Sylvia Stolz AZK - Banned Speech, Evidence and Legal Defense (full)

Sylvia Stolz  talks about "Holocaust Denial", Nuremberg, her trials, and "Goodness, Truth, and Beauty"





The Revisionists




A New Gospel of Blood, Strength and Germanity





The Holocaust LIE  made in America









  Are "anti-vaxxers" slowly taking over from "Holocaust Deniers" for the mantel as the ultimate Heretics in society?


Note the same propaganda techniques to denigrate "Deniers" are being used against "anti-vaxxers" in this article. The pejorative term "misinformation" automatically puts their case outside of reasonable debate in the public's mind. What they're saying is obviously wrong according to the article, either deliberately or mistakenly. They're not given the decency nor respect to have their views be called challenging, questioning or critical of the official Vaxx policy but just plain wrong, end of story.



If McCullough is banned this would not be the first time, Australia banned 3 "anti-Vaxxers" back in 2017 for questioning the safety of the standard attenuated vaccines, let alone the experimental mRNA type.  Kent Heckenlively, US 'anti-vaxxer', denied Australian visa - BBC News




Source: Calls to deny anti-vaxxer Peter McCullough an Australian visa (



Vale Dr Fredrick Töben


2nd June 1944 - 29th june 2020



It is with sad regret that we inform that Dr Fredrick Töben has passed to Valhalla. After suffering a grave illness for the past few months he is at peace. He will be remembered by his friends and supporters as a Gentleman with an enquiring mind who was not content to stand idly by and allow the endless vilification and false accusations against his beloved German people. 









Dr Fredrick Gerald Töben









The Passing of Fredrick Toben: A Man of Principle
Jonas E. Alexis







Reminiscences of Fredrick Töben—A Teacher first and foremost






Fredrick Töben has died R.I.P.

Monika Schaefer




Jim Rizoli and Fred Leuchter tribute




Reminiscences of Dr Fredrick Töben







Dr Toben visited Auschwitz in 1997 and 1999 to personally inspect the alleged murder weapon. 







At the rear of the alleged gas chamber. The Chimney in the background is not connected to the building at all and is a post-war Soviet 're-construction'










Fredrick Töben (1944-2020)

Heritage and Destiny article




Judea Declares War On Germany ( Complete) - Dr.Fredrick Toben












David Dees


1957 - 2020




Rest in Peace





Recent Dees Art!












‘Embarrassing mistake’ or revising history? German paper says AMERICANS liberated Auschwitz – and it’s not the only one






The Gentle Art of Changing Jewish Names

By Henry Ford
From The International Jew [1921]














A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7



University of Alaska Fairbanks


The principal conclusion of our study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11, contrary to the conclusions of NIST and private engineering firms that studied the collapse. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building.











They're Even Admitting that the Slander of Dr. Mengele Was a Pack of Lies - the Last Days of the 'Holocaust' Myth















1945, Tuesday 6th March 


The  Advertiser


(The Advertiser is a daily tabloid format newspaper published in the city of Adelaide, South Australia)







“City Wiped Off The Map”

AAP and British Official Wireless

LONDON, March 4

Dresden was completely wiped out by the intensive Allied air blows on February 14 and 15. Not a single building remains and tens of thousands of citizens are buried under the ruins, reports the German Newsagency, in what Reuters describes as the most revealing admissions of devastation ever to pass the German censorship.

The newsagency's war correspondent writes:- "The Dresden catastrophe is without precedent. There were a million people in Dresden on the night of February 15, including 600,000 refugees from the east. Raging fires spread irresistibly in the narrow streets killing a great many for sheer lack of oxygen. Even identification of the victims was hopeless.

“Two more British formations appearing on the blood-red horizon after midnight spread further devastation and added to the holocaust. The town area is devoid of life and the buildings are beyond reconstruction. Dresden has been wiped from the map of Europe.”















Newsletter 1090




Newsletter 1089




Newsletter 1088




Newsletter 1087









Newsletters Archive 












Dr Töben's email address



Dr Fredrick Töben's website
The dogmatic myth of the Holocaust will be replaced with the truth










Dr Töben with Adelaide Institute Director Peter Hartung 




"We refuse to believe LIES"






Dr Töben was released from prison at 8.00am, Thursday 12th November, after serving a three month sentence for Holocaust denial (re-branded as contempt of court). He is unbroken and unrepentant, and appears very refreshed and relaxed after his little holiday. He was welcomed home by his friends and supporters who held a celebratory dinner for him, on Thursday evening. During his speech on the night, he vowed to continue his work in demolishing the Holocaust lies 






The days are numbered for the greatest lie in the history of mankind













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