms and under different names, and even amidst people who describe themselves as anticommunists. Perhaps the reason for that lies in the fact that the ideas of equality, internationalism (‘globalism’) and economic growth may be more easily achievable, or at least appear to be more easily achievable, in the liberal, capitalist West than in the former ‘real-socialist’ countries in the East.

Little effort has been made so far to analyze the communist system within the framework of modern genetics. As discussed below, communist terror was at least at times disproportionately directed at the upper classes. From a genetic perspective, this suggests that it had dysgenic effects on the gene pool of victim populations — that is, by removing the upper classes, there would be a general lowering of the genetic quality of the population.

According to Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen, the average IQ for European countries ranges from 90 to 100. They find that the average IQ for Croats is a meager 90. Why such a modest IQ for Croats?

Besides possibly lowering IQ, one might also ask the question: Did communism in the former Soviet Union, or for that matter in the former communist Yugoslavia, gave birth to a unique subspecies of people predisposed to communism?  Did it give rise to people who would fit into and feel comfortable in a largely bureaucratic regime with little scope for personal freedom?

In fact, the description of communist lifestyle has already been well described by former Russian dissident and novelist, Alexander Zinoviev in his Homo Sovieticus, (1982). Zinoviev introduced the term homo sovieticus into the study of communist pathology, albeit more as a literary metaphor than as a term for a specific anthro- pological species. Seen from the perspective of sociobiology, Zinoviev’s homo sovieticus is not only a literary figure reflecting a distinctive life style or an allegory for communized masses in the former Soviet Union or the former Yugoslavia. It is a peculiar biological sub-creature of modern mass democracies.

Zinoviev was well aware that communism directly appeals to the lowest instincts of each human being, and therefore that communism is an ideal system for future mass societies facing shrinking natural resources. Unlike the erratic free market system, communism provides workers with a complete sense of psychological security and economic predictability, however Spartan their living and working conditions may be. Only by deciphering such a communized mindset will Western observers be able to comprehend strange feelings of “Yugo-nostalgia” or fond memories of Stalin in post-communist Eastern Europe — even among former victims of communism and despite the terrible legacy of Gulag and Kolyma. The communist workers motto, so often analyzed by Zinoviev, summarizes it best: “Nobody can pay me as little as little I can work.”   


The Aristocide of Bleiburg and other communist killing fields

The Croatian Bleiburg (see also here and here) is a name of a mass killing field in southern Austria. In mid-May 1945 hundreds of thousands of fleeing ethnic German and Croatian civilians and soldiers surrendered to the British — only to be turned over promptly to the advancing and victorious Yugoslav communist troops. Subsequently, the term ‘Bleiburg’ became a metaphor for the Croatian holocaust and is widely used in contemporary Croatia by those who suffered under the communist rule, long after WWII. In the collective memory of Croats the word ‘Bleiburg’ means an absolute biological catastrophe whose historical, psychophysical and anthropological (and craniometrical?) consequences are yet to be evaluated. The word Bleiburg means to Croats what the word Katyn means to Poles, or what Auschwitz means to Jews. Although the true body count of Bleiburg is subject to emotional disputes, one thing remains certain: Bleiburg meant the violent disappearance of the Croat middle class in 1945.

The word “aristocide” first entered into the English vocabulary thanks to Nathaniel Weyl, a former American Communist of Jewish origin, who became a celebrity in the fifties after converting to a radical anticommunist and a denouncer of his former communist comrades. In his essay “Envy and Aristocide,”  Weyl describes how envy prompts less intelligent people to criminal behavior and malice.

Weyl's concept of aristocide makes it easier to comprehend the real reasons for the sanguinary behavior of Yugoslav Communists, who, in the aftermath of WWII, carried out gigantic killings against civilians of the Croatian, Serbian and the ethnic German middle class. In their incessant purges the Yugoslav secret police, the OZNA and the UDBA, were not only motivated by ideological reasons, i.e., the famed ‘class struggle,’ but rather by primordial emotions of envy and knowledge that many anticommunist and nationalist Croat intellectuals, were more handsome, more intelligent, or had more moral integrity than themselves.  A German general and intelligence officer, Lothar von Rendulic, who had a keen understanding of the communist guerilla mindset in the Balkans, describes cannibal-like practices of the Yugoslav partisans against German Wehrmacht soldiers, and how German soldiers begged him for transfers from the Balkan front to the Eastern Front. (Gekämpft-gesiegt-geschlagen, 1952). It is a great pity that many of such books have been translated neither into Croatian nor into English.

In his important book Future Human Evolution, John Glad has pointed out that communist genocides had a direct impact on the decline of cultural and economic growth of the new nations of Eastern Europe because a large number of intelligent people were simply wiped out and could not pass on their genes to their offspring.  One can say that all East European nations were subjected to considerable depletion  of their gene pool.

Here lies the trap of the tantalizing ideology of egalitarianism and its most glaring offshoot, communism: These ideologies teach that all people are equal, which logically entails a conclusion that anybody can be replaceable and expendable at will and that his or her replica can easily be reproduced in another social environment.  There is an old Yugoslav communistic proverb, still alive in Croatia’s public life that says:  "No one is indispensable!"

Similar theses of ‘indispensability’ and ‘expendability’ had been earlier put forward by the Soviet pseudo-scientist  Trofim Lysenko, who argued that wheat can be grown in Antarctica and that intelligent citizens can be cranked out according to the communist party Five-Year Plan.

This thesis, namely that the social-economic environment engenders miracles, is still widespread, albeit in its softer version in multiracial America. The liberal philosophy   of the “nurture factor” seems to be an ideal tool for petty criminals, maladaptive individuals, and especially for people of lower intelligence, who, as a rule, for their own physical and moral shortcomings, always blame "somebody else." The formula for such procrustean ethics becomes transparent in the lexical and juridical fraud known as “affirmative action” in the USA, which is in essence a carbon copy of what multicultural communist Yugoslavia termed the “republican key quota.” This Yugoslavian version of affirmative action meant that each former Yugoslav constituent communist republic was obliged to furnish its own share of communist hacks to receive federal perks.

From the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, communist revolutionaries targeted the pre-revolutionary elites — Russian aristocrats, the Christian clergy, the ethnically German middle class, and all those whose intelligence and knowledge were above average. Because  of this, communism, with its teachings of equality, is still highly appreciated by large masses of dispossessed individuals, and particularly by frustrated intellectuals because it stresses the dogma of “equal opportunity with equal results."

Studies should be made as to the exact number of the Croat urban population killed by the Yugoslav communists after 1945. Maybe forensic studies of the barren bones scattered in numerous unknown graves and pits all over southern Austria, Slovenia and Croatia could reveal interesting data on the decline in IQ among Croats today. A French author, Christopher Dolbeau, goes to great lengths to provide the names of countless Croatian artists and scientists who perished in Communist genocides in 1945 and after (writers: John Softa, Marijan Marijasevic, Marijan Blazic, Bonaventura Radonic, Kerubin Segvic, Yerko Skracic, Vladimir Jurcic; poets: Stanko Vitkovic, Branko Klaric, Vinko Kos, Gabriel Cvitan; journalists: Mijo Bzik, Agathe von Hausberger, John Maronic, Vilim Peros, Daniel Uvanovic, Tias Mortigjija, etc. If we add to these names the names of Croatian engineers, technicians, military officers, priests — all classes of people with higher than average IQs, the figure of human losses among Croat intellectuals in the aftermath of WWII is frightening indeed (Croatie, Sentinelle de l'Occident, 2005).

 By its nature communism, and to a large extent modern liberalism, encourage mediocrity and lack of initiative, because everyone who sticks out above the average is quickly castigated for “bourgeois, fascist deviation.” Based on the rough estimates of human losses in Yugoslavia, one could also speculate about subsequent political events in Yugoslavia, including the unnecessary war between two similar peoples the,   Serbs and Croats in 1991 — which was to a large extent orchestrated by ex-communist Serb and Croat apparatchiks respectively. In addition, Croatia had also its "silent Bleiburg," — that is, the voluntary departure to Western countries of over one million Croats, from 1945 to 1990.

Under the romantic assumption that this biological disaster had not occurred, Croatia may well have made today some significant achievements in certain fields of science — and not just in the field of sport or in the soccer field. The same goes for all East European countries, except for one detail: Croats, Estonians, Lithuanians are small peoples and the time needed to replenish their gene pool lasts historically longer.

One can advance another hypothesis. The Yugoslav crisis in 1990 and the subsequent savage interethnic killings would have probably not taken place with highly intelligent and highly educated non-communist and non-fascist politicians such as the late Serb Milan Stojadinovic (who left in 1945 for Argentina) and his Croat counterpart Vlatko Macek (who left the same year for America). Conversely, if one had a quick glance at the phenotype of the leaders in both in Croatia and Serbia in 1991 one is struck that they were all once avid participants of the same Yugoslav communist mindset.

Murder and persecution of intelligent people leads to economic slowdown. Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) was once the main wheat exporting country in Africa. Today it must import food, because of its inept government. Algeria was once the breadbasket of France; now, although being one of the main world exporters of natural gas and oil, it depends on huge food imports. It is no wonder that the so-called Soviet miracle — most notably the launching of the space rocket Sputnik into the orbit, was due to the work of captured German scientists. It is still an unspoken truth in Croatia today that the so-called "Yugoslav miracle of the 60’s,” was due to German slave workers (i.e., captured ethnic Germans and German POWs, 1945–50).

Under the assumption that Croatia had preserved its genetic stock and that the tragedy of Bleiburg had not occurred, under the assumption that hundreds of thousands of Croats had not emigrated to Western countries, one cannot rule out that Croatia would be by now a dynamic country with 8 to 10 million people (approximately twice its current population), with completely different political elites and political values. Thus, even today, the framing of public opinion in Croatia remains the privilege of sons and daughters of former communist stalwarts whose past won’t pass away.

Sociobiological analyses may be looked at with derision by the liberal media. However, each individual knows deadly well which tribe or ingroup he belongs to when “push comes to shove” — which one is his real in-group. Should he fail to acknowledge his racial or ethnic kinsmen or his “territorial imperative,” “the Other” won’t hesitate to remind him of it. It may sound cynical, but a significant number of Croats discovered their nationalist credo only in 1990 — when the perception of the communist and the Serb threat had begun looming large on the horizon. A discovery of such ‘negative identity’ may tomorrow await Americans, which could then make the ex-Yugoslav example look like a kindergarten brawl.

Subconsciously, all races are aware of that old Latin proverb that “a man’s character lies in his face” (in facie legitur homo). And Friedrich Nietzsche was even blunter when he recalled the ancient European wisdom "monstrum in anime, monstrum in fronte (monster by spirit, monster in head). Translated into English: a political crook is recognizable by his facial expression.  

Tom Sunic is an author, translator, former US professor of political science, and a former Croat diplomat – see and   


1. Poet and Revisionist Gerd Honsik will have his three days in court as Austria’s judiciary attempts to lock him up for the maximum of 20 years for attempting to re-activate National Socialism. He was deported from Spain to Austria in August 2007 on an Austrian-issued European Arrest Warrant. National Socialist thoughts are not criminalized in Spain, where Honsik lived for 15 years after fleeing Austria in 1992 for having written Freispruch fuer Hitler for which he received a 30 months prison sentence. The Austrian Public prosecutor has now laid new charges against him and the trial is set down to begin on 20 April 2009, Adolf Hitler’s Birthday.

2. Mahler’s prison address: 

Rechtsanwalt Horst Mahler, 

Stadelheimer Str. 12, 

D - 81548 München, 










3. Palestinian Youth orchestra playing to Jewish Holocaust survivors!  


4. Hitler Billboard Causes Outrage in Bulgaria Capital

5. Ibrahim Alloush – read what he says about a rich jewish lady from Israel inviting a Palestinian youth orchestra to Israel, there to play to Holocaust-Shoah survivors.


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